The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 16-18

Episodes 16-18

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Chapter Sixteen:
The Counterplan

Friday, 7pm

The hugging session with Angelina seemed to go on forever.  And right at the moment it was about to end, it began again when Brook finally got a chance to hug her.  Being the smallest of all of them, she was pushed out of the way by the others – quite unintentionally.  And though the vibe of embracing had run its course, they all waited until Brook had gotten her fill before asking Angelina a million questions – the most pressing being:

“What are these marks on your back, Angelina?” Lorna inquired, Georgia taking a look at the inflamed skin on the girl’s back – Brook running over to the trash bag to get Angelina a diaper.

“Those are second degree burns!” Georgia remarked, Brook successfully unfolding the new diaper properly and placing it on the ground – then summoning Angelina to sit down on it.

And when Angelina took a seat on the diaper, the second degree burns on her scalp could be seen through her hair.

“Angelina, what did they do to you?” Iris asked with horror, Rikki now joining Georgia in examining the girl’s skin.

“They did everything but rape me,” Angelina said, her eyes welling with tears at the sound of what she just said.  “They waterboarded me and then burned me with water and then tried to electrocute me.”

“Oh my God!” Brook said, finishing the taping of the diaper around Angelina’s waist and sitting back to see the girl’s burnt nipples.  “Why did they do this to you?”

Her nipples look like that had been burnt by fire, charred to a crisp.

“They wanted to know where you girls had run off to,” Angelina admitted, Britney’s eyes beginning to show another bit of growing rage inside her.  “Luckily, I don’t know where you went.  So, they got no information out of me.”

“I’m so sorry,” Lorna said, hugging Angelina again.

“You must be in a lot of pain,” Brook wept.

“No. Not really,” Angelina said with a lifeless tone.

“She’s likely still in shock, to a degree that numbs receptors like those that signal pain,” Rikki said.  “That won’t last forever, but for now, it’s probably making everything bearable for her.”

“And you could tell she was nearby, Britney?” Lorna asked, looking at Britney and seeing the rage within her.

“I’m sure that’s not the only presence you’ve felt, Britney,” Rikki stated, convinced the time was right to come clean.  “Doctor Glen is here.”

“What!!!” several of them exclaimed, looking at Rikki in shock, Britney turning to face Rikki but showing no signs of surprise.

“When we were taken away in those military vehicles from the hospital, the last thing we knew was that Doctor Glen was dead.  He was laying in front of the hospital with a flagpole going up through the middle of his chest,” Rikki explained.  “What we didn’t know was that Doctor Glen was picked up and brought to this base.  He was likely seen as a hazard as he was infected and outside of the hospital.  He was dead.  I don’t know how he is alive now, but he is.”

“Where is he now?” Iris asked.

“I don’t know but they had him in a containment unit in that hangar,” Rikki answered.  “General Wynwood is using Doctor Glen’s infected strengths to help him with his sick science experiment.  And I’m certain it is Doctor Glen who is controlling these zombie troops.”

Rikki then looked at Britney.

“And that’s why they’re not attacking you, Britney,” Rikki said, matter-of-factly.  “The general wants you back at that base, unharmed.  I assume it’s because of your interactions with Doctor Glen back at Harris Regional as well as the girl at the campground.  Ursula?  Was that her name?”

Britney nodded.

“Wait a minute,” Lorna said with confusion.  “Tell me what the general’s plan is again.”

“General Wynwood is manufacturing a biological weapon but also a soldier upgrade serum – one that will give the soldiers heightened strength.  He wants your blood specifically, Britney.  Dr. Liotta has probably found the key ingredients he needs in you,” Rikki said.  “Sherry was just a test run.  They have pinpointed the DNA they need to the blood in your veins, Britney.”

“Then we have to run away,” Brook stated firmly.  “Giving Britney to them would be a mistake.  We can’t go back to that base.”

“No, I am the only one of us who needs to go back to that base,” Britney said, speaking up but keeping her voice in monotone.  “The rest of you need to run away.  They will kill all of you.”

“We are Beta-Alpha-Beta!” Brook said with a pout.  “We stick together!  We fight for each other!”

