25 LLWs

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers” , 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 “Charm Sakers”, 25 “Nothing Buts” and 25 “Out-n-Abouts, 25 LLWs is a collection of 25 ABDL pictures which I feel all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other. LLW stands for Looks, Longings & Whimpers. And these pictures speak with expressions that defy just the sounds of words. From the looks in irises to the longings through body language to the aches which produce whimpers, these BabyGirls show what can happen when the innocence of littleness combines with the bigger urges they keep within their hearts. Until every picture has spoken its piece, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time: ———————————

25 – Before it was BedTime

Graduate school was the most rewarding time in her life. It was in those years that she saw all her hard work pay off, all her sacrifices turn into rewards and all her secrets wishes become fulfilled.

When her classes were done each day, she would race home to her apartment, take off that silly Big Girl clothing she never belonged in to begin with and put her hair into pigtails – just in time to run back out into the living room and into the arms of her arriving Daddy.

There would be no more Grad Girl work for the rest of the night – only a diaper, her pink footed pajamas and all the red kool-aid she could drink before it was bedtime.


24 – Smooth as …

Oh my Heaven, what a wonderful bath. Not only did he bathe her head to toe, but he shaved “everything”.

She had found herself lying beneath him naked many times before, but not quite like this.

And there was nothing more tantalizing than his hands touching her in the right places, admiring his work on the most sensitive areas of her body.

All girls have points in time when they want and need privacy to tend to personal things.

Curling up in a ball: bathed, powdered, diapered and ready for her night time bottle, she no longer wanted any privacy, nor would she ever need it again.


23 – Oh, she couldn’t wait to do that again.

Her mind wandered back to the most memorable stroll in the park she had ever taken in her life and one which she would relive, again and again, in her fantasies and in her daydreams.

It wasn’t the sun or the weather which made it unforgettable, but rather, it was the Daddy who held her hand and told her he loved her as she skipped alongside him.

The tummyflies fluttered inside her. The littleness welled up in her heart and she tingled in all the right places.

Oh, she couldn’t wait to do that again.


22 – She was a Time Bomb

Oh, what a string of sensations she was feeling. It was one of those moments when, in order to be a good little girl, she had to get the Big Girl Urges out.

It was a common problem for any BabyGirl which was always viewed as a pleasure, for good and obvious reason.

Horny as could be, she was placed in her crib and given her nap time bottle – being prompted to do as her Daddy instructed with a simple phrase of passion from his whispering lips:

“Be a Good Girl for Daddy and when you wake up from your nap, you’ll receive the reward that you crave.”

Slickened with Vaseline and being parted open with a simple vibrating egg, she had been thickly diapered, pressing the egg into her a bit further. When her Daddy used the tiny remote control to turn the egg on, she began drinking from her bottle and whimpering out the pleasure she felt.

She would soon cum in her diaper for her Daddy and then follow her afterglow into the dreamland awaiting her. The Big Girl Urge would be satisfied for the time being.

Her Daddy reached inside her diaper as she curled up her legs to receive his touch. Her orgasm approached and not a moment too soon.

She was a Time Bomb.


21 – The Essentials of “Bare”

In her simplest moments, Kelly had come to accept that everything she felt was derived from her Daddy’s heart and his hands.

With all secrets revealed and all the wishes of her soul having been whispered to him, time and again, she felt bare and vulnerable to the world. But within her Daddy’s care came the protection she knew she could no longer live without.

As he bathed her, she became absorbed in what nakedness of the body did to her senses, what nakedness of the soul did to her mind and what his hands did for the longings which had become obsession.

His love. His presence. His gentleness.

The Essentials of “Bare”.


20 – The Effect of J. B. F.

She opened her eyes, gazing up at the same ceiling she had spent countless hours and encounters glancing up at – sometimes for a few seconds as she gasped for air in the missionary, sometimes for a few minutes as she nursed on her pacifier and searched for a distraction while being changed, sometimes for a bit longer as she became lost in thought.

On this morning, she looked at that ceiling to remember how good she felt when she went to sleep last night and how much she wanted to feel that way again.

Hearing her Daddy walking back the hallway towards her, she sat up and glanced over at the bedroom door. And when he appeared in it, she spoke to him in volumes, but without saying a single word.

