The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 20-22

Episodes 20-22

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Chapter Twenty: The Gravest Expense

Monday, 6:15pm

Britney crashed into the front of Chloe, gripping her up by the hair and pushing her back against the walls.

“Run!” Britney screamed down to Rikki, Angelina and Brook.

But running was the one thing they couldn’t do.  Angelina had landed on her right wrist and wasn’t able to scoop Brook up onto her back.  So Brook got up onto her one good foot and held the center railing as she started hopping down the steps, one at a time.  Rikki helped Angelina to her feet, guiding her down the staircase as Angelina held her wrist – feeling quite a bit of excruciating pain.

Chloe put a knee up between Britney’s legs.  Though padded and wearing a diaper, Britney still felt pain from the contact to her groin.  Chloe grabbed the hair on the top of Britney’s head and leaned in to bite her scalp.  But Britney twisted herself around, facing away from Chloe before bending forward and sending Chloe over top of her.  Chloe tumbled down the first half-flight of stairs, then slammed into the wall – taking a few moments to get to her feet and regain her bearings.

Britney looked down at her, still seeing the sorority sister who had taught her so much in such a short amount of time.  Then she had a flashback to Saturday morning at the campground when Chloe laid her down to change her diaper.

… you are a natural leader.  And I can see that, at some point in your life, you will prove this to yourself,” Britney recalled Chloe saying to her – one of many self-esteem boosting remarks received from Chloe.

Snapping out of her reflection, Britney saw Chloe’s attention being redirected towards the other three.  Then Chloe started shuffling in the escaping direction of them.  Britney followed down the half-flight of stairs quickly and grabbed Chloe, smashing her head into the wall and then off the railing.  Chloe returned the favor, grabbing Britney’s head and smashed her forehead into the railing as well.

Britney fell to her back and abruptly took out Chloe’s feet from underneath her.  Chloe fell to her back as well.  Getting up onto her knees, Britney flipped Chloe over onto her stomach and chicken-winged both her arms – yelling down to Rikki, Angelina and Brook.

“Keep going!” Britney screamed at them, Rikki and the girls having stopped to watch the fight.

Quickly, they started moving again – Britney hopping down one step at a time and Rikki keeping Angelina on her feet as the pain in her wrist was making her dizzy and delirious.

Britney pinned Chloe’s wrists at her lower lumbar.  But her former-sorority sister pledge mistress grabbed hold of Britney’s wrists and began to roll her body.  The two of them got wrapped up and rolled down the next flight of stairs together, Britney’s head coming in contact with the wall on that landing.  Now trying to shake the cobwebs out of her mind, Britney felt as dizzy as Angelina likely did.

But Chloe hopped right up to her feet, pursuing Rikki and the girls more directly.  Getting to her knees and trying to stand to her feet, Britney kept blinking her eyes – her vision being blurry.  But she could see Angelina swinging a fist at Chloe – the zombie pledge mistress planting a foot in Angelina’s chest and sending her down the next half-flight of stairs.

Then Chloe grabbed the front of Rikki’s neck and pushed her back against the wall, squeezing her throat.  Finally, Britney got up to her feet but still couldn’t stand straight without leaning against the wall.  And as she watched Chloe choking out Rikki, another flashback came to mind – of the strange conversation she had with Chloe in the back of the ambulance on their way to the hospital.  Chloe’s words made no sense then, yet still flooded back into Britney’s mind now.

Not everything goes how we want it to,” Britney recalled Chloe having said, watching Rikki frantically pound her fists up into Chloe’s elbow – to no availing effect.  “We have to know how to stay ahead at some turns and when to let others take the lead.”

Britney stepped away from the wall, finding her equilibrium and advancing towards Chloe.

But we always stay in control, no matter whether we lead or follow,” Britney recalled Chloe having said.

Then Britney kicked at the back of the Chloe’s knees, forcing the girl to fall backwards and release Rikki’s throat.  Helping Angelina to her feet, Britney grabbed Rikki by the arm and led them down the next half-flight of stairs.  They were almost back to the first floor.

Now, Angelina was hold Rikki up, taking labored steps downward as Brook kept steady with her one-foot hopping.  Britney took up the rear, keeping herself between Chloe and the others.  But her head was thumping and she had to focus hard on keeping her balance.

Chloe made quick steps down to Britney on the final landing.

And it’s okay to make mistakes.  We all make them.  But you never make the same mistake twice,” Britney recalled Chloe having said in the back of that ambulance, the two of them now circling one another.  “If you do it again, it isn’t a mistake anymore.  It becomes a habit.  And bad habits can kill you.”

