The Mommy Grats: The Creole Crawl 3

The Dynamic Story of Dominique & Winnie continues. (The Creole Crawl, The Creole Crawl 2)

And as the good weather approaches New Orleans, Winnie gears up for summer classes, exploring the French Quarter a lot more as well as exploring her life-changing love for Dominique with a desire to do more than just assume the role of a BabyGirl.

Winnie wants to be born again and in her quest for renewal, she develops an even greater satisfying connection with Dominique – one that speaks of instinct and one that challenges her to be all that she has ever wanted to be.

This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story.  It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same.

Sample: Instinct

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 The Mommy Grats

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The “Diego” of a Daddy

In Zorro stories (including the movies), Esperanza was the wife of Diego de la Vega. Diego was a wealthy landowner in California in the early 1800’s. He was an aristocrat by day, and a masked bandit named Zorro by night.
In each of these stories, Diego’s love for Esperanza not only superseded his wealth as a landowner and his heroic deeds as Zorro, but it was she who inspired him to be a better individual and a better man.

Esperanza gave Diego strength and their love for one another grew. Unlike most wealthy people, Diego and Esperanza never forgot who they were and why they first fell in love with each other.
And behind the masked bandit was the inspiration which enabled him to be a hero … His beloved bride.

They existed in a world they created and sculpted and governed with Chivalry. Their passion for one another was all-consuