25 Priceless Moments

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers” , 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 “Charm Sakers”, 25 “Nothing Buts” 25 “Out-n-Abouts, 25 “LLWs”, and 25 “Precious Pacifiers” , 25 Priceless Moments is a collection of ABDL pictures that I feel tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

Being Little is often overwhelming because the world suddenly becomes larger than life.  Feeling Little is the reaction to a sense of inferiority.  Acting Little is a natural progression towards acceptance.

For as important as they truly are, BabyGirls can often struggle to find a balance between the insecurities of insignificance and that white hot attention at the center of their little worlds.  And as they make pendulum movements, in emotions and in self-esteem, what can also be made along the way are Priceless Moments – each being a piece of the BabyGirl puzzle. 

Until every picture has spoken its piece, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


25 – Powder-Puff  Football

25As BabyGirls, there were always more things to “live for” than there was time to do them all.

But these four lil sweethearts always looked forward to Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  They were all the little end of Daddy/BabyGirl relationships.  Online is where each of them had met their Daddy.  And online is where they met each other.

They were four little lovers of practically everything, except for football.  But their Daddies devoted the weekends to countless hours in front of the TV, watching the silly guys on the screen who had dressed up in the silly outfits and kept running back and forth across the same field of grass.

This loss of time with their Daddies always upset the BabyGirl until they devised a plan that when football was on, all four couples would gather together and watch it.  This way, the BabyGirls would have each other to play with as their Daddies watched football.

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in late September, the BabyGirls decided to join their Daddies in the TV room for the football watching.  By halftime, the endless silly questions the girls kept asking led to a demonstration of football in the back yard.

The first demonstration was how to hike the football properly.  All four BabyGirls lined up and bent over looking between their legs – just like the guy did who hiked the football to that other guy who kept throwing it away.

“Like this, Daddy?” all four BabyGirls said in unison as they looked back at their Daddies.

Halftime was only fifteen minutes long and these Daddies had a lot of things to explain if they wanted any sort of peace at all while watching the second half.  At first, it seemed a daunting challenge, but so was meeting and falling in love with someone online, so was opening one’s heart, so was meeting new friends with the right things in common.

As they headed back into the TV room for the start of the third quarter, it was the Daddies who had learned the greatest lesson of all:

Football will always be a passion that strikes at a guy’s testosterone and make him obsessed with it for 60 minutes.  But it’s a BabyGirl’s love that will strike at a Daddy’s heart and make him obsessed with her forever.


24 – The “Bond” BabyGirl

Bond 01The weekend was so much fun already and the little Princess was ready for any adventures to come.  The road trip was always good fun and her Daddy booked them at that hotel with the water park attached to it. 

Ooooo!  She could hardly wait until morning and hoped he’d take her to that water park right after breakfast.  They got to the hotel too late that Friday night to swim, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to find adventure before bedtime.

She curled up along side her Daddy as they watched that James Bond movie with the bad word in its title and before Roger Moore defeated the bad guys in the end, she knew what adventure she wanted to go on.

“Come on, Daddy!” she exclaimed, jumping up, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of bed as he fumbled to get his slippers on.

“Where are we going, BabyGirl?” he asked as she grabbed the key card from the table and handed it to him before waddling her diapered sprint to the door.

“You always tell me that one day I’ll learn who I truly am inside and that I should never stop reaching for the stars, right?” the BabyGirl asked with an excitement in her eyes.

“Yes,” her Daddy responded, intrigued by her enthusiasm and wondering what adventure they were about to go on.

“Well I know who I am, Daddy?” she said, opening the door and waddling her sprint out into the hotel hallway.  “Follow me.  I’ll show you.”

She ran down the hall and into the stairwell, racing her crinkling bottom up the steps as fast as she could until she reached the top.  Then she swung he leg over the stairwell railing and prepared to slide down it like James Bond had down that banister.

24“I’m gonna be a Bond Girl!” she exclaimed, ready to slide but stopped by her Daddy at the last second.

“That’s wonderful, Baby,” he said, cautious as to not crush her enthusiasm but grateful she didn’t see the end of that movie when Roger Moore rode on the outside of an airplane … while it was flying!  “I think you will be the most wonderful Bond BabyGirl there ever was.  But how about if you start on the first floor, okay?”

