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Including entries from the ebooks, the paperbacks & several blog stories.

Some of the stories are “Nice”. Some of them are “Naughty”. Check the (label) after each title as well as its length.

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The Mister SoundFiles – Hear the timbre of a Daddy Voice which will make you Dream Big About Being Little…..


The Star SoundFiles – Listen to the sweetest Scottish BabyGirl and voice you will ever hear and know.


There Once Was A Girl 6:43 (Nice) – A BedTime Story about a girl who dreamed of being little and woke up a BabyGirl. It is a poem, written in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Taken from the There Once Was A Girl: Fairy Tale, Coloring and Activity Book


The Princess of Infantilum 15:57 (Nice) – Think: The Princess Bride … In a Diaper. This is the bedtime fairy tale of Isabella, the AB Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum and Malcolm, the royal stable boy. Their love was destined, but their union was unlikely until one day when fate brought them together. Only a few problems to fix first: like calling off Isabella’s arranged engagement and saving the Kingdom of Infantilum from the enemy.

Nothing is as strong as a bond between hearts. But is it strong enough to make a Happily Ever After for them? Give this file a listen to find out.

Taken from The Rock-a-Bye Series.


Good Night, Princess 5:02 (Nice) – A BabyGirl is ushered into her dreams through the nightly bedtime routine her Daddy lovingly provides. This file is perfect for filling any little mind with the sentiments needed to Dream Big About Being Little. Read the Story


Good Morning Princess 4:10 (Nice) – A Daddy’s thoughts as he enters his BabyGirl’s nursery to wake her up in the morning. Start your day off right. This file is perfect for any little mind to be filled with the knowledge of what goes through a Daddy’s mind when he sees her sleeping. Read the Story


The Spaghetti Incident 9:15 (Nice) A Daddy and BabyGirl’s Reflections of a quiet evening at home, a high chair, a plate of spaghetti and laughter which made for an instant memory.


That Hotel Room 12:53 (Nice) A Daddy’s thoughts and reflections as he watches his BabyGirl sleeping.


Late Night Destinations  19:45 (Nice) This is the tale of a journey a Daddy and BabyGirl take together, not a journey for life, but rather a small piece of that voyage, very late one night. Along the way, they both learn that the best kind of journey is the one taken together.


His Effect and Touch 16:42 (Nice) Perspective is such an important part of any relationship because there will always be two perspectives. And fully understanding both enables us to grow together. Taken from: “With A Soul As Sweet As Cherry Pie”, this story is told from a Daddy’s perspective, detailing what his senses go through when with his BabyGirl. Read the story.


Her Whispered Desire 14:40 (Nice) Taken from: “With A Soul As Sweet As Cherry Pie”, this story shows a BabyGirl’s perspective on the dynamic, detailing all the emotions which her Daddy evokes from within her. Read the story.


The Nice Files (See Below for the “Naughties”):

The Power of Make-Believe and Blueberry Pies

Length: 40:53

An Adult BabyGirl is placed in her crib for an afternoon nap, but can’t sleep. So, she uses her imagination to create a world of make-believe. She enter the world and encounters three animals whom she befriends and spends the day with as she learns to believe that she will be loved.

Join Teddy the Brown Bear, Baxter the Beaver and Redd the Raccoon as they lead you through a bedtime story of how it’s possible to overcoming your fears. You simply have to believe.


 Firesides and Hot Cocoa      Length: 10:06

From the story of how they met in a beach town to the night by the fireplace with the hot cocoa, The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl – Volume One begins a ten volume series about Penny Jordan, a sweet and simple girl with an equally sweet and simple wish – to be able to let her little side run free – and the 30 adventures she goes on with her Daddy, Elliot.


Castles and Fortunes    Length: 8:55

Taken from The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume Four, the fourth installment in the series about a girl who loved footed pajamas, loved being a BabyGirl and loved the Daddy whom she shared a dynamic with which was far deeper than anything that a vanilla past had made her feel.


Will a half moon amulet from a trinket shop bring Zeke a protection he never knew he needed?  Will Lily’s magic touch be strong enough when she needs it to be the most?  Follow Zeke and Lily (and Pretzel), Grant and Keira (and Nittany), Billy and Taylor (and baby on the way), a dragon-tattooed man, Mr. Woody and Erica as the catching of dreams leads to a final chapter that couldn’t be seen coming.Dirty Laundry and Cartoon Napping   Length: 22:05

Dreams reveal so much to us. They speak of what we want and what we need. When we dream deeply, sometimes we are given a glimpse of what is to come.

Taken from the book Zeke and Lily: Dream Catching, this story shows Lily that Déjà vu can be very real.


Will a half moon amulet from a trinket shop bring Zeke a protection he never knew he needed?  Will Lily’s magic touch be strong enough when she needs it to be the most?  Follow Zeke and Lily (and Pretzel), Grant and Keira (and Nittany), Billy and Taylor (and baby on the way), a dragon-tattooed man, Mr. Woody and Erica as the catching of dreams leads to a final chapter that couldn’t be seen coming.Pink Monopoly and the Princess Fortress

Length: 20:37

Separation is often met with joyful reunion. It reminds us to never forget what we have and what people mean to us.

