25 Little Thoughts

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers” , 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 “Charm Sakers”, 25 “Nothing Buts” 25 “Out-n-Abouts, 25 “LLWs” 25 “Precious Pacifiers”  and 25 “Priceless Moments”, 25 Little Thoughts is a collection of ABDL pictures that I feel tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

Little Thoughts are often those which a BabyGirl regresses into when faced with something that seems daunting to them.  But their also the thoughts that fill little minds when the world just doesn’t seem to make enough sense to them.  Or when the world, just like BabyGirls, needs a change.

Until every picture has made a change, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


25 -All these diapers and only one little bottom

25Too many choices often frustrated the little girl.  While she loved having many options to choose from, she could never make up her mind.

Kneeling on the bed with a small assortment of diapers in front of her, she shrugged her shoulders at which one to pick.  She felt them for thickness, for fluffiness and for match with the little white dress her Daddy had put her in for their night out-n-about.

“Which one should I pick, Daddy?” she asked him with a little voice.  “I have all these diapers and only one little bottom.”

“Princess,” her Daddy replied.  “Bring them all.  We’ll go through them one at a time.  You only have one little bottom, but it’s one little bottom that will need changed.”

The little girl smiled and scooped up all the diapers, putting them into her diaper bag – save for one in her hand which she handed to him.  She lied down on the bed and smiled up at her Daddy as he unfolded the diaper and slid it beneath her.  Parting her legs, she smiled again, realizing that the problem wasn’t with how many diapers she had but with the fact that she could only wear one of them at a time.

She decided, right then and there, that she would make certain to use all of the diapers that night.  It seemed like the only way to be fair.


24 – The Waltz of the Tummyflies

24Melissa had become accustomed to a lot of intense feelings and sensations she encountered as a BabyGirl.  It wasn’t to say that she didn’t feel these things before she regressed.  It was just that she never paid attention to them before.

As a BabyGirl, she paid attention to a lot more that seemed trivial at best and perhaps too much about little details than most people would give a second thought to.

But little details were what had become the defining factors in her life – from the perfect placement of pigtail holders to the perfect way to speak with a pacifier in her mouth to the perfect way to get through the initial waltz of the tummyflies inside her whenever it began.  And that fluttering in her belly would often make her curl up in a ball and rock back-n-forth until it subsided enough to allow her to assist in the task at hand.

When she came home from work today, her Daddy greeted her at the door, having rushed home himself to be there first so he could help her shed the Big Girl clothing she was wearing the moment she walked in the door.

And now, sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor on her flattened and prepared diaper, Melissa curled up in a ball again as she had a front row seat for yet another performance of the waltz of the tummyflies.


23 – Daddy, If You Say This Will Help, Then I’ll Believe You

24“Daddy, I want you to know that I love you very, very much.  And I’m always going to try to be the bestestest BabyGirl that I can be for you,” the BabyGirl said, looking back at her Daddy with an expression on her face that made it seem like she felt sorry for him and for how frustrated he was.  “I don’t really know how to say this to you to help you to understand.  It seems like you’re so upset right now that you lost all ability to make sense.  But I love you anyways and I’m gonna try to help you through this.”

She paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and find the right words to say.

“I’m sorry that you feel my behavior is so bad that you think I need an attitude adjustment.  And I’m sorry that you feel you have no other options in punishing me and that your hands are tied and that this is how I’m going to get my attitude adjusted,”  the BabyGirl said, choosing her words carefully to not confuse her poor Daddy further.  “But the truth is:  My hands are the ones that are tied, not yours.  And I don’t see how this is going to adjust my attitude since my attitude is in my head, not my butt.  But I love you and if you say this will help, then I’ll believe you.”


22 – The Little Things That Matter The Most

22Her Daddy always gave her bear hugs so big that she felt very little.  And she always returned to him the same sentiment, giving him such wonderful little girl hugs that he felt big.

She & her Daddy matched each other perfectly and when embracing, the top of her head fit right under his chin – as if they were made to go together.  

She practiced her little girl hug on her big teddy bear all day long, waiting for that moment when her Daddy walked in the front door – home from work so she could crinkle her sprinted waddle up to him and run into his embrace.

To her, the biggest thing about being little was that she knew she would always be his BabyGirl and he would always be her Daddy.

And she always basked in the thought that, not only did they go together physically, but her little heart was big on love and his big heart never forgot the little things that mattered the most.


21 –“Daddy, you need to have a serious talk with our kitty cat …”

19“Oh, Hi Daddy!  I didn’t know you were awake, but it’s a really good thing dat you woke up,” the BabyGirl mumbled behind her pacifier as she slowly closed her thighs.  “I know dat it’s early-o-clock in da mornin’ an’ dat I’m not in my crib an’ dat I don’t have my diaper on.  But I’m gonna explain what happened.  An’ dis may seem crazy to believe – especially since you just woke up, but trust me – it wasn’t easy for me either when I came in here an’ saw what I sawed.”

The BabyGirl shifted on the chair in his office before continuing.  Her Daddy just stood there and smiled as she began another tale of little thoughts.

“I was sleepin’ like a baby, cuz you always tell me to sleep like a baby.  But den I heared dis horrible noise in your office.  An’ I thought to myself: Oh, no!  What’s goin’ on in Daddy’s office?  So I got up on my knees an’ carefully lowered de side of my crib an’ got out an’ crawled out of de nursery an’ down de hall to your office,”  she continued, pausing again to collect her little thoughts.  “An’ when I crawled in, I couldn’t believe what I was seein’.  Sittin’ here in dis chair, Mr. Whiskers was looking at porn.  Yeah!  I was like No Way!  But Yes Way, Daddy!”

