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Traduction française Fantasy, whether ABDL or not, can be whatever you want it to be. Perhaps that’s what makes it so appealing. When in fantasy, you don’t have to work at anything. All you have to do is believe in something that is perfect. Like a journey of two people who fell in love along the way and how they paved their own passageway to finding their Happily Ever After, their Fairy Tale-come-true. When characters in stories are compelling enough for you to relate to, you feel their emotions and live within them as you read their tales. Take romance and add it into the mixture. Insert that certain “dynamic” into the emotions felt by a pair of lovers and what you create are the fantasies we all dream about. Here is my collection, and every word is a piece of my heart, mind and soul: (For the paperbacks, click here.)

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Zorro Daddy’s ABDL Library:

Lily (A prequel story)

Her name was Lilian Paddington.  And she was a busy dreamcatcher … a dream every night and often daydreaming spells, too.  She could see what she wanted so very clearly in her mind but was always apprehensive about pursuing her dreams.

Lily wanted the fairy tale and believed in it.  Despite her never-ending belief, in her late-20s, that prince hadn’t appeared yet.  All of that was about to change.

This is the prequel story of Lily’s mental and emotional quest to find the Daddy of her dreams … to find Zeke.

Breaking Free From What Holds You Back
The Birth of the Dream Elf Connection

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The Pathway of Legacy 2 In the first book, Katherine was given a re-education over the summer that redefined for her the meanings of: obedience and submission. 

The Pathway of Legacy 2 details the events of her first semester of graduate school, pledging to a sorority and being subjected to a daily routine of humiliation that rewires her mind, reminding her that all actions have a consequence.  And that consequence will be faced.

As a graduate BabyGirl, Katherine reinvents herself, being given two avenues of choice.  One will make her falter.  The other will make her a legacy.  But both choices have pros and cons.

Sample: Good Girl … Very Good Girl

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Flashback A tale of diaper changes, nighties, sippy cups, spankings, short skirts, the business of sports, tummyflies, sex between the sheets, sex on the kitchen table, crinkling, whimpering, moaning, health, stitches, contracts, flying blouse buttons, flying baby powder, soulmates, premonitions and the future being discovered in the present.

It is a sexual, emotional, intellectual, affectionate and fetish-laden read.

Join Athena and Harrison as they move swiftly to learn if soulmates are real and if there is such a thing as a skirt that is too short to hide her diaper at the office.


Into the Palm of His Hand

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Layers  This one is a twisty, turny, tryst-y journey.

Layers is the story of an internal journey, taken by a girl named Jessica.  She finds herself in situations that were created by decisions she made as well as the events of her life.  It’s a story not of self-discovery, but rather, of self-invention and the journey she takes leads to self-reinvention.

If you enjoy a story that twists as you turn the pages, then Layers is right up your alley.

Sample:  Game On: The Impulses


Storytellers A little headspace fanatic, a romantic exhibitionist, a masochist in search of sadism and a sexual fanatic on the verge of nymphomania, (four BabyGirls who met at age play conventions and became fast friends), get together for a weekend of storytelling and dream talking. And in doing so, they delve into a bit of soul-searching that would make the weekend have lasting meaning.

Sample:  Welcome to the Rest of Your Life


Country Rose 7 Rose, the city girl from Bean town who moved to Southern Pines, NC and became a country rose, and Emmitt her Cowboy Daddy, a horse wrangler who still has a habit of taking off his shirt, return for their 7th installment in this ABDL Romance Series.

Trouble brews as her pottery business encounters a problem and his horse farm falls on hard times.  They now struggle to keep their dream life afloat.

Join Rose and Emmitt as their Daddy/BabyGirl romance now blooms into the trials of sustaining the life they worked so hard to build.

Sample: A Sunday in Southern Pines

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The BabySitter Crush 2 Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl ABDL book.  But it still speaks of the dynamic of love that an age play couple knows well.   This sexually-charged age play story continues the tale of a cougar and of her younger match.  Her name is Krissy and his is Joe.  Twenty years ago, when Krissy was in college, she was Joe’s babysitter.  Now, twenty years later, Joe is the college graduate – new to the working world and struggling to overcome the stereotypes about his generation.

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Feeling Little In A Big World 3

Boo’s pure-n-innocent story continues, this time a few days before Christmas.  Her wedding is fast-approaching and the stress of planning it is taking its toll on her.  So her husband-to-be Daddy takes her on an entire day of mind-numbing mini-trips.

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Sample: With Her Heart In Her Daddy’s Hands


A BabyGirl is abducted by an obsessed man and her Daddy goes on a manhunt to rescue her. This story is about the bond between a Daddy and BabyGirl … and what happens when that bond is forcefully broken. If you like dark BDSM tales with an ABDL twist, Stolen is right up your alley.

Samples:  Diablo’s Selection  –  The Bad Girl Lesson  –  The Good Girl Lesson

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A Girl Named Love This story is a tale of the human spirit, sexual extremes to a fevered pitched, human connections, the strength we all possess and of the courage necessary to never give up.

Samples: Scorcher Love Was Here

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The strongest shape in the world is a triangle because any added force put on it is distributed evenly to all three sides – making it difficult to distort the fixed shape.  Might this train of thought work within a relationship too? Get down and dirty with this FfM trio in this ABDL Ménage à Trois romance that reaches a climax like no other.
Samples: …… How’s It Gonna Be? …… The Start of Something Good
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Forever Young

A BabyGirl-to-be makes a deal with a dark handsome man and learns that not everything is of this Earth. Join Ella and Dante as they venture into a mysterious place … the mind of someone who has decided to break free from the shackles that hindered her.

Samples:     Sealing the Deal          The Waltz of the ButterFlies

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Gratification: Volume Three
This third collection of disconnected dark age play stories tells sexual and sensual tales of the erotic combinations of ABDL, BDSM, spanking, discipline, humiliation, taboo fetishes, bondage and more.  Each story melds together two people who come from different starting points. This book is the stuff that fantasies are made of. And this collection of 18 dark age play erotic short stories will spin you around, put you on exhibit, drop you to your knees, change the way you think, change the way you feel, reinvent you, disguise your passions, reveal your desires, eat you up, spit you out, blind your heart, scramble your mind, teach you where you truly belong and then do it all again.Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again.
Samples:  Whatever Comes To Mind  –  What A Good Girl Needed
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited
The BabySitter Crush
Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl ABDL book.  But it still speaks of the dynamic of love that an age play couple knows well.  This sexually-charged age play story tells the tale of a cougar and of her younger match.  Her name is Krissy and his is Joe.  Twenty years ago, when Krissy was in college, she was Joe’s babysitter.  Now, twenty years later, Joe is the college graduate.  And he bumps into Krissy quite unexpectedly at a kink munch. The BabySitter Crush shows that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her BabyBoy.
Sample: The Greatest Tease of All
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Zeke and Lily (Book 11): Ten Years Later

Zeke and Lily Williams have enjoyed ten years of marriage.  They’ve started a family and have done the one thing they always promised each other they would do … evolve together through life. But now with a week to themselves, kid-free and with the sky being the only limit, Zeke and Lily decide to rekindle the dynamic that first brought them together.

