The ABDL Nympho Series

Three collections of short stories about BabyGirls who love the physical with a fevered passion.  Enter the world of Nymphomania and Age Play as they twist together in these erotic tales that not only deal with lustful desires, but emotional ones.

Not just delving into the obsessions and glorious sensations of sex but also with bisexual curiosity, these BabyGirls experience orgasms-a-plenty, fingering, humiliation, tasks on their knees, wetness, swelling, arousal, twitching, contracting muscles, more humiliation and more contracting muscles afterwards.

Oh, there are certainly some bare bottoms that will be smacked.  And the need to be tied up and tied down will be penultimate in necessity. But the diapers are never far away and whether it’s a Mommy who nurtures her or a Daddy who babies her, each BabyGirl in these stories will regress and melt – on her way to becoming a nympho.

Sample:  Study Break  –  The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl  –  Unbroken

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  The ABDL Nympho Book 1       The ABDL Nympho Book 2       The ABDL Nympho Book 3

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The ABDL MedFet Book 6 – due out in July 2018!

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Gratification: Volume Three

This third collection of disconnected dark age play stories tells sexual and sensual tales of the erotic combinations of ABDL, BDSM, spanking, discipline, humiliation, taboo fetishes, bondage and more.  Each story melds together two people who come from different starting points.  Sometimes of the stories include personal growth of the characters.  Other stories include the completion of fantasies long sought after.  But all the stories tell of how perfect two imperfect people can be for one another.

This book is the stuff that fantasies are made of. And this collection of 18 dark age play erotic short stories will spin you around, put you on exhibit, drop you to your knees, change the way you think, change the way you feel, reinvent you, disguise your passions, reveal your desires, eat you up, spit you out, blind your heart, scramble your mind, teach you where you truly belong and then do it all again.

Needless to say, it is a book intended for the mature reader who has a mind that craves the exotic and the erotic.

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again.

Sexcapade in the City
The Farm (A story told in three parts)
The Feminine Extreme
Weekend Blitz – Friday
Weekend Blitz – Saturday
Weekend Blitz – Sunday
The Importance of Remembering
The Frat House BabyGirl – Night Time
The Frat House BabyGirl – The Next Morning
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
What’s A Jack For? (A story told in three parts)
When You’re a Good Girl, When You’re a Bad Girl
The Be-All, End-All BabyGirl – Part One
The Be-All, End-All BabyGirl – Part Two

Available on: Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

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The Dark Age Play Box Sets

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 Front    50 Things

Sticky Situations: Books 1-5
Gratification: Volume One
Gratification: Volume Two
Gratification: Volume Three
50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night


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The VoiceThe Voice – A tale of horror, unavoidable consequences and possible redemption of self.

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What to Remember at the Onset …

At the onset of any journey in life, the future seems wide open, filled with possibilities for each moment and every step of the way.  You wonder where your destination will take you.

When love is new, your dreams become brighter and your wishes expand to meet the horizons now in view.

Everything begins subtly and slowly, allowing those first moments of those first sentiments to be shared.  It isn’t always words that are required, but rather just the ability to convey to someone that you have taken notice to them.

There are a whole lot of questions you’ll ask, a whole lot of experiences you’ll have and a whole lot of life you’ll live. 

Pray to God that you’ll face challenges together along the way because they’ll make you stronger with each success, but Pray to God that some of the time you fail together so you realize from that standpoint why you need each other and where real strength comes from.

And as you grow, do so together, helping each other along the way when a weakness is discovered.  This will make clear to both of you why it is important to give just as much as you take.

When someone becomes drained, re-energize them – because without that opportunity to get back what just poured out of them, they feel empty.  Recognize that selflessness, while noble, is also extremely taxing.  So don’t ever forget to appreciate when someone does all they can for you.

When you arrive at the point where you love someone’s faults as much as you do their qualities, then you will have discovered something which could be everlasting.

Everyone has basic needs in life.  Learn what their basic needs are, memorize them and commit them to your soul because they will look to you to fulfill those needs.

Give all that you can – be it time, energy, money, support, tears, laughter, a pair of arms to hold, passion, intensity, respect, devotion, a ride to the airport, a moving truck trip and a strong back, but be bold enough to ask the same in return.

Take time to talk, but also take time to listen.  And at other moments in time, don’t say anything at all because the bonding of hearts and the connection of souls doesn’t always make sound.

Enjoy the journey.  Don’t skip any steps.  Fall in love and remember:

There are always Dreams to be Dreamt, Fairy Tales to be Told, Happily Ever Afters to be Pursued, Memories to be Made, that Perfect Story to be Written, that Deepest Love Yet to be Discovered, a Lifetime to be spent together, and the Opportunity – Awaiting to Feel It All.