The BabyGirl paused again, shifting in the chair once more as she nursed a few times on her pacifier before continuing.

“An’ dis is de really important part …  I think Mr. Whiskers has a diaper fetish.  Look at de website Mr. Whiskers was on!” she mumbled pointing to the screen.  “What I’m trying to say is … Daddy, you need to have a serious talking with our kitty cat …

“Well, I will certainly talk with Mr. Whiskers about that,” her Daddy said, turning the computer off and picking her up into his arms as he carried her out of his office and back down the hall towards her nursery.  “But I’m curious about one thing still.”

“Well, it’s good that you admitted to that,” the BabyGirl said as he stopped at her nursery door and looked at her with a grin.  “What is dat one thing dat your curious about still?  Maybe I can help you figure it out.”

“What happened to your diaper?” her Daddy asked.

The BabyGirl’s eyes grew big and wide and she nursed frantically on her pacifer for a few seconds.

“Okay, Daddy.  You’re not going to believe this, but you gotta trust me …,” she said as he carried her into her nursery.


20 – … Everything Else She Would Leave to Chance

20She didn’t have the money needed to build a Princess castle for herself.

She didn’t have the opportunities she dreamed about having.

She didn’t have the self-esteem she wished she had to be a go-getter and to make things happen out of nothing.

But she had such a love in her little heart that it was Big.
And she had the ability to continue to dream so vividly it already seemed real.
And she had to ability to be happy with simpler things.
And Chance wasn’t just a dreamy name for a Daddy.  It was the most wonderful sounding word of all to not have.
Because it wasn’t about being upset for what she didn’t have that gave her all the pieces to the puzzle.  It was about having the things she needed when she needed them the most.
And everything else she would leave to Chance.


19 -The Virtue of a Good Pose

19“Are you almost done, Daddy?” the BabyGirl asked, beginning to feel a cramp forming in her right hamstring from the way she was standing.

“Almost, Princess.  Just a few more seconds.  Hold still,” her Daddy said, quickly trying to finish up his sketching of her.

She smiled brightly, closing her eyes and thinking back to how patience had been a Heaven-sent blessing in her life so many times before.  At one point, she was incapable of waiting on anything, too nervous and too high-strung to even stand still.  But having made quick decision in haste before, she decided that when she met her Daddy, finally and at long last, she was going to be patient.

Daddy's DrawingGood things come to those who wait.  And now as a BabyGirl of an artist Daddy, she had learned the virtue of a good pose – bringing truth to the cliche.  Though she had learned to wait, she would never be a BabyGirl-in-Waiting.

And all it took was a little patience.


18 – Just You and Me

18“Here we go, Teddy,” the BabyGirl said with excitement, sitting down next to her teddy bear on the dock.  “All we have to do is jump in and we can swim out the horizon.”

“Why would you wanna do that?” her teddy bear asked.

“Because I know that my Daddy is out there somewhere, beyond that horizon,” she said.  “That’s why I can’t see him, but I’m ready.  I’ve got all I need in this little green box to be his BabyGirl forever.  And I’ve got you, my favorite teddy bear and my best friend since the day I was born.”

“I can’t go with you,” the teddy bear said sadly.  “I’m so old that my stitches would give way if I get water-logged.  But I want you go.  I want you to meet your Daddy.  I have been well-loved and that’s because of you.  Now, it’s time for you to go and find him.”

The BabyGirl looked out to the horizon, to that place where she knew her Daddy was waiting for her and then she looked back to her teddy bear, sitting there on the dock and being so selfless in continuing to want nothing more than for her to be happy.

“No, Teddy,” the BabyGirl said.  “I’m not going to give up what I have in order to go after something I want.  But it’s actually a lot simpler to have both than what I thought.”

“What do you mean?” her teddy bear asked as she laid down next to him on the dock.

“I know there are Daddies out there who are perfect for me,”  she said.  “But if there is a Daddy who I am perfect for, then he’ll be looking for me as well.  Perhaps someday, we’ll meet in the middle.  And I’ll put you on my back so that when I swim out to him, you’ll stay dry.  Until that day, it’s just you and me.”

If her teddy bear had had tear ducts, he would’ve been bawling by then.  But instead, he asked another burning question.

“BabyGirl, what’s in that little green box?” he asked.

“Pacifiers,” she said, suddenly pointing across the water.  “Look!  A shiny object.”


17 – Hug-A-Boo

16They were inseparable, sometimes literally so as her Daddy often had to coax her to let go so he could get her in the tub for a bath or to lie her down for a diaper change.

And though she loved her Daddy, she knew he could never truly understand why she just kept hugging.  It wasn’t just a display of her affection.  It was something that was sweeter than candy and more lasting than anything her little heart had ever felt.  It was important to her to always show her love because though tomorrow was an open book with endless possibilities, tomorrow was also uncertain until it arrived.

Though a baby, she knew if an emotion was important enough to be felt, then it was important enough to be shown.  She was a little diaper girl who understood what the rest of the world had forgotten.  And it was her duty to remind everyone of the only truly important things in life – Love & Your Favorite Stuffie.

They were inseparable.  And that was the way it was going to remain, with the only exceptions being when she needed to be scrubbed behind the ears or have her poopy bottom wiped.

He was her teddy bear.  She was his Hug-A-Boo.


16 -Packing for a Weekend Getaway

12Tina was looking forward to this weekend and words couldn’t adequately describe how much she not only wanted to be nothing but his baby for a few days, but also needed it.  It had been way too long since the last time she was free to lie in his arms as a gushy pile of littleness.

She was so hell-bent on being nothing but his baby for this weekend that she allowed him to do all the packing, with the exception of a small bag of girly necessities that he wouldn’t think to pack, namely because he had no clue what most of the things a girl absolutely needed at all times would be.