Her irises were filled with the perfect mixture of opposites. She was primed to travel in whatever direction he led her, but hoping for the destination of innocence to take them through passion first.

She sent out signals from every point in her body, but it was her J.B.F. hair, shining with the light of early morning while still showing the electricity from last night that caught his eye first. And her Daddy knew, at that moment, that he wouldn’t be leading anything, but rather, following the after effect of what they had merely just begun.


19 – It Wouldn’t Be Much Longer Now.

It wouldn’t be much longer now. He said he’d be there in a half hour. But if the seconds ticked away any more slowly, she was going to go insane.

It had been three weeks since she last saw her Daddy. For a BabyGirl, it was nearly a lifetime of separation. All she thought about was him.

All she wanted was to be with him. And the only thing that made her truly and completely happy was knowing that he cared enough about her to touch her little heart in a way that she would feel something more powerful than any other emotion … The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic. He opened her mind to all the possibilities in her life, showing her that all she needed to do to reach her dreams was to take one small step forward … perhaps into a glass slipper.

He was on his way to see her at that moment. And when he arrived, she was going to jump into his arms, this time not letting him leave ever again.

It wouldn’t be much longer now…


Only 29 minutes to go…


18 – Belong

She could remember that first day with her Daddy so clearly and often she would revisit it vividly in her mind.

They had talked of every detail adamantly. He had helped her usher her emotions into a world of littleness she so richly craved and longed for.

And that first day, after he had stripped her mind and her body of all Big Girl sentiments, he extended an inviting, loving hand to her, asking her to make a simple decision, yet one which could change her world.

She looked at his hand and then to his eyes and at last she knew she had arrived somewhere she never needed to leave again. With one whispered command, she embraced the lifetime he offered.

“Belong,” her Daddy said.

And she did.


17 – The Text Message & The Crinkle

Her Daddy smiled as he opened the text message and saw the picture his BabyGirl had sent him. She looked like an angel, her dirty blonde hair beginning to show signs of having been in the heat just a bit too much that day,but nonetheless, still as beautiful as could be.

Her roommate, having long since known their secret, took an adorable picture just moments after she had gotten home from work that day. And the text which accompanied the picture was just as adorable as the image:

“See Daddy? I did it! Just like you said I should. And you were right! It’s a day I will never forget. I did make crinkly sounds when I walked and that made me nervous, but I stayed dry all day long! ;p”


16 – I’ve Chosen You

Daddy, you tell me that my eyes are beautiful and that you can see into my soul through them.

I hope you can see what they are saying because I sometimes can’t find the words to express how I feel.

It’s good that you always have an extra pacifier in your pocket because when I can’t find the words to say, I need to stop trying to speak them and simply let my eyes do the talking for me.

I am your BabyGirl because I long to be and I want to be.

I need to be needed.
I cherish to be cherished.
And I love to be loved.

And I’ve Chosen You, Daddy.


15 – Everything She Needed to Know …

It seemed like such a long time ago that she looked at the world from a standpoint she now knew was vanilla.

And within her time tasting the other flavors life had to offer, she found one which touched her more deeply than all the rest – not because it opened her up to new possibilities, but because it made her aware of all the possibilities she never took advantage of.

The innocence of her heart’s love multiplied the day she met her Daddy.  Her life would never be the same, but it showed she truly had been preparing for the Dynamic for quite some time.

Everything she needed to know, she learned in Kindergarten.  She just didn’t get a chance to use any of it until she return to that innocence in her mind.


14 – The Softer, The Better

When caught between the kindred emotions of happy and happier, anyone just might believe that a charmed life was not only a possible reality but also the type of blessing that only fantasies usually provided.

Yet, there she stood – caught between happy and happier.  And though her little heart craved more and more, she kept caution as the babysitter of her thoughts.

Her life hadn’t been horrible at all.  She was never abused.  She was always provided for. She always had had a roof over her head and food to eat.  And it was those constants in her life which enabled her to smile … that, and having met her “Daddy”.

Promises were kept and the day he told her he would build a world for her to live in and call her own, he also asked her to state in one simple sentence what she wanted her new world to be.

