Capturing Images

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 10th

“Capturing Images”

Nick and Noel walked in through the front door and into the kitchen, Noel still nursing on her pacifier – her mind still spinning from the events of the past hour or two.  Her face was as red as the pacifier in her mouth … which was just as red as the outfit she was wearing.  Nick set their carryout dinner on the kitchen table and helped her to get out of the clothing, leaving her in nothing but the red thigh-high stockings she had worn out and her diaper, of course.  He then put another one of those Christmas bibs around her neck.

She did her best to not grin behind her pacifier as he opened the carryout containers.  But the fact that he was also having trouble keeping a grin off his face made it impossible for her to not laugh.

This was a night she would never forget.  And the night was still young.  There was no telling what folly would make them do next.

Nick kept his cell phone handy as they started to eat dinner, Noel wasting no time in making a mess of herself.  Finger food was good, especially finger food that came from a bar.  But it was even better still when the finger food was wings, smothered in spicy barbecue sauce.

“So can I see them, Daddy?” she asked, licking her fingers clean.

“Wait.  Don’t do that yet,” he replied, having her sit on his knee so they could take a Daddy-n-BabyGirl picture – Noel holding her barbecue-covered hands up to match her barbecue-covered face.

He actually took several pictures of them right there, tickling the left side of her ribs to make her laugh.  She had a most adorable look about her when she laughed.

“Let me stream them all on the TV,” he said, Noel getting up and crinkling her waddle over into the living room.  “That way, we’ll get a full screen view of them.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly, sitting on the couch and going back to licking her fingers.

Nick walked in with a handful of wet paper towels, Noel looking at him strangely.

“We’re out of tea towels, Princess,” he said, wiping the barbecue off her face – Noel then taking the paper towels to wipe her hands clean as he took the bib off her neck.

“Daddy, why are we out of tea towels?” she asked with confusion – Nick taking the used paper towels from her and going back into the kitchen to throw them away.

“Because we put them on the stuffies, remember?” he asked with a laugh, filling her sippy cup with water.

“Oh, that’s right!” she exclaimed, starting to laugh and then thinking up a witty reply.  “I guess we’ll have to go buy more tea towels then.”

Nick laughed, walking back into the living room and handing her the sippy cup.  Taking a seat, he connected his phone to the TV – Noel snuggling up on his side.

“But I don’t think we should go to Hennie’s Pharmacy to look for tea towels,” she said, both of them breaking out into laughter.

“No, I don’t think we should go back into Hennie’s Pharmacy for quite a while,” he said, cueing up the pictures, Noel putting the red pacifier back in her mouth.

The events of this unforgettable night began a few hours ago, just shortly after he got home from work …


At 4:30pm, Noel was finishing up the last little touches of her make-up, nervously trying to be ready to go when Nick got home from work.  Standing in the bathroom and stepping back, she eyed up her appearance in the mirror.  It felt a bit weird to be wearing a bra, although she knew the sensation well.  But the red thigh-high stockings didn’t feel strange at all, though she rarely ever wore stockings.  And, of course, the diaper around her waist, perhaps the most unusual thing she was wearing, felt more comfortable than all the rest.  Adjusting the red Santa hat on her head, she smoothed out her locks, raising an eyebrow at the thoughts that came to mind just then.

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she thought about that point in time each night, when he walked into her nursery, lifted her out of her crib and carried her over to their bedroom.  This was the routine.  She always started out in the crib, but always wound up in bed with him by morning.  And what a change her life had taken inside of just a few months. 

These days, her head bounced back and forth between innocence and passion, fantasy and reality.  But because of him, she always found her place, right in the middle of it all – exactly where she wanted to be and exactly where she belonged.

Then she heard a noise outside the bathroom door, snapping her out of her affectionate daze. Peeking out into the hallway, she got a little spooked.

“Daddy, are you home?” she called from the bathroom.

“Yes, Princess,” she heard him reply.  “I’m in the living room.”

“I won’t be long yet,” she said, breathing a sigh of relief.

Then she focused on getting ready.  No more daydreaming.  Slipping into the Santa baby dress, she pulled it down snuggly to make it form right to her figure.  The dress was made of a cherry red material that felt a lot like velvet.  The v-neck of the dress plunged low on her torso, her cleavage deprived of making an appearance only because of the thick fur-covered edges of that plummeting collar.  The sleeves made it down to her elbows and the dress flared out from her waist, making it down far enough on her thighs to cover the tops of her stockings.  Hopefully, the dress went low enough to cover her diaper completely too.  Every hem had white fur on it and at her waist was a black light leather belt with a shiny gold buckle.

Turning in a circle, she watched how the dress moved on her.  This was going to be a very interesting night.