She touched her finger to her lower lip in deep thought as he helped her down.

“That’s probably a good idea, Daddy,” the BabyGirl said taking his hand as they stated walking down the stairwell.  “But wow!  Finding who you are can be kinda be kinda dangerous.  We need to be more careful next time.”

We’ll try to be more careful next time,” her Daddy said with a big grin on his face.  “You’re right. That’s probably a good idea, for sure.”


23 – … and then her Daddy gushed.

23She had spent all of last night, thinking about him. It’s how she spent every night and how she spent every day, too.

But when she went to sleep, she knew that when she awoke, her Daddy would be there.  And that made her feel better than any bliss that chocolate could provide, more glowing than any candle lit room could be illuminated by, more emotional than any tear-jerking girly flick could make her, happier than when finding all the bargains at the mall, more excited than when she awaited his return texts, more peaceful than she felt in a bubble bath & so overcome with littleness she tingled all over as she dreamt.

She startled awake when she heard her Daddy unlock the front door.  Sitting up, she frantically searched her bed sheets for her pacifier and then she found her pose – pretty in pink and glowing.

Her Daddy walked in and his face lit up with an adoration that words could do no justice in conveying.  Seeing that passion in his eyes, her heart beat more strongly than when her breath had been taken away.  He walked over to her and she could see in his irises that she meant more to him than life itself.  Her Daddy  welled up with tears …

… and then her Daddy gushed.


22 – When Want Met Need

22“Daddy, let me tell you the difference between want and need,”  the BabyGirl said with conviction, hugging the enormous teddy bear in the middle of the COSTCO warehouse.  “Want is selfish, when you only think of yourself. Need is when you think of others, not of yourself.”

Stopping to collect her thoughts, she nibbled on her lower lip, fidgeting a bit before continuing.

“Now, this may be really confusing, but I’m going to explain why I was not being selfish at all when I said that I wanted this teddy bear,”  the BabyGirl continued.  “I know that I just said that want is selfish, but this is a special situation where it’s not selfish.  And we were very lucky to be here today to prevent a horrible, cruel thing from continuing to happen.”

“This teddy bear had been shoved into the back of the bottom rack of the stuffies-n-toys aisle over there,”  she continued, pointing to the aisle.  “And I had to get down on my hands and knees to crawl all the way to the back to get the teddy bear out.  No one was ever going to see this teddy bear all the way back there and if no one ever saw this teddy bear, then no one would ever buy him and he would never be able to fulfill his purpose in this world.”

A grin formed on her Daddy’s face.  He could see how his BabyGirl had already bonded with the enormous teddy bear.  And he knew she had already made the decision, but he stood silent and allowed her to continue to explain the true meanings of want and need.

“Now,” she continued, coming ever-closer to the point.  “I realize the practicalities of the size of this teddy bear, but I assure you we will figure it out.  The most important thing is very simple.”

She started rocking back and forth on the soles of her feet.

“I, myself, didn’t realize the difference between want and need until the teddy bear explained it to me,”  she said, fidgeting tremendously.  “You see, when I crawled back there and pulled the teddy bear out, he said thank you to me.  And that was very nice of him to say.  But then he told me that he needed someone to love and all that was missing was someone who wanted him.”

She stopped rocking back and forth as her fidgeting ceased and her puppy dog eyes came out, gazing up at her Daddy as she began to well up with tears.

“And that was the reason why I told you I wanted him,” she said with a shaky voice.  “It’s because he needs me.”

She hugged the teddy bear tightly and turned away, expecting to hear her Daddy say no, followed by some reason she knew she wasn’t going to accept.

“And that is the reason why he’s coming home with us,”  her Daddy said without anymore hesitation.  “I think his size is perfect for the size of your heart.”


21 – The Doubt of Fears & The Pursuit of Passions


Every step she had taken was always a gamble, from college to career to love to life.  But what she learned along the way was that her doubts were showing what she needed to pay more attention to, her fears were showing the next obstacle she needed to overcome, her pursuits were showing the journeys she needed to take & her passions were showing the destination she wanted to reach.

