Snake Eyes

Snake EyesHunny is a waitress with a problem. No, it isn’t her job – though she can’t stand serving drunken patrons. Instead, Hunny is a runaway, in the sense that, when she pursues something she usually gets what she wants but when she gets it, it’s usually too good for her to believe. And that’s the moment when she cuts and runs … so to speak.

Jake is perhaps the only regular patron at her diner who inspires her to move beyond her past decisions and to live life the way she truly wants to live it.

When he comes in to eat at the diner, she sits down with him and they talk about everything. And with the mood strikes, this also includes their best-kept secrets.

On one particular visit, she follows an impulse and reveals a little fetish she has. But then she also admits to the runaway tendencies that have ruled her life.

That’s when their story begins. Jake makes a bet with her that, in ten days’ time, he can help her get over the cut-n-run instinct that has plagued her. She flatly denies his ability to help her achieve this, but takes up the bet anyway.

Snake Eyes is the sexually-charged story of a girl who ran away one too many times and suddenly couldn’t find her way back home … not without a Daddy who would force her to believe in herself again.

Themes include: age play, forced regression, discipline, spanking, nurturing, coddling and the kind of love that only a Daddy can give.

Rolling the Dice
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The HodgePodge Series

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Snake Eyes


Happy Thanksgiving

Eat Chicken A quick greeting to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

And on this wonderful holiday here are a few facts you may not have known:

Did You Know …

Eat Porkthat Turkey wasn’t served at the first ThanksGiving?  Lobster, rabbit, chicken, fish, squashes, beans, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, leeks, dried fruits, maple syrup and honey, radishes, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and goat cheese are thought to have made up the first Thanksgiving feast.

Eat Hamthat Thanksgiving is the reason for TV dinners? In 1953, Swanson had so much extra turkey (260 tons) a salesman said they should package it onto aluminum trays with other sides like sweet potatoes — and the first TV dinner was born!
Eat Duckthat in 1863, Abraham Lincoln decided that Thanksgiving would be the fourth Thursday in November? And it wasn’t until 1941 that Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday.
that only male turkeys, called toms, gobble? Females, called hens, cackle.
Eat Chicken
that in 2013, a calendrical quirk brought the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving together for the first time since 1888? Scientists said this won’t occur again for another 70,000 years, give or take a millennium.
that the heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds?  The Eat Beefaverage weight of a turkey purchased for Thanksgiving gets to about 15 pounds.
that Turducken, a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken, is becoming more popular in Thanksgiving?  It originated in Louisiana. A Turducken is a de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small de-boned chicken. The cavity of the chicken and the rest of the gaps are filled with, at the very least, a highly seasoned breadcrumb mixture.
that there were no forks at the first Thanksgiving?  All the food was eaten with knives, spoons … and … get ready for it ABDLers!  … their fingers!


Blessings to you and yours.

Zorro Daddy

Cracking the Case

17“No, lemme tell you dis firs’, Daddy,” the BabyGirl said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth, right after her Daddy put it in her mouth.  “Dis is importan’ an’ you’re gonna be glad I telled you dis.”

“Okay,” her Daddy said, patting her diapered bottom and making her climb back up into her crib.

“Okay,” the BabyGirl said, lying down as her Daddy covered her with her baby blanket, but still determined to speak her piece before she went to bed.  “You’re not gonna believe dis, but I figured out why all your Twizzlers have been disappearin’!”

“Really?” her Daddy asked, slipping his hand under the blanket and checking her diaper one more time as she tended to babble a lot when she was wet.

“Yeah!” the BabyGirl exclaimed.  “Ya know how when we get up in da morning, how sometimes da door to da cupboard wit’ all da candy in it is wide open, right?  Well, I finally figured it out.”

“You did?  So you figured that out and that’s why I just found you down in the kitchen, holding the bag of Twizzlers and staring into the cupboard?” her Daddy asked, making her turn over on her tummy as he tucked the blanket in around her.

“Exactly!” she exclaimed.  “An’ dat’s why I got out of my crib an’ went down der.  Cuz I heard somethin’ in da kitchen an’ I just knew dat your Twizzler’s were bein’ stolen.  An’ your not gonna believe who’s been taking dem.”

“Who?” her Daddy asked, trying to hide his smile as he tucked all her stuffies in around her.

“Da Tooth Fairy!” she exclaimed.  “As it turns out, she’s a Sweet Tooth Fairy.  I couldn’t believe it at firs’ either.  I was like No Way, but Yes Way, Daddy!  And dat’s why you saw me holdin’ da bag a’ Twizzlers when you founded me in da kitchen.  I didn’t want da Sweet Tooth Fairy to taken ’em!”

“So let me get this straight,” her Daddy said, preparing to summarize.  “I put you in your crib 3 hours ago and when I came up to bed just a few minutes ago, you heard a noise in the kitchen, getting into the cupboard with the candy in it.  So you got up, lowered the side of your crib – by yourself, climbed out and quietly crept down to the kitchen, to then grab the bag of Twizzlers before they were stolen by the Sweet Tooth Fairy?”

