The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 10-12

Episodes 10-12

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Chapter Ten: Defiance

Friday, 4:30pm

The darkening skies gave proof to how remote the location was.  With no power at the base and with woods behind it, the emerging stars above gave the only illumination that could be seen.  Being in October, the temperature was cool enough already at night.  And with the elevation they were at, the temperature would plummet before long – making the chill the girls had to deal with that much worse.

Standing about 50 feet into the woods, the girls watched as Angelina was carried back to the main hangar, the soldiers having a good old time harassing her as they lifted her in the air – each of them picking a body part to grab and then dropping her to the ground, two of them pulling her by her hair.

“Let’s keep moving,” Rikki said, aiming to get them away from the tormenting sight.

And the girls did get moving, further into the woods.  But the memory of seeing Angelina being treated that way stayed fresh in Britney’s mind.  It seemed she was developing a trigger, of sorts.  When any of the girls were mistreated, Britney became prone to exact a measure of revenge.  Angelina’s poor treatment would linger in Britney’s thoughts for a while and she would remain silent, already envisioning what she was going to do to those soldiers when she got her hands on them.

Back at the base, Angelina was taken back into the main hangar and directed to another area she hadn’t been in as of yet … a small room right next to Dr. Liotta’s lab.  Though fighting with all of her strength, Angelina was taken into that room – the unruly soldiers tearing the white- t-shirt off her frame.  That was the point when she started kicking them.  And she indeed gave firm kicks between the legs of three of those soldiers before she was stopped.

“All right, enough!” Dr. Liotta shouted at the soldiers, entering the small room and then pointing at Angelina.  “And that goes for you, too, Missy.  You’d best settle yourself down, right now.”

Angelina glared him down, having no intention or desire to comply with anything he wanted her to do.  And it would be a snowball’s chance in Hell of him getting any information out of her.  But little did she know, her defiance was about to be challenged in a frightening way.

In that small room was a table in the very center with counters at all the walls.  All sorts of stuff were stored in there, none of it seeming to have a theme or even an order to it.

“Level 1,” Dr. Liotta said to one soldier, that soldier then leaving the room – Dr. Liotta looking down at the three soldiers who were on the floor, still nursing the groin shots they took from her.  “Would you all get up, please?  You got what you deserved.”

Then he looked directly at Angelina.

“And you will get what you deserve, as well,” Dr. Liotta said, coldly enough to make Angelina shudder a little.

What did he mean by that?

“This can go very simply for you,” Dr. Liotta said to her, signaling two soldiers to take hold of her arms and hold her wrists behind her back – Dr. Liotta then covering himself between the legs for protection.  “Tell me where the girls are, and we can be done here in no time.”

But Angelina kept her mouth shut, tilting her head to the side and shaking her head no at him.

“Don’t feel like talking?” Dr. Liotta asked.  “Let me make sure.  I’m going to ask you again to supply me with a very simple answer to a very simple question.  Where are the girls right now?”

Raising an eyebrow at him, Angelina remained tight-lipped.

“Okay,” Dr. Liotta said, signaling the soldiers, four of which grabbing her and lifting her up onto that table in the center of the room.

Each held an arm or leg.  A fifth soldier held the torn pieces of her white t-shirt over her face, pinning her head and neck to the table.

“Level 1,” Dr. Liotta stated again.

Angelina was freaking out, thrashing and trying to wiggle free of the soldiers’ grips on her.  Additional soldiers joined in, putting more hands on her arms and legs.  Screaming deafeningly into the t-shirt, she began to cry and then screamed again.

And then she stopped screaming as ice cold water began to trickle down through the cotton material, Dr. Liotta pouring water over her nostrils and mouth.  She had heard of waterboarding before but had never researched it and didn’t truly understand the torturous nature of it … until just then when water began to fill her nasal cavity and pour into her mouth when she opened her lips to breathe.

It was terrifying and truly gave her the sensation of drowning.  And though it was only about ten seconds of torture, it felt like ten minutes of it had passed when the t-shirt was finally lifted off her face.

Allowing her a moment to cough water up and then begin to sob hysterically, Dr. Liotta raised an eyebrow at her – then shaking his head at her in a mocking fashion as she trembled.

“Where did the girls go?” Dr. Liotta asked her again, Angelina closing her eyes and crying so hard she couldn’t make a sound.  “Angelina, you’re not as strong as you believe yourself to be.  Don’t make me continue doing this to you.”