When she finally put it all together she realized that all she needed to keep in mind were two pieces of advice that came from her own thoughts:

  • Doubt your fears.
  • Pursue your passions.
Her boyfriend didn’t seem like the Daddy-type, but she doubted her fear that he would reject her if she revealed the littleness of her heart.  So she told him.

Now, she held his hand as he led her forward every time she needed to take another step.  By opening up to him, they now pursued their passions together.


20 – “Right There, Daddy.”

19There were many moments in life when her clumsiness knocked her to the ground.  There were other times when those shin-high boots wobbled a bit too much for her to remain standing.  And not to forget to mention the heels she was often expected to wear to formal functions – more like ankle-breaking devices than anything else.

But maybe the one fall she would remember more than all the others was the one when her heart fell head over heels for her Daddy.  He knocked her off her feet and she didn’t have any chance to defend against how much she needed him in her life.

Kneeling down alongside her, he asked her a simple question and one that would give her the opportunity to remain permanently off her feet:

“Show me where it hurts, Baby,” he asked with a syrupy-rich Daddy tone to his voice.

She parted her knees, took his hand, placed it between her legs on her diaper and before planting the biggest kiss on him she had ever given anyone, she whispered her answer with the sweetest innocence he had ever heard:

“Right there, Daddy,” she whispered with a lust in her eyes that made clear how good it felt to have fallen for him.


19 – “Daddy, this isn’t what it looks like … “

19“Daddy, I know that you think I came in here to use the potty.  And you probably think that I took my diaper off too, I bet.  But I assure you that nothing could be the further from the truth.  Let me explain to you what happened so that they’re aren’t any misconceptions,” the BabyGirl said, fidgeting as she continued her story.  “I was sitting on the bed, minding my own business and watching the last couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars, which I thank you for DVR-ing by the way, when I heard a horrible noise coming from the bathroom.  So I got up and ran in here to see what the noise was, but on the way in, I brushed up against the latch on the door and it ripped the tapes off of one side of my diaper and then my diaper fell down to the ground and remained around my ankle exactly as you see it now.  But that’s not all that happened.  There was a cat in the bathroom, Daddy.  And the cat was chasing a bird that had flown in through the window.  I know, you’re probably thinking ‘No way’, but Yes way, Daddy.  The noise I was hearing was the cat and the bird chasing each other around.  And no sooner did I come into the bathroom then the bird flew out the window and the cat followed it.  So I quickly, shut the window and locked it for you.  So what I’m saying is:  Daddy, this isn’t what it looks like …”


18 – The Truth Behind You

18The little Princess was so excited the pool was finally being opened she could hardly wait to get in it.  It didn’t matter how cold the water would be, what an opened pool meant was that winter was over and summer was on the way!

Her Daddy was working very hard to clean the pool water and she was loosing the ability to wait. So, she did something very brave.

Her Daddy told her to stay on the play blanket in the living room, but what he failed to realize was that she could see the pool from the living room.  She had been a good girl, thus far, and had remained on the blanket just as he had said to do.  But he didn’t tell her she couldn’t pull a chair over, set it in the middle of the blanket and stand on it so she could watch him opening the pool in the back yard.  And that is exactly what she did.

But now, her little heart could wait no longer.  She got down off the chair, crawled her diapered bottom back to the hallway to her nursery where she took off her tshirt, slipped into her pink swim suit and even blew up her arm floaties before she sprinted her crinkle out the back door and to the pool side.

“Princess, I can tell you’re very excited to get in the pool,” her Daddy said, setting up a lounge chair and draping a pool towel over it.

“How can you tell, Daddy?” she said, facing towards the pool to admire how crystal clear he had made the water.

“Well, BabyGirl…,” her Daddy began, opening up a new diaper and placing it flat on the lounge chair before looking back to her.  “Let’s just say that sometimes when you don’t know the truth, it will be because it was right behind you, where you may not have looked, all along.” 


17 – That Moment When She Knew She Was Whipped

16Having her Daddy wrapped around her finger was one of her most cherished successes in life.  She had a particular kind of dynamic with him uncommon.  It was a one beyond that which drew them together as a Daddy-n-BabyGirl.