But she trusted him to be tasteful with his clothing selections for her.  They had to be elegant yet cute choices or she knew she wouldn’t wear them.  And besides, he was her Daddy.  And her Daddy knew her better than anyone did.

No sooner did they get out of town and a few miles up the road than Tina stripped herself down to her diaper and a his white Cowboys jersey, the one that went down to her knees.

The hotel he booked was on the top floor of a ritzy establishment that, from its balcony could overlook the city that never slept.  It was the kind of place where questions weren’t asked and accommodations were made with little fuss.  Her Daddy even tipped the bus boy to take their bags up to their room and unpack them as they went over to the bar and had a drink.

Tina, being just a baby, was only allowed to have  Shirley Temple, a non-alcoholic drink.  But it was okay since they were only at that bar for a few minutes.  They placed their order for their room service dinner and then headed up to their room, her Daddy stripping the jersey from her frame the moment the elevator doors closed. 

It was a nervous ride up for her and a tummyfly-inducing walk down the hallway in just her diaper and barrettes. But the biggest surprise of all came when they got into the room and she walked over to the closet, opening it to finally get a chance to see the clothes he had packed for her for their weekend getaway.

Daddy, there’s nothing in this closet but my diapers and a little pink nightie,” she said with innocent question.  “Where are my clothes?”

“You’re wearing them, baby,” her Daddy said.  “And that’s all you’ll need this weekend.”

Tina tingled all over at the thought that she would, indeed, be nothing but his baby this weekend.  And she was quite happy to see that he did know her better than anyone, after all.

And from now on, she was going to always let him do the packing for their weekend getaways.


15 – … and then everything would be fine.

15“It’s okay, Princess,” her Daddy said.  “It was only a dream.”

For whatever reason, his BabyGirl kept having nightmares when she got home from work and took her afternoon nap.  These nightmares never came at night, just during her naps.  Invariably, she would wake up a sobbing, upset little girl.  Sometimes, she made such a mess of herself that he had to put her straight in the bath tub, even before dinner had happened.

For a Daddy, seeing his BabyGirl unhappy was worse punishment than death itself.  He sooner would’ve cancelled all her future naps than allowed her to have another nightmare.  But knowing that her nightmares likely came from her experiences at work each day, he knew the rest of a nap was necessary for her.  

So, instead of trying to prevent the nightmares from happening, he simply made certain to be there for her, every time she woke up – to brush away every tear, to wipe her bottom clean, to hold her and to tell her that he loved her.

And inside her little heart, she knew that no matter what her horrible nightmares were about, all she had to do was to wake up and he would be there waiting for her, to take care of her … and then everything would be fine.


14 -Having Your Diaper … and Eating it, too.

14“Sweetheart, take your diaper out of you mouth.  That’s not how the game works,” her Daddy said softly, trying not to smile at her innocent mistake.

“Daddy,” the BabyGirl started off emphatically, looking up at him from in her high chair.  “You tol’ me dat when we got home I wud be eatin’ my diaper an’ dat I wud have lots of fun doin’ it an’ dat it wud be really yummy.  So, here I yam, eatin’ my diaper an’ havin’ fun but it don’t taste yummy.”

“Sweetheart, I told you that when we got home, we were going to play a very special game,” he said, taking the diaper out of her mouth and slipping a bib around her neck.

“Yeah, an’ I’m a-possed-ta eat my diaper,” the BabyGirl said, watching him carry the diaper over to the counter next to the fridge.

“Well not exactly,” he said, opening the fridge and getting a few things out.

“Huh-uh,” the BabyGirl insisted, recalling his exact words from their car ride.  “We had jus’ pulled outta da Toys R Us an’ I a-member ’cause you changed my diaper as soon as we got outta da store ’cause I made a stinky in da store an’ you tol’ me you were gonna change me when we got in da car.”

“That’s correct.  And when we pulled out of the parking lot, what did Daddy say next?” he asked, doing something with the items he took out of the fridge, but keeping his back turned to her so she couldn’t see what he was doing.

“Den you said we were gonna go home an’ I was gonna get a special bedtime snack ’cause I had been a good girl an’ not begged you to buy me every pink ting I seen in da toy store,” the BabyGirl babbled, certain she was right about this.  “An’ den you tol’ me dat I was going to eat my diaper.”

“No,” her Daddy said, turning around while holding the diaper flat in his hands.

He walked over to her and placed the diaper on the plastic high chair tray in front of her.   She looked down at the diaper to see a dark brown and dark tan sludge in the middle of it.

“Daddy, I didn’t do dat,” the BabyGirl said as her Daddy took her wrists and put them behind her back.

“I know you didn’t do that, baby. I did,” her Daddy said, walking back around in front of her, sticking his finger in the poopy-looking sludge and then licking his finger.  “It’s chocolate pudding and butterscotch pudding and little marshmallows.”

The BabyGirl looked down at the sludge and then back up to her Daddy and then back down to the sludge and then back up to her Daddy.

“Daddy didn’t say you’d be eating your diaper when we got home,” he said with a smile.  “Daddy said you’d be eating out of your diaper when we got home.”

The BabyGirl stared at the pudding sludge in the diaper in front of her for a few seconds.  And then it finally registered.  She plunged her entire face into the 14adiaper, her Daddy grabbing hold of her hair in the nick of time to prevent it from getting chocolatey. 

The BabyGirl ate everything inside that diaper and then sat back up.  Her face was a mess but her eyes spoke volumes of the littleness she had just plunged into as well – along with the self-discovery that you can have your diaper and eat it, too.