What A Good Girl Needed (Both Parts)

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about the value of being good and about the rewards.


What A Good Girl Needed

It was about 7:30 pm on a Saturday evening in early October.  And Livie walked briskly down Fraternity Row, a mall walk at the end of campus.  The start of her sophomore year had been eventful and she was grateful for even having had the chance to go to college.  Straight out of high school, she worked for three years until she could afford to attend Penn State University.  Her grandfather, uncle, father and mother graduated as Nittany Lions.  So, there was no other choice in her mind.  And she was glad to have waited a bit.  Being in her early-20’s, she would take her college education more seriously – especially since she had to work to be there, as opposed to having it handed to her.

Fraternity Row was hopping with activity on that night, being the concluding night of pledge week.  And her destination was the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.  SPE was notorious for violating the alcohol rules and thusly, would be put on probation every other year.  Having just gotten off their most recent probation that spring, they were headed for more trouble, once again.  In fact, all of the fraternities and sororities on campus were currently in a temporary state of probation because of the craziness from the most recent Thursday night parties.  Penn State had shut down all fraternity and sorority parties from being open to the public.  But this didn’t mean the frats and sororities didn’t party on their own.  It wasn’t as busy as a usual final night of pledging, but a lot as still happening – just in a covert sort of way.

Getting to the front of the frat house, she looked all the way up to the top floor and to the window of the attic bedroom.  That was Owen’s room, her boyfriend and a senior at Penn State.

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Pretty, Powdered & Pampered

02That day, she spent the whole morning doing some Christmas shopping for her nieces and nephews.  Finding the gifts they wanted always seemed to be the most time-consuming and the most difficult – especially her nephews.  She was a girl.  Getting her nieces gifts was easy.  But what did boys want for Christmas?

At lunch, she met one of her former roommates from college – spending the time gabbing about that one night at that sorority party when they threw the mixer with the frats.

The afternoon was busy for her too as she ran errands for every relative who knew she had the day off from work.  And by the time she got home, she knew that dinner was going to be late and that her Daddy would be waiting for it a bit longer.  She had just simply lost track of time.  She had been shopping for others and running around with a to-do list that seemed like it would never get done.

But when she opened the front door, she got the most wonderful surprise in the world.  Standing there in an apron and a chef’s hat was her Daddy.  And he had begun making dinner for them.  Right away, she knew dinner that night would be spaghetti.  It was the only meal her Daddy knew how to cook on his own.

But a Daddy meal of spaghetti wasn’t just about the sauce and the noodles.  It was a whole experience.  And as the noodles softened in that kettle of boiling water, her Daddy whisked her away – taking her straight back to her nursery and stripping her of everything she was wearing.

In a matter of a few seconds, he had tied her hair back with light blue ribbons and put that terry cloth bib with the teddy bear designs around her neck – the one that was super-thin but super-soft.  She smiled brightly and lifted her arms up to him as he picked her up and lied her down on her changing table.

Laying there and lifting her legs up, she thought about how wonderful it was to have done things for others on that day – though they seemed like tiring tasks at the time.  But now, feeling that cool touch of powder to her bottom, she was basking in the comforts of being … pampered by her Daddy – literally and figuratively, for the rest of her day off.

Snuggly fastening the tapes of her diaper at her hips, he set her down on the floor of her nursery, then kissing the top of her head and whispering sweetness to her before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

“You’re very pretty, BabyGirl,” her Daddy whispered, melting her little heart.

Occupying her time with a toy for the few minutes she knew she would be there, she thought again about how having given all day lead to being given back to.  But she never gave with the intent of receiving – which is what made it extra special when someone did something unexpected for her. There would be a high chair in her very-near future and certainly a bath to follow as a spaghetti dinner, eaten with her fingers, always left her as a mess for him to clean up.

Being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered wasn’t anything more than the garnishments she wore.  But it was those Daddy hands that had babied her up that gave everything meaning to her.  Yes, being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered was a wonderful gift indeed.


25 “Little Thoughts”

The Pictures Stories

Whatever Comes To Mind (Both Parts)

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about reading signs, about following instincts and doing … whatever comes to mind.


Whatever Comes To Mind

Monday, 11:30pm

Maria walked quickly through the brisk night air.  Though it was late April, the night time could still dip the temperatures low.  But she thought the short walk from her house to Annie Bailey’s Pub wouldn’t be so bad, despite the fact that she really wasn’t wearing very much at all.  She was wrong about this.  With any luck, the bartender there would give her a lift home.  He always flirted with her when she stopped in and admittedly, she egged the flirting on.  He was a studly guy, not a muscle-bound gorilla but definitely handsome and his voice always had the ability to make her wet.  Needless to say, Maria had more than just a little crush on him.  Her skimpy outfit was designed to catch his attention the very moment she walked into the pub.

