The Waddling Dead – Episode List

For the next three months, follow the story of these eight sorority pledges as they journey to a campground for a Beta-Alpha-Beta sorority pledge rally gone horribly wrong.

Follow these links to jump around the story, but be careful what you find in the woods.

The Waddling DeadSeason One

(Season One available on Kindle Unlimited)

Episode 1: Knowing the Unknown
Episode 2: The Essentials
Episode 3: Just A Few More Things
Episode 4: The End of Peace
Episode 5: Dutch and the Deadly
Episode 6: Don’t Drink the Water
Episode 7: Patient Zero
Episode 8: The Eclectic Seven
Episode 9: Chloe’s Sacrifice
Episode 10: Nothing to Wear
Episode 11: “Braking” and Entering
Episode 12: Taking a Stab at It
Episode 13: The Need for Water
Episode 14: The Secret Weapon
Episode 15: Janie of the Jungle
Episode 16: Misdirect
Episode 17: The Ultimate Alpha Female
Episode 18: On the Other Side of a Long Blink
Episode 19: Battle at Dawn
Episode 20: Bittersweet
Episode 21: A Sense of Focus
Episode 22: When Followers Chase
Episode 23: Fortitude
Episode 24: The Missing Piece
Episode 25: Mudslide
Episode 26: Do or Die
Episode 27: Thicker Than Water
Episode 28: Karma For A Backstabber
Episode 29: The Kismet of A Gold Digger
Episode 30: Sleeping Dogs … For Now

Season Two

(Season Two available on Kindle Unlimited)

Episodes 1-4
Episodes 5-7
Episodes 8-10
Episodes 11-13
Episodes 14-16
Episodes 17-19
Episodes 20-22
Episodes 23-25
Episodes 26-28
Episodes 29-30

Season Three

(Season Three available on Kindle Unlimited)

Episodes 1-3
Episodes 4-6
Episodes 7-9
Episodes 10-12
Episodes 13-15
Episodes 16-18
Episode 19-20


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