She thought about what made her so happy as his BabyGirl.  And she realized that it was his touch, not just to her body, but to her heart and to her soul.  From his words to his care to her senses to her diaper to her stuffed animal to the clothing he dressed her in, her response was very simple to come up with.

And it came straight from her little heart as she hugged her favorite teddy, watching him prepare her crib for her afternoon nap.

With a small voice, she whispered to sentiments she felt:

“The Softer, The Better.”


13 – The Princess Trait

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel

She could list them all, alphabetically, in order of movie release, by  favorites, chronologically,and in every other conceivable  way.

But what she had never been able to do was to answer the question:

Which Princess are you?

Every BabyGirl had one Princess she related to the most.  But she didn’t.  And this distressed her greatly.  She didn’t feel she was like any of them and perhaps she never would have until the day her Daddy opened her eyes and her heart to the answer.

“BabyGirl, you aren’t like any of the Princesses,” her Daddy said, seeing her sitting on the floor in her nursery with a most forlorn look on her face. “You’re like all of them.  Only better.”

She looked up at her Daddy with confusion as to what he meant.

“You are curious like Ariel, brave like Mulan, friendly like Snow White, hard-working like Cinderella, a dreamer like Aurora, accepting like Belle, clever like Jasmine, compassionate like Pocahontas, determined like Tiana and adventurous like Rapunzel,” her Daddy explained. “Which Princess are you?  You are Daddy’s Princess and someday, Disney will make a movie about you.”

She looked at her Daddy with eyes that were great big and wide, not just for the enormous compliment he paid her little heart, but also because he actually remembered all the Princesses.

“It may take you a lifetime to realize it, but you have the Princess trait,” her Daddy said softly.  “And the reason why I know this is because, like all the Disney Princesses, you don’t know it about yourself.”


12 – The Blush She Didn’t Apply

Cindy knew from the day she met her Daddy that her heart had led her somewhere she truly belonged.

On her journey, there were a lot of things that had discouraged her on line – from rude people to pictures that were offensive to emails from creepos to judgment from people who watched talk shows and thought they suddenly knew something about ABDL.

But none of that stopped her from holding on to a feeling within her heart she knew was natural.

She was a BabyGirl and for as much as it often got her little heart pounding to admit to it, she couldn’t deny this truth about herself.  Having met her Daddy, she now knew she would never have to.

She remembered back to the first day she spent with him.  Ten minutes after he put her in her first diaper, she got up from the living room rug where she was sitting to watch cartoons and waddled into the kitchen where he was making lunch.

She lowered her chin and bowed her knees with shyness as she gazed up at him with a twinkle of innocence making clear how she felt inside.

“Did you wet yourself all ready, Baby?” her Daddy asked with a tone she would soon refer to as the Daddy Voice.

She nodded her head slowly and awaited his directions, pretty in pink – from her t-shirt to the blush she didn’t apply.


11 – “Daddy, I don’t mean to alarm you, but …”

“Daddy,” the BabyGirl said with a whisper. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you should know there’s a monster under my bed and I can’t sleep in it now.”

She was stalling. It was nap time and she didn’t want to get into bed.  Her Daddy, having long since accepted her need for imagination and often fostering it for her, knelt down and looked under her bed.

“There’s no monsters under your bed, Princess,” her Daddy said.

“It’s not a typical monster, Daddy,” she said with absolute belief in what she was saying.  “It’s a monster that only comes for BabyGirls.”

“What is the name of this untypical monster which only comes for BabyGirls?” her Daddy asked, playing along with her innocence.

“The Poop Fairy,” the BabyGirl replied with wide eyes.  “She shows up and puts poop in my diaper.”

“Really?” her Daddy asked with a cracking smile.  “That’s not very nice of her, is it?”

“That’s what I keep saying to her, but she doesn’t stop doing it,” the BabyGirl stated, emphatically.  “If you’re very quiet, you can hear her.”

They both stood absolutely still and listened.  Not a sound was heard.

“Well, if the Poop Fairy monster comes to visit you during your nap, you let me know, okay?” her Daddy asked.

“I will, Daddy,” the BabyGirl said, bouncing on her toes a little.

“Anything else you wanna tell me before nap time?” her Daddy asked as he motioned for her to climb into bed.

She lowered her chin, sighed in relief and touched her finger to her lower lip, rocking her hips back and forth with a message to convey through bashfulness.