Samples: The Things That Change.  The Things That Don’t. The Princess of Infantilum 2

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Country Rose 6 

ACountry Rose 6n unseasonably hot autumn in Southern Pines, NC leads to sweltering temperatures, rainstorms, dark clouds and hurricanes, the usually pleasant atmosphere isn’t helping her with her insecurity.  But with a new marriage going well, the heat is turning up in other ways too. Join Rose and Emmitt as their Daddy/BabyGirl romance now blooms into what happens after the honeymoon.

Sample:The CowGirl Ride

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Full Force III: Extreme

The forced regression story of Dakota continues.  And after a few spankings, some restraints and a few bowls of undesirable mush, she will be a different soul. 

Samples:Dilemma” – “Swinging The Mood

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Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues is a story of what can happen when two people bring something to the table, when reality is seen to be just as important as fantasy and when people give back just as much as they take. The story is told equally, from his point of view at times and from her point of view at other times – laying proof that we are only half of something that is perfect for us.

Sample:  The Fine Art of Give and Receive

Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Aria and the CountrySide

aria-and-the-countrysideThis is the story of a dream elf girl, how she found her human connection and love in a life with purpose. When she discovers her human connection, she is immediately sent into his dreams to prevent a catastrophe from unfolding.

Sample:The Feeling She Had Inside

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Gabriel and Gina

Gabriel and GinaHer name is Gina, a sweet girl with a lot of fantasies who wasn’t brave enough to tell anyone about them … until now.  With a little alcohol in her system at a frat party, she tells her “Daddy’s Girl” fantasies to Gabriel. a college acquaintance.  But she didn’t know that, one week after confessing her heart’s secrets to him, they both would be exploring the dynamics of the Daddy/BabyGirl relationship. Samples:

Learning to Give In
Getting The Hang Of It
The Best Years of Life
Leaving the Atlantic
Wallflowers and Table Tops
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Genus One

Genus OneWelcome to Genus One, a planet suited for human existence, 25 light years away from Earth.  The year is 2116 and after quite a few technological advancements, humankind has found the ability to travel deeper into space than ever before.  Three suitable planets are discovered and mankind begins colonizing all of them – each one with unique qualities. As is human tendency, greed begins to leak into the pleasant new surroundings.  And before long, a power-hungry mad man sets the wheels in motion to destroy everything mankind has built in these brave new worlds.
Now humanity must wage a defense that is both aggressive and passive as it is learned that all humankind ever had to do was better itself in order to become better than ever before ………… and yes, all of this is done with a whole lot of people in diapers.
Brave New World
The Power of the Female Mind
The Scent of Angelica Flowers
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Genus Two
Genus TwoThis is the dark episode of The ABDL Sci-Fi Series.  The story travels to the second new planet of the three and a series of actions, committed by a mad man, threaten to unravel the sanctity of all three planets. Genus Two will keep you turning pages until the very end, a climax that will change everything.
Sample: Paradise Unknown”
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Genus Three

This ABDL science fiction story travels to the third planet, Genus Three – a celestial body that is 95% water on its surface.  But a lot of secrets lie beneath those waters as well as on an island that no one knows is there. Turmoil has taken over the usual harmonious nature of the three Genus planets and a small band of people have journeyed all the way to Genus Three, searching for their lost friend – one of the women who was mysteriously abducted. But there are many islands on Genus Three and finding her will not be an easy task, nor will it be easy to remain alive with a collection of shapeshifters on their heels all the way. Train wrecks, meltdowns, volcanic encounters, boat chases, shark attacks, avalanches, temptations and betrayal all detail this journey of the crinkly future. But will the mad man be found and dealt with before his plan reaches its finish? And will the girl be rescued in time to prevent her mental destruction? Genus Three is the heart-pounding, fast-paced conclusion to this ABDL Sci-Fi adventure.
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The Crinklebury Tales

The Crinklebury TalesA group of 8 ABDL friends pile into a Suburban SUV, driving 8 hours through the night to get to an age play convention that starts the following morning.  And along the way, each takes a turn telling their dream scenario fantasy – a collection of tales that will tantalize, mesmerize, nurture, arouse and mystify you.

Sample: How to Dream Big About Being Little

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60 Degrees and Down the Crack

60 Degrees.jpgFour age play couples come together for a weekend and with no regard for preferences or genders or differences, they learn about themselves, about their partners, about friendship, about how weakness is strong, about how strength can be weak and about how all that is really needed to feel comfortable is to open one’s heart to the possibilities that are all around.
Samples:  Trickle Down  –  Line Up
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Snake Eyes

Snake EyesSnake Eyes is the sexually-charged story of a girl who ran away one too many times and suddenly couldn’t find her way back home … not without a Daddy who would force her to believe in herself again.Themes include: age play, forced regression, discipline, spanking, nurturing, coddling and the kind of love that only a Daddy can give.
Rolling the Dice
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Full Force I: Dakota

This is an age play tale of forced regression.  Dakota, nearing the age of 30, has spiraled out of control and become very self-destructive.  In an effort to help her, Dakota’s older sister schedules a most unconventional intervention.  For two weeks, Dakota is engaged in an internal battle that will either steer her back on the right pathway or derail her permanently.
Sample: No Turning Back
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Full Force II: Dream Land
This is a little more than just an age play tale of forced regression.  Continuing her journey, Dakota seeks her greatest passion … a Daddy. Looking at other BabyGirls’ online profiles, she becomes obsessed with perfection.  Scheduling another regressive therapy session, this time with a dominatrix, Dakota learns no one is perfect and that such a  pursuit is futile.
Sample: 99.44
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Full Force III: Extreme
At the start of this book, Dakota and Dutch have been a Daddy and BabyGirl couple for three months, right when the honeymoon usually ends in a relationship and reality sets in a bit more fully.  Revealing to Dutch she has a problem with shutting down emotionally when certain things happen, Dakota asks him for help when next she gets the blah feelings. Dutch obliges her.  After a few spankings, restraints and bowls of undesirable mush, she’ll be a different soul.  But will she feel anything by the end?
Samples:Dilemma“ “Swinging The Mood
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CrimsonThis is the story of Trisha, an Irish girl with red hair and a lot of fantasy she has been waiting to experience. All of her life, she had been looking for the perfect guy to open her heart to and to reveal her secrets to. He wouldn’t just appear out of nowhere. This she was certain of as she didn’t believe in fairy tales. Enter Derrick, a handsome guy she met at a club one night. And suddenly, Trisha didn’t know what to think.  With her electric eyes and her fiery red hair, she dared to go into uncharted territory as her life was about to change forever. This is Trisha’s story – steamy, heart-pounding, breathless and satisfying.
Sample:  Introductions