Getting her breath back to her, Angelina convulsed on the table – trying to find ways to get the torture to stop.  But Dr. Liotta wasn’t fooled and he ordered the now wet t-shirt put back down over her face.  She cried hysterically into the cotton material for a few seconds before more ice cold water was poured over her nostrils and mouth, this time a much heavier amount of water being used.

She thrashed as hard as she could, more soldiers then coming over and hold her waist down on the table as well. 

Oh, Dear God.  Was this ever going to end?

Then the wet t-shirt was lifted off her face and she coughed up a greater amount of water.  Dr. Liotta looked down at her with a raised eyebrow again.

“You’re going to tell me everything I want to know,” Dr. Liotta said with a calm voice, so calm that it had the opposite effect on her.

Angelina shook her head no at him.

“Oh, yes you are,” Dr, Liotta said with a softened down while nodding his head, his mannerisms beginning to unhinge her nerves.  “You’re going to be a very good girl and tell the doctor everything or you’re going back in the swimming pool.”

Angelina cried even louder and when it was obvious she still wasn’t going to talk, the wet t-shirt was brought down over her face for a third time.  And the heaviest amount of water yet was poured over her nostrils and mouth.  Then the wet t-shirt was pressed more firmly against her face, holding her in that position as she began to cough.

“Angelina,” Dr. Liotta said with mocking tone while kneeling down to be eye level with her as the wet t-shirt was lifted up off her face.  “Is there anything you want to say?”

Angelina nodded her head yes, then beginning to cry yet again.

“Tell me where the girls are,” he said softly – Angelina turning her head towards him, spitting all the water out of her mouth and into his face … then coughing all over him.

Dr. Liotta stood up and wiped the water off his face, visibly angry.

“Level 2!” he shouted, the soldiers flipping her over on her belly and holding her down again.

He walked next door into his office for a minute, giving Angelina time to see a very scary-looking machine on wheels sitting in the corner.  It was a control board with a series of knobs and switches on it and two long wires attached to that control board.

Thank goodness the power was out on the base.

“Geez,” one of the soldiers said.  “Dontcha just wanna yank that thing off her waist and smack her ass right now?”

“Level 2 prep!” Dr. Liotta shouted as the soldiers shifted her forward on the table a bit, her neck now resting on the edge of the table.

A soldier stood at her head, grabbing her hair and pulling it apart into two pigtail clumps on either sides of her head.  Then he forced her head to turn to the side and kept her pinned down by holding her hair, the edge of that table now restricting her breathing a bit.

“This is going to hurt a lot, Angelina,” Dr. Liotta said, holding a cooking pot over the center of her back and then tilting it to the side slightly – scolding hot water trickling down onto the center of her spine.

Angelina screamed deafeningly, the hot water burning her skin on contact and beginning to roll down to the small of her back.

“You’d better start answering me!” Dr. Liotta shouted.

“I don’t know where they are!” Angelina shrieked.

Then Dr. Liotta held the cooking pot over her head and tilted it, the scolding hot water trickling down onto her head – burning her scalp, then rolling down to the back of her neck and onto her face.

She screamed until her voice went hoarse, crying uncontrollably as he lifted the cooking pot up and stepped back.  That was when the lights came back on and power was restored on the base.  Angelina looked over at the scary-looking machine in the corner, fearing what would happen to her next.

And indeed, they did wheel the machine over, Angelina being flipped around onto her back and tied down to the table this time – all the soldiers then stepping back.

Dr. Liotta turned the machine on, allowing it to charge as he took the two long wires and attached them to her nipples.  In panic, Angelina squeaked out the loudest sound she could make at that point.

“I don’t know where they are,” she struggled to say.

Dr. Liotta shook his head at her stubbornness and turned the machine up to its lowest setting.  Electricity passed through her body and seized her up.  Then he increased the voltage and her frame started to tremble.  He increased it a bit more and the muscles in her limbs started to tremble.  He got the machine to a mid-point setting and stepped back, Angelina losing control of her bladder and bowels.  Emptying herself into the diaper, she looked over at the machine and then to Dr. Liotta, her eyes begging him to turn it off.

Then suddenly the machine shut down, its cord having been pulled from the outlet.  Everyone turned around to see General Wynwood standing there, holding the cord in his hand.

