The Waddling Dead: Episode 14

Episode Fourteen: The Secret Weapon

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Saturday evening, 6:00 pm

It had been hours since the Eclectics had climbed up into that red oak tree and at this point, not a single one of them could’ve even guessed what time it was.  But from the gathering of zombies at the base of that tree, it looked like they were going to lose sense of a lot more time before they could ever climb down.

The worst part of it all was the visual of Yara’s dead zombified body on the ground, being trampled all over by the other zombie waddlers who were reaching up towards the Eclectics from around the trunk of the tree.  Yara was their baby sister, one of the Eclectic Eight.  But now, she was gone.  Brook sat directly above Yara on an outstretching branch, weeping over her fallen friend below as Georgia tended to her right ankle.

“Brook, take your shirt off.  I’m gonna need it to wrap your foot,” Georgia said, holding two sticks on either side of the Brook’s foot.  “You too, Rebecca.  Hey girls, I’m gonna need another shirt yet.”

“How badly is her ankle strained?” Rebecca asked, taking her shirt off and handing it Georgia.

“It’s sprained, not strained,” Georgia answered, taking Rebecca’s shirt and Brook’s shirt and using them to tie the two sticks around the injured ankle.  “Sprains are injuries to ligaments – the tissues that connect two bones.  Strains are injuries to muscles and tendons.”

“Well, thank you, Doctor,” Iris said, handing her shirt to Georgia and then looking out over the campground.  “It’s such a waste.  There aren’t even any cute boys here to witness this right now.”

“There also isn’t any cell phone service anywhere in this God-forsaken place,” Georgia said – finishing the wrap of Brook’s ankle and then taking her cell phone out of cleavage storage to try to get a signal.

“You brought your cell phone along?” Rebecca asked.

“I am never without my cell phone,” Georgia remarked, then looking straight up to the top of the tree.  “I wonder if there would be any signal above the leaves.”

“It’s worth a shot,” Rebecca said.  “I’ll climb up with you.”

As Georgia and Rebecca made the dangerous climb up the center of the tree, Angelina started counting the zombies below.  Britney had scooted her way out onto another sturdy branch – breaking off a smaller branch to make a crutch for Brook.

“I count 42 zombies, including Yara,” Angelina said, then pausing to recheck her numbers.  ‘But that doesn’t make sense.”

“Why not?” Britney asked, scooting back off that outstretching branch towards the center of the tree, Iris helping Brook to do the same.

“Well, there were 8 colleges who sent 8 pledges and a pledge mistress to this retreat.  That’s 64 people,” Angelina said, everyone looking up and realizing that there were quite a few girls unaccounted for.  “Loretta would make 65.  The 42 dead girls below us, the 7 of us in this tree and Chloe who is probably still in the kitchen … would make 50.  So where are the other 15?”

Everyone started searching as far as they could see, Georgia and Rebecca doing the same from the top of the tree – above the leaves.

“I wonder if it would be possible to get all of them to stay in one area,” Britney said, thinking out loud.  “Then, we would be able to keep track of them.”

“I wonder if there are any others who are still alive,” Brook said, everyone getting quiet again and contemplating the possibility.  “I mean … I’m sure these aren’t all of them below us.  I don’t see the first girl who attacked everyone and I don’t see that horrible Hillary girl, either.”

“How do they know where we are?” Lorna asked, walking out onto the branch where Brook had been seated and looking down at the zombies beneath her.  “I mean … sure, they can see us and after we are found by some of them, the others follow.  But like, when we were on that observation deck, we weren’t making noise or moving at all.  But they still knew we were there.”

“Yeah, it’s like they can sense our presence,” Iris added.  “Like … they can sense the living.”

“Lorna, honey.  What are you doing?” Angelina asked, watching Lorna lowering her diaper to the middle of her thighs before squatting and holding onto the branch.

“I’m taking care of business,” Lorna said with a grin.

“You are always the insatiable one,” Angelina said, grinning back.