“Live to fight another day, BabyGirl,” Britney said with no expression, Angelina beginning to silently weep.

“What is it, Angelina?” Georgia asked.

“I also have to return to the base.  If I run away with the rest of you, we’ll be found,” Angelina confessed.  “They let me go only so they could put a tracer in me to find the rest of you.”

“All right,” Lorna said, standing up.  “We are all going back to that base.  Live or die, we will do it together.”

Everyone looked at Britney and waited for her response.

“Then let’s make a plan,” Britney said.  “Is everyone diapered?”

“Check!” Brook said, looking around and making sure everyone was.

“Everyone pay attention to me,” Britney said.  “I’m only going to say this once and then we’re going to move quickly.”

The group huddled together around Britney and listened to her instructions carefully.


Chapter Seventeen: 50 to 1 Odds

Friday, 7:15pm

“General,” Dr. Liotta said, walking into the general’s office.  “The tracer you put in that girl showed that she stopped moving for a short while.  But now her tracer is on the move again.  And she is currently headed back in the direction of this base.”

“Excellent,” the general said, standing up and turning to face the office window.  “I will have Dr. Fairmore call all the troops back out of the woods.”

“I can’t confirm that when Angelina stopped moving it was because she found the other girls and I can’t confirm that the girls are heading back to the base as well right now,” Dr. Liotta confessed.

“They are.  I’m certain of it,” the general replied, then turning to face Dr. Liotta.  “Rick, I want to talk with you for a minute about something else.  It’s a contingency that I need you to be prepared for, should things not work out as I had planned them.”

Dr. Liotta breathed a sigh of relief, the general suddenly sounding like he had returned to reality.

“Absolutely, Sir,” Dr. Liotta said.  “What is it that you need me to be ready to do?”

Back in the woods, the girls were walking in a straight line towards the lights of the base – Britney and Rikki leading them.  All the girls followed directly behind them, in two-by-two couples – save for Brook being up on Georgia’s back.  Lorna and Iris brought up the tail end and were readied with wet diaper bombs.

“Rikki, I’ve been thinking about something and I wonder what your thoughts are on it,” Britney said, her eyes scanning left and right for zombies in the woods as the group kept moving forward – towards the lights of the base … now just a short ways off.  “If I’m also connected to the hive mind, does that mean that I’m able to somehow communicate with the others as well?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Rikki answered, then pausing to think about it.  “But I would assume so … until the hive mind gives the zombies new directions.”

“And when that happens, I will know because I’ll also receive the message,” Britney said, seeing a few zombie troops approaching the group.  “I guess it’s time to find out who’s in charge of who.”

More zombie troops arrived, now flanking the girls on either side.

“Girls, don’t react to them.  Don’t even look at them,” Britney instructed.  “Lorna, Iris … go ahead.”

Every few feet, one of those two girls would drop a wet diaper behind them – creating a trail of them that would’ve made Hansel and Gretel proud.  The zombies pulled away from behind the girls, sensing the female urine and staying up with their pace of walking.

Rikki joined Angelina and allowed Britney to take the lead alone.  Looking to the left, Britney eyed up the zombies and held her hand out in that direction.  And the zombies on that side stepped quite a few feet away, distance now being kept between them and the left side of the girls.  Then Britney looked to the right, holding her hand out in that direction and the zombies on that side backing off their encroachment.

Suddenly, the zombies were under Britney’s control, it seemed.  It was a feeling of power that she had to concentrate at not allowing to go to her head.  But it was working and they were drawing very near to the back of the base.  They were almost there.

Then suddenly, all the zombies turned and looked towards the base – quickly running ahead and onto the base.

“He just called them back to the base.  They know we’re heading towards them,” Britney said with a devilish grin.  “Doctor Glen is alive …… and he’s waiting for me.”

Getting to the back edge of the base, Britney and Rikki continued walking straight towards the center of the base, the girls turning left and running behind the other buildings.

Doctor Glen stood in the center of the open grounds with his entire army of zombie soldiers behind him – lined up and standing at attention.

Rikki and Britney got about 20 feet away from him and then stopped walking.

“Britney, let me talk to him first,” Rikki stated.