13 – A Thousand More

She had a playfulness13 to her that was refreshing and as her littleness inside grew outward, she began to take more liberties with intent of having more fun … like the day she dressed as her Daddy and ran out into the backyard to play wiffle ball with him.

She stood at the makeshift plate and wiggled the bat as much as she wiggled her diapered bottom, getting into a batting stance and then swinging at her Daddy’s first pitch.

She hit the little plastic wiffle ball and it went sailing high, landing on the roof and rolling down into the rain gutter.  The look of Oopsy! on her face was so precious and adorable that her Daddy immediately captured it on his cell phone, printing it out later on and hanging it on the refrigerator door.

The next day, the BabyGirl got out her crayons and a piece of paper, sitting apple sauce criss-cross on the kitchen floor and drawing the picture of herself.  When she was doThousand Wordsne drawing it, she hung it next to the picture as her Daddy walked in and knelt down beside her to admire her artwork.

“Daddy, you always say dat a picture is worth a tousan’ words,”  the little princess said softly.  “But what is my drawing worth?”

“A thousand more, BabyGirl,” her Daddy said, kissing the top of her head.  “A thousand more.”


12 -Daddy, I can’t go ta bed yet …


“Okay, Princess,” her Daddy said, picking up her blanket.  “It’s bedtime for BabyGirls.”

But the little girl began to fuss.

“Daddy, I can’t go ta bed yet,” she said with a pouty voice.

“Why not, Baby?” her Daddy asked, testing the warmth of the milk in her baby bottle on his wrist as he awaited her to realize that there was no excuse she could come up with to delay the inevitable.

“a’cuz!” she exclaimed, lying down on her back and beginning to roll back-n-forth as she giggled.

“Because why?” her Daddy asked, playing along with her stalling game.  ‘Because you’ve suddenly developed a case of the wigglies, right before bedtime?”

“Huh-uh,” she said with a smile, twirling her pacifier around in her mouth.

“Is it because you feel you need to watch another cartoon movie?” he asked, grinning at how adorably she was trying to get out of bedtime.

“Huh-uh,” she said with a giggle, rocking side-to-side as she laid on the carpet.

“Then why is it that you can’t go to bed yet?” he asked.

“a’cuz ahm not ready to.  Dat’s why,” the BabyGirl answered with sassy confidence.

“Princess,” her Daddy said with a syrupy-sweet voice.  “You had your bath already.  Daddy dressed you for bed and then we watched Dumbo.  Daddy even allowed you to eat chocolate while we watched the movie.  Why do you think you’re not ready to go to bed?”

The BabyGirl lifted her feet-n-legs high in the air, showing her Daddy her diapered bottom as well as the reason why she couldn’t go to bed.

“Oh my goodness,” her Daddy said, trying not to gush at her as he knelt alongside her and reached for her diaper bag at the side of the couch.  “Princess, you are absolutely correct.  You’re not ready to go to bed.  Can you do Daddy a favor?”

“What?” she asked, lowering her legs and bottom back down to the carpet and looking up at him.

“Don’t wiggle any more, okay?” he asked with a smile.

The BabyGirl thought about it and realized how this diaper change just might take a bit longer.  Then she smiled brightly behind her pacifier. 

Oh, how wonderful it was to be little.


11 – Cracking the Case

17“No, lemme tell you dis firs’, Daddy,” the BabyGirl said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth, right after her Daddy put it in her mouth.  “Dis is importan’ an’ you’re gonna be glad I telled you dis.”

“Okay,” her Daddy said, patting her diapered bottom and making her climb back up into her crib.

“Okay,” the BabyGirl said, lying down as her Daddy covered her with her baby blanket, but still determined to speak her piece before she went to bed.  “You’re not gonna believe dis, but I figured out why all your Twizzlers have been disappearin’!”

“Really?” her Daddy asked, slipping his hand under the blanket and checking her diaper one more time as she tended to babble a lot when she was wet.

“Yeah!” the BabyGirl exclaimed.  “Ya know how when we get up in da morning, how sometimes da door to da cupboard wit’ all da candy in it is wide open, right?  Well, I finally figured it out.”

“You did?  So you figured that out and that’s why I just found you down in the kitchen, holding the bag of Twizzlers and staring into the cupboard?” her Daddy asked, making her turn over on her tummy as he tucked the blanket in around her.

“Exactly!” she exclaimed.  “An’ dat’s why I got out of my crib an’ went down der.  Cuz I heard somethin’ in da kitchen an’ I just knew dat your Twizzler’s were bein’ stolen.  An’ your not gonna believe who’s been taking dem.”

“Who?” her Daddy asked, trying to hide his smile as he tucked all her stuffies in around her.

“Da Tooth Fairy!” she exclaimed.  “As it turns out, she’s a Sweet Tooth Fairy.  I couldn’t believe it at firs’ either.  I was like No Way, but Yes Way, Daddy!  And dat’s why you saw me holdin’ da bag a’ Twizzlers when you founded me in da kitchen.  I didn’t want da Sweet Tooth Fairy to taken ’em!”

“So let me get this straight,” her Daddy said, preparing to summarize.  “I put you in your crib 3 hours ago and when I came up to bed just a few minutes ago, you heard a noise in the kitchen, getting into the cupboard with the candy in it.  So you got up, lowered the side of your crib – by yourself, climbed out and quietly crept down to the kitchen, to then grab the bag of Twizzlers before they were stolen by the Sweet Tooth Fairy?”

“Yep,” the BabyGirl said, smiling brightly with a piece of Twizzler candy stuck to her front two teeth.

“Mystery solved then,” her Daddy said, kissing her forehead and raising the side of her crib as she plunked the pacifier into her mouth.  “Princess?”

