The Waddling Dead – Episode List

The Waddling DeadFor the next three months, follow the story of these eight sorority pledges as they journey to a campground for a Beta-Alpha-Beta sorority pledge rally gone horribly wrong.

Follow these links to jump around the story, but be careful what you find in the woods.

Episode 1: Knowing the Unknown
Episode 2: The Essentials
Episode 3: Just A Few More Things
Episode 4: The End of Peace
Episode 5: Dutch and the Deadly
Episode 6: Don’t Drink the Water
Episode 7: Patient Zero
Episode 8: The Eclectic Seven
Episode 9: Chloe’s Sacrifice
Episode 10: Nothing to Wear
Episode 11: “Braking” and Entering
Episode 12: Taking a Stab at It
Episode 13: The Need for Water
Episode 14: The Secret Weapon
Episode 15: Janie of the Jungle
Episode 16: Misdirect
Episode 17: The Ultimate Alpha Female
Episode 18: On the Other Side of a Long Blink
Episode 19: Battle at Dawn
Episode 20: Bittersweet
Episode 21: A Sense of Focus
Episode 22: When Followers Chase
Episode 23: Fortitude
Episode 24: The Missing Piece
Episode 25: Mudslide
Episode 26: Do or Die
Episode 27: Thicker Than Water
Episode 28: Karma For A Backstabber
Episode 29: The Kismet of A Gold Digger
Episode 30: Sleeping Dogs … For Now


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