“Rikki, he is preparing to kill you,” Britney told her, now fearful for Rikki’s life.  “He isn’t going to listen to what you have to say.”

“Yes, he will,” Rikki assured her.  “He’ll listen to me long enough.”

“Long enough for what?” Britney asked, not understanding.

“And I need you to listen to me for just a moment now,” Rikki said, choosing to not answer her question.  “You are the best hope those girls have of surviving this.  You knew this about yourself when you jumped back onto the roof of that hospital to fight him before.  Don’t doubt yourself now.”

“Rikki, you can’t -,” Britney said, then being cut off by Rikki.

“Let me buy you a little time,” Rikki said calmly, then walking up to Doctor Glen.

What did Rikki mean by that?  Buying her a little time?  Talking to Doctor Glen long enough?  Long enough for what?

Trying to figure things out, Britney tossed her eyes left-n-right repeatedly, looking around the nearby areas of the base and spotting cameras.  Of course!  The power was back on and all activities on that base were now being monitored and recorded.

Hopefully, the right people were seeing all of this.  But that still wasn’t going to keep Rikki out of danger.

Watching very carefully, Britney readied herself to spring into action, should Rikki’s life become in danger.

“Hello, Glen,” Rikki said, Doctor Glen recognizing her voice – though he couldn’t see her, of course.  “I thought you were dead.”

Doctor Glen showed no reaction.

“What have they done to you, Glen?” Rikki asked, trying to get through to him.  “What are they trying to get you to do?”

Still Doctor Glen showed no reaction.

“Don’t do this.  You’re a good man,” she continued, taking a step closer to him.  “I can’t begin to imagine what you have gone through.  So, I won’t try.  But no matter what has marred you on the surface, I can still see the soul of a decent human being inside … of someone I served under for years … of someone who wouldn’t let me see a single patient on my first day until I stood in his office, held up my right hand and stated the Hippocratic oath of ethics for him.”

Doctor Glen snorted with laughter for just a moment.

“What I’m telling you, these statements I’m making are of a man who has defied the odds time and again in his career, saving lives at his own expense and being more than willing to do it again, if needed,” Rikki said, taking another step towards him.  “Though you may not believe it, you’ve actually been in worse situations than this.”

Both she and Doctor Glen laughed for a moment.

“Do you remember the lady who hallucinated right before they put her under for surgery?” Rikki asked, Doctor Glen lowering his chin and laughing as he remembered it.  “She got up off the operating table, grabbed a scalpel and started slashing in the air at anyone who came near her.  It was a timely surgery.  She was slowly bleeding internally, and it was you who grabbed her from behind, holding her arms as she slashed back at you.  She got your shoulders and the side of your face with that scalpel.  But you refused to let go of her, giving the doctors time to sedate her.  And because of this, her surgery happened and you saved her life.”

Doctor Glen shook his head, laughing at the memory.

“That doesn’t sound like the actions of a monster,” Rikki said, Doctor Glen lowering his chin.  “Because you are not a monster, Glen.  You’re not a killer or thief or a fool.  You are just a good man, someone we all should strive to be like.”

Doctor Glen was indeed the hive mind, Britney reading his thoughts just then.  And it seemed like Rikki was actually getting through to him.

Watching from a distance, General Wynwood activated the inhibitor inside Doctor Glen, causing him to tense up and almost fall over.  Then the general turned the inhibitor off, giving the good doctor a chance to think about things.  Looking back in the direction of the hangar, Doctor Glen then stood back up straight.

“Ignore them, Glen,” Rikki said, stepping right up in front of him and embracing him.  “Don’t let them win.”

Embracing Rikki back, Doctor Glen could sense the presence of Britney nearby.  Then the general activated the inhibitor again, this time leaving it on for a longer length of time.  Doctor Glen winced, but with Rikki’s help, he managed to stay on his feet.

“Fight it, Glen,” Rikki whispered, holding him up until the general deactivated the inhibitor once again.  “Send these troops after the person who caused you all this pain.”

Doctor Glen looked back over his shoulder, seeing the zombie troops behind him – awaiting his command.  Rikki’s words were playing over and over in his mind.

Send these troops after the person who caused you all this pain.