“Yes, Dadduh?” she asked back, behind her pacifier.

“Daddy thanks you very much for being such a clever little detective and cracking the case,” he said, smiling at her, his heart gushing for her as she handed him the candy.  “But could I have the bag of Twizzlers back now?”

“Oh, yeah.  Sure,” she said, handing him the bag of candy, then lying back down.  “Good night, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, Nancy Drew,” her Daddy said, turning out the light and walking out of her nursery.


10 – “Daddy, what happened to my pants?”

10She was his angel, his blessing and his superstar.  And there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.  She tried so hard to please people: her family, her boss, her co-workers.  But it didn’t matter how much she did for them.  They always demanded more from her and never once took a moment to even say thank you or tell her how much they appreciated her.  And she lived a life that felt rather empty.

But all of that changed when she met him … her daddy and partner in life.  And for once, she received admiration and most importantly, she felt like she made a difference in someone’s life.

It wasn’t easy being little and being a BabyGirl always filled her with more emotions than what she could handle.  So when her boss let her go, as one of several employees who were fired as the company downsized, she went on a drinking binge one night … to be scooped up at the bar by her Daddy before she drank herself into a state of alcohol poisoning.

He took her home and though she fought him ferociously, he made her drink several cups of water, the little Princess throwing up in  the toilet. 

The next morning, she awoke – hangover free.  And looking down at her body, she noticed that she wasn’t wearing what she came home in.

She was his angel, his blessing and his superstar.  And there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.

And that’s why he knew what to say, when she asked:

“Daddy, what happened to my pants?”

“You don’t need pants, baby,” he said, smiling warmly down at her.  “Not anymore.”


9 – Just Moments Away


The fact that she maxed out all of her Daddy’s credit cards in a single day wasn’t the reason she had spent the last hour – standing in the corner with an extremely sore bottom.

The fact that she threw a hissy fit in the mall when she heard the word “no” wasn’t the reason she spent an hour that afternoon on a time out chair.

The fact that she swore like a sailor wasn’t the reason why she spent the first half hour, after getting home from work, with a bar of soap in her mouth.

The fact that she deliberately wet her panties in the grocery store yesterday just to be put back in a diaper when they got home wasn’t the reason that her panty drawer was now completely empty.

And now, as the door bell rang, she lowered her chin and frowned – not because she was about to be humiliated in front of her friends and not because a picture of her standing in the corner in her diaper had already been texted to her friends, but because her frown was fake.

She was more than happy to be humiliated and was more than happy to be punished, but she would have to keep up the frowning act until every last guest that evening have left their house.

It wasn’t easy living with a secret.  And more than anything else, she wanted to live openly about it.  And that made her feel very small, very incomplete.  But on this night, she would be helplessly discovered – filling her heart with a secret joy that would keep all her thoughts little.

And it would make her tingle in silly places.
It would make her heart beat with the pace of a galloping horse.
It would take her breath away.
It would spin her senses and make her dizzy.
It would make her fidgety – in turn, making her crinkle.
It would be thoroughly humiliating for her.

And it all was just moments away.


8 -The Bluff and the Puff


The BabyGirl sat on the toilet in the upstairs bathroom of the new home that she and her Daddy just moved into.  She was anything but happy, however, with the move – never having taken change very well … unless the change involved her diaper.

So, from the moment they started packing and all the way through the whole moving process, she tried to delay the inevitable – fussing that she had tummy cramps that weren’t the girly kind.  Her Daddy assured her that she was fine and was probably just a little upset they were moving.  She vehemently denied this and kept up the tummy pain story.

The reality was that she actually was very upset with moving and she had no tummy pains at all.  So as she sat on the toilet in their new house with her diaper at her ankles, having been put there by her Daddy to hopefully pass the tummy pain out, the BabyGirl kept up the fake story and fought the urge to poop – at this point, no longer really understanding why she was keeping the fake story up but bound and determined to not tell her Daddy the truth that she had been bluffing.

After having had her sit on that potty for a half hour, her Daddy did what any good Daddy would do.  He made her stand up, place her hands on the bathroom sink and stand perfectly still as he slipped the nozzle of an enema bottle into her rosebud, emptying the contents into her bowels and then pulling her diaper back up into place around her waist, where it belonged.

The BabyGirl fussed something awful as her Daddy led her down to the living room and made her lie down on the rug.  She fought the urge as long as she could, being incapable of preventing her tantrum.  Then as she relaxed her body and placed her hands on her belly, her diaper began to puff out at the back.  She whimpered and blushed at the embarrassing noises her bottom was making, but then she sighed relief.

Though she was becoming poopy, she was feeling much better already.

“That’s a good girl,” her Daddy said, sitting on the sofa and snapping pictures of her with his cell phone.  “Push it all out and be done with our old apartment.  Welcome home, BabyGirl.  Daddy knows you’re going to be very happy here.”


7 -They already know.

06The BabyGirl had been a complete fusspot since they left home.  Today was to be a “catch-up” day for she and her Daddy as they had a lot of small errands to run all over the place.

But it just hadn’t turned out to be a good day at all for her.  She couldn’t seem to stay on task and she had all-but given up on making her hair look right.  And on top of that, she was desperately in need of a nap.

But it wasn’t until they got to the Slow-Mart that she started to throw a tantrum.

“Daddy, I’m not happy,” the BabyGirl pouted, crossing her arms in front of her as she followed her Daddy into the baby section for supplies.

“Aww,” her Daddy said, reaching to the shelves and filling his cart with a few containers of baby wipes.  “Why are you unhappy?”

