Just the Right One

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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 2nd

“Just the Right One”

Noel set the pen down on the coffee table, leaning back and stuffing the final card in its envelope.  She was done.  After hours of working at it, she was finally done.  Every one of her relatives and every one of Nick’s relatives and every one of their friends now had a hand-written Christmas card.  For as much as she loved doing every Christmas task that could be, it was also tiring – her right hand having cramped up from all the writing.  But it was done.  And now they just had to mail them all.

Getting up off her knees, she sat on the living room couch and eased back – then sitting up quickly and grabbing her phone.  Seeing what time it was, she got up and sprinted her crinkly waddle back to the bedroom – remembering that her Daddy asked her to be ready to go out when he got home from work.  And he was due home any minute now. 

Tomorrow, he would be working from home, but today he was at the office.  And when he got home, they were going to go get a Christmas tree.   This was something they were going to do last week but Thanksgiving and family stuff and everything else just took up all their time.

Getting to the master bedroom, she flung the closet doors open and began to make her decision of what to wear.  There were so many options, this wasn’t going to be easy for her to decide so quickly.  And she would need to dress completely, from head to toe – as she was wearing nothing but her diaper. 

That was all she wore at home.  It was something they both agreed on, right away.  And she was more than happy to be in nothing but her diaper.  It just felt right.  It did, however, making her present tasking of getting dressed quickly a bit more daunting.

While continuing to eye up the clothes hanging in the closet, she got into the dresser – grabbing socks and sitting on the end of the bed to put them on.  She didn’t even look to see that they matched.  She really didn’t care.  She hated wearing socks.  But in colder months, they were a bit of a necessity … especially when they were going out into the cold.

Standing up, she stood in front of the floor length mirror, resituating the tapes of her diaper.  She had changed herself two hours ago and was still dry.  So, there was no need for a new one.

Yes, she changed herself when he was at work.  She wasn’t going to sit around in wetness for hours and give herself a diaper rash.

Getting a bra from the dresser, she put it around herself – hooking the back straps together and spinning it around correctly.  Grabbing a baby-t, she slipped it over her frame and then got her tan wool sweater from the closet – the one with the over-stretched sleeves … a laundry mishap from years ago.

Noel loved wool.  Most didn’t, but it never made her itch and always kept her toasty warm.  It would be the perfect thing to wear today as autumn had turned bitter cold and wasn’t letting up at all.

Grabbing black stretch pants, she stepped into the legs and yanked them up.  They were the go-to and every girl’s best friend as it got colder outside.  Black stretch pants allowed her to still show off her legs but also to cover them so she didn’t freeze to death.

The footwear was easy to choose … her brown boots with the fuzzy insides. 

Oh, she loved things with fuzziness to them.

Getting out her winter coat, also made of wool and with a fuzzy-edged hood, she slipped her arms into it at the same time that she heard Nick pulling into the driveway.  Sprinting her crinkly waddle out of the bedroom, she raced to get to the front door before he walked in.  Grabbing the Christmas card stack from the coffee table in the living room, she met him in the middle of the kitchen.  They embraced each other as if they had been separated for days on end.

For as much as her heart was pounding already from having dressed herself in record time, it began to pound even faster when she saw him.  It was as if endorphins or some other sort of chemical had been released from her brain, relieving her of unneeded stress while charging her with tingling sensations in all the right places.

Oh, yes.  Her Daddy had a most wonderful effect on her, from her mind to her heart to her girl parts and everywhere else.

Putting a gray knit cap on her head, he turned around and led her right out the door.  And he had been smart about it, having left the car running so she could get right into warmth.  It was a chilly day for sure.

On the way to the tree farm, Noel took out her phone – proudly showing what she had done that day beyond the Christmas card writing.

“I booked our tickets for the Polar Express train ride,” she stated proudly, showing him the confirmation.  “They only had available seats on Sunday, the 19th. I hope that date works.”

“The 19th works great for the train ride.  Good girl,” he said, praising her.  “Also, remember that my company’s Christmas party is the weekend as well … on the 18th.  Are we taking those cards to the post office?”

“Yes,” she said with enthusiasm, checking the stack one more time to make certain they all were sealed and had stamps on them.