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ClimaxNina is a Midwest sweetheart. But as a recent college graduate, her forthcoming summer employment will teach her how much she still has to learn about herself, about others, about love and about life. With a head-full of fantasy and a heart-full of secrets, Nina travels up to Michigan – completely unaware of the life-changing events to follow.
Kindle or Kindle UnlimitedCreateSpace PaperbackLulu Paperback
Unexpected Opportunities
At First Sight
Fetish Nights
No Deeper Truth

Country Rose

Country RoseRose is a simple girl who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today. And along the journey, she had falls in love with a cowboy who could easily be the “Daddy” she had dreamed about.  Country Rose is a story of redemption, of renewal and of new beginnings. Join Rose and Emmitt as their saga begins.
Sample: The Great Unknown
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Country Rose 2
Country Rose 2Rose and Emmitt have fully embraced their dynamic and there is no longer any “play” to their age play. It is now as natural to their relationship as breathing and fast heart beats. Taking a trip up to Boston to meet her relatives, Rose allows her over-active mind to blurt out the truth her over-active imagination has discovered. In short: Rose tells Emmitt that she wants him to help her find her limits and then to push her beyond them. Join Rose and Emmitt in this, the continuing story of a city girl from Beantown who moved down the east coast and became a Country Rose.
Samples:  Riding on WingsWhat They Can SeeThe Secret Binge
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Country Rose 3
Country Rose 3Spring time returns to Southern Pines, NC. And with it comes the conclusion of Rose’s first year in the country.  In that year, she met and fell in love with a cowboy named Emmitt. She also fully embraced her BabyGirl inklings, going so far as to share them with him. And as if their love was plucked straight from the pages of the perfect romance novel, Emmitt became her Daddy. And life just kept getting better and better for her. Country Rose 3 continues the ABDL romance story of Rose – a city girl turned country flower and Emmitt – a cowboy who has a habit of taking off his shirt.
Sample:The One
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Country Rose 4 

Country Rose 4Autumn has arrived and it seemed like summer passed in a single blinking of Rose’s eyes.  She closed them in June and opened them in the beginning of September to learn she had been in a coma.  Now facing the difficult challenge of the extensive rehab for severe muscle atrophy as well as overcoming the fear of having lost a memory that might forever be incomplete, Rose is relocated to a North Carolina hospital where, with the help of a counselor, a trainer, a nurse and a dog, Emmitt her beloved Daddy and husband-to-be must find a way to help Country Rose not only get back to good, but more so, to help her realize that she will be better than ever before.


What To Do With A Miracle

The Things You Learn … Again
The Silence that Spoke Volumes
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Country Rose 5
Country Rose 5
Rose Bedford has overcome tremendous adversity, paved her own pathway to a life worth living, found a Daddy, a career she literally built from the ground up and has embraced the dream come true. All the fairy tale stories always ended with: “… and they lived happily ever after”. Well … the Happily Ever After has been found.  Roll the end credits. But wait.  What happens “after” the Happily Ever After?
Thinking Out Loud
The View … With A Happy Ending
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The ABDL Apartment Book

The ABDL Apartment BookHazel Ridge Lane has hosted quite a few unruly tenants from the nearby college in all of its years as off-campus housing.  But everything is about to be turned on its head as three couples move in and make kinkiness their dynamic way of life.  The dynamic they share has different levels, but when all under the same roof, there will be  … drama in diapers.

Sample:  Drama In Diapers
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The ABDL Apartment Book 2

The ABDL Apartment Book 2The ABDL Apartment Book 2 continues the story of three kinky college couples who live in a 3-story apartment building, learning of themselves, of others and exploring all the possibilities that life can offer them. .
Mind Over Matter
Finding All the Right Words to Say
The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed
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The ABDL Apartment 3

The ABDL Apartment Book 3The ABDL Apartment Book 3 completes this multi-sexual trilogy about several ABDL couples with varying degrees of darkness and purity who came together under one roof and formed friendships that bonded them. .
Stay the Night With Me
Burying the Needle
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BabyLoveThis is the story of Chelsea Sweet, a BabyGirl who had everything, lost everything and found a way to climb back to the top of the mountain again, fueled by her Daddy’s constant reminder that:“When someone knocks you down, find the reason to stand back up … Because you either stand for something, or you fall for everything. But not even Chelsea could’ve imagined what would happen in the end.  And it would be her greatest challenge of all.

Samples:   No More Secrets“  – “The Monopoly of a Dirty Mad Lib 
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The Dynamic Story

The Dynamic StoryThis is the story of Adam, a guy with a tale to tell.  Hank, an author and screen play writer, walks into a bar & grille, meeting with Adam to hear his story – one that Hank learns is more than the usual and quite dynamic.  But not even Hank, a seasoned storyline creator, could’ve seen the twist at the end of this dynamic story.   …..     Perhaps you will. 

Samples:   Dynamics  –  A Tale of Dreaming Minds and Dreaming Hearts
Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience

From Sun Up to Sun DownOne story, told in three ways.  And Three Ways are always better than one.

The Perfect Way to Start the Day
What to Wear with a White BabyDoll Dress
Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