“Because they didn’t have the kind of apple juice I wanted at the grocery store.  And they didn’t have the right colors of Kandi beads I needed at the arts-n-crafts store.  And they didn’t give me the right girl toy in my Happy Meal,” she fussed, waddling by him and plopping down on her thickly-diapered bottom in the middle of the baby section.  “I have a wedgie and I’m wet and I crinkle when I walk and people can see my diapee whenever I bend over.”

Her Daddy knelt down in front of her and placed the rubber nipple of her pacifier to her pouty, bottom lip.

“Open,” he said calmly and softly, the baby parting her lips and taking the nipple in her mouth as her eyes welled with tears.  “It isn’t always easy being a baby, is it?”

The pouty Princess shook her head no at his question.

“Aww, Princess.  I’m sorry,” her Daddy said, embracing her and then picking her up.

He carried her back to the shopping cart and put her in the child seat as he continued shopping.

“Are you wondering if people have figured out that you’re my BabyGirl?” her Daddy asked, the teary-eyed girl nodding and then giving him the biggest little girl hug she could muster.  “It’s okay, baby.  Because no matter what they think, they know they’ll never feel love the way you do, they’ll never feel happiness the way you do and they’ll never find that perfect place in this world as you have found for yourself.”

The BabyGirl sniffled but smiled.  Her Daddy was right.  There were far more pros than cons to being a crinkly cutie.

“But I wouldn’t worry anymore if people have figured out if you’re a baby or not,” her Daddy said, wiping away her tears before they streamed down her cheeks.  “They already know.”

The BabyGirl smiled again, tinkling herself with a new-found happiness.  What a wonderful way of looking at it all.


6 – The Obvious Question

03“Up ya go,” her Daddy said, patting her between her legs as she got up off the changing table, freshly diapered and running down the hallway to their bedroom.

It had been a long week of work and though their weekends were actually Tuesdays and Wednesdays as opposed to the usual, she and her Daddy never missed a single opportunity presented in their time together.

Tuesday afternoon seemed like an unusual time to go to the mall.  But since the Holidays were fast approaching, getting ahead on Christmas shopping was in order.

Slipping into her bib jean overalls, the BabyGirl looked down at her waist, seeing how her diaper shown with a slight bulkiness.  Her tummy became inundated with butterflies as she envisioned herself – waddling along side her Daddy and holding his hand as they walked through the mall.  Oh, how intoxicating of a thought.  And oh, how thrilling.

“You ready to go, Little Miss Crinkly?” her Daddy asked from the bedroom doorway, her tummy fluttering just a bit more from the name he called her.

She looked over her shoulder at her Daddy, her beautiful and glimmering eyes asking the obvious question.

“Yes, Baby,” her Daddy said sweetly.  “It does.”

And the BabyGirl smiled.


5 -What They Can See

05Rose walked into the hotel room and slipped out of her dress, unfastening her bra and waddling her diapered bottom into the bathroom as she faced the mirror and began to take her make-up off. Emmitt didn’t press her any further to talk about anything, instead walking into the bathroom and beginning to draw water in the tub.

He didn’t want to her feel like she had to talk about what was upsetting her, but at the same time, he also didn’t want her to keep her emotions bottled up – ensuring she would remaining upset, for that night and perhaps longer. Luckily, he wouldn’t have to pull the hurt out of her as she was moments away from purging her emotions.

Rose finished taking her make-up off, Emmitt having set a few towels and wash cloths on top of the toilet tank for her bath. And as he walked out into the hotel room to get clothing for her, she boiled with anger – not anger towards him, but just anger in general. Storming out into the room, she made him sit on the edge of the bed as her rant began, pouring out of her with no control of impulse.

“I’ll tell you what’s bothering me!” Rose snapped, Emmitt leaning back slightly at her assertiveness. “I hate that people try to help me. Yeah, that’s right. I said hate. Everybody has a suggestion for me, to help me, as they put it. What if I don’t need anybody’s help, huh? What if there’s nothing wrong with me? What if the real problem is everybody else and not me? I can’t even go out to eat without someone trying to make me feel horrible about the decisions I’ve made in life. If it isn’t my stupid ex-boyfriend showing up out of thin air, then it’s my parents or someone else, just jamming daggers into me. But, oh no. That’s not what they meant to do. They weren’t trying to make me feel bad. They only had good intentions in trying to help me. AND THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN! Help! WHAT HELP DO I NEED?”

Tears welled in her eyes, streaming down her cheeks as she screamed. Then she grabbed the tapes at her hips and yanked them off with two fists, her diaper falling down to her ankles before she picked it up and tossed it across the room.

“Do I look like I need help?” Rose screamed at Emmitt, Emmitt keeping his mouth shut. “Maybe, just maybe it actually is me. And maybe, just maybe I’m fine with being imperfect! Holy Shit! What a novel idea! Maybe I’m just as fucked up as everyone else who keeps criticizing me! I mean, what do I need to do here? Buy a billboard on the side of the road and write on it that I’m not perfect?!?!? What the fuck do people want from me?”

Rose walked over and sat on his left knee, beginning to bawl into her hands.

“Am I so horrible of a person that no one can even stand to say hello without being cruel?” Rose asked, sobbing uncontrollably. “Do you really want to know my greatest fantasy is? It’s not just to be a BabyGirl. It’s also to be someone who doesn’t have to dress up to impress anyone. It’s to be seen as a human freakin’ being! I’m someone who has blemishes that make-up can’t cover. But I’m still someone who is passionate and caring and loving.”

Rose collapsed against his chest, Emmitt instantly wrapping his arms around her.

“Emmitt, please make this pain go away,” Rose begged, crying inconsolably into his chest. “I don’t wanna hurt like this. I don’t wanna run away from things anymore. I just want everything to be good. How hard can that be?”