She would admit it took a little while to train him to be exactly as she wanted, but she was quite proud of how he was now instinctively able to tell the difference between what she wanted and what she needed.  The problem was:  She sometimes got greedy and her Daddy would give in at moments when he really should’ve said no to whatever she was trying to get him to give her.

As his Lil Princess, her two favorite things to say were, “I love you Daddy” and “Gimme”.  Sometimes she said both of them in succession and the result was always that she got her way.  She truly had him wrapped around her finger.  That is, until her Daddy hired a babysitter to watch her during the day as he worked.

In short order, she grew attached to her babysitter, but discovered, early on, she didn’t have the same control in situations as she did with her Daddy.  This might’ve proven to be a bad turn of events had her babysitter not made a statement which enter the BabyGirl’s mind right before a temper tantrum began:

“How you treat others will return to you, full circle.”

Her BabySitter told her that if she acted up during their day of shopping, she would learn a little something in the back seat of the car.  Lying on her back with her legs raised up and nakedness revealing her, she learned that sometimes what she needed was also what she wanted.  Without fighting her babysitter at all, the BabyGirl was diapered before they walked back into the mall.  Waddling alongside her babysitter as they crossed the parking lot, she smiled and realized at that moment that, just like her Daddy, she was whipped.


16 – When Words Would Only Get In The Way

17She was The Princess of Impulse and he was The Prince of Patience.  They were, in many ways, a matched-fit for one another.  But the greatest discoveries they made about their relationship and about their lives weren’t so much about what they had in common or about how they were nearly-perfect opposites in all the right ways.

What they learned that meant more to them than anything else was that when you make a mistake, you don’t beat yourself up about it and you don’t make unrealistic vows to never do it again.  You simply accept that your flaws are just as important as your qualities.  And you need to fall in love with someone’s mistakes as much as you do their triumphs.

After having maxed out five of his credit cards in one single shopping trip, The Princess of Impulse accepted that she wouldn’t have access to any of them any time soon.  Nor would she be wearing anything but her diaper.  It wasn’t so much punishment as it was the way he communicated with her when words would only get in the way.


15 – “Daddy, there’s an elf in the cookie jar cupboard!”

14“Daddy, I know this sounds crazy, but lemme explain,” the BabyGirl said, hiding her hands behind her and leaning back against the kitchen sink.  “a’member when the bunny rabbit stole my pants and when that cat chased the bird around the bathroom and my diaper fell off and when that monster crawled under my bed?”

“Yes,” her Daddy said, trying not to grin too widely.
“Well I want you to know that those things actually happened for real and that I wasn’t making them up at all.  And it’s important that you believe me because I think I discovered why the cookies keep disappearing from the cookie jar,” the BabyGirl said, pausing for a moment to collect her little thoughts.  “Okay, a’member when the cookie jar used to sit on the counter and the cookies kept magically disappearing from inside it and I told you that pixie fairies came into the kitchen from the back yard and took the cookies and sprinkled the cookie crumbs all over my bed?”
“Yes,” her Daddy said, biting his lower lip to keep his smile from growing.
“Okay, well that actually happened too, but I talked to the pixie fairies and told them that my Daddy wasn’t happy with them stealing the cookies and they told me to tell you that they’re very sorry and that they won’t do it again,” the BabyGirl explained with confidence.
“Well, that was very kind of them,” her Daddy said.
“I thought so, too,”  the BabyGirl stated.  “And a’member when I said that pixie fairies couldn’t open cupboard doors and that maybe you could put the cookie jar in the cupboard to keep the pixie fairies from stealing them?”
“Yes,” her Daddy said, giving up and smiling brightly at her.
“Well, as you have told me, there are more cookies missing from the cookie jar.  This was a tremendous shock to me.  So I did a little a’vestigating and found out what happened to the new missing cookies,” the BabyGirl stated clearly.
“Really?” her Daddy asked.  “And what happened to them?”
“Daddy,”  the BabyGirl said, finally arriving at her conclusion.  “There’s an elf in the cookie jar cupboard and I think he’s eating all the cookies.”
“What’s this elf’s name?” her Daddy asked.
“I don’t know, but if I see him again, I’ll ask him for you,” the BabyGirl promised.
“Well, thank you Princess,”  her Daddy said, hugging her, kissing the top of her head and patting her diapered bottom.  “And when next you see this elf, please tell him to stop leaving cookie crumbs on your lips.”