Chloe lunged at her and Britney stepped out of the way, the cat-n-mouse chase ending as Rikki and the girls had run out of staircases to descend.  And besides, Britney wasn’t going to run another step.  This would end, right here.  Either Chloe was going to die or Britney was going to.  For as painful as it would be to watch Chloe die, Britney had to make it happen.  Angelina had already made Brook face away, covering the girl’s eyes and preventing her from watching.

Chloe turned around and lunged at Britney again, Britney stepping aside once more and kicking at the back of Chloe’s left knee.  Chloe dropped to her knees and then Britney kicked at the back of her head, putting her right heel at the base of Chloe’s neck and forcing her to the ground.  Taking the advice Lorna had given her back at the campground about how to keep an opponent off-balance, Britney kept attacking Chloe’s joints.  But instead of trying to bend Chloe’s joints the wrong way, such as what Rikki had attempted to do to Chloe’s elbows when she was being choked out, Britney simply helped her former pledge mistress’s joints bend more quickly – in the God-given directions they were intended to bend.

Chloe had no eyes that could be gouged out.  Pulling her hair didn’t hurt her the way Britney felt pain when having her locks pulled on.  And, having already jammed knives completely through Chloe’s skull back at the campground, Britney knew that head injuries weren’t going to do anything either.  Choking Chloe out would only make her pass out temporarily, not pass away permanently.

The only lasting solution was one that would put scars in Britney’s mind forever, doubling her need for counseling after the events of the past few days of her life.  Grabbing Chloe by the hair on the top of her head, she stood her up and kept her close – drawing her into a trap that would keep her close until the last second.  Chloe threw punches and Britney would lean to the side, shoving at the girl’s elbows and shoulder blades until she got Chloe to her knees.

Then she began smashing Chloe’s face into the final length of railing on that last half-flight of stairs.  Chloe’s head bounced off the railing again and again, sending a vibration echo up the entire hand railing system in that stairwell shaft.  Then Britney shoved Chloe’s head in between the top railing and the one in the middle, using Chloe’s long locks of hair to tie her in that position and trap her there.

Chloe snarled and tried to stand up several times, but Britney kept kicking her feet out from underneath her.  Chloe would drop back down to her knees every time, her snarls shortly lessening to nothing but heavy breathing.  It was a rare sight to behold, seeing a zombie who had been pushed to the point of exhaustion.  But it was exactly what Britney needed to see happening.

Waddling over to Brook, Britney reached under the back of the girl’s hospital gown – feeling the underside of the girl’s diaper and then giving her a gentle pat to the back side.  Brook was drenched.

“Good girl,” Britney said, yanking Brook’s diaper off and walking up to the trapped Chloe – then shoving the wet diaper in Chloe’s face and holding it there.

A bit of ghoulish animation returned to Chloe as she began snarling again.  But those noises quickly changed to gagging sounds.  Dropping the diaper and stepping back, she watched as the skin and muscles of Chloe’s face burned and sizzled away.  But Chloe still wasn’t dead.

So Britney opened the fire case at the first-floor doorway of the stairwell and took out an ax, charging at Chloe and chopping at the side of her neck until her head fell to the ground.  Her decapitated body fell onto that first half-flight of stairs.

Britney dropped the ax and sat down on the floor, on her diapered bottom.  And she wept, forcing herself to look at Chloe’s decapitated body.  This time she knew for sure Chloe was dead.  She hadn’t made the same mistake twice.

But it came at the expense of Chloe’s life.

Chapter Twenty-One: Dominos

Monday, 6:30pm

“You have a severely sprained wrist,” Rikki said, making Angelina sit down on the floor.  “It’s not broken which unfortunately means it’s gonna hurt a lot more.  These may or may not help with the pain.”

Rikki handed Angelina the same bottle of pain killers Brook had been taking, Angelina opening the bottle right away and putting a handful of pills in her mouth.

“Woah!  Slow down, there.  I can’t carry two of you on my back,” Rikki said to Angelina, then looking at Brook.  “And you sit down, Sweetheart.  Put your left knee up and keep that broken ankle elevated.”

“Do we have to stay here?” Brook asked, glancing over at Chloe’s decapitated body on the first half-flight of stairs and then looking away.

“For the moment, yes,” Rikki answered bluntly.

“Why?” Brook asked with fuss, then seeing Rikki approaching Britney with caution, Britney staring down at the floor.

“Britney,” Rikki whispered softly, squatting down in front of her and placing her palms on either side of the girl’s face – holding her fingertips firmly against her temples.  “Britney, can you tell me what just happened in the past few minutes?”

“I just killed someone,” Britney said with a quiet tone.

“Do you remember who it was?” Rikki asked, Angelina and Brook growing concerned as they didn’t know what was wrong with Britney.