Emmitt held her in his arms, rocking her back-n-forth as she cried herself into an exhausted state. And he held her there for a while, in silence. But the silence wasn’t because he couldn’t think of what to say. It was because he was incapable of speaking, himself. With a little time to collect his thoughts, he finally opened his mouth and attempted to do right what others had done wrong.

“A lot of times, people try to help us because they are tryin’ to hide their own troubles. An’ that’s what gets the best of us about it,” Emmitt said, standing up and carrying his naked BabyGirl into the bathroom. “An’ you’re an easy target because they know you’ll take it and keep smiling.”

Rose sniffled, trying not to erupt anymore – but given the run-in she had just had earlier with her ex-boyfriend, her explosion was unavoidable. Thank God she exploded in front of Emmitt and not in front of anyone else.

“But a lot of people in life just don’t understand when enough is enough. Ain’t no one in this world is perfect. No one,” Emmitt said, kneeling alongside the bathtub and lowering her into the warm bath water.

And the moment Rose’s bottom touched the surface of the water, she gasped – not for its hot temperature but for how soothing it felt. Emmitt continued lowering her into the bath water until she was completely submerged, only her head staying above the warmth that now wrapped around her body.

“The biggest problem most people have is that big hearts often come with big noses,” he said, picking up a wash cloth and dipping it in the water – then beginning the most wonderful massage while washing her that she had ever felt. “An’ when people have big noses, they tend to stick them where they don’t belong.”

Emmitt worked the wash cloth up the back of her body and then down the front of her body, giving her sensations to focus in on as opposed to thoughts to stew over.

“Ain’t nowhere in life will ya ever find it written that people have to be nice. Family is family an’ that’s the people we will always need as much as we don’t. But everyone else is our decision,” Emmitt said, lifting her up out of the bath water and into a towel – then swaddling her in that towel and carrying her out into the hotel room. “It’s our decision whether we allow them into our lives an’ whether we allow them to get the best of us.”

Emmitt picked up one of her pacifiers from the nightstand by the bed and slipped it between her lips – then taking a seat on the edge of the bed, keeping her on his knee as he began to dry her body with the towel. And for as emotionally exhausted as she was, she was beginning to feel wonderful again. It wasn’t what he was saying to her that made the difference. It was the fact that he had obviously been listening to her as she ranted uncontrollably.

“No, BabyGirl. Ya ain’t perfect at all. An’ I love that about ya,” Emmitt said, then easing her naked body onto the bed as he grabbed her diaper bag from the TV table on the other side of the hotel room.

Rose laid there, nursing on her pacifier and wondering why Emmitt put up with her at all. Then, as if he had heard her unspoken thoughts, Emmitt suddenly answered her.

“Ya smile an’ the sun gets brighter in Southern Pines because of it. Ya walk out of the house an’ all the horses run up to the fence to say hello to ya,” he said, taking a diaper out of the bag and unfolding it – then lying it flat on the bed, lifting her legs-n-bottom and sliding it underneath her. “We go into town an’ everyone smiles at ya, not because they think they can help ya, but because they can see that you’re someone who has a reason to smile. An’ you’re someone who has a reason to glow. An’ you’re someone who has somethin’ figured out that they don’t.”

Emmitt took out the bottle of powder, sprinkling a coating on her bottom and then on her front, aiming to get this particular diapering done a bit quicker than usual.

“You’re the cutest little girl I’ve ever known an’ I’m not your Daddy because I think I can help ya, but rather, because I know that we can help each other,” Emmitt said, caressing the powder across her bottom with his fingertips and then lowering her bottom into the softness of her diaper before he folded the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips. “Everybody needs somebody, BabyGirl. That’s what all those nay-sayers out there don’t understand. An’ what they can see is that you’re exactly who they want to be like. They just don’t know how.”

Lifting her up into his arms, Emmitt swaddled Rose in her super-soft baby blanket. Then he carried her out onto their hotel room balcony to take in the sights and sounds of the September Boston nightlife. Taking a seat on one of the balcony chairs, Emmitt cradled her in his arms – Rose looking up at him with her beautiful eyes and gazing at him as if he had been sent from Heaven to care for her on Earth.

“When someone looks at ya, what they can see is that you’re just as beautiful on the surface as ya are in the mind,” Emmitt whispered to her, then kissing her forehead. “An’ nothin’ nor no one can take that away from ya.”


4 -Daddy’s Eye

04The little princess had grown used to the nightly routine:

Her Daddy would get home from work and she would cuddle on his lap for a good half hour.

Then they would make dinner together and talk about the day.

After that, they would go for a walk.  And then they’d watch a little TV together.

At 8pm, she received her bath.  Her Daddy would dress her for bed and then feed her a night time bottle as he sat on the nursery room rocking chair, cradling her across his lap while reading her a bed time story.

Some nights, she fell asleep before he was done with the story.  Other nights, he read her two stories before she got sleepy.  Still other nights, he put her in her crib, giving her another bottle of warm milk because she just wasn’t sleepy yet.

But the more she delayed her bed time, the smarter her Daddy got.  He set up a baby monitor system in her nursery so he could hear if she was still awake.  And he also set up a little camera to see if she was trying to sleep or if she was playing.

And her Daddy told her that the little camera would always be watching.  So she needed to be a good baby, even when he wasn’t in the room.

That camera she began to refer to as Daddy’s Eye – because it always watched her to make sure she was okay.


3 – Being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered


That day, she spent the whole morning doing some Christmas shopping for her nieces and nephews.  Finding the gifts they wanted always seemed to be the most time-consuming and the most difficult – especially her nephews.  She was a girl.  Getting her nieces gifts was easy.  But what did boys want for Christmas?