14 – Wearing It Well

15Her Daddy wore his heart on his sleeve.  And he couldn’t have been happier to do the laundry.

Her Daddy often told her how much he loved the many ways she wore her hair, each dependent on how she felt that day.  He told her how being her Daddy wasn’t just a responsibility, but was also his greatest passion – one that would never wear thin.

She wore many things, from little black dresses to skirts and heels to nothing but her diaper and so much more.  Some things she wore for him.  Other things she wore for herself.  Still other things she wore for both of them.

But of all the things she wore, the one that her Daddy said was the most beautiful was her smile.  And she had a habit of wearing it well.


13 – That Pesky Poop Fairy

13“I tried my bestest, Daddy.  But she still got to me,” the BabyGirl said to her Daddy, waddling up to him in the living room with a poopy diaper.

She was so convinced that there was a poop fairy who kept putting poop in her diaper that she thought about it and thought about it and thought about it, for days upon weeks upon months and now at last, she had finally found the solution.

“But I think I know how to stop her,” she said, getting down on her knees and sitting back on her feet.  “This way, she won’t be able to get near my tooshy.”

But when she sat down, she made a bigger mess in her diaper for him to clean up.

“Okay, on second though…” she said, feeling the moosh on her toosh.  “Maybe I ought to do this before I get a visit from that pesky poop fairy.”


12 – Nobody seemed to care … until she met him.

04It wasn’t about having a mind filled with fairy tales.  It wasn’t about unusual desires that made her feel like a freak.  And it wasn’t about taking enormous leaps in life without looking first.

Those were simply thoughts in her head.  She was a dreamer, just like every other girl in the world.  And having dreams didn’t make her feel less of a person.

It was the fact that nobody seemed to care enough to tell her that they loved her, to hold her in their arms and make her feel like she meant something to someone.  If she could find that connection with another person, then everything else would fall into place as it should.

Nobody seemed to care … until she met him.  Her Daddy.  And then everything changed.


11 – The Meaning of Her Handprints

08Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

But not only did he have his BabyGirl’s footprints to bless his heart, he also had her handprints – on the refrigerator door, on the walls in the hallway, around every light switch and everywhere else that her little fingers touched.  But he never wiped those little handprints of hers away.  Because his little girl heeded the advice she once heard him say:

If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.

And not only was she determined to make her own prints, she was determined to make them unlike any others. 

So when he got home from work and saw his little BabyGirl putting her finger paint to good use on the kitchen floor, he smiled as he sat there and watched her being who she was … the little girl who left her mark no matter where she went and who made her presence known with the meaning of her handprints.


10 – How Helpless the Feeling

10Cheryl had never given anything in life a half-effort.  She had always attacked everything with a sledge-hammer of determination.

So when she met her Daddy and embraced being his BabyGirl, she sought the full experience and nothing less.  And when she begged her Daddy to make her feel completely helpless, he obliged her with a passion that made clear to her how much he was going to enjoy the experience himself.

He physically exhausted her all afternoon, bringing her to a climax point again and again but never allowing her orgasm to arrive.  And when she reached complete frustration, he tied her to the bed – belly down as he took his leather belt to her bottom and the back of her thighs.  And when she was numb from the pain, he turned her over and filled her with an enema – kept in with a rather sizable anal plug.  Greasing her well between her legs, he inserted that remote control vibrating egg between the lips of her outer labia and into her canal.

Diapering her, he carried her out to the dining room and tied her to the dinner table before he opened the curtains and used his remote to start the egg vibrations.  And as she began to climb to the summit again, she looked out the window, wondering when someone would walk by and see her.  He reached into the back of her diaper and removed the anal plug, forcing her to clench her bottom cheeks together while her lower back began to arch from the coming orgasm. 

She whimpered in pleasure and in pain as her Daddy turned the vibrations up to the full setting.

Oh, how helpless the feeling …


9 – Oh, this changed everything!

11Rachel had a lot to be thankful for.  She had a solid, supportive upbringing from parents who loved her and even paid her college education so she wouldn’t have loan payments afterwards.  They loved her nearly and dearly and always supported her in every endeavor of her life.