Getting into town, Nick turned right and headed to the post office, pulling right up alongside the blue mailbox.  Leaning over his body and reaching out the driver’s side window, she put the cards in the mailbox as her diapered hiney received a playful smack. 

“Don’t get any ideas, Daddy.  That’s not the reason I’m climbing over top of you right now,” she said with a devilish smile.

“Too late,” he said with a grin.  “I have all kinds of ideas in my head now.  I couldn’t help it.”

“Typical male,” she said with good-humored sass, getting back into her seat and looking over at him.  “Are you a dirty-minded Daddy man?”

“Yes …… sometimes,” he replied, getting back on the road and continuing their trip to the tree farm.  “Are you a diapered bottom BabyGirl?”

“Yes,” she said proudly but with more playful sass.  “And if you don’t behave yourself, I’ll give you quite a mess to clean up.”

Nick laughed, signaling to turn left at the light.

This was their way with things … as a boyfriend and girlfriend, as a Daddy and BabyGirl.  Their friends called them hopelessly in love.  They just saw it as the kind of banter that kept every moment of life interesting.

Pulling into the parking lot of the tree farm, it was surprising that the place wasn’t more packed with people.  But since they went there before dinner, it actually did make sense.  Everyone else was eating and would then be along to get a tree … which meant that they would have an easy time of finding a diner that wasn’t too busy.  He was a smart Daddy sometimes.

Getting out of the car, Noel saw an endless sea of trees.  Oh, boy.  This was going to be a long process to select the tree, if her Daddy was going to leave that decision up to her … which she knew he was going to do.

She also knew he was going to put his hand down the back of her stretch pants to check her diaper for wetness … which he did.  But she showed no reaction, remaining focused on the task ahead.  She knew she wasn’t wet.  He just needed to find out on his own.

Wrapping his arms around her from behind, he whispered a few things to her that made her blush.  And this was another good bit of relief from stresses as she took the responsibility of selecting the right tree very seriously.

“I know that you will not be satisfied unless you have the perfect Christmas tree.  BabyGirls who love Christmas are very particular about such things,” he whispered, Noel’s shoulders shrinking up as she got the baby feelings again.  “But Daddy knows how you sometimes have trouble making decisions when you have so many options.”

Noel lowered her chin, trying not to smile.  But he was right.  It was actually a miracle that she was able to get dressed so quickly just a bit ago, given the number of clothing options in that bedroom closet back home.

“So you need to concentrate and focus, diaper girl,” he whispered to her, reaching into his coat pocket and taking something out of it.  “Let Daddy give you a little help.”

And with that, he put one of her pacifiers in her mouth – then patting her diapered bottom through the back of her coat and encouraging her to waddle forward into the rows of evergreen trees.

Nursing on her pacifier, she walked down the first row – reaching out and touching the trees.  He was right.  It really did matter to her to get the perfect tree … just the right one and nothing less than that.  But what made the perfect tree?  What was the criteria for a Christmas tree that would indeed be just the right one?  It had to be tall enough to fill the living room from floor to ceiling but not so tall that it would need to be cut to fit.  It had to have a fullness to it that gave it the typical evergreen shape, wide at the bottom and tapering upward to a skinny top.  But it couldn’t be so full that the living room was suddenly difficult to walk through because it was there.  It also had to be big enough to allow all the gifts a place beneath it.

It was easy to find that perfect tree, but then again, it actually was easy.  And it was the heart of a BabyGirl that made it so easy.  The height and width of the tree didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that the tree filled her with the joys of Christmas, every time she looked at it.

Walking back to the beginning of the first row, she pointed to the very first tree.  Then she took the pacifier out of her mouth and put it back in his coat pocket.  People had likely walked past that first tree hundreds of times already, looking to see what else the farm had to offer.  But it was that tree that put everyone in the spirit when they saw it.

Nick paid for the tree and the attendant tagged it.  It would be delivered to their house tomorrow morning, before the snowstorm arrived.  What perfect timing.

Heading to dinner, she thought about her choice.  Smiling brightly, she knew she had picked the perfect tree.  Looking over at Nick, her beloved Daddy man, she then realized that this wasn’t the first time she had picked … just the right one.

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