At lunch, she met one of her former roommates from college – spending the time gabbing about that one night at that sorority party when they threw the mixer with the frats.

The afternoon was busy for her too as she ran errands for every relative who knew she had the day off from work.  And by the time she got home, she knew that dinner was going to be late and that her Daddy would be waiting for it a bit longer.  She had just simply lost track of time.  She had been shopping for others and running around with a to-do list that seemed like it would never get done.

But when she opened the front door, she got the most wonderful surprise in the world.  Standing there in an apron and a chef’s hat was her Daddy.  And he had begun making dinner for them.  Right away, she knew dinner that night would be spaghetti.  It was the only meal her Daddy knew how to cook on his own.

But a Daddy meal of spaghetti wasn’t just about the sauce and the noodles.  It was a whole experience.  And as the noodles softened in that kettle of boiling water, her Daddy whisked her away – taking her straight back to her nursery and stripping her of everything she was wearing.

In a matter of a few seconds, he had tied her hair back with light blue ribbons and put that terry cloth bib with the teddy bear designs around her neck – the one that was super-thin but super-soft.  She smiled brightly and lifted her arms up to him as he picked her up and lied her down on her changing table.

Laying there and lifting her legs up, she thought about how wonderful it was to have done things for others on that day – though they seemed like tiring tasks at the time.  But now, feeling that cool touch of powder to her bottom, she was basking in the comforts of being … pampered by her Daddy – literally and figuratively, for the rest of her day off.

Snuggly fastening the tapes of her diaper at her hips, he set her down on the floor of her nursery, then kissing the top of her head and whispering sweetness to her before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

“You’re very pretty, BabyGirl,” her Daddy whispered, melting her little heart.

Occupying her time with a toy for the few minutes she knew she would be there, she thought again about how having given all day lead to being given back to.  But she never gave with the intent of receiving – which is what made it extra special when someone did something unexpected for her. There would be a high chair in her very-near future and certainly a bath to follow as a spaghetti dinner, eaten with her fingers, always left her as a mess for him to clean up.

Being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered wasn’t anything more than the garnishments she wore.  But it was those Daddy hands that had babied her up that gave everything meaning to her.  Yes, being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered was a wonderful gift indeed.


2 -Little Gusher

Little GusherThe little diapered princess was breathing so heavily that her chest raised and lowered visually with each gasp. The forthcoming pleasure would soon be arriving and she wouldn’t be able to deny herself then. Her Daddy slid his left middle finger up to the roof of her womb, finding her ridges and rapidly rubbing them – watching her reactions until he found the g-spot that was waiting for him.

And when she peaked, she suddenly went limp all over, collapsing to the bed and cowering to a feeling that seemed like it was going to be so strong that it might overwhelm her to a degree she couldn’t possibly handle. She stopped fighting him altogether and more importantly, she stopped fighting herself – getting out of the way and resuming a simple mentality that every BabyGirl eventually followed … submission.

That initial feeling that she had to pee filled her senses but quickly left her thoughts as it always did right at the beginning of the journey to the summit. Then those contractions began, the quick and repeated tightening of the muscles of her inner walls. Each one released in succession and sent that tingle out from her core, washing over the surfaces of her body – all the way out to the tips of her fingers and her toes.

And all of this took place with such a heart-pounding pace from his fingertip on those ridges that she gushed like a pulsating waterfall. The pacifier fell from her mouth and she whimpered to tears. Oh, how wonderful it felt, not just to helplessly cum for him, but to cum like a BabyGirl.

Ballooning down from the summit, she relaxed her tiny frame – her Daddy returning the fallen pacifier to her lips. Afterglow was on the way, and with a little teasing in the right place – she would be his little gusher again.


1 -The Best Little BabyGirl in the World

01“Princess, Daddy has learned that sometimes he needs to do a much better job of explaining things to you because sometimes you do exactly what Daddy said for you to do,” her Daddy said, the BabyGirl nursing on her baby bottle as she looked up at him – very interested in what he was talking about.  “And while it’s good to do what Daddy tells you to do, it’s also good to understand why Daddy has asked you to do certain things.”

She stared up at him intently, still nursing on her bottle and listening as her Daddy continued his explanation.

“Yes, Daddy did say that you were the Best Little BabyGirl in the World and that everybody who meets you will love you.  And Yes, Daddy did say that when you take your pants off, things get much easier,” her Daddy continued, the BabyGirl enamored with all that he said.  “And Yes, Daddy did say that we would go to try out the little girl beds at the store to see if you liked any of them.”

Oh, she was mesmerized.  How wonderful her Daddy was.

“But Daddy didn’t mean that everybody you met needed to know that you were the Best Little BabyGirl in the World.  The point was that they would already know without you telling everyone that you were the Best Little BabyGirl in the World,” her Daddy said, trying hard not to smile at how adorable she was.  “However, it was very kind of you to tell everyone who you were.”

What a wonderful voice her Daddy had.

“But you weren’t wearing any pants when we came in here.  So instead, you took all your clothes off,” her Daddy said, giving up and smiling widely at her.  “And then you ran back here and climbed into the first little girl bed you found.”

Her Daddy knelt down next to her, the BabyGirl grinning innocently.  But he could tell she wasn’t put together the problem, though she was sitting in that bed in the back of the furniture store, wearing nothing but her diaper.  Thankfully, there was no one else in that store just then.  And thankfully, the employees at the front didn’t see her yank her dress up-n-off her frame before sprinting her crinkly diapered bottom back to the bed section.

“So, do you like the bed?” her Daddy asked, recognizing the things that mattered most to her.

She was happily lost in her own little world and there really wasn’t anything that would keep her from being The Best Little BabyGirl in the World.


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