Then she opened the bathroom door and crinkled her way out to the living room where Nick was sitting and waiting.  Putting the red pacifier in her mouth, she looked at him and held her breath.  His eyes grew big-n-wide at the sight of her and he smiled so brightly – a reaction that forced her to start breathing as her heart began to beat a little faster.  He loved what he saw and the adoration in his eyes was the validation she ached for.

Walking into the center of the living room, she turned and modeled the outfit for him, giving him a little wink.

“You ready to do this?” he asked, standing up and readying his cell phone – Noel nodding while nursing on her pacifier and batting her eyelashes at him playfully.

The first set of pictures was taken in front of the Christmas tree, right there in the living room.  And they decided to take two types of pictures at every location.  The first was a nice clean picture, filled with the warm-hearted greetings of the season and the adorable look she had.  The second was a bit naughtier.

So when it came time to get naughty, Noel pulled up the skirt of her Santa dress a little bit to show the top of her thigh-high stockings and a little more leg.

Venturing back to the nursery, Noel climbed into her crib – Nick rapid-firing pictures of her asleep … covered with a baby blanket, hugging her teddy bear and curled up in the fetal position.  For the naughty, she sat up, took hold of the furry v-neck and pulled it down as far as it would go.  The red lacy edges of the cups of her bra appeared and her cleavage got a chance to say hello.

Next, she went to the changing table, assuming the usual position and gazing up at the camera with a helpless look on her face – like she needed Daddy’s help to make everything “all betters”.  Then, getting naughty, she put both of her legs up in the air and parted them as widely as she could – giving the camera a devilish raise of her right eyebrow.

They went outside and Nick took pictures of her in front of the Christmas lights they had decorated the house with, following it up with a close-up picture of her sucking her pointer finger suggestively.

But this photo shoot was far from over.  In fact, it had only just begun.

It was time for dinner.  So, to kill two birds with one stone, they ordered takeout – Noel calling in the order as they drove there.  But on the way, Noel, who was cooking up some delicious thoughts, asked Nick to stop at Hennie’s Pharmacy first.  At the pharmacy, she went straight back to the make-up section – Nick keeping his distance but readying his phone.  He took a few casual shots of her, this girl dressed in a Miss Santa suit looking at mascara.  But then she squatted down, lifting the skirt of her dress and pretending to look at the items on the bottom shelf as Nick snapped several pictures of her diapered derriere.

Standing up, she kept the skirt of her dress raised as she walked from aisle to aisle, pausing in stride and looking back over her shoulder at his cell phone – nursing on her red pacifier as he captured the moment, over and over.  She went to the incontinence aisle, picking up as many packs of disposable diapers as she could hold and facing towards him with a look on her face that read: “Daddy, will you buy these for me?”

No, Nick didn’t buy them for her.  They had much better diapers at home than the generics.  They bought nothing in the pharmacy but did begin to attract the attention of the employees.  Getting out while the getting was good, they left – heading to O’Hollaran’s Bar & Grille to get their dinner.

This gave them one more opportunity to snap a few photos and capture a few images.

Noel walked into the bar, her outfit alone attracting quite a bit of attention from the local drunks who were there.  Nick followed but kept his distance, ready once again with an aimed cell phone.  She walked up to the bar, “accidentally” dropping the money in her hands several times.  And each time, she bent over fully – giving Nick a nice piece of diapered ass to photograph.  It was also a Yuletide treat of fetish proportions for those who had devoted steady attention to her.

When they left the bar, food in hand, every head was turned to enjoy her exodus, including when she stopped at the door and bent over fully one more time for everyone to see.

Normally, she wouldn’t be looking to attract attention at a bar … at least not the kind of attention that she was getting just then.  But this was just too much fun to pass up.

They never went to O’Hollaran’s anyway.  So it didn’t matter.  No harm, no foul.


… and now, sitting on the couch in their living room, they enjoyed the spoils of their efforts.  However, the first few pictures Noel didn’t know he had taken.

Apparently, that noise she heard in the hallway (when she was getting ready in the bathroom) was him.  He stuck his cell phone in through the bathroom door and took a few random pictures of her ……… right at that moment when she was daydreaming about how her life had changed in the past few months.  Her thoughts were a little erotic and the picture clearly showed her with her right hand inside the front of her diaper.  The nibbling of her lower lip made clear what her hand was doing down there. 

Seeing these pictures, Noel blushed embarrassment – having been caught red-handed.

But they would enjoy all the pictures and she would remember how much fun she just had, dressing up and doing all of this.  Sometimes, she just needed to step outside of her comfort zone.

Speaking of which, she got comfortable leaning up against him on the couch … so comfortable that, when he slid his hand down into the front of her diaper, she arched her back deeply and heaved her chest up at him – French kissing him as he set his phone down.

Yes, the night was young.  But they would fill the hours to come with a few things that couldn’t be fully remembered by just capturing images.

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