The ABDL MedFet Book

The ABDL MedFet BookSometimes, being a good girl is just what the doctor ordered.
Sample: The Voice In Her Head
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The ABDL MedFet Book 2
The ABDL MedFet Book 2Mistaken identity, a forgetful nurse, an angel in scrubs & an eye-opening webinar make up this second helping.
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The ABDL MedFet Book 3
The ABDL MedFet Book 3From med students to doctors to patients with needle phobias and crippling addictions, this book travels back into the world of medical fetish and twists a little more age play into the mix.
Sample:Guess the Fetish
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo
The ABDL MedFet Book 4
The ABDL MedFet Book 4In this fourth installment of the ABDL MedFet twist, spines will quiver, “spots” will be hit just right and icicles will make helpless the little hearts of some BabyGirls who are just trying to be good, for a change.
Sample: Simon Says
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo
The ABDL MedFet Book 5
The ABDL MedFet Book 5The darkest ABDL MedFet book. In these pages, you will find several stories about circumstances unexpected. These BabyGirls find themselves at the mercy of a few guys with too much knowledge of medicine for their own good. But if these BabyGirls learn quickly, maybe it’ll be for their good.
Sample: Getting to the Point
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The ABDL MedFet Book 6
From an undercover sting operation that will bring down a crooked doctor as well as his abusive practice to a car accident that forces a woman to change while also forcing a man to not only stay the same but live onward, this sixth installment of the ABDL MedFet twist will make you think twice while stimulating your nerve-endings as well as a few other parts of your anatomy.
Sample: Two Nurses and a Patient
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The ABDL Horror Book
The ABDL Horror BookThe ABDL Horror Book takes nightmares and makes them real, twisting them into stories of survival for BabyGirls who might need a good hug afterwards.  Follow Joy, Hope, Charity and Harmony as they battle stalkers, outtings and most importantly, their own fears in these chilling tales of what happens when nightmares replace daydreams..
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The ABDL Pet Play Book
The ABDL Pet Play BookMeeting other kitties for a play date, finding puppy love in a dog park, bouncing with a sweet treat eating bunny and sharing the pride with a pony girl are the adventures that await you in this ABDL book with a twist – combining age play with pet play.
Sample:  Scaredy Cat
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ABDL Nympho: Book 1
The ABDL Nympho Book 1This is a collection of short stories about BabyGirls who love the physical with a passion dawning on mania. From a little “unwinding” in a college dorm room to the old work place to the bedroom and beyond, these BabyGirls nurse their pacifiers and hold their heads high as their feet are held higher still.
Sample:  Study Break
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The ABDL Nympho Book 2This is definitely not a pure-n-innocent Yittlin ABDL Story. As with Book 1, The ABDL Nympho Book 2 not only delves into the obsessions of sex but also with bisexual curiosity as the BabyGirls in these stories experience orgasms-a-plenty, fingering, humiliation, tasks on their knees, wetness, swelling, arousal, twitching, contracting muscles, humiliation and contracting muscles afterwards.
Sample: The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl
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ABDL Nympho: Book 3
The ABDL Nympho Book 3Enter the world of Nymphomania and Age Play for a third time with this collection of erotic tales that not only deal with lustful desires, but also emotional ones.  There are certainly some bare bottoms that will be smacked.  And the need to be tied up and tied down will be penultimate in necessity. But the diapers are never far away and whether it’s a Mommy who nurtures her or a Daddy who babies her, each BabyGirl in this book will regress and melt – on her way to becoming a nympho.
Sample: Unbroken
Kindle Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords Kobo
ABDL Tales With a Twist
Tales With A TwistThe title of this ABDL ebook details it well.  It is a collection of ABDL stories that have been twisted with medfet, nymphomania, horror and humiliation – the storylines then given a further twist to make them compelling and intense … right to the last page.
Sample: All Day Long
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The Voice
The VoiceThis is the darkest age play story I have ever written, paralleled by nothing else in that regard.  It is the horrific and harrowing dark tale of Sharon Locket, a highly successful businesswoman with a secret fetish she shared with only one. But Sharon had even more secrets than that. The only problem was: It was her past secrets that were about to revisit her and make her regret the present ones.
KindleCreateSpace PaperbackLulu Paperback

50 Things to Do With Your BabyGirl on a Saturday Night

50 ThingsThis is a collection of adult age play stories about the love between an age play couple and the dynamic they share.When this BabyGirl made her Daddy a list of fantasies she would like to experience, she had no idea he would ever plan out the night ahead of her.If all goes according to plan, she’ll be reduced, ravaged and spent of everything she knows herself to be. And she can’t wait, but she knows she’ll have to … until he allows her to grace her fantasies with what is to come.This is the story of Janie and Michael, an age play couple who have long-since decided that fantasies are far better realized than just dreamed about.
Samples:  The Opening Segment Born in Her Fantasies, Built With His Hands As You Have Done For Me Give and Take Stealing the Cowboys

Kindle Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords Kobo

Sticky Situations – The Complete Box Set
Sticky Situations 1 - 5 FrontWhat would you do if you found yourself in a Sticky Situation? One where you were headed for danger or towards the danger of discover with no way of getting out of it. The Sticky Situations Series was a collection of stories where the danger of discovery was not only felt, but actually realized.  For these BabyGirls, being discovered was the east part … until it got sticky. Now in its completion, all 22 stories appear in this box set e-book.
“Down” at the Drive-Thru
Hotel Humiliation
A Midsummer Night’s Whimper
Popcorn & Stilettos
Kindle or Kindle Unlimited
Gratification: Volume One
Grat 1-5The Gratification Series is a collection of stories about roleplay, fetishes, submission and domination, bondage and discipline.  Each story entwines foreplay, intercourse, adult language, explicit sexuality, domination and public humiliation into storylines about adult relationships that defy convention and don’t just walk on the wild side, but rush into it without caution or modesty. Everybody has a fantasy they think about, but never tell anyone. Sometimes these fantasies are so intense they can be very gratifying for us.  This box set is the stuff that fantasies are made of. This collection of 24 dark age play erotic short stories will bind you, break you, excite you, exhaust you, nurture you and then do it all again. Needless to say, it is a book intended for the mature reader who has a mind that craves the exotic and the erotic. Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again. 