“Would you believe in the Pee Fairy, too?”  she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.


10 – A Little Girl to Show You the Way

If every happy moment of life could last forever, you would spend eternity in a blissful state.

Memories are what we keep so we can revisit those happy moments whenever we want to or need to.

In a BabyGirl’s eyes, a Daddy can see the sweetest little soul in the world and one which harbors a mixture of happy memories from the past as well as instant memories of the present.

The twinkle of her gaze will remind you that a blissful state of mind is always within reach.  All it takes is a little heart, a little love and a little girl to show you the way.


9 – The Wings of a Butterfly

“Daddy, I dreamed about a butterfly last night,” the BabyGirl said as her Daddy lifted her out of the tub from her morning bath.

“You did?” he asked, wrapping a towel around her and setting her on his knee to dry her off.

“Yes,” she nodded with a little girl’s tone in her voice. “Everything was really, really bright.  An’ da butterfly came in through da window.  So I stood up on da bed.  I know you told me never to stand on my bed, Daddy.  I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Princess,” her Daddy said with a grin to her innocence.  “What happened next?”

“Well, I lifted my hand up an’ da butterfly landed on my fingers,” she said as her Daddy lifted her up, swaddled in the towel as he carried her to her nursery. “It landed there an’ slowly flapped its wings.  Like dis.”

She stretched her arms out and flapped them as her Daddy placed her on her changing table and unswaddled her from the towel.

“Do you know what that means, Angel?” her Daddy asked as he took a diaper from the shelves beneath her.

“What?” she asked, tilting her head to the side in wonder.

“Butterflies that enter your room are telling you someone who loves you is coming to see you,” her Daddy said, raising her legs and bottom up to slide the diaper underneath her.  “And when a butterfly lands on you, it means you have good luck.”

The BabyGirl’s eyes grew mesmerized with the tale her Daddy was telling.  And her littleness grew within her as he took powder to her bottom and then her front before lowering her tooshy into the diaper.

“And tummyflies are those good feelings inside you,” he continued, bringing the front of her diaper up and into place flapping the edges like butterfly wings before he fastened the tapes at her hips.

She giggled at his sillyness, squirming a little at the tummyflies that he had just placed inside her to flutter her with littleness. 

“But I think beyond everything else, that butterfly knew how wonderful you are and wanted to be your friend,” he said, patting her diapered bottom before lifting her up into his arms and carrying her to the high chair in the kitchen for breakfast. “And it was saying hello to you by flapping its wings.”


8 – Feeling “Little” in Her Mommy’s World

Olivia reflected on the  unforgettable night which now was coming to an end.

It was 10 pm and she had just finished dressing herself for bedtime.  Standing before her Mommy, the memories of the night still coursed through her mind.  It had been everything she had hoped it would be.  But she would never remember it as something.  She would always remember it as a collection of nothings that couldn’t even be compared to each other:

Her Mommy made her feel loved.  Nothing could compare to that.
Those ladies at the party made her feel special.  Nothing could compare to that.
Her tummy flies were intense.  Nothing could compare to that.
She had found her place in life.  Nothing could compare to that.
And nothing compared to … Feeling Little in Her Mommy’s World.


7 – Something He Once Said …

The Princess kicked the grill of her car in frustration.  Why?  Why did this have to happen now?  All she wanted to do was get there.

She had been a Big girl all week, doing the job thing and being responsible, but it was Friday afternoon and her weekend had begun. 

Missing her Daddy horribly, she packed a small bag of the essentials any girl wouldn’t want to be without – no matter where she went.  And she hopped in her car, speeding down the open road on a trip to her Daddy’s house.  It was supposed to be a surprise visit  and she had planned on getting to his place before him so she could be lying in the middle of his bed when he got home – nursing on her pacifier and wearing nothing but her diaper.

Instead, she was leaning up against the drawn hood of her car, wondering why it had overheated yet again.  Tears came to her eyes and she sulked at her situation.  All she wanted to do was make him happy, to catch him off guard for once and to surprise him.  The heat of late afternoon added in to the meltdown she was about to have.  But then she remembered something he once said …

“Princess,” she remembered hearing him say with that deep soothing timbre that owned her heart.  “Nothing is impossible to fix.  You simple need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on what you need.  If you do that, the answer will present itself.”