Lorna concentrated for just a moment before releasing her bladder and sending a stream of pee downward.  The zombies scattered when the pee landed on them.  But two waddlers in particular were struck in their faces by the pee and they dropped to the ground, making banshee-like shrieking noises as their faces melted away.

Then they both died, right next to Yara.

“That gives me an idea,” Iris said, carefully waddling out onto the same branch as Lorna.

Unfastening the tapes at her hips, Iris took a seat and folded her wet diaper inside out.  Taping it into a ball so that the inside of the diaper would remain on the outside, she held the diaper out and dropped it.  It fell to the ground and several of the waddling dead contingent below them dropped to their knees – leaning over and biting at the diaper.  Every single one of them who took a bite leaned back and grabbed at their mouths as their skin and throats melted.  Then they fell over dead.

“It seems to me we may not have to corral them into one area,” Iris stated.  “I mean, that would work.  But I think there’s an easier way.”

“Right,” Britney said, seeing the advantage they suddenly had over the zombies.  “It would be easier to … mark our territory and then -.”

“And then, they would stay away from that area,” Iris said, completing Britney’s thought.

“I’m just glad I’m not the only one up here who is completely naked right now,” Brook said, looking at Iris’s naked condition.

A moment of silence preceded everyone’s laughter, a much-needed break from the tension.

“And because you have incontinence, you’re our secret weapon, Brook,” Rebecca said, making her way down from the top of the tree.

Brook smiled sweetly, laughing at what Rebecca said.

“You know, this is the first time in my life that I see it as a blessing, not a problem,” Brook said.  “I really like that.”

“We just need to keep giving you water,” Georgia said, making her way down from the top of the tree and turning to face the Eclectics.  “This leads to the problem at hand:  how we get down from this tree without being killed by them.”

Another moment of silence from the Eclectics made audible the snarling and growling sounds that were coming from the waddling dead at the base of the tree.  Though the lightheartedness of the past few minutes was a welcomed bit of relief, Georgia was right in having put back at the forefront the problem they still faced.

And it was sweet little Brook who took it to heart the most.

“Are we going to die up here?” Brook asked through a new set of tears.  “Won’t we starve before Monday?”

“No.  We won’t starve.  And we won’t dehydrate either,” Georgia assured her.  “The human body can go three weeks without food and three days without water.  There have been some instances when people made it even longer than that.  But we have cold temperatures at night to deal with as well as the possibility that this collection of dead girls that seem to operate like the Borg … possessed of one mind-set, will eventually figure out how to get up this tree to get to us.”

“So we move,” Rebecca said.  “We jump down and sprint away.”

“Brook can’t do that,” Angelina said.  “And there are so many of these zombies around the tree right now that some of us won’t make it.”

“So we’re stuck here for a while,” Brook said.  “Because of me.”

“No, not because of you.  Because of them,” Iris said, pointing to the waddling horde at the base of the red oak.

“If we’re gonna stay here for much longer, we’re gonna need several things,” Georgia said. “The first being water.”

“I could use some clothes and some pain killers,” Brook added.

“Food would be good, too,” Rebecca said.

“Then I’ll go get us some,” Britney said boldly, the girls looking at her with confusion as to what she meant.  “I’ll go get all of those things and everything else we need.”

Silence fell over the Eclectics again.  How brave of Britney, but how dangerous.  She could get hurt.  She could fall.  She could be bitten.  She could die.  She could wind up looking like Yara.

“How are you gonna do this?” Angelina asked.

“I have a gymnastics scholarship.  It’s the only way I could afford college.  So I’ll be a gymnast and go from tree to tree, the whole way back to our cabin,” Britney answered, the girls eyeing up the line of trees she would likely have to take to get to their cabin.  “I’ve already decided, girls.  I’m going … and that’s final.”

“Okay,” Lorna said, walking over to Britney.  “But let me show you a few self-defense techniques before you go.  They just might save your life, if you run into trouble along the way.”

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