Walking the Walk: A Test in Exposure TearDrops on Hardwood Floor Like Eggshells The Voice in the Elevator
Gratification: Volume Two
Grat 6-10The continuation of this dark age play series deals with themes of guilt, mind games, power trips, pleasure, want and need – this second box set taking the stuff that fantasies are made of and speaking the unspoken. These 26 dark age play erotic short stories will tie you up, pin you down, drain your heart, open your soul, push you to the edge, bruise your guilt,  ravage your senses, get your number, ring you up, unravel your defenses, make you question your decisions, make you face the consequences, watch you  squirm, make you feel regret, make you regret what you feel, make you beg for correction … and then make you do it all again Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again. Samples: Melting an Ice Queen The Green Switch All You’ve Got There’s Nothing More Important … – Memories Friday Night’s Knight
Kindle or Kindle Unlimited
Feeling Little in a Big World
An adult BabyGirl’s trip out into the Big World where she encounters some situations which are bit humiliating, a bit embarrassing and also a bit thrilling. She truly feels little in this Big World, but luckily her Daddy is with her to protect her and help her remain in that little state of mind which she so very much adores.
What would happen if you went “little” & had no way to go back?
PDF EbookKindleNookSmashwords – Kobo
The story of Boo continues with another evening trip out-n-about to a college campus where the festivities of Greek week are in full swing.  Boo truly discovers what it’s like to feel little in a Big World as she waddles along, regressing inside and dealing with a bit of humiliation she suffered a few weeks ago.
Sample:The Difference Between a Big Girl and a little girl
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The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy
Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 1In a twist of roles, Boy Toy is about the pairing of Mommy & BabyBoy.  In these stories, the Mommies wield all the power & the BabyBoys waddle all the way. 
Samples:“When Your Past Catches Up With You”
“When Your Future Looks Destined”
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The Mommy Grats: Girl Power
Mommy Grats - Girl Power 1In these stories, the power struggle is on between Mommy and BabyGirl.  And it’s sweeter than cherry pie.  
Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 2The story Olivia & Ben, a young couple who have grown to include into the new that which is old as Olivia learns his secrets.  In one day, Ben goes from fearful to exposed to humiliated to nurtured to accepting.
Samples:  “Just a Taste of It”
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The Creole Crawl
Some wild horses will never be tamed.  And it’s not because they can’t be tamed.  It’s because they’re not supposed to be.  Within many hearts is a need to keep gypsy thoughts of searching for the happiness believed to be in the future. When Winnie, a simple Midwest girl, attends college in New Orleans and her world opens up.
Sample:  “Taming Wild Horses”
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo
The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 3
Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 3Boy Toy 3 takes the story of Olivia & Ben and gives it a sequel that lays proof to the belief that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her baby.
Samples: Learning Along the Way A Sensual Slow Burn
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The Pathway of Legacy  Katherine is a brilliant girl who breezed her way through college, hardly having to apply herself at all.  But the summer before grad school began would teach her that being nice was the one bit of education she had ignored.  Now, she would be re-trained all summer long and if she didn’t turn from sassy into classy, there would be no grad school in the fall.
Sample:  From Sassy to Classy
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The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 4
Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 4Boy Toy 4 tells the story of three different couples:  Mona & Blue, Charline & Sam – and – Misty & Joey.  From denial to torture to teasing to cuckolding and everything that comes in between (and a few little things that just won’t), what these Mommies teach their BabyBoys is that sometimes what you want out of life are the things you didn’t realize were always there.  But along the way, these Mommies learn that what they want out of life isn’t all that different from what they need.
The roles and names may be different but the age play dynamic remains intact and Boy Toy 4 shows that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her BabyBoy.
Samples: Red Light, Green LightThe Cuck
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The Creole Crawl 2
Return to the French Quarter and to The Creole Crawl Bar & Grille for a little Cherry Pie and some Cajun Spice. Picking up the story where The Creole Crawl left off, Dominique & Winnie continue to grow together, bonding their hearts to what the other has to offer.  This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story.  It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same.
Sample:  Planting the Seeds
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The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 5
Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5Opposites attract and when polar opposite, they attract much stronger – with a bond often unbreakable.  From nurturing & acceptance to stamina & blushing cheeks, these stories mix the pure-n-innocent with the dark-n-sexual, making humiliation out of humble pie in a routine of crib activities.
Sample: The Morning Routine
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Photo Copyright 2015 Penny Barber, courtesy of
The Creole Crawl 3
The Dynamic Story of Dominique & Winnie continues. (Girl Power 2, Girl Power 4)  Winnie wants to be born again and in her quest for renewal, she develops an even greater satisfying connection with Dominique – one that speaks of instinct and one that challenges her to be all that she has ever wanted to be. This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story.  It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same.
Sample: Instinct
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The Rock-a-Bye Series

The Rock-a-Bye Series is a collection of thoughts, short stories and other writings about “The Daddy’s Girl Fetish” and the Dynamic between a Daddy and BabyGirl.
Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Thoughts and other Journeys of the Mind

A collection of writings about the fetish of infantilism. It’s not an educational read about infantilism, but rather a romantic fantasy about role playing.

Some role playing themes affect one in a physical way. Some affect emotions. Some go so deeply as to affect the heart, mind and soul. Thoughts on “The Daddy’s Girl” Dynamic, from a Daddy. 

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls:
Short and Sweet Stories
The couples in these stories are heterosexual with the female being submissive. She assumes the role of a baby, and he pretends to be her “Daddy”. The attraction is the feeling of vulnerability met with the “Daddy’s” nurturing care. She becomes so attached to him that a bond of emotions is formed and she is touched very deeply in her heart, mind and soul. Stories about “The Daddy’s Girl” Dynamic, from a Daddy.
PaperbackPDF EbookKindleNookSmashwords – 

There Once Was A Girl: Fairy Tale, Coloring & Activity Book

Games, Mazes, and Coloring Pictures with that AB Twist. 

Info on the Book Here

Read the Fairy Tale Here. 

Listen to it Here.



Coloring Book 2This book is a charming and endearing tale of a BabyGirl who found and fell in love with the  Daddy she had dreamed of meeting.  It includes a poem, told from her Daddy’s perspective, 21 drawings to be colored which depict the poem, 5 color-by-number pictures, 1 logos game, Daddy/BabyGirl checkers, 4 CryptoGrams, 1 word search, 1 My Little Pony game, 2 Baby Libs, 1 “Penny” board game, a connect-the-shapes-and-dots game and all the answers to the games and puzzles!  But no peeking at the answers until you’ve tried the puzzles first!  If you have a love for littleness in your heart, like to color, do games and puzzles, and have a fairy tale read to you, then “There’s A BabyGirl on My Mind” is the ABDL coloring and activity book you seek.
Read the Fairy Tale: “The Land Where BabyGirls Go”
You can find the book here: There’s A BabyGirl On My Mind


Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time
Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of TimeDestiny and Day OneThat is what Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time is all about.  Thus begins a two-part tale of a girl who decided to pursue the true meaning of her name. Destiny had been a scholastic student, graduating with honors and finding it easy to analyze what other people dreamed about.  But on this day, Day One, she pursued the wishes of her own heart.  Everything she had every done in life always came with a risk of danger, in a sense.  And this included the pursuit of an emotion she knew to be more than just an off-the beaten path fetish.  It was a way of life, a way of think, a way of feeling and loving and relating.  On this day, she crosses the final threshold into littleness to find that it was okay to follow, even if she didn’t know where she was being led.  With the loving guidance of Victor, her prized find and Daddy, she becomes enabled to focus in on the tiniest of details and simplest of emotions.
“Awaiting Destiny”
As Sweet As Heaven
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Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls:  Yittlin Extreme
Yittlin ExtremeThis is the story of Piper McCoy, a girl who asked her Daddy to give her one day of yittlin … to the extreme.  Piper begins the day apprehensive and shy.  But by the end, she is a pile of mush – on the inside and the outside.
Promises, Promises
The Little Flower Garden
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The Zeke and Lily Saga:In Chronological Order

Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a Beginning

Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a BeginningBefore Zeke and Lily got to know one another and before they took a Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas they were perfect strangers who shared a common interest in a fetish called infantilism.

Lily is a simple girl with a submissive nature. She longs for a guy to fulfill her dreams and help her heart overcome a troubled past. Zeke is a “Daddy” who longs to find a soul mate who craves a gentle soul and a caring touch. This is the story of the day they first met face-to-face at a mall in Lancaster County, PA.

