To Make Memories of the Future

17Oh, how quickly life had changed for her.  Sometimes, it all seemed a blur, but the greatest comfort she found was knowing it wasn’t a dream which would suddenly disappear when she awakened.

Not long ago, she had a troubled little heart with more past disappointments to dwell on than hopefulness for the future.  And she wondered why she had led such a broken life.

In her big sister’s arms, she stared at the funny device her Daddy was holding in front of his face.  Click it went.  As the backdoor of the car opened, the BabyGirl saw a blanket on the back seat and her diaper bag sitting on the floor.

She looked back at her Daddy again as her big sister kissed her cheek.  The blur of memories lessened as the comfort of littleness overtook her senses, sending a tingle across her frame.

She knew the only way to find the change she needed was to change her needs.  Repeating the past had made the future a dream which never found its way into her memories.

And all it took was meeting the right guy to make memories of the future.


25 Precious Pacifiers

The Pictures Stories


It is said that the strongest shape in the world is a triangle.  Any added force is evenly distributed through all three sides, and thusly, cannot easily distort the fixed shape.  The dissipation of stress without causing damage is the kind of strength that any structure needs to survive.

Might this train of thought work within a relationship too?

Erica and Kylie, a Mommy-n-BabyGirl couple, were going to find out.  Pursuing a rigorous search online, they settle in on Greg, a Daddy-type who was able to engage in messages with them that fostered more interaction.  From messages to texts to phone calls to Skype calls to the eventual meeting of face-to-face-to-face, they formed a three-way connection that grew strong quickly.

From road trips to more private encounters, the pheromones fill the air and arousals peak as one person finds a purpose unmet before, another breaks free of excuses and another opens up to a world where the limits are only restricted to what you are willing to allow yourself to explore.

Get down and dirty with this FfM trio in Threesome, a ABDL romance that reaches a climax like no other.

Samples: …… How’s It Gonna Be? …… The Start of Something Good

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For One Day Only!

Two years ago, Lil Kink Boutique opened their website.  And the company has grown exponentially ever since.  So, with no real authority to do so, I hereby declare April 30th to be LKB Day!

To celebrate their website’s 2nd birthday, LKB is holding a one day only sale.  And that day is today!

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The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Meet Your Mother

Zeke and Lily - Her DiaryTaken from:  Zeke and Lily (Book Four): Her Diary

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here is a diary entry Lily made about a very important day when she met her present and her future. This entry is written in Lily’s words.


The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Meet Your Mother –

Entry Three – September 12th

Dear Diary,

I just had a most relaxing morning. I really didn’t do much, just hung out here at the house and zoned on the couch. I have a lot on my mind right now. Next week, I got to the doctor again and he will tell me if my treatments are having any effect on the illness I have.

So today, I asked Zeke if he would take me on a trip and make it a surprise. He said he would. So I sat there for a while and tried to guess where he would take me. I heard him talking on his cell phone to someone in the bedroom.

Then he came out with a t-shirt, one of my bras, one of his light blue button down shirts, and a pair of jeans! I was amazed. He never likes me to be in pants, but recently has put me in jeans a couple of times when we’ve gone out. My legs haven’t been covered very much since he brought me home from the hospital. -giggle- I like the way that sounds. 🙂 It makes me feel like his baby.

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The Start of Something Good – All 3 Parts

Taken from the ABDL Ménage à Trois Romance:


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here is a little story about setting made plans into motion.  Oh, the motions.


The Start of Something Good

Tuesday evening

Kylie and Erica lived in an old brick building that had been converted from a warehouse into an apartment complex that was called The Stockyard.  Every floor had nine apartments, each containing the floor number and one letter of the word Stockyard.  Their apartment was the first one to the left of the elevator on the third floor.  And on their door, it read “3s” – aptly named for their new collective state of mind and only missing three other letters to make it a complete thought.

Greg rode up the converted freight elevator to the third floor and walked over to their apartment door, knocking and then stepping back.

“Sweet pea, he’s here!” Erica’s voice could be heard saying from inside the apartment.  “Hurry up!  Get out here!”

“How do I look?” Kylie asked with an excited tone, scampering out from the hallway.

Kylie was wearing a white baby-t and the tell-tale bulk of a diaper underneath a pair of soft pink bib shortalls.

“You look adorable, sweetie,” Erica said with a maternal grin.

Then Erica opened the door, Continue Reading …

Apple of the Eye

A few years ago, I was on the phone one night with an ABDL friend I met at a convention.  Every year, I got to see him and his wife for one weekend at that convention. Then we would share phone calls until the next year’s convention. On this one particular night, I was talking with him as he ran out to the store to get a pack of cigarettes.  When he returned home, he said:

“Oh my goodness, Nate.  Oh my goodness!  I’ll have to call you right back.”

A few minutes later, I was texted a pic of his wife – followed by a return phone call from him. The pic showed her in a babydoll dress with diaper, paci and with a bow in her hair.  Her chin was lowered and her shoulders slightly shrunken up.

She had baby-dolled herself up when he went to the store and that was how she greeted him when he got home.  Needless to say, that phone call was quick as they certainly had a sudden change in what the rest of their night entailed.

But I’ve never forgotten it.  It was an example of a fantasy that is more reality than anything.  Far greater than the traditional Hi, Honey! I’m home!, the thought of walking into one’s house to find your loved one ready to receive you in her baby attire and with the mindset of littleness about her is just as intoxicating as stripping her of her adult identity and regressing her yourself.

This particular photo set, the source of which I no longer remember, speaks of that fantasy-gone-practical-reality. From my own perspective, it awakens every sense within a Daddy’s soul.  And like many others, when I look at these pictures, every one of them speaks a story to me.

This sets presents her in the light of what she is: a BabyGirl, the center of his universe and all he can see. And how precious she is … the apple of his eye.


How’s It Gonna Be?

Taken from the ABDL Ménage à Trois Romance:


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here is a little story about making plans and opening up.


How’s It Gonna Be

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, at that perfect moment when the sun had risen just high enough to begin to warm the Earth again without yet cutting through the crispness left over from the night.

Kylie, a girl of 25 years, stood at the kitchen sink in her apartment – looking out the window at two birds who were flying around in a very playful way.  She smiled at how sweet the sight was of two love birds who were in perfect harmony with their mid-air dance.  Looking down at the single-cup coffee maker, she saw the first cup having just finished its fill.  Reaching up into the cupboard, she took down the dark red coffee cup with the word Erica written on the side of it.

Placing that cup under the coffee maker, she walked over to the fridge and got out the vitamin D milk as the second cup of coffee filled.

Erica was her life – her inamorata, her best friend, her everything.  She had experienced the supposed BFF thing with others before.  But her relationship with Erica had proven to be what was beyond the BFF.  And every day, the life they shared just kept getting better.  Kylie made it a point to pause each morning and remember how happy she truly was – before their day even got going, before the hustle and bustle of jobs and responsibilities took priority.

The second cup of coffee finished its fill and Kylie poured a heavy amount of the milk into Erica’s cup while just pouring a little into her own.  Then she scooped up Barry, her teddy bear, from his seat on the kitchen counter, picking up both cups of coffee and heading back to the bedroom where Erica was waiting.

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