“Yes,” Britney answered, looking over at Chloe’s body.  “I killed a friend.”

“Is there a ringing noise in your ears right now?” Rikki asked.

“A little,” Britney answered, pushing Rikki’s hands away and standing to her feet.  “But I’m fine.”

“You may have a concussion,” Rikki said.

“I’m fine,” Britney replied, crinkling her waddle over to Brook and helping the girl up onto her one good foot.  “And no.  We don’t need to stay here any longer, Brook.  Let’s go.”

They made their way back out into the first-floor hallway.  And though she had downplayed its severity, Brook indeed had a concussion that would worsen with time.  But just then, neither she or Rikki realized how severe the head injury was.

Britney took two steps into the hallway and stopped.  Standing just a few feet away were the zombie doctor and Jimmy, his assistant – also having turned into one of the undeadlies.

“Okay,” Britney said, stepping forward and holding up her fists.  “Who’s next?”

“No!” Rikki shouted, pulling Britney back into the stairwell and then turning to Brook.  “Sweetheart, get up on my back, now!  Hurry!”

“Angel, go!” Britney said to Angelina, Angelina heading up the steps – followed quickly by Rikki with Brook on her back.

They stepped over Chloe’s decapitated body as Britney picked up the ax again and started backing up the first half-flight of stairs.  It was Jimmy who stepped forward, not the zombie doctor, to advance on her.

Quickly, Jimmy backed her up to the first landing – his first couple of swings being easily blocked by Britney with the ax.  But right away, she could tell he wasn’t mindless in his actions, not like all the others.  The zombie doctor followed up the first half-flight of stairs slowly, seeing the decapitated body of Chloe at his feet and then watching the battle between Jimmy and Britney.  The doctor had taken notice to how Britney was at the forefront of every encounter.

When Jimmy swung, Britney ducked.  When he lunged at her, she side-stepped out of his pathway.  And when he advanced towards the others, Britney got back in front of him again.  She was very systematic and very patient.  And it wasn’t until Jimmy over-extended himself with one swinging fist that Britney attacked, ducking out of the way of the swing and then striking the ax into the side of Jimmy’s right knee – breaking it.  Yes, the new strain of this virus made the hosts much stronger than the first strain.  But they were indeed breakable.  It was just a matter of finding an equalizer first.

Jimmy lowered his right leg and knelt but not before back-handing Britney so hard that she went flying up the next half-flight of stairs to the next landing.  She landed on her back, the back of her head hitting the ground and sending her into another dizzy spell.  Jimmy hobbled up the stairs, onto the same landing – the zombie doctor following and watching the fight. Seeing Britney was unable to stand up, he turned his attention to the other fleeing girls.  Then he advanced on them.

Rikki took the steps as quickly as she could with Brook on her back, Angelina still leading the way but with a wrist injury that had her in such pain she clung to the railing with each step upward.  Britney grabbed the ax and rolled over in Jimmy’s hobbling direction, then sinking the ax into his right ankle and dropping him to the ground before he could begin climbing the next set of stairs.

Getting to her feet and using the wall to balance herself, Britney climbed to the middle of the next half-flight of stairs – once again, putting herself between the zombies and her friends.  This was an observation the zombie doctor took great interest in, believing her weakness to be the concern she had for the safety of her companions.

Jimmy would struggle to his feet again and begin to take repeated swings at her, Britney backing up the stairs again but making every swing count.  She put that ax into both of his wrists in turn as well as sinking it into the veins in his forearms.  Jimmy dropped to the ground, bleeding profusely.

Rikki, Brook and Angelina were beginning to pull away.  Seeing this, the zombie doctor leapt straight up in the air, following the railing and easily jumping directly in front of Angelina – now by the third-floor doorway.  Jimmy got to his feet again, Britney waiting for him this time and striking first.  She sunk the ax into his left collarbone, pushing in with all her might – just a half-flight below the others.

The zombie doctor grabbed Angelina and tossed her down the half-flight.  In the process, Angelina knocked over Rikki, Brook, Britney and Jimmy like dominos.  In their tumbles, Angelina, Brook, and Rikki crashed into the back of Britney.  When this happened, Britney’s push in on the ax now had the strength of four – with enough power behind it to break Jimmy’s collarbone as well as snap his neck to the side.

Getting upright, Britney looked up a half-flight to see the zombie doctor standing there.  Then she looked down a half-flight to see the doorway to the second floor of the hospital.  And she made a decision.

“Second floor it is!” Britney yelled, Rikki and the girls getting up and running down the half-flight to the second floor.

On this side of the building, the elevators were working.  Obviously, they weren’t being used – not by the mindless zombie horde shuffling and waddling all over Harris Regional Hospital.  So, it seemed like the first real place of safety.  The four of them stumbled over to the elevators and Britney pushed the up button.