Butterflies and BabyGirls of the World
How Lily First Took His Breath Away

Every saga has a beginningeven the ABDL ones. 

Kindle Nook SmashwordsPDF EBookKobo Google Lulu Paperback – CreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Overnight

Zeke and Lily spend the night in his apartment. The result Zeke and Lily: Overnightis an evening of events where their separate lives finally collide and they fall in love. By morning, their fantasies had turned into their reality together.  Would it lead to a “happily ever after” for them? 

Skinny Dipping 
“When Mr. Woody Met Lily
“Oh, That Voice”

Remember your first night at “his” place? 

Kindle – Nook – PDF EBookKobo – SmashwordsGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Making a Memory

Zeke and Lily - Making a MemoryZeke and Lily have bonded their hearts. Their common interest in infantilism has grown into a love for each other. As they head off on a Bahamas vacation, that love deepens. But trouble is on the horizon. Lily, still letting go of her troubled past, has a secret she deliberately kept from Zeke. Her fear he will no longer love her increases and she begins to get sick over the decision to tell him the truth. Zeke has a question to ask Lily.  It is a question that is weighing on his heart. As they enjoy their time in the Caribbean, they both struggle within to overcome their fears. But something happens while in the Bahamas that delays their chance to get the truth out, and they may not recover. Do Zeke and Lily come home together or did their fantasy love just die in the Bahamas?  The answer lies within these pages.

The Turbulence & the Saving Grace
Before Breakfast in the Bahamas
When Mr. Woody took Lily to the Stars

We all have a favorite vacation from our memories. 

Kindle Nook SmashwordsPDF EBookKoboGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Her Diary

Zeke and Lily - Her DiaryPicking up where “Making a Memory” ends, “Her Diary” moves Zeke and Lily’s relationship forward as they move in together.  They return home from a vacation and Lily begins medical treatment for her illness. Told from Lily’s perspective in the form of ten of her diary entries, she deals with her fears and sadness of being ill by writing down her experiences in the first two months of her treatment. (In it’s printed format, this book contains the hand-drawn pictures Lily made while writing the journal. In electronic formats, it’s not possible to show them.)

Read the Sample: Entry One
Listen to the Sample: Entry One (as read by Barbarellastar from FetLife)
Read: The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Meet Your Mother

Ever wonder what a girl writes in her diary? How about an AB Girl? 

Kindle Nook Smashwords PDF EBook KoboGoogle Lulu Paperback CreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Ever After

Zeke and Lily - Ever AfterFirst, they met face-to-face in Once Upon a Beginning. Then, there was a sleepover in Overnight. Then the Caribbean vacation in Making a Memory. Then, they moved in together in Her Diary.                             

Now Zeke and Lily approach an Ever After.  Will it be Happily? Spend Christmas with Zeke and Lily, in this, the 5th story in their saga.

What She Found on the Front Seat
 When Mr. Woody helped Lily turn a Windmill

Knowing for certain has never felt so good. 

Kindle Nook PDF E-Book  SmashwordsKoboGoogle Lulu Paperback CreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Dream Catching

Zeke and Lily - Dream CatchingWinter in Lancaster County is over … well almost. Maybe one more snowstorm yet to deal with. Zeke couldn’t be happier to see the cold weather leave while Lily could stand a few more opportunities to make snow angels before spring arrives. So much is happening as Lily’s sister enters the end of her pregnancy. The couples which Lily and Zeke have befriended are all married and making plans to expand their own families soon. Marriages, pregnancies, health – all issues on Lily’s mind that culminate into nightmares she begins to have about people she loves being hurt or killed.  When her nightmares begin to include Zeke getting harmed, she comes to the brink of a nervous breakdown.  But the ever-patient Zeke – the Daddy in her life, walks her through each trial as it arises. She comes to appreciate the things she may have been overlooking all along. Will a half moon amulet from a trinket shop bring Zeke a protection he never knew he neededWill Lily’s magic touch be strong enough when she needs it to be the most? Follow Zeke and Lily (and Pretzel), Grant and Keira (and Nittany), Billy and Taylor (and baby on the way), a dragon-tattooed man, Mr. Woody and Erica as the catching of dreams leads to a final chapter that couldn’t be seen coming. Samples:

Saturday, April 16th
Pink Monopoly and the Princess Fortress   Story   –   Audio
Dirty Laundry and Cartoon Napping   Story   –   Audio
When Mr. Woody showed Lily the Answers Inside

Kindle NookPDF EbookSmashwordsKoboGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback


Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part One)

Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part OneSummer has returned. Zeke & Lily will soon be an Uncle & an Aunt. Their wedding day approaches. And they have never been more in love. Lily’s happiness has never been so bright and her smile has never been so wide.  Yet, the truth of the matter is: Her illness is worsening and the stability of health is now at risk. Lily has begun listening to the ticking of her maternal clock. But her health may not make having a baby a possibility.  Through adversity, they remain in love and as her frailty makes her need for his care a necessity, she falls victim to the reality that, though their love is stronger than anything else, her body is human. Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part One) is the 7th book in the series and shows the power we possess when life deals us a hand we can’t possibly win. But for Zeke and Lily, they remain strong through weakness: Traveling together.   Standing still together.   For the Long Haul.

“Pillow Talk”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily become Surrounded with Love”

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF EbookKoboGoogle Lulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback 


Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part Two)

IZeke and Lily - Resolutions Part Twof given one chance, could you find the words to be better than you had ever been before?  Would you have the strength and perseverance to brave the icy currents of a mind lost within its own guilt? Or travel the path less taken, filled with all the creatures of childhood nightmares, to bring back the one you love? Even an unbridled and unbroken will to protect and survive must one day face the challenge of a lifetime.  But no one is able to face every challenge and always win.  The truest test of one’s will is find how to move forward from the defeats we simply can’t admit to. Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part Two), the eighth book in their saga, shows the strength we sometimes don’t know we have, in the connection of soul mates.

“The Point of No Return”
“Written in the Stars”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily follow the light”

Kindle Nook Smashwords PDF EbookKoboGoogle Lulu Paperback CreateSpace Paperback 


Zeke and Lily: By Summer’s End

Zeke and Lily - By Summer's EndIt’s late April. Zeke & Lily return for a summer they won’t see again for quite a few years to come.  As life continues to move forward, they suddenly find themselves with limited time and only a few pages left before this chapter of their lives ends and the next one begins. Lily is now pregnant and their daughter will be born in the fall.  Until then, Lily’s chemo treatments will be halted and her health will be at risk.  But she’s determined to become a mother, even if it kills her. Join Zeke and Lily as they prepare for the future by tying up the loose ends of the past.  Along the way, Lily tries to complete her To-Do list … By Summer’s End.
Being Zeke & Lily“  
Lily’s To-Do List“  
Lily oftheForest
“When Mr. Woody Helped Lily Put it All Together”
KindleNook – SmashwordsKoboPDF EbookGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback
Zeke and Lily: For A LifeTime

Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTimeEvery LifeTime has a story.  Every story has a beginning & an end, telling of the journey & of the destination.