She closed her eyes and followed the directions her Daddy had given her when faced with a problem.  And when she opened her eyes, she remembered that a car which was overheating could still be driven with caution, if she turned the heater on full blast and put the windows down.

She got back in the car and cranked up the heater, realizing she would be a sweaty mess when she got to him.  She started down the road again, checking her gauges and seeing the engine temperature drop.

She was gonna make it there, after all.  And all because she remembered something he once said.


6 – How to Get Daddy to Buy You a Doggy

“I don’t know what happened to the rest of the sketties, Daddy.  I can’t figure it out.  I was eating them and then they were gone!” she said with a fuss so convincing that he believed her.

“It’s okay, Baby.  Tell Daddy what you remember,” he said softly, less concerned with where she had dropped the bowl of spaghetti than the fact that she looked like she was about to start crying.

“Um … well,” she started, swallowing the lump in her throat as she collected her thoughts and tried to remember.  “You put the sketties in my bowl an’ I counted ’em all to make sure I knew how many there were so’s I wouldn’t lose any of ’em.”

“Did you actually count them?” her Daddy asked with surprise.

“Uh-Huh!” she responded cheerfully.

“How many were there?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“Leventy-Billion!” she said with a confidence and pride of self in her tone.  “I counted twice to make sure.”

“Okay,” he said, smiling at her answer.  “Go on.  What happened next?”

“Well, I started eating them, one at a time…,” she continued as her mind wandered off.

“And then?” he said softly, trying to help her to stay focused.

“And I ‘member looking out the kitchen window at a bluebird who flew up to say hello,” she continued slowly, lost in her memories before looking up at him with sad, puppy dog eyes.  “And when I looked back at the bowl, all the sketties were gone.”

Her Daddy looked at her with a knowing grin.

“Maybe the doggy ate them!” she suggested excitedly, trying to find some way to cover up the truth.

“We don’t have a doggy, Princess,” her Daddy reminded her.

“Oh …,” she said, searching quickly for what to say next.  “Well, can we get a doggy, Daddy?”

He pulled out the front of the waist band of her diaper, peeking inside and she touched the plastic fork to her pouty, lower lip as he discovered where the missing spaghetti strands had mysteriously wandered off to.   Lifting her out of her high chair and putting her on his hip, her carried her back to her nursery for a much-needed diaper change.

“And what would you like to name this doggy?” her Daddy asked her, gently patting her diapered bottom as he was sure that she had a tush-full of pasta as well.

He placed her on her changing next table next to her crib and unfastened the tapes of her diaper.

“How about Noodle?” she asked with an innocent tone.


5 – Daddy, this may be a bad time to tell you, but …


The BabyGirl was so excited to get into the pool her Daddy could hardly keep hold of her long enough to get the swimsuit and floaties on her before she raced out onto the back deck and down the pool steps into the water.

She had always wanted a pool of her own.  So, when her Daddy said that her birthday present that summer would be a backyard pool, she created a Thank You, Daddy.  I Love You diary, filling each line of each page with those words and handing it to him on his birthday, just a week ago.

But she was so excited to get in the pool for the first time that she quickly answered all of his time-delaying questions with a simple “nope”.  In early June, however, the heat of the summer would sometimes still be a few weeks away and therefore, the days of chilly pool water would not have passed just yet.

Getting into that pool water was a bit shocking and placing her hand on her diapered bottom, she looked back at her Daddy with a simple confession to make.

“Daddy, this may be a bad time to tell you, but …” she began as an innocent grin covered her eyes and cheeks.  “I think I did have to go potty, after all.”


4 – “Daddy, I had the most wonderful dream …”

The little angel opened her eyes, squinting them quickly from the daylight and curling up her limbs just to stretch them out and yawn.

Her wake-up routine was always the same and it was as adorable as could be, melting her Daddy’s heart each time.

“Good morning, Princess,” she her the timbre of her Daddy’s voice say – melting her heart right back and starting her day off the right way with a fluttering of tummyflies.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she whispered in a small voice as she turned from her tummy onto her back.

Her heart started racing at the first sight of him that day.  And her little heart never seemed to diminish the effect of first sight – whether it was of love or love for a lifetime. 