Rikki was referencing General Wynwood.  But, feeling Britney’s presence again, Doctor Glen thought back to his fight with her on that hospital roof … when his eyes were taken and his face was torn apart and when she swung an ax at him – taking off his left hand and half his left forearm.  And finally, how she pulled him off the rooftop – sending him falling down, being impaled by that flagpole along the way.

Rage filled him and he drove his right fist straight up under Rikki’s chin and up into her brain.  Then, while facing in Britney’s direction, he twisted Rikki’s head off her body.

Britney screamed as she watched Rikki’s headless corpse fall to the ground.  Running towards Rikki a few steps, she then stopped in her tracks as the zombie troops readied to charge her.

Doctor Glen motioned for the zombie troops to surround Britney as he tossed Rikki’s decapitated head at her.  Britney sobbed tears of sadness but then looked at Doctor Glen – reading his mind, matching his rage and then going beyond it.

Clenching her fists and gritting her teeth, she saw red.  In his mind, she could hear him pleading with her as he realized what he had just done. 

“Save me,” she could hear him thinking.

Then, after another shock from the inhibitor, he refocused his rage.  But Britney was so far beyond rage at that point, she seemed like more of a zombie than he did.

And there was only one thought on her mind …. Revenge.

There were 50 zombies surrounding her.  The odds were not in her favor … or were they?

Holding both of her hands out at her sides, she taunted the zombies – motioning for them to charge in towards her with summoning fingers.

Glaring Doctor Glen down with a devilish grin, she readied for battle with his minions.


Chapter Eighteen: Blood Bath

Friday, 7:30pm

Lowering her chin slightly, Britney kept her eyes locked on Doctor Glen – using her peripheral to keep sight of the 50 zombie troops that were surrounding her.  Though the zombies were weak-minded creatures, she knew she could no longer get them to do her bidding – which in this situation would have been to get them to back off.

Rikki was right.  The hive mind, being that disgusting Doctor Glen, had changed his instructions to his minions.  Whereas up until right then, he didn’t want them attacking Britney, now she was their only target.

Doctor Glen motioned so and the zombie troops charged in towards her.  Not taking her eyes off Doctor Glen, Britney jumped straight up in the air – sinking her thumb into an eye socket of the nearest zombie on her left and doing the same with the nearest zombie on her right.  Bringing their heads together and smashing their skulls, she tossed those two zombies backwards – knocking over a few of the other zombies on either side of her.

Charging straight forward, she knelt down – planting the heels of her palms into the kneecaps of the zombies in front of her and then planting the heels of her soles into the kneecaps of the zombies behind her.

They all dropped to the ground, not dead but now having been reduced to ground-crawlers.

Turning to the left, she grabbed at the necks of two zombies, ripping their throats out and tossing them behind her.  Immediately she reached forward and did the same thing again with two more zombies – ripping their throats out, tossing one to her left and the other to her right.

She was moving with such blinding quick speed that the zombie soldiers were having trouble catching her.  But when they did grab her, it was a struggle for her to break free as they were significantly larger than her and in excellent physical shape.  Being as they were military soldiers, this wasn’t hard to imagine.

Now having to improvise away from the usual method of immobilizing her opponents first, Britney began to dodge their swings.  There were so many of them around her, she couldn’t attack any of them while still dodging their advances on her.  And the damage she had done so far had only killed a handful.  The kneecap shots and eye socket strikes had only caused injuries, not body counts.  Knocking them down had only given her a few moments of break from them before they stood back up and went right back to her again.

There didn’t seem to be an end in the near future … at least, not one that favored Britney surviving this.

“She isn’t going to make it,” Brook wept, watching the battle from a window in one of the other buildings on the base.

“Oh my, God!  We’ve gotta hurry up, girls!” Lorna said, looking out the window and seeing bodies beginning to fly.  “Brook, sweetie.  You’ve got to keeping drinking.  We don’t have very long here.  Iris, how is it going over there?”

“This isn’t as easy as it looks, Lorna!” Iris yelled at her.

“First, they killed Rikki and now they’re gonna kill Brit Brit,” Brook wept sadly, then swigging down more water.  “We’re not gonna make it out of this alive.” 