“Dr. Liotta, that’s enough torture,” he said with a devilish grin.  “I’ve got a much better idea of what to do with her.”


Chapter Eleven: Unknown Plans

Friday, 5pm

Rikki and the girls traveled so deeply into the woods that they came to the base of Rugged Mountain.  This was anything but an easy trek, too.  Rikki was the only one with shoes on and the frigid chill in the air was making everyone move just a bit slower.

“Okay, so we can’t go over it, can’t go around it.  That’s how the rhyme goes, right?” Iris asked, looking up at the mountain.

And how right she was.  The nearest side of the mountain went straight up, with random areas of broken rock that could suffice as something to sit on … a makeshift ledge at best that they might be able to get up to, if needed.  But there was no way they could climb up the mountainside.  And it would take forever to find the roadway up it.  There had to be a road that led up to the top of the mountain … somewhere, but where?  Being as it was now pitch-black out, save for the traces of light trickling through the trees because the power returned to the base a few minutes ago, this escape plan was seeming like a dumber and dumber decision by the minute.

But then again, the alternative of staying at the base and being tortured, didn’t seem any less dumb to continue to endure.  Uncertain of what to do next, they found a flat area of ground to sit and huddled together – hunkering down for the time being.

“So now what do we do?” Georgia said, Brook climbing off her back and sitting on her lap.

Britney didn’t join the group in their huddle, but instead, stood alert – facing back towards the direction of the base and staring into the darkness.  She was acting very strange, all of the sudden.

“Well, at last we have a quiet moment so I can get everyone up to speed.  I think I know why we were brought here,” Rikki said, pausing to find the safest and calmest way to explain but finding no such wording to do so.  “They want your blood.”

“Huh?” Brook asked with confusion.  “Why do they want our blood?”

“General Wynwood believes that some of you have traces of the zombie virus in your blood and he is hoping to synthesize it into a biological weapon of some sort,” Rikki answered.  “He has the reports you gave to the police after the incident at the campground and his minion, Dr. Liotta, has all the reports from Harris Regional Hospital.  He also has the blood sample that we smuggled out of the hospital.”

“And that’s what was put inside Sherry to make her turn,” Georgia added.  “Except that blood sample was susceptible to the flaw we all discovered at the campground, how it could be defeated.”

“Right, but Dr. Liotta didn’t know that,” Rikki replied.

“And Sherry paid for it,” Lorna added, sadly.  “Doesn’t seem right.”

“We gotta get away,” Brook said with fussiness.  “We gotta run away.  We can’t stay here.”

“Running away only temporarily helps us … that is, if we can find an actual pathway that will enable us to leave this place,” Georgia said.

“That tends to be a common theme for us, doesn’t it?” Lorna asked.  “There was no actual road that led into or out of that campground.  And the hospital got locked down with us inside it.  And now we’re stuck up in the mountains of Connecticut with a psycho general in charge.”

“Wait a minute,” Iris said suddenly.  “Why exactly would running away only temporarily help us?  If we run away, then we are no longer here.  That doesn’t seem like just temporary help.”

“That’s true, Iris.  If we manage to get down off this mountainside safely, we would have escaped.  But where would we go then?  Who would we speak with that would believe us?  Who would help us?” Georgia asked, the whole group going silent as they saw Georgia’s point.  “We would become hunted, no matter where we went.  And maybe, to cover up the goings-on of this place having gotten out into the public, the military would make up some story that we were infected with a virus and considered extremely dangerous.  This would certainly encourage the public to help in capturing us.”

“So what do we do?” Iris asked, lost for a solution.

“We have to find a way to expose General Wynwood for what happens at this base as well as for his plan of cooking up organic weapons,” Rikki answered.

“And how do we do that?” Lorna asked with confusion.

“We may not have to,” Rikki explained, then making a confession to the girls.  “For anything new to be put into use, there is a wealth of red tape to cut through.  But for black operations, as this one clearly is, there may not be anything more than a chain of command the general has to follow to get his sick new weapon into circulation.”

The girls looked at Rikki with gaping eyes.

“How do you know all of this?” Brook asked, quite bewildered.

“Because she’s former military,” Britney said, speaking up and turning to join the group.  “It’s obvious.  And being a medical technician in the military, she probably saw quite a few questionable methods used.  Am I right about this, Rikki?”

