The Best Years of Life

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Gabriel and Gina
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here is a story about opening up and letting the world know you have arrived.


The Best Years of Life – 

Gina stood up on the console between the two front seats of the car, sticking the top half of her body up and out of the sunroof.  She placed her hands flat on the top of the roof and spread her fingers out.  Closing her eyes, she felt the sun on her face and the wind rushing through her hair.  Oh, what a liberating feeling.

Gabriel reached up under her skirt and pinched her left bottom cheek.  She twitched from the pinch, smiling widely as she lifted her dancing eyes to the clouds and screamed at the top of her lungs while banging her hands on the roof.  Oh, what a wonderful release.

Gabriel smacked her bottom with a force at what she had done.  She smiled once more, lowering her chin and taking in the feeling of memories that had yet to be made.

She began screaming again as they traveled down the Atlantic City Expressway.  Her spirit was alive and life had seemed to begin again.  But for the next two days and three nights, they had a bit of celebrating to do about where they came from before they would begin focusing on where they were headed.

Another hard crack from Gabriel’s hand to her bottom brought her back inside the car as she settled back into the front passenger’s seat.

“I’ll deal with you when we get to the hotel, little girl,” Gabriel said with a wink.

Oh, he could make her tingle in all the right places.

Bending her legs and touching her knees to her chin, she curled up into a ball as the tummy flies of littleness and excitement joined to dance a new waltz in her tummy.  She was acting up, but knew full-well what he would do to get her back under control.  It wasn’t really punishment, but rather – what she wanted, what she craved and what she looked forward.

It was Friday evening and they were headed to Atlantic City for the weekend.  Earlier that day, Gabriel and Gina had graduated college.  Immediately following the ceremony, they said goodbye to the proud parents and relatives who watched them graduate.  Then, they jumped into Gabriel’s car, packed for the weekend adventure, and they headed into Jersey – A BabyGirl and her Daddy, ready for the lifetime ahead.

It seemed so long ago, yet still as if it were yesterday that she and Gabriel met.  Perhaps what kept them together all this time, beyond the Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic which defined their bond, was how they first met.

Three years ago, at a fraternity party in September, then-sophomore Gina got drunk and started flirting with the equally-drunken Gabriel, also a sophomore.  He introduced himself as Gabe, but in a week’s time, she would come to know him and call him Daddy.

While sharing secrets with him that her soberness would’ve prevented her from doing, she revealed a love for submission and her curiosity about age play.

Over the next three years, they would explore every bit of innocence that a fetish could hold right along with the sexuality that they sought.  ABDL turned into her addictions to being spanked and humiliated as she submitted to him.  Within a short amount of time, what she had always known as Fantasy had become her Reality.

Gabriel took hold of her chin and turned her eyes to look at him.  His hands were so firm, yet gentle and she willingly cowered to the glare of lust in his eyes.  But it was what he said to her next that would start the weekend out right and exactly as they wanted it to be.

“I think you owe me an apology for your behavior,” Gabriel said, unbuckling his seat belt.

That mere statement from him began her arousal.  Her eyes shot right to his zipper.

“Right now,” he said with a stern look in his eyes and firm tone.

That mere statement made her swell.  Her hands went straight to his belt, trying to unfasten it with haste.

“You’re gonna make me rock-hard and then you’re gonna make yourself drip,” he said as she unzipped his pants, reaching inside his boxers.

That mere statement made her wet.  Her hands wrapped around his erection as he shifted his hips forward.

She took his stiffening cock out, running her thumb along his underside vein and following the pressure she created with her tongue.  He shuddered at her touch.  She had long since learned that, of all the sensitive areas on his body, the underside vein derived the greatest reaction out of him.  And the beginning of every apology began there.

She gathered her lips before trailing a little saliva down on him, twirling the new wetness with her fingertips as she pinched his tip in the same manner as her often pinched her nipples.  It was delicious torture mixed with wonderful sensation as they both concentrated hard to make each pinch have it fullest possible effect.

She gripped his erection, stiffening with each touch of her fingertips and squeezed, making long strokes of her efforts.  Gabriel slammed on the accelerator as he grunted at the feel.  Watching him, become aroused was as much of a turn-on for her as it obviously was for him.

She smiled slyly, knowing that her tease would spurn him on, but also smiling because she knew every bit of pleasure he was receiving was coming from her.  It made her feel good to know that her wiles along with her fingertips possessed exactly what he wanted.

“Down,” he said with monotone voice as he placed his hand on the back of her hair and forced her mouth to envelop his stiffness.

She took his entire length in with one slide downward.  The gag reflex was something she conquered before she aced Level 3 Calculus her junior year.

Tightening her lips around the base of erection, she pressed her tongue in on his vein again, wrapping her tongue around him as far as it would go and creating a suction of saliva which she swirled around as she withdrew him from her mouth.

He moaned, trickling his fingers along the back of her head and sending sensation across her scalp.  The wind rushing in through the opened sun roof and windows (along with the increasing speed of the car and rev of the engine) made her arousal erotic and her erotic to a fever-pitch.

Gripping him at his base and plunging her mouth down on his erection before withdrawing him again, she closed her eyes – thinking back on so many past encounters when they tempted fate, danger and discovery.


The three rules she lived by came to the forefront of her thoughts:

–  Always be a good girl.
–  Always make Daddy feel good.
–  Always cum for Daddy when he says to.

And from following those three rules, Gina found her pleasure every time.  By focusing in on making him happy and by him focusing in on making her happy, they both gave to the other.  And neither had to take anything.

It was because of this selfless approach that they never became drained and every moment of connection felt exactly the same as the first, but with the experiences of memory to heighten them.


“Straddle,” he instructed as he guided her head up.

