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Mommy’s Point of View: The Maternal Instinct

Some things about ourselves are obvious to others, but not to us.  And the reason why is because we’re not actually supposed to be able to understand it all.  If we understood it all, then we wouldn’t need anyone.

No one understands this more than a Mommy.  For Avery, she knew exactly what her little guy needed.  And all it took to get him to see it about himself was a Bambino Diaper, the right point of view and a little Maternal Instinct.

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Getting away with doing something that we know we shouldn’t be doing may well be one of the most natural human instincts of all.

But so are the consequences for our actions.  When we test the waters and the limits, we tempt fate.  It’s infinitely more difficult to admit to a mistake as it is to simply take the punishment.  That’s human instinct, too.

This is the story of a lil boy who must’ve been full of these instincts.  And this story is how he tested the waters, tempted his own fate and got … Busted.

Warning: This Ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story! ABGussy.com
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The Avery Puppy

Madonna may have been on to something when she sang that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And Avery was indisputable proof of this.

The name Avery has an Olde English origin, meaning “elf” or “magical counselor”. There had always been a high level of make-believe in her little heart. And that nature of make-believe would sometimes make her imagination run wild.

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A Friendly Spanking

The evidence of his spanking had begun to pinken his backside, moving ever-steadily to a redder hue for conclusion.

Avery took to a rapid fire hand-strike on both of his cheeks.  She laughed, somewhat evilly, at his grimaces, grunts and twitches.

“All right, I’ve had enough,” she said, but not before she corrected the matter that he hadn’t had enough yet.

She took her hand to his reddened flesh as he yanked at the tape to break free.  He could hardly stay still for the striking blows which kept landing.

And the Memories of what he had been through became fresh again, in his mind:

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“I Can Not Go To School Today…” (Part Two of Two): Lies Catch Up With You … In the Enema

Sometimes the only way out of a lie is to not get out of it at all. And though, we may be strongly against the treatment we receive, the fact remains: There are consequences for our actions and our words.

But perhaps the greatest danger is beginning to believe the lies we tell as being the truth.

For Avery, this was not going to be the case … not if her Daddy had anything to say about. And as this fibbing little BabyGirl would soon find out, Lies Catch Up With You … In the Enema.

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“I Cannot Go To School Today!!!” (Part One of Two): Taking the Temperature of a Fever Pitch

Much like the girl in the Shel Silverstein poem, Avery didn’t want to go to school.  And this seemed to her like a reasonable way to feel.

Some days, little girls just don’t wanna go to school.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  They just don’t feel like going.  And sometimes the biggest mistake a little girl can make is telling her Daddy that she isn’t feeling well.

Avery plays the “I’m sick, Daddy” card and her Daddy calls her bluff.  Whining and fussiness doesn’t necessarily mean illness.  The real temperature of the situation is about to be taken.  And if Avery isn’t careful, a spanking may accompany her “fevered” pitch as her Daddy’s temperament is tested, en route to a boiling point.

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“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Four of Four): You’re Just Like a Baby

The eventual route you have to go down to make a point is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when you just can get through to someone.

And sometimes the only way to reason with someone is to treat them exactly how they are acting.

For Avery, her punishment came to an end with a rather humiliating conclusion.

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