“Yes, you are,” Rikki answered.  “And it’s a little unsettling seeing soldiers brought to you with organs spilling out of them, looking to you to save their lives.  It’s even more unsettling seeing what has to happen to actually save those soldiers.  So, in a sense, if the zombie virus can strengthen soldiers as well as weaken their enemies, then it’s a good thing … from a military standpoint.  But General Wynwood is high enough on the food chain to make all of that happen on his own.  He would need to contact his higher-ups.  But he won’t do that until he knows he has an assured thing to show them.”

“So, we give him what he wants,” Britney stated firmly.  “We make him believe he has what he needs so that he will contact whomever.  Maybe they’ll even come here to take a look at it.  And when they do, we ruin his plans.”

“And how do we ruin his plans?” Georgia asked.

“I’m still working on that,” Britney admitted, then turning back around and facing towards the base again.

Angelina stood in the glass cell where she was original taken, stripped of her diaper and now standing there completely naked.

“Alright, open fire!” General Wynwood shouted, the crowd of soldiers who had gathered in the glass cells area to watch beginning to laugh as a water hose was turned on Angelina.

It was ice cold water once again and she turned towards a corner of the cell to shield her front.  The soldiers’ laughter was deafening, made even more so because it was echoing off the curved ceiling of the enormous hangar.  Angelina was drenched by the water from head to toe.  And even though she was shielding her front from the water, she wasn’t able to shield herself from being watched as more soldiers had gathered on the outside of the cell to watch her.

“Make sure to get behind her ears!” one soldier shouted, everyone laughing again.

“I wouldn’t be worried about her ears,” General Wynwood said, directing the soldier to aim at the girl’s dirty backside – the troops laughing even harder.

And the water stung.  Oh my, did it hurt.  She had burn marks from the hot water on her back and scalp as well as burn marks on her chest from the electric torture.  And the ice cold water made all this worse.

“Alright!” the general shouted, stopping the hose down and then addressing Angelina.  “Off ya go, sweetheart.  Out the back door.”

Mortified, scared, drenched and shivering, the naked Angelina ran out of the glass cells area and towards the front door – only to be re-directed by the soldiers who pointed her towards the back door at the other end of the hangar … past that dark room where the girls were made to fight Sherry and then that batch of zombie soldiers.

And as she ran past the soldiers, one of them smacked her naked, wet rear end on the way.

“Yes!” he explained, the crowd of soldiers cheering.

Angelina scampered across the hangar and out the double doors on that end.

“And you don’t want us to follow her?” Dr. Liotta asked, a bit confused as to why General Wynwood let Angelina go.

“We’re already following her,” the general answered with a smile.  “I made her swallow a tracer.”


Chapter Twelve: Making Minions

Friday, 5:15pm

Gunfire could be heard outside the front of the hangar.  It sounded like a mass genocide was taking place.  Surrounding the general and Dr. Liotta, the soldier readied their weapons – the jovial mood having change.  But the gunfire just kept happening, then it stopped and picked back up again – the soldiers shooting having stopped to reload their weapons.

In the woods, the girls reacted to the gunfire too, huddling very tightly together now as they didn’t know what was going on.

After a few minutes of this shooting match, a soldier ran into the hangar with some startling news to report.

“General,” the winded soldier said.  “We’re being attacked by a creature that won’t die from bullets!”

The general and Dr. Liotta looked at each other, knowingly.  That’s where the zombie doctor got to.

“Men, open the near end of this hangar and see to it that that thing finds his way in here!” the general shouted, the troops following his instructions as the general ran up to his office – Dr. Liotta close behind.

“Now, what do we do?” Dr. Liotta asked, the general retrieving one of the neuro-inhibitor weapons and walking out on the stairs that led up to his office – aiming the weapon at the now-opening entrance of the hangar.  “James, we already tried that!”

“None of the inhibitors entered his body in the area where they needed to enter his body … in his head,” the general stated, aiming the weapon more closely.  “Get the controls ready.”

Dr. Liotta retrieved the switch mechanism from the general’s desk and then watched out the window as the decomposing Doctor Glen stumbled his way into the front of the hangar, chasing the now-retreating soldiers.  And when he was in range, the general pulled the trigger once – putting a dart straight into the center of the zombie doctor’s eye socket and into his brain.