But college not only gave her a Bachelor’s degree.  It also gave her an Mr. Degree – as in Mister … or the guy she would fall in love with and marry.

His name was Gary and he quickly excelled in his chosen field, making their marriage happen a lot quicker than they planned for it to.  But his job put him on the road a lot for business trips.  And on the nights he was away, Rachel would explore the secrets of herself that she was too embarrassed to ever reveal to him.

Years ago, she caught a Jerry Springer episode about age play.  And with the internet at her fingertips, she researched it, discovering that it was exactly what she wanted and had always known was a part of her.  So, secretively, she explored age play by herself whenever the opportunity presented itself, particularly the kind that included humiliation, being forced to be a baby and of course, that crinkly diaper thing.

But when Gary came home early one night from a business trip, he found her in their bedroom, dressed as a baby and waddling along in her diaper.  Gary forced her to confess and so many things about her sudden made to him, especially the reason why she always called him Daddy when in bed, but also why she called him Daddy wherever they went and freely, as if not caring who heard her call him that name. 

Instantly, he started taking pictures of her, declaring that her fantasies would become their fantasies.  There was no way he was going to overlook this, especially not since she enjoyed it so much.  For as shy as she was about it suddenly, she would learn to accept that her secret was now out and before long she would embrace a more submissive outlook on life and on her marriage.

Oh, this changed everything!


8 – But that was all done now.

07Kylie was the kind of girl who doubted everything she did, every emotion she felt, every dream she had and every decision she made.

But she was the sweetest girl you would ever meet.  And within her heart, she had a sweetness greater than what she could ever show on the outside.  It was a sweetness of genuine, pure love.  And her greatest dream was to open her heart and touch every living thing with that love.  Being so overbearingly insecure and having no self-esteem at all, it seemed unlikely she would ever live her life to the extent of her heart.

That was before she met Margaret, an older woman who not only recognized the familiarity of the Kylie’s shyness but also could see exactly what she needed.

It was very simple:  Kylie needed to be taken by the hand and shown the way.  And since Kylie had met Margaret on a website for people with secrets, she knew she would never have to reveal the littlest secret she kept harbored inside her, wrapped in a security blanket of her own love.

Kylie used to be a girl without direction and without hope.  Now, she was a BabyGirl, surrounded with a love that she recognized.  It took her a little while to embrace the thought that being vulnerable was okay.  That was a challenge Margaret helped her to face.

But that was all done now.


7 – Becoming Everything

09When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. -Lao Tzu

She didn’t have trouble accepting that she had bisexual feelings.

She didn’t have trouble accepting that she sometimes followed her impulses without thinking things through first.

She didn’t have trouble with accepting that she had urges she couldn’t explain and that she had a series of events in her past that had defined her present moment – some that were wonderful memories and some that still gave her nightmares.

But it wasn’t until she put it all together that she could let it all go.  Pursuing an impulse of bisexual feelings that could lead to cherished memories or frightful reminders, she found a vulnerability in the most comfortable , yet strangest of places – in a nursery, an adult nursery with a woman she called “Mommy”.

Many would judge her for being too quirky, too strange, too flighty, too flaky, too much to handle with too much baggage to carry.  But it was this woman who told her to “let it all go”.

And that she did.

Being dressed for a nap, in nothing but her diaper, the BabyGirl had let it all go and was a few diaper tapes away from becoming everything she could and wanted to be.


6 – The Blind-Hearted Beginning

06The night her Daddy met her, he knew it would be for the rest of their lives.  And upon first sight, he could see she was the other half of something he not only believed of himself but only of one other person – her.

They didn’t meet online, nor did they bump into each other at the supermarket.  Instead, they were set up, blindly, by a mutual friend who could see that they were both perfect for each other.

He didn’t believe his heart would ever beat again, having had and lost the dynamic previously.  And she didn’t believe there was anyone in the world who could understand her or what she needed.  So their first meeting wasn’t just a blind date.  It was also blind-hearted.

And because he walked in expecting nothing and because she crawled in expecting even less than him, they proved their mutual friend’s beliefs right.  They were a perfect match.