This story is taken from the book Zeke and Lily: Dream Catching and is a wonderful tale of reunion between Lily and her Daddy, Zeke.


My Fair Maiden    Length: 12:15

This is a bedtime story about a bedtime story, for a very sweet little girl with a heart of gold.

When you explore what’s in your heart, you do so because you’re looking for what you want. Along the way, you often find more than what you want. You find what you need.


Finding New Energy in the Mystery  Length: 12:15

Do you remember that moment when you finally knew for sure? No matter what it was about, that moment when it became clear. And you’re filled with an energy anew.

This story, taken from the Book: “That’s When I Knew”, explores that moment between a Daddy and BabyGirl.


The Capture of Innocence  Length: 34:55

This story takes place in “The CountrySide”, an alternate world which humans can only visit in their dreams.

Mr. Woody (from the “Zeke and Lily” series), the dream elf who appears in Lily’s dreams, teaches a class of young dream elflings, preparing them for the day they make their human connections and begin to appear in humans’ dreams.

A dream elf’s job is to connect with a human through dreams and guide that human through the most difficult times in their life.

Aria is a dream elf who has not discovered her human connection yet. Along her journey, she learns who she is and falls in love with a dream elf named Neph. From nights in the forest to dances with unicorns to diving for magic pearls in the great lake, she falls head-over-heels for Neph, learning so much about herself along the way.

The Aria Series


To Sleep Perchance To Dream – Part 1

Length: 14:08

Discovering who we are inside is frightening and exciting at the same time, especially at the moment when the discovery is made – often leaving us with more questions than answers.

This story is taken from the book “Naughty & Nice” (ABDL BedTime Stories)

It’s the story of Lucy, a girl with some famous parents. Well .. they’re famous in her Dreams, as she finds out. Lucy makes a discovery about herself which just might rock the cradle of her life.


The 26 Stuffies  Length: 28:22

A BabyGirl has a clear and powerful bond with her stuffed animals. They become her constant companions, traeling in and out of her little world with her. Taken from The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume Two, it shows Penny’s connection with not just one stuffed animal, but 26! And how she got 26 stuffies is the real fairy tale.

From the bookZeke and Lily: Her Diary

Here is the sound file to: Entry One (as read by Barbarellastar from FetLife)

Follow her along as she reads. Here’s the Entry.

From The Mia Series: Book Two

Here is the sound file to:
The Next Memory She Would Never Forget
(as read by ResonantYes of FetLife)

Follow him along as he reads. Here’s the story.



The Naughty Files (See above for the “Nice”): 

The Webcam Nightie Night   Length: 13:19

Long Distance Relationships can be trying, but sometimes they can be made much easier with a little technology. This story is taken from the book entitled: “Naughty & Nice” ABDL BedTime Stories, and shows how a long distance Daddy and BabyGirl can be quite close at all times.

Long Distance Nightie-Nights might never have been this close before.


Which Do You Crave Tonight ... the Salty or the Sweet?The Honey Closet     Length: 15:35

We all have places we retreat to when we want a little privacy. Sometimes, these places are emotional, like places in our minds where we can relax with our thoughts and our memories. Other times, these places are literal, like perhaps a small closet where we retreat to … for many reasons.

This story comes from the book: “Salty & Sweet” ABDL BedTime Stories

I hope you have a Honey Closet of your own and I hope you enjoy listening to this story.


… Like Eggshells    Length: 20:13    

Having pride in ourselves is crucial and believing ourselves capable is essential to that pride. But there are moments when we need to understand what we can and can’t do.

This story is taken from the book entitled: “Naughty & Nice” ABDL BedTime Stories

Having someone to show us the way when our heads come down out of the clouds is probably the one favor we could never ask for, but need more than we realize.


Walking the Walk      Length: 15:11   

A lot of our fantasies include being made to do things. In other words, we’re not given the option to say no”. It’s a sense of helplessness that drives this fantasy within us. And that’s where a lot of it comes from. But what would happen if you were forced to do something in public and it was your behavior which caused it?

This is the story of a BabyGirl who learned the important lesson that her pouting and her Daddy didn’t mix well together. Unfortunately for her, she had to learn this lesson in the middle of a shopping mall.

Gratification: Fantasies & Punishment


TearDrops on Hardwood Floor    Length: 20:13 Teardrops on Hardwood Floor (Barbarellastar Version)

We are all guilty of making mistakes, but sometimes the consequence we face aren’t nearly as upsetting as the ones we make others face.

This story is taken from the book entitled: Gratification: Fantasies & Punishment

The only thing better than facing challenges and overcoming them is the make-up that follows thereafter.


Born in Her Fantasies, Built with His Hands

Length: 17:10  

Last Saturday Night, this BabyGirl went through a whirlwind of emotions, sensations, gratification and arousal which she still felt with each passing day and passing thought of the night that had been. In one night, her Daddy took her list of ten greatest fantasies and completed them all.

It is now the following Saturday Night and he has decided to do it again, this time making her kneel in a corner and write down another list of ten fantasies. She digs deep into the core of who she is and to the center of her existence to create for her Daddy …

10 More Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night

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