“We need to get to the top floor!” Rikki shouted as the doors opened and they stumbled into the elevator car, Britney repeatedly pushing the fourth-floor button.

Jimmy stood up and pulled the ax out of the side of his neck.  His head was now tilted to the side.  His right leg was broken at the knee and his right ankle was shattered.  His wrists were also broken and he was still bleeding out tremendously.  Laboring his way down the half-flight of stairs to the second-floor landing, he watched as Rikki and the girls went into the elevator.  The zombie doctor walked down to meet him, stopping him from continuing the pursuit.

Instead, the doctor motioned for Jimmy to walk back down to the first floor.  But before the doctor began walking back down as well, he first walked over to the second-floor doorway – looking at the doors close as the dinging noise of the elevator was heard.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Whispers in the Pharmacy

Monday, 6:45pm

It had been a little more than an hour that Georgia, Lorna and Iris had held up in the pharmacy.  Nothing had happened in the nearby area in a while and after the zombies wandered away from the gift shoppe, that end of the first floor got really quiet … quiet enough, in fact, for the girls to take naps in shifts.  And though their naps were short, they were beneficial bits of rest – the girls feeling much better afterwards.

“I don’t suppose we could just stay here and hope that the good guys outside will change their minds and come in and rescue us,” Iris whispered jokingly as she leaned back against the counter they were hiding behind.  “That would be too much to ask for.”

“Yeah.  That’s like an unrealistic dream,” Georgia whispered, putting her arm around Iris and leaning the girl’s head on her shoulder – knowing that Iris was moments away from breaking down again.  “The good guys rescuing us is as likely as finding a guy who doesn’t find the necessity to man-splain everything like we’re stupid and can’t figure things out for ourselves, only then to get butt-hurt when we tell him we already understand whatever it is he is fumbling to try to say.”

Iris snorted with laughter, then covering her mouth and nose to prevent from making further noise. 

Iris and Georgia would often get into ranting conversations about the many things that frustrated them about guys in general.  But no matter how serious they were about it to start, by the end, they were always howling with laughter.  And this made it the perfect tension breaker, whenever and every time it was needed.

“Maybe we can overdose them with something in here,” Lorna suggested light-heartedly but still offering it up as a serious option.  “Didn’t we see Rikki stick a syringe into one of the zombies outside of our room?  That zombie fell over.  No, it didn’t kill the zombie but it knocked it out.  And what’s more, if drugging them fails, then we’re no worse off than we are now.”

Georgia smiled, enjoying the amusement of the thought of it.

“It could actually work and there probably is a lethal dosage of something in here that would work on them,” Georgia whispered, looking over at the drug cabinets.  “But the problem exists when we try to administer the drugs.  We would either need to get the zombies to willing swallow handfuls of pills or we would need to get as physically close to them as Rikki did to give injections.”

“Well, so much for that idea,” Lorna said with a whispered chuckle.

“It’s not a bad idea, Lorna,” Georgia said, then raising an eyebrow.  “It gives me another idea, actually.”

Georgia crawled across the floor, over to the drug cabinets.

“What are you doing?” Iris whispered to her, quite concerned that the undead were going to see her.

“We have access to all sorts of pills here,” Georgia said, opening the first drug cabinet and getting up on her knees.  “Maybe we could stock Angelina up on extra-strength Naproxen for her cramps.  She gets them prescribed to her anyway.”

“Yeah, umm … I don’t think period pills are Angelina’s primary concern right now,” Lorna whispered, crawling across the room and joining Georgia at the drug cabinets.  “But Brook has a broken ankle.  What are the pills Rikki keeps giving her?  Maybe we could get some more of those, just in case she runs out.  What are they called?  Opioids or something like that?”

“Opioids are types of pills.  They’re not a specific pill,” Georgia said, reaching up and grabbing a bottle.  “Oxycodone is an opioid.  Those will help with pain.”

Just then, the dinging of the elevator was heard.  All three of them stood to their feet and walked over to the doorway.

“Did you just hear that?” Iris asked, all three of them listening for the sound again.  “What was that?”

“The elevators,” Lorna said with eyes great big and wide, a suddenly renewed sense of hope filling them.  “The elevators are actually working on this end of the building.”

“Yes, they are,” Georgia said, stepping out of the pharmacy into the hallway – then looking left-n-right and when seeing no zombies, turning back to Iris and Lorna.  “Come on.  Let’s get to the roof.”

Racing across the first floor, they got to the elevators, seeing the one car already moving up.

“They made it!” Georgia said with excitement, pushing the up button.  “They’re alive!”

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