Keeping her arms folded tightly in front of her hardened nipples, she picked up the pace of her strides.  But this only froze her legs that much more.  Short skirts were fun and sexy.  But they did little to keep warmth in.  None of this would matter though, once she got inside the pub.  And she couldn’t have gotten to that front door too soon, opening it and stepping inside.  Shutting the door and standing there for a moment, she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of the bar room.  It felt like a warm bath on her chilly frame.

Then, opening her eyes, she was surprised to see how dead the pub was.  It was a Monday night.  Wasn’t there baseball or something on TV that always brought jersey-wearing guys out?

Looking over to the bar, she saw her man crush.  Heath was his name and she could feel the first little tingles between legs, along with those wonderful butterflies in her tummy as she took graceful steps over towards him.  He was rearranging liquor bottles on the display shelf, but he saw her approaching in the mirror on the wall.  Smiling handsomely, he turned around – Maria getting to the bar and grabbing the edge of it just in time to prevent her knees from going weak and making her collapse to the floor.  He had this most amazing ability to throw her off balance with a simple gaze in her direction.  Taking a seat, she put her purse on the bar and smiled suggestively at him.  The flirting between them would begin almost immediately, save for one question that was currently puzzling her.

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Feeling Devilish? (Part One)

Isn’t it amazing how the things we feared when young are the things that excite us now?  Such as punishment.

If you think about, isn’t that true?

And punishment comes in so many forms.  It doesn’t even require any interest at all in age play or ABDL.  Though BDSM has a wide variety of interests other than punishment, the acts of correction are very much a part of it.

But, focusing in on ABDL (because this is my blog and ABDL is my thing), how many of us feared that pot stick in the kitchen or the leather belt around Dad’s waist or just simply a hand that could make us dance a jig on the living room rug?

That last one in particular I recall quite vividly.  I was a bit stubborn when I was younger.  I guess some things don’t change.  And I guess other things do. 

When young, we feared those punishments.  Now, we either don’t fear them and suddenly want them.  Or we still fear, but suddenly want them.  This certainly isn’t the case for everyone as there are no absolutes, but many now excite from those fears.

And those implements become the favored … weapons of ass destruction as a friend of mine cheekily stated the other day.

You may have stumbled across DevilishDesign on Twitter or Tumblr or even FetLife.  If you haven’t yet, all of those links are at the bottom of this posting.

DerBaron (German for “The Baron”), the owner and creator of DevilishDesign, is becoming a rock star within the BDSM community as he makes quite a few different implements for those have turned fear into excitement.  Everything he makes is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and built to last.

What is initially intriguing about his work is that it is crafted in an old-style artisan fashion, back when things were built with a quality unparalleled.  And every piece of work was built with pride, when every piece of work was a direct representation of the person who made it.

We really don’t see that kind of commitment and effort anymore.  Everything is mass-produced nowadays.  That goes without saying.  And if something doesn’t live up to what it was supposed to be, we the consumers are the ones out of luck.

That’s not case with DevilishDesign’s paddles and other implements.  DerBaron takes absolute pride and ownership in what he makes and you will receive something better than what you expected every time.

Beyond the initial intrigue of his process and commitment comes the material.  DevilishDesign paddles/implements of ass destruction are made of wood.  Shaped, sanded meticulously and polished, his woodwork can give a licking while taking a licking – made of walnut, maple, cherry, purpleheart, poplar, oak and several other types of wood. 

As he explained to me, every type of wood has a different density and this directly effects whether a paddle is “stingy” or “thuddy”.

Walnut, by far, is DerBaron’s favorite wood to work with. 

“It was the main wood he worked with in the shop where he apprenticed and learned the craft of wood work,” he said when I asked him why walnut was his favorite.  “Walnut is also a medium density wood and therefore, is quite versatile as a paddle.”

But he doesn’t just make paddles of different shapes, weights, woods and styles.  He also makes stingers, canes, cock stocks, crosses, stocks, larger furniture and custom pieces as well.  And every piece he makes, he makes to last. 

But even prior to starting DevilishDesign, he had created his own throne room in his house – complete with a most impressive cross he built. But we’ll get into that a bit more in part two.  (Just wait until you see his throne room!)

“I am a Top and enjoy crafting scenes as much as I  enjoy crafting paddles,” DerBaron said.  “Every scene is a journey.”

And his journey included a hobby or woodworking that grew into a small business that now has international customers.

How true that is.  Such as the journey from fear to excitement.

Check back for Part Two of this writing series about DerBaron and DevilishDesign.

In the meantime, check him and his work out all over the web:

Because Devilish Design is a boutique, they aim to keep things intimate.

You can find their entire collection for sale on
Contact them for a personal sale through PayPal

On Twitter, they are very active, and it has become a major site of advertisement.

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