His heart would start beating before long and she would learn to believe in others just as quickly.  But it was their blind-hearted beginning that kept them free from starting at the end of yesterdays that couldn’t see tomorrows.


5 – The Question With No Answer

12“Daddy, I know you told me dat I’m jus’ a yittle girl,” the BabyGirl said as her Daddy walked into the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet.  “An’ I know dat I’m so yittle dat I need a baby diaper. But I kept seein’ da potty in here an’ I jus’ wanted to know what it felt like to be a Big girl.”

Her Daddy smiled, recognizing her simple curiosity.

“An’ I know dat I don’t wanna be a Big Girl a’cuz I love you an’ I wanna be your baby forever,” the BabyGirl said, lowering her chin as she gently grunted.

Her Daddy smiled brightly at what she was trying to find the words to say.  She had often remarked that when she became his BabyGirl she could finally open up and be herself.

“I hope you’re not upset a’cuz I’m usin’ da potty like a Big Girl,” the BabyGirl said with a tremble to her voice.  “I just wanted to know what it felt like to go potty … on da potty.”

She giggled at herself and started rocking back and forth.  Her Daddy knelt down beside her and placed his hand on her right thigh.

“Daddy isn’t upset at all, BabyGirl.  And you don’t need to hide things from me.  You were curious and you just wanted to know what it felt like,” her Daddy said sweetly and he looked down at her waist to see that she hadn’t taken her diaper off before she took a seat.  “I think you’re doing a wonderful job of playing Big Girl.”

“Thank you for understanding, Daddy,” the BabyGirl said, grunting again as she finished going potty.  “What do Big Girls do when they’re done going potty?”

Her Daddy smiled again, not knowing how to answer since she would need a rather extensive diaper change at this point.

“Well,” he began, helping her stand up from the toilet seat.  “Sometimes, they just hop right in the bath tub.”

“I can see why they’d do dat,” the BabyGirl said, waddling over to her Daddy who sat on the edge of tub and began to draw her bath water.  “But what’s the toilet paper for?”


4 – “Penny.” Knock-Knock-Knock

05“Penny.”  Knock-Knock-Knock
“Penny.”  Knock-Knock-Knock
“Penny.”  Knock-Knock-Knock
“Penny.”  Knock-Knock-Knock
“What?!” Penny said, flinging her front door open to stop her neighbor from knocking.
Ooo.  He was so annoying sometimes, but was still such a nice guy.  She just wished he had control of his impulses.
“What are you doing?” her neighbor asked, eyeing up her outfit.
“I was getting ready for bed.  What do you need?” Penny answered.
“Why are you wearing a diaper?” her neighbor asked in his usual nosy manner, but this time, perplexed beyond usual belief.
Penny froze in place and if she had already nursed from her bottle, she probably would’ve wet herself from the embarrassment.  She had completely forgotten to cover up before she opened the door.
“No reason,” Penny said nonchalantly, trying to pass it off as nothing.
“Well …” her neighbor began, trying to decide if he was going to believe her or not.  “There has to be a reason.  It isn’t Halloween yet and you’re not pledging a sorority that I’m aware of.  So why are you wearing a diaper to bed?”
Penny shifted with a fidget of nervousness she couldn’t ignore, crinkling her hips as she bit her lower lip – trying to buy herself time to think of an excuse to give him.  Though he had spent many nights in her apartment, she always kept the BabyGirl stuff out of sight.
“Penny?” her neighbor asked, raising his left eyebrow.
Her little heart pounded and her little mind searched frantically for something to say.  She kept swallowing the lump in her throat but it kept coming back.
And then suddenly … the right thing to say came to her.
“Well,” Penny began, clearing her throat and looking left-n-right down the hallway before whispering to him.  “It’s my time of the month and I’m flowing heavily …”
Her neighbor cringed and then walked away rigidly.
“Never mind,” her neighbor called back to her.
“Sometimes I wake up and my bed sheets are …” Penny called to him, smiling at his retreat.
“I don’t care,” her neighbor said as he got out his door keys.
“By the way, do you still want to put your laundry in with mine tomorrow?” she asked him, grinning from ear-to-ear as he fumbled to unlock his apartment door.
“Nope. Thanks anyway,” he said, quickly unlocking his door and walking in.
Penny shut her door and leaned back against it, gracefully melting down to the floor as her heartbeat began to slow its galloping pace.  Oh my, that was embarrassing.  But wow, what fantasies it would bring her.