She opened her eyes and gazed up at him.  And in her irises, he saw the passion of a girl so completely enamored with the emotion that the world around had faded away.

Following his directions, she lifted her right knee and placed on the other side of his lap, wedging it between his left thing and the door.

“You’re such a good little girl, Gina,” Gabriel whispered with the Daddy tone she melted to.

He reached up under the back of her skirt, gripped the waist band of her panties and yanked them down to mid-thigh before thrusting her bottom against the lower rung of the steering wheel.

“Glide,” he whispered.

Gina could feel her heart beating faster as she nestled the wet outer lips of her labia around the underside of his stiffened erection.  He was rock-hard and she was wet.

Pressing her center into him, she rested her frame on his chest as the car began to slow down.  Thinking he was only bring the car to a slower speed, she closed her eyes, awaiting his permission to glide her wetness up and down his shaft.

But the car continued to slow down and it eventually came to a stop at the final toll booth, a few miles out from Atlantic City.

She opened her eyes and stared directly at the toll booth attendant.

She and the attendant lady shared the same wide-eyed moment of silence, but for different reasons on complete different ends of the same reaction. 

Gina was straddling Gabriel’s lap and erection with her knees, hips and lips.  She hadn’t begun rocking back and forth or gliding up and down on him yet.  Thankfully, he hadn’t pressed that issue for the given moment of paralysis-by-shock she was going through.

“Three-Fifty,” the toll booth lady said, going about her routine as if nothing seemed out of the ordinary that Gina was nearly mounting the driver of the car.

But Gina’s reaction remained the same, having been caught with her pants down – or more fitting for the truth – with her panties down.

“Pocket,” Gabriel whispered in Gina’s ears as the still-shocked BabyGirl reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill, handing it to the attendant lady with trembling fingers.

“Is everything okay?” the lady asked Gina as she made their change from the register.

“Uh-huh,” Gina replied, calmly, softly and sweetly – though her heart was beating at the pace of a race horse.

“Could I have a receipt as well?” Gabriel asked the attendant.

Gina closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, knowing what was about to happen and bracing herself for it.

With short flicks of his groin muscles, he began moving his stiffness, pressing its underside forward, ever-so-slightly, into her labia.  Her arousal kept her wet.  Her imagination kept her longing and her lust kept her tightly gripped around him.

She softly whimpered at the sensations beginning to course through her.  Oh, how badly she wanted his permission to mount him and take his length inside her, connecting pelvic bones and pouncing up and down on him until she screamed.

But all she could do was wait.  And while waiting may have been excruciating, it did give her more time to fantasize.  And doing so was a wonderful thing.  Gina recalled when her fantasies first became reality.  And every time since then, it just kept getting better.

“Be careful out there,” the lady said with raised eyebrows as she handed the change to Gina.

Gina took the money and the receipt, stuffing them both in his shirt pocket as she looked up at him.  He stepped on the gas and away they went – three miles from Atlantic City.

“Show Daddy what a good little girl you are,” he said with passion to his tone.

Gina reached behind him and joined her arms at his lower back before pressed her parted wetness against his vein and rocking her hips up and down.

She shuddered at the sensations being made and mixed with the intensity of the new memories of her humiliation back at the toll booth, she became intoxicated with the lust of the moment.

She knew she would be intoxicated again that weekend and that she would be humiliated again that weekend.  And knowing that her arousal may just become a permanent state of being, she happily cowered before him – silently begging her submission.

Her forehead wrinkled a bit as the sensations increased.  She whimpered softly while gazing up at him.

“That’s a good girl,” he said gently, in that syrupy-rich Daddy Voice which always made her tingle and shrink up.  “Daddy is so proud of you.”

His words seized her heart and she whimpered again at her need of emotion and of body.

“I know.  It feels so wonderful.  Doesn’t it, baby?” he asked as she nodded into another helpless whimper.  “External only this time.”

Her gaze into his eyes turned into a stare as she began to recall all the memories of mounting and riding him – from that late night in the end zone of the college football field to the frat party couch where she came so hard she found paralysis temporarily to the back seat of his car at the drive-in movies to the swing on the back porch of her dorm house.

Typically, when on top, the girl was in charge, but Gabriel had made another of fantasies a reality when he gave her physical control in the mount but deprived her of mental control.

When she rode his lap, she obediently followed his directions and the orgasms they created were often punctuated with her deafening screams of release.  Yes, they tempted fate as he always erupted inside her, but it was an eventual fate they both wanted.

Her arousal increased to fever-pitch as she felt him thickening.  Incapable of stopping herself, she reached her climax before him, apologizing as she twitched and collapsed on his chest.

“It’s okay, Gina.  You’re just a baby, after all.  You can’t control yourself,” Gabriel said is a soft tone.   “Daddy isn’t done with you at all, yet.  And the weekend has just begun.”

She remained motionless on his chest as they rolled into town.  Early evening had canopied the skies.  Her afterglow kept her twitching and whimpering as she took in the first sights and sounds of Atlantic City.

She couldn’t focus on the moment, however.  And her thoughts led backwards once more.

When Gina started high school, she was told that this would be the best four years of her life.  She graduated salutatorian and got a full-ride to her top choice of universities.

When she started college, she was told that this would be the best four years of her life.  Then she met Gabriel, who embraced her big side and little side.  She fell in love with him, grew together with him and still graduated summa cum-laude.

It was then that she decided she would determine what the best years of her life were and how many there would be.

But that didn’t matter at the moment.  They had graduated and were looking forward to a weekend of humiliation, a little BDSM here-n-there and all the Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic they could cram into the next two days and three nights.


Gabriel and GinaGabriel and Gina

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

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