Bodies were flying because Britney had picked up one of the dead zombies at her feet and began using him like a baseball bat.  And though fatigue was setting in, she was finding ways to lessen the physical strain on herself – at least long enough to allow her strength to regenerate.  Not even Britney could deny the changes happening inside her, but she still didn’t know what they meant.

Even if she won this fight, would it only be a matter of time before she turned into a zombie, like Doctor Glen or worse?

Seeing the need to end this thing before the girls were discovered in their hiding place, Britney began to administer blows to the zombies’ faces, each intended to be a fatal blow that would put them down for good … or at least long enough for Britney and the girls to get away.

And in the process of ending the undead, she grew more aggressive by the kill, driving her fist through the face and skull of one zombie to then grab the neck and rip the throat out of the one behind him and then smashing that zombie’s skull into the one next to him … then tossing all three of them out of the way and doing it again with three more.

The battleground began to look like a blood bath, crimson red covering Britney from head to toe as she crushed chests, smashed heads and immobilized them when possible.  There were points in time when she was moving so fast that she looked like a blur and the crinkling of her diaper was the only way her location could be pinpointed by the zombie doctor.

Doctor Glen remained at the same place he had been standing this whole time, Rikki’s decapitated corpse still laying at his feet.  Though he couldn’t see the fight in front of him, he sensed all the movements – being able to follow the virus in bodies.  But even he was aware that Britney was no longer an easy win.  And, supported by the evidence of her movements, it was reasonable to believe that the zombie virus now had a third strain … the Britney strain.

This was the very topic General Wynwood and Dr. Liotta were discussing while watching the battle on monitors up in the general’s office.  His plan was working out very well, General Cartwright’s helicopter brigade being just a little more than 15 minutes away at that point.

“This is a second mutation, General,” Dr. Liotta confirmed.  “And it only gives rise to the belief that the longer it remains in the same system, the more it grows.  I mean … imagine injecting this virus into soldiers and allowing it to continue to enhance them.  After six months, they would be unstoppable.  Imagine sending one soldier into a war zone on foot and having them return with mission complete?”

“She is unbelievable,” General Wynwood remarked, seeing Britney line two zombies up alongside each other – punching in the side of the one’s head while kicking in the side of the other’s head a moment later and dropping them both.  “And you are sure that estrogen is the key component?  You’re not gonna think about it and come back to me later with a new theory, right?”

“I am certain of it this time, Sir,” Dr. Liotta answered confidently.  “Female estrogen is the self-defense of it all, protecting itself and prolonging existence.  Progesterone is a key component in the creation of human life as well as brain functions.  And this is why the zombie virus is being naturally enhanced inside her.  It could have killed her or made her stronger.  In Britney’s case, the latter was the truth.”

“So, simplify this for me,” the general said.  “Do females have everything needed inside to deal with this zombie virus?  Yes or no?”

“In most cases, yes,” Dr. Liotta answered.

“Then I would say that women are now the most important asset to the military,” the general stated, looking back at the monitor.  “She is going to level the playing field for future black ops endeavors.”

Britney had finally gotten over the hump, beginning to wear down the remaining zombies to the point where she could take them out one at a time – a series of immobilization, blinding and limb-breaking slowing them down.

And when it was down to her holding the 50th and final zombie by his hair, she made him kneel in front of her.  His eyes were gouged out.  Both his arms were broken.  His jaw had been dislocated, jerked to the right and smashed into several pieces.  And his legs had been bent in the wrong direction at the knees.

Facing the soldier towards Doctor Glen, Britney gripped this last zombie’s hair at the top of his head.  Then she planted at kick firmly at the back of his head, his body falling to blood-covered ground as she tossed his head in the direction of Doctor Glen, just as Doctor Glen had down with Rikki’s head.

Joining her fingers together and then cracking her knuckles, she rolled her head in a big circle and then taunted the zombie doctor with summoning hand movements.

Then Doctor Glen motioned for more troops to surround her, running out of the main hangar and making the exact same circle as the previous zombie soldiers.

In the nearing distance, helicopters could be heard approaching.

“Now, Iris!  Now!” Lorna yelled.  “This is our only chance to save her!”


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