Life will throw you curve balls and you’ll get knocked down.  But leading a charmed life doesn’t necessarily have to do with having everything handed to you and made perfect.  There’s a merit in blazing your own trail, journeying with someone and reaching a destination that makes you turn around and smile at how you got there.

With Lucy’s birth on their doorstep, Zeke and Lily tie up a few loose ends, learning to become parents, learning to fall in love with each other all over again, finishing a dream island vacation they started years ago and ending at an altar with sand between their toes.

Join Zeke & Lily in this, the finale of their Daddy & BabyGirl saga.

Confessions In the Moonlight
Making New Friends and Getting Poopy

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF EbookKoboGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback


LucyThis is the tale of Lucy, a young 20-something girl who has forgotten how to dream, but little does she realize, her whole world is about to change.  Beginning with the completion of the dream: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”, Lucy awakens and enters into a series of events which present to her the self-truth she never knew, ushering in a return to an innocence she had long since forgotten.
Spanning Between the Mystery and the Lucidity
The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown
Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s
KindleNook PDF Ebook Smashwords


 Johnny and the Princess

Johnny - FrontThis is the story of a Daddy and Adult BabyGirl who fell in love, grew together and found a way to overcome the heartache, pain and damage that past relationships had caused them. Along the way, they discovered that a future which seems suddenly empty is only waiting to be filled with the depth of love that yesterday can only imagine.

Forgotten Dreams – His Recollections
Forgotten Dreams – Her Recollections
“When Her Feet Never Touched the Ground”
Kindle or Kindle UnlimitedCreateSpace PaperbackLulu Paperback


Déjà Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati

Deja VuHer name was Daisy Jane Vanderbilt, a college graduate student whose world was about to suddenly and abruptly changed. Her life would find new meaning. Her free will would be broken and she would be rebuilt with a passion that saw no end to its ambitions. On this weekend at a college campus in America, Daisy would run into a graduate professor who would teach her a few things that couldn’t be learned in a classroom.

Preview Snippets
Over the Edge


Kindle or Kindle Unlimited 


The Adventures of the Penny

These are the continuing adventures of Penny Jordan, a sweet and simple girl with an equally sweet and simple wish – to be able to let her little side run free. Follow Penny and Elliot in this heart-warming series about a BabyGirl with a love for being little, a love for adventure and a love for her Daddy.

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volumes 1 – 5

Penny 1 - Pajama - Part 1From the story of how they met in a beach town to the night by the fireplace with hot cocoa, The Adventures of Penny begins with these 30 heart-warming & innocent mini-tales, beginning with some last minute Halloween preparations and ending on Christmas Morning. Oh! Did I forget to mention Penny wears a diaper, a pair of footed pajamas, nurses her pacifier & flirts her pigtails as she does all of this?

Penny 3 - BeachTownThis third installment details the seven days Penny and Elliot spent soaking in the sun, strolling the boardwalk and sifting their toes through the sands of the beaches. Along the way, Penny discovers a little something about herself she didn’t know and never would have known had she not opened her little heart to Elliot a year ago. .
The Yellow Sunglasses                             The “Streaks” of Sunrise
Bacon, Eggs & “Cheese!”                            “Daddy, can we keep it?
“Fast Times at the Monte Carlo”              “She Would Have It No Other Way”
“Pampering Penny”                                    Waiting for the Beginning

The SnowBunny BabyGirlBook four tells of a trip Penny and Elliot take to Mt. SkiTop.  And in no time Penny’s love threatens to melt all the snow.  Two Elks, a SnowBird & furry paws fill her weekend with memories she’ll embrace and hold dear to her little heart forever.
The Adventures of the Traveling BabyGirl The Traveling BabyGirlPenny & Elliot have a busy summer ahead, planning a series of road trips that lead to the one place where every BabyGirl belongs.

The Mia Series

The Mia Series – Book One The Mia Series - Book OneThis first installment takes place in a period of 24 hours in the life of Mia, a shy and sweet girl who is shown that the path to innocence and submission is as gentle and as kind as she wants it to be. She goes from shyness to comfort to acceptance to adoration to want to need to completion.  And it all comes from receiving a kind of attention that can only be labeled as “White-Hot”.  It’s the kind of attention that a girl receives when she is young – when everyone loved her and wanted to hug her and wanted her to feel as sweet as she truly was.  They wanted nothing from her but to see her happy and having fun and smiling and laughing. In adult life, Mia received a similar kind of attention, but it was always laden with other intentions.  On this weekend, she returns to the innocence of her past and is guided through the “little” emotions which re-awaken inside her. By the end, she is a happy and contented BabyGirl whose entire life has changed, but my oh my, how she got there is what makes this story so endearing and heart-warming.

Sample: “In Every Girl’s Heart, there is a Fantasy …”
KindleNookSmashwordsPDF Ebook Kobo

The Mia Series – Book Two The Mia Series - Book TwoPicking up the story where the first book ended, Mia continues to learn how rewarding submission is and how much more deeply she feels the love in a relationship which includes a dynamic that most would not understand. It’s the next weekend and the next memory is being built with each passing moment of the day. She is spoken to in a manner much more sweetly with an intention to lead her towards an affection far more little still. On this day, she doesn’t just feel little, she is regressed to near-infancy as the events of the day force her to reveal a secret of her heart. From ponytail races to Toastix to whiskers to waddles, Mia learns that “flutterflies” isn’t just a silly sounding word. It’s also what happens to her tummy when her Daddy uses that “voice” to speak to her. It’s the feeling she always dreamed about. But on this day she realizes a few other dreams, from fairy tale wishes to macaroni-n-cheese to surprises that turn her little heart Big – right at that moment in time when she need to know she was more than just a BabyGirl to him. She was his Princess. The Next Weekend. The Next Memory.

Here is the sound file to:  The Next Memory She Would Never Forget
(as read by ResonantYes of FetLife)

Follow him along as he reads. Here’s the story.

PDF EbookKindleNookSmashwordsKobo

 The Mia Series – Book Three The Mia Series - Book ThreeThe past two weeks made clear how much Mia missed the way she felt when with Eric and she was finding it hard to function without him. It would have to suffice for a while to enjoy her weekends with him and then go about her life as usual throughout the week. But she saw how much his absence of one weekend had affected her. A decision would definitely have to be made. A month ago, Mia was a different soul. She was still the shy and sweet girl she had always been. But she hadn’t unlocked the desires and wishes of her heart, nor did she even know what they were, just that there was a feeling of “incomplete” that lived within her. “Love at first sight” is a power moment in life. “Love at first touch” is even more powerful, especially when the touch was to a place inside her that no one had ever reached before … until she met Eric. In the few visits they’ve had together, she opened up to the submission, innocence, passion and love that the Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic provided between two hearts made to bond with each other. Follow Mia and Eric in this, their 3rd book, as they search for the future and the reality which includes the fantasy they have come to know as their love.