3 – I Don’t Know Why This Keeps Happening, Daddy!


“I don’t know why this keeps happening Daddy,” Penny said as Elliot pulled the blanket back off her legs.

She had remained in the exact position her Daddy left her in at the beginning of her nap – on her belly.  Sitting along the edge of the bed, he unfolded the new diaper and stretched out the back of the waistband of the diaper, placing it on top of the back of the diaper she was wearing that needed changed.

“It happens, baby.  It’s okay.  Daddy’s here and Daddy will take care of it,” Elliot said softly, placing his left hand on her temporarily double-diapered bottom as he turned her over onto her back.

She felt the mess in her seat spread a little and this snapped her back into explanation mode.

“No, Daddy.  I know that you think you know what you know, but I’m the one who knows, you know?”  Penny asked, her eyes glazing over with littleness, partially from denial and partially from memories of a strange dream that were far fresher than she was.

“Right,” Elliot said with a grin, unfastening the tapes at her hips.

And though she was fidgety with need to explain, she stopped moving all together – a common reaction when he unfastened her diaper tapes, taking her out of that comfort snugness always around her waist.  She was determined to explain to him what happened, though – regardless of how insecure she felt from being changed.

“I dreamded I was on da beach,” Penny explained, slipping into a babble tone.  “And while I was sleeping da poop fairy came in through da window and put poop in my diaper.  And this isn’t the first time she’s done this.”


2 – The Lesson of the Silly Chair

02She had tried all summer long to find her balance, but with an ever-present and ever-adorable diapered waddle, she still tottered like the little baby she was.  But sometimes, her frustrations would get the best of her.

“Princess,” her Daddy said to her one sunny day.  “You know that chair we have out in the backyard, the one without any legs and without any back?”

“Duh siwwy chair?” she mumbled in question behind her pacifier.

“That’s the one,” he said with a warm smile at the innocence of the name she had given the hammock.

She nodded.

“It’s impossible to sit in, isn’t it?” her Daddy asked, coaxing the yittleness, present in her baby brown irises. 

She nodded again, not sure what he was getting at.

“Well, I think if you practice at finding a way to sit in that chair, then you’ll be able to find your balance,” her Daddy said, giving her diapered bottom a pat as she waddled outside to the hammock.

And there she remained all afternoon, trying again and again to sit in this ridiculously wobbly seat.  It had less balance than she did.  And after quite a bit of frustration, she gathered the center of the hammock and threw one leg over to the other side, then putting both of her legs up and leaning back into the hammock comfortably.

Her face, before filled with pouts and frowns and scowls, suddenly glowed with an enormously bright smile behind her pacifier.  She realized then, that being little and being a BabyGirl didn’t make her less capable of doing anything.  And it didn’t make her have to work harder at doing anything.  All she needed to remember was that, though the world around her seemed Big, the solution to every challenge of life was always smaller than she thought.  And being little, the smaller was always the better choice.

She would forever remember this discovery of herself as The Lesson of the Silly Chair.


1 – A Little Patience, A Little Waddle & A Pair of Bunny Ears

01Alice had been an absolute angel all night long.  The costume party was so much fun and she was the adoration of everyone in attendance.  Her Daddy, dressed as the Mad Hatter, knew that the bunny outfit hadn’t made his BabyGirl look adorable.  She was already that & so much more.  If anything, she made the outfit look adorable.

But it wasn’t the little pink dress or the poofy, ruffled diaper butt or the stockings or the wrist garters or the bunny ears that people would remember about her from that night.  It was how she had defied the lure of the rabbit hole and how she knew rabbit’s feet weren’t really lucky. 

Instead of crawling into darkness or wearing feet that could no longer run, Alice took careful steps with bunny feet that could take her where she wanted to go, instead of promising her luck or stopping at a hole with no known destination.

Alice knew she wanted to travel where the light led her and where her feet could carry her and though a little bunny girl, she could clearly see the wisdom of the tortoise’s pace.

And all it took was a little patience, a little waddle and a pair of bunny ears.


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