“Did you sleep well?” he said, leaning in and kissing her forehead.

“Mm-hmm,” she mumbled quietly, thinking back on the vision of her mind in the past few hours. 

Memories of her time with him were especially endearing.  Though they didn’t get much time to see each other and though they often went several weeks without being able to be with each other, the time they did have was the stuff that dreams were made of.  Particularly, the stuff that her dreams were made of.

She would tell him of her dreams and then together, they would make her dreams come true.

“Daddy, I had the most wonderful dream last night …” she began as he unfastened her diaper tapes.


3 – The Color of “Little”


It is said that the color of love is pink, red and purple – but each for different reasons.
For example, pink is the love of all kinds, like mother to daughter, father to son, friend to friend …  Red is only boy to girl, or man to woman.   Purple represents both.
Yellow is the color of sunshine.  It shows joy, happiness. 
Blue is the color of the ocean & the sky.  It’s calming & cool, peaceful & pleasant.
Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony and safety.
Orange is the color of warmth, of energy.  But it has no aggression.

There was a meaning for every color and her Daddy was quite concerned when she kept dressing herself in black.  It didn’t seem very BabyGirl-like until one night when they returned home from an evening out-n-about.

Sitting on the couch, the BabyGirl yawned and littleness filled her eyes.  With instinct, she drew her knees up to her chest – a sign she needed changed. Sitting on the hassock and beginning to undress her, he realized that the color of black was actually the color of little.

Black is the presence of all colors, all at once.  Wearing black meant she wore:

blue – calm and collected, loyal and trusting.
red – passionate and desiring, romantic and feeling courageous.
pink – soft and pretty, shy and timid.
yellow – cheerful and lively, yet relaxed and renewed.
orange – energized and creative, imaginative and mesmerized.
green – healed and renewed, hopeful and ambitious
purple – accepting and sweet, yet mysterious and enigmatic

So why did she choose black to wear instead of another color?  Because she was filled with the sentiments and meanings of all the colors, all at once.  Just like black … The Color of Little.


2 – The Tremor for Tomorrow’s Memory

Derica could still sense her Daddy’s touch from that morning.  He would be gone for the night – away on a short business trip, but back tomorrow evening.

It would be merely a day apart, but to her it would feel like an eternity of separation from him.  Though her fingers tried vigorously to do what her Daddy’s hands did without any need for effort, it only made her miss him more.

Then she recalled what her Daddy said to her before he left that morning.  He said the same sweet words he always said before these business trips he took.  But she never tired of hearing his timbre whispering in her ear because she knew when she needed to hear his voice again, all she had to do was listen to his echoes in her heart:

“Princess, when you miss me the most, it’s because my heart is aching to be with you again.  And when you long for my touch, it’s because my hands need to feel you.  And when you close your eyes, place your hands where you want to feel me the most.  But don’t remember what the last touch felt like.  Remember what the next one will feel like.  And in your exhale, I’ll be there.” 

She closed her eyes, placed her hand on her center and breathed.  From her core, came the tremor for tomorrow’s memory.


1 – She Had “Other” Thoughts In Mind

Friday night was always date night.  She and her Daddy would dress to impress, then go out on the town to wine-n-dine-n-dance-the-night-away.

Not only was he a sharp-dressed man who put Chivalry back into the forefront of her dreams, but he was also the reason why she would keep an extra pair of panties in her purse.  Her wiles were strong, but they were no match for the urges his presence would evoke from within her core.

Being a bit drunk and still buzzing from the night on her feet, she went to her knees when they got home – yanking the cushions off the living room sofa and setting up a slumber area where they would sit while watching whatever romantic girly movie she picked for them.

Her Daddy went to the kitchen to make up a bottle of milk for her.  When he returned, she was naked.  She rose up on her knees and took hold of the back of his left leg as she wrapped her lips around the rubber nipple of her bottle.  She swallowed the warm milk while gazing up at him with a lust which only would’ve been more clearly pronounced had it been written on her forehead.

He was preparing to Daddy her littleness, but … as with many of their plans … she gave short notice of the change she wanted.   There would be time for diapers, babbling & babying.  For the moment and the current want, she had “other” thoughts in mind.


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