Sample:Thank You For Loving Me

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The Mia Series - Book Four The Mia Series: Book Four

“The Weekend She Believed“ – Moving Weekend has arrived for Mia and Eric. Everything would be picture perfect, if Mia would believe it was real. But in her own words: “I never believe that something good is real. When I finally believe in the fantasy that’s when I wake up to find out it was a dream, and just another castle in the clouds. That’s when I lose Hope.” A vicious cycle of broken dreams has always led to a broken heart for her in the past too many times for her to not be cautious nowadays. But Eric, always patient with her insecurities helps her through the current struggle she faces. In his own words: “I firmly believe that nothing will happen to one’s self without dreaming first. The Dream is what tells the Heart what to look for. Believing is what enables one’s soul to follow. And Hope is what makes us pursue it all. Don’t look for the fantasy. Look for the reality which could include it. I think you have all the pieces necessary to put the puzzle together. And there will come a day when you wake up and the dream will be there, waiting for you.” Follow Mia and Eric in this, the 4th book in their story.

Sample:Kitty’s Keeper
Kindle Nook PDF EbookSmashwords – Kobo

The Mia Series: Book Five…… The Mia Series - Book Five

“The Weekend of Cravings”

In Every Girl’s LifeTime, there are moments that define who she is.
In Every BabyGirl’s LifeTime, there is a pivotal moment which stands out from all the rest.
What would happen if that moment would lead to the greatest depth of her heart?  Would she follow or would it be too close to the truth she couldn’t pursue the craving of its overload?
Mia & Eric recently had a rather life-changing experience and it led them both to realize that life was too fragile to live without placing  all the cards on the table. What this led to was the weekend they threw fear and modesty to the wind, pursuing the cravings she had spent a lifetime dreaming about.
Sample: “Overload”
KindleNook PDF Ebook SmashwordsKobo

The Mia Series - Book SixThe Mia Series: Book Six  

“Her Birthday Weekend” – There comes a time in everyone’s life when you find yourself at a crossroads you’ve needed to get to for a long time.  And at this crossroads, you will be faced with a not-so-simple question:  Pursue Your Future or Protect Your Past? Traveling with Eric to a cabin in the woods of northern Pennsylvania,  Mia bounces with excitement for the birthday weekend about to begin. On this weekend, Mia learns the difference between shyness and littleness while taking in the view at the top of the world.  And before he places her back in her crib at home on Sunday night, she will come face to face with the opportunity to finally see the lone wish she has made countless times in her life – on shooting stars, in wishing wells and in the center of a little heart which no longer wanted to be shy. Will she pursue her future or protect her past? Samples:

KindleNook PDF Ebook SmashwordsKobo

(Kindle Versions of this book can also be found at

The Mia Series - Book SevenThe Mia Series: Book Seven 

“The Weekend of Signs” – Mia’s story continues and life keeps moving forward.  From engagement to moving to plans for the future, suddenly she is overwhelmed by how fast everything has changed for her, but more importantly, by how permanent those changes could be.  With an over-active mind already, she struggles with balancing a growing need for littleness with the natural need for physical.

What Happens Under the Stars, Stays Under the Stars
All’s Well That Ends Well

KindleNookPDF Ebook SmashwordsKobo


The Mia Series - Book EightThe Mia Series: Book Eight

“The Weekend of White-Hot Attention” – The fall has begun to set in and Mia is gearing up for so many things to come.  But beginning the planning of her wedding with Eric, she finds herself also beginning to fear making the wrong steps – essentially leading to a lack of confidence.  And though so many things need her attention, nothing more so needs it than her little heart. But her beloved Eric has plans for her little heart on this particular weekend and by Sunday night, she’ll be free of ll worries, remembering nothing but how good his white-hot attention to her felt.

The Scent of a BabyGirl
Fancy Feet
Between the Ruffles
KindleNook PDF Ebook Smashwords Kobo

The Mia Series - Book NineThe Mia Series: Book Nine 

“The Weekend of Mind-Melting” – Have you ever had a day at work that seemed like it would never end and when  you were made to feel like the lack of productivity was all your fault? Well, Mia had a day like that and when she got home that Friday night, she brought her frustrations home with her. So, in response, Eric created an entire weekend of happenings that were designed to not only swoon her back into the regressive state she craved when at home, but also deprogram her of the stress she couldn’t shake.

It’ll be a real mind-melter for her.
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo
The Nail Biter and The Heart Pounder
Peeling the Layers
The Mia Series - Book 10The Mia Series: Book Ten
“Her Wedding Weekend” –The wedding weekend of Eric and Mia has arrived. Traveling to a romantic location she chose in Vermont,  Mia dreams of the perfect wedding day. Join Mia and Eric in this, the conclusion of The Mia Series, giving her a send-off she has been waiting for her entire life.
Samples:  The Perfect Day  –  Late Night Rendezvous
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

The BedTime Stories Collection

ABDL BedTime StoriesThe Clean Ones

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Clean OnesBy request, the ABDL BedTime stories have been separated into the Dirty collection and the Clean collection.  This book contains the Clean Ones. From nice to sweet to sugary to icy to pure to tame, this collection is perfect for the ageplay couple who like to enjoy every bit of their dynamic together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream …
The Promise of Fire Flies
KindleNookPDF Ebook SmashwordsKobo


ABDL BedTime StoriesThe Dirty Ones

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Dirty OnesBy request, the ABDL BedTime stories have been separated into the Dirty collection and the Clean collection.  This book contains the Dirty Ones. From naughty to salty to spicy to fiery to passionate to wild, this collection is perfect for the ageplay couple who like to enjoy every bit of their dynamic together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.
The Webcam “Nightie” Night
The ‘Yes, Daddy’ Game
How to Write a Love Letter
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ABDL BedTime Stories The Tangled Fairy Tales
ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy TalesThis is the story of Lil Red. But it’s also the story of Gretel & Petal. Wait a minute, it’s also the story of Lil Goldie and Lottie – one who was a Fairy Tale Girl in training and one who wasn’t even that yet.  Okay.  This book has more twists and tangles than can be explained. From adventurous to sweet to a bit sexual to fairytale-tastic, this collection is perfect for the ageplay couple who like to enjoy every bit of their dynamic together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.
Little Red’s Ride
Lil Goldie’s Sparkles
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