Dr. Liotta pushed a button on the controls and the zombie doctor collapsed to the ground.

Dismissing the soldiers, the general walked down and over to the zombie doctor as he still twitched on the ground, Dr. Liotta coming down to his side.

“Let’s have a talk.  Shall we, Dr. Fairmore?” General Wynwood said, the zombie doctor getting to his feet and lunging at the general – only to be dropped to the ground again as Dr. Liotta pushed the button of the mechanism again.

“This thing is amazing, James!” Dr. Liotta remarked, watching how it controlled the zombie doctor’s ability to move.  “I didn’t believe it would ever be so effective when you created it, but clearly I was wrong!”

“Yes, it works very well, doesn’t it?” the general said proudly, watching the zombie doctor trying to crawl towards him to attack again.  “Dr. Fairmore, please. I have a wealth of respect for you.  Don’t make me kill you now.  Haven’t you died enough recently?”

But the zombie doctor kept crawling towards the general with intent to kill.

“Hit him hard with it,” the general instructed, Dr. Liotta pushing the control’s button and turning the mechanism to a high setting.

The zombie doctor went rigid on the floor and trembled as the inhibitor corrected his aggressive actions.  General Wynwood kicked him over on his back and then knelt down alongside him.

“You answer to me,” the general stated matter-of-factly.  “I will have no more of this insubordination from you or I’ll tell my associate to turn the device all the way up.”

The general signaled Dr. Liotta to turn the device off and Doctor Glen relaxed on the floor.

“Dr. Glenview Fairmore,” the general said.  “You have a most impressive record.  You are a brilliant doctor and are an irreplaceable asset to the medical industry.  I can’t imagine how they are getting along without you right now.”

The zombie doctor laid still, breathing deeply.

“Can you understand what I’m saying to you?” the general asked, Doctor Glen nodding.  “Good, because I don’t want you to misunderstand anything I’m about to tell you.”

The zombie doctor looked over in the direction the general’s voice was coming from.

“This entire zombie situation has left you in a most precarious position … to say the least,” the general said.  “When those girls were brought into your hospital, you no doubt had to quarantine them immediately.  They easily could have contaminated everyone and everything which is what wound up happening anyway but was no fault of yours.  You need to understand and believe this, Dr. Fairmore.”

The zombie doctor nodded.

“And you also need to understand that when you were sent to me, you had become a risk factor of contamination yourself.  That was the reasoning behind putting you in isolation,” the general continued, selling the fake story to Doctor Glen.  “And it is most unfortunate that some of my soldiers took matters into their own hands and attacked you.  I would have mercilessly punished them, but you took care of that for me … in a most impressive way.  And this leads me to my point.”

The zombie doctor remained still.

“We have a mutual need and enemy right now.  And I believe you can appreciate that,” the general stated.  “No doubt you have felt the presence of a familiar person here … or so my associate believes.  Do you remember the girl you fought with on the roof of your hospital, the one who took your eyes, maimed you and left you for dead?”

The zombie doctor nodded.

“Presently, she is hiding in the woods just behind this base,” the general said, getting to the main point now.  “I need her blood.  And I would like you to help me get it.  I want you to kill as many soldiers as you like and send them out into the woods to collect that girl and bring her back here.  Her friends are of no consequence and can be killed immediately, but I first need to draw as much blood from that girl as I can without killing her … and then, she’s all yours.”

The zombie doctor sat up.

“Yes, you would then be able to get your revenge in whatever manner you see fit,” the general added.  “When you killed those soldiers who attacked you, you were then able to command them to attack the girls in that room on the other end of this hangar.  No doubt, you would be able to send more soldiers out into the woods with instructions to bring her back here alive.  And in the process, you would have just created your own zombie army – their fresh blood coursing throughout you and bringing you further back to life.”

The zombie stood to his feet and faced the general, Dr. Liotta readying to push the inhibitor button again.

“Do we have a deal?” the general asked, the zombie doctor nodding.  “Good. I knew you were an honorable man, Dr. Fairmore.”

“Under no circumstance is that girl to be hurt,” Dr. Liotta repeated.  “Just bring her back to this base, let me draw the blood I need from her and then you can take your revenge on her.”

“Go, Dr. Fairview.  Attack my soldiers and make them your minions,” General Wynwood stated, Doctor Glen running out of the building and attacking every soldier he saw.


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