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Noel’s Christmas – Wednesday, December 8th


Nick working from home was a wonderful thing as Noel always had him around.  But this didn’t mean that his workload was suddenly lighter.  Quite to the contrary, his amount of work picked up – several clients demanding certain projects be completed before Christmas.  And this meant that everyone at the advertising agency was going to put in longer hours.

On this particular day, Nick got up at 5am and was working by 5:30 am.  Noel got up and made him breakfast, which he had to eat very quickly to then get back to work.  Throughout the morning, she heard him engaging in phone calls that made clear how stressed out he was.  Lunch was something he had to eat at his desk in his office as he was so overloaded with work, he couldn’t stop.

Noel loved him and she hated to see him so stressed and overworked.  In the morning, she watched every cheesy romantic Christmas movie she could find – wanting to have some Daddy/BabyGirl time with him but understanding that he just couldn’t.  He had to work.

So she occupied her time in a most creative way, choosing to do something she hadn’t done in decades … write a letter to Santa.  Getting a piece of paper and a pencil, she filled her sippy cup with juice and then sat her diapered bottom down on the living room rug.  Using the coffee table as her desk, she wrote to Santa:

“Dear Santa,

Hi Hi! It’s Noel!  I’m sorry I haven’t written you one of these letters in years.  It’s not because I was being naughty.  It was because I had forgotten how important Christmas is.  I had been in a bit of a bad luck spell and then some people passed away and I stopped trying to live and to love.”

“But I have since met someone who has reminded me that my life can be as happy as I want it to be.  I know what makes me happy … helping other people.”

“So this letter to you won’t be about me asking you for a bunch of stuff for Christmas.  Instead, I want to ask for you to get in touch with my Daddy’s company and let them know how devoted he is to them, what a good person he is and what a hard worker he is.  If you could also get in touch with my Daddy and let him know that I love him very much, I would appreciate it.  I tell him I love him, but I can’t tell him enough.  And if he hears it from other people, it will make him feel really good.”

“Well, I don’t wanna take up all your time by writing you a long letter.  I’m sure you have mailbags stuffed full with more Dear Santa letters than you will have time to read.”

“Take Care,

Her diaper was drenched and she needed to be changed.  But, understanding what her Daddy was going through, she didn’t ask him to change her.  Getting up, she waddled back to her nursery – getting a new diaper, baby powder and baby wipes before she waddled back out to the living room.

Unfolding her new diaper, she knelt down and placed it flat on the rug.  And that was when she got a most wonderful surprise.

“Did some little Princess wet herself?” Nick asked with his Daddy Voice, walking out into the living room.

“Yes, Daddy,” Noel said with a soft voice, her face lighting up that he had pulled him away from his never-ending work to come out to her.

“Did you crinkle when you tinkled?” he asked with a super silly voice as he knelt down behind her and wrapped his arms around her – Noel’s shoulders shrinking up, her chin lowering with shyness.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with a very soft voice, Nick reaching into his shirt pocket and getting her pacifier.

“Open,” he said quietly, Noel parting her lips and taking the nipple of the pacifier into her mouth.  “Good girl.”

Oh, those good feeling tingles rippled up the back of her body and down her front.  She could have melted into a puddle of goo every time he called her a good girl.

“Yes you do crinkle, don’t you? And you also tinkle,” he said with syrupy sweetness, Noel nodding yes as she nursed on her pacifier – her head beginning to swoon from the rapidly arriving baby feelings.  “That’s why Daddy doesn’t let you wear panties.  Panties are for Big Girls, aren’t they?”

Noel nodded yes, focusing on keeping her mind in a pure-n-innocent state as she was beginning to feel arousing sensations.  But such sensations were for a bit later that night.  Right now was all about P-n-I attention.

“And you’re not a Big Girl,” he said with a soft whisper, Noel shaking her head no.  “Down ya go.”

Noel got off her haunches and eased down onto her back, gazing up at him with eyes that had already glazed over.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, sliding his hand under her drenched diaper and lifting her bottom up to slide the new diaper underneath her.”

Unfastening the tapes at her hips, he folded down the front of her diaper, Noel fidgeting for just a moment as a new set of thoughts crossed her mind – emotions attached to being completely vulnerable and now, in the only position more naked than being in nothing but her diaper ……… nothing at all.

“Legs up,” he said, lifting her ankles and raising not only her legs but also her bottom as he slid her wet diaper away – then reaching for the baby wipes.  “Good girl.”

Oh.  There was that praise again … good girl.

Would he mind if his BabyGirl permanently became a pile of goo?

“What a baby you truly are,” he said, seeing her whimpering reaction to the cool baby wipe across her bottom cheeks.

A baby wipe was such a cool and refreshing feeling, second in pleasantness to one thing and one thing only.  And she knew that one thing was up next.

“You just looooooove baby powder, don’t you?” he said with such a syrupy rich tone that her swoon turned to full-out dizziness – a condition that intensified when she felt the silky coating across her cheeks.

And then his hand.  Oh, that caressing touch – spreading the powder out evenly.  He was so gentle with her.  So very gentle.  Then he lowered her bottom into the soft innards of the new diaper – surrounding her backside with softness that was fresh and hadn’t been trampled down by being sat on yet.

“Show Daddy what a good baby you can be,” he said with his Daddy Voice, parting her knees and lowering her legs as he took another baby wipe to her front – Noel focusing even more intensely on keeping her mind pure.

Then he took baby powder to her front, from hip to hip and then down between her legs.  And his caressing hand sent shivers throughout her body as he delicately evened the powder out.  She almost didn’t want him to stop touching her, but she knew she wouldn’t remain in innocent land for long, if he kept touching her like that.

Folding up the front of her diaper and fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips, he put her back inside that enveloped feeling that would keep her right there for a few minutes in serenity as she relived everything she just felt and thought.

Kissing her forehead and patting her freshly diapered bottom, Nick returned to work – throwing out her used diaper on the way.  Noel would indeed lay right there, nursing on her pacifier and staring up at the ceiling.

And she would stay there for quite a while before slowly sitting up and going back to her Dear Santa letter to add one final thought:

“p.s. But if you have a chance and could send me a box of girly pink diapers, I wouldn’t mind.”

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