“Yep,” the BabyGirl said, smiling brightly with a piece of Twizzler candy stuck to her front two teeth.

“Mystery solved then,” her Daddy said, kissing her forehead and raising the side of her crib as she plunked the pacifier into her mouth.  “Princess?”

“Yes, Dadduh?” she asked back, behind her pacifier.

“Daddy thanks you very much for being such a clever little detective and cracking the case,” he said, smiling at her, his heart gushing for her as she handed him the candy.  “But could I have the bag of Twizzlers back now?”

“Oh, yeah.  Sure,” she said, handing him the bag of candy, then lying back down.  “Good night, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, Nancy Drew,” her Daddy said, turning out the light and walking out of her nursery.


25 “Little Thoughts”

The Torture of “Not Knowing”

Has any one ever asked you how you knew you were an AB or a DL or a Daddy or a Mommy (or whatever applies)?

Below are links to a two-part video of a speech I gave at NELIcon 2011.

This isn’t a fantasy or bed time story. It’s for real and one of the most pivotal things that ever happened to me.

When I Was In 3rd Grade … Part One

There’s a moment in life when you learn who you will become. This story was my moment.


When I Was In 3rd Grade … Part Two

Action isn’t as easy to take as it seems, but when faced with fight or flight, you learn who you are inside.


Here’s the complete story in writing: When Someone Touches Your Heart


FocusTaken from:

Snake Eyes

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here is a little story about pacing one’s self – about getting attention and about giving it.



(Start with Rolling the Dice)

How do you get someone to listen to you? How do you get anyone to listen to you – to really listen and to pay attention to the meaning of what you’re saying? In this day and age, you can’t just speak and expect to be heard. You have to make it personally important to your audience to heed the magnitude of your words.

It isn’t an easy thing to disband someone’s disbeliefs or disillusions without having them resist the change. It’s the human condition that makes everyone unique and finding the perfect recipe for success to communicate with someone is as meticulous as individuality itself. For some, you may simply only need to snap your fingers. But for others, you may very well have to tie them down to a chair, duct tape their mouth shut and blindfold them so that the only faculty and ability that would remain at their use and disposal would be to listen.

But perhaps the greatest bit of the human condition is want. Does someone really want to listen to you? And if they don’t, what bit of removal from their comfort zone would sway their existence and their very essence – encouraging them to take the initiative and to find the fortitude necessary to adapt and to change as needed and required?

Continue Reading …

CAPCon 2016

CAPConIt’s that time again! Time for the granddaddy of ‘em all.

CAPCon 2016 registration is now open!

The sixth offering of this beloved event will take place Friday, March 18th to Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

Before there was US Littles, TeddyCon, Abdulia, KickAss parties, FetFests, and even NELICon, there was the CAP. The Chicago Age Players Convention started it all.

That is to say, in the current era. Never to be forgotten are the giants that ushered in the present-day gatherings. Events such as DiaperFest, The Vermont Ski Lodge Weekend, The Mommy Swirvin Get-Togethers, the California Spring Flings and so many other past happenings certainly created the need to come together and laid the foundation for the conventions and parties that we now frequent.

And the sixth offering of CAPCon welcomes back the Chi-Town weekend traditions of the nerf gun war, the pageant, the classes, that enormous play space, the multiple after-hours room parties as well as welcoming back a bit of the darker side of the force (no Star Wars pun intended … well, okay. It actually was intended. LOL)

There are a bazillion and one BDSM conventions/gatherings that embrace the ageplay community, offering a space for littles to be little. But CAPCon is a single-fetish convention that caters to the ABDL first. And my, oh my, how successful it has been.

For many of us, it is the one opportunity per year that we have to see certain others, made possible by its middle-of-the-country location. For others of us, it was where we met those people we now meet often on our own, having formed friendships and more.

I’ve watched CAPCon grow exponentially each year and just like TeddyCon, it has grown so quickly that I can hardly imagine there being any limit to its potential growth in the future. But, until the day these ABDL conventions are big enough to sell out entire hotels, there will always have to be a capacity for attendees.

And, that being said, I cannot encourage you enough to register for CAPCon while the tickets are still available.

I have a list of memories from the four CAPCons I have attended and cannot wait to add more postings to this list:

So what’s CAPCon?
CAPCON – How to get there …
Recapping CAPCon 2012
The CAPCon Experience 2013
Videos from CAPCon 2012
The Big Little Podcast from CAPCon 2013
Open Roads


The CAPCon 2016 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website


Everyone’s Favorite Elf Uncle

I’ve lost track of the number of people who have contacted me and told me they loved the character of Mr. Woody.  And I always smile when I get those messages because Mr. Woody is the kind of character in a story who makes things interesting.  He’s not a main character, but he has importance.

Perhaps I ought to go back to the beginning and explain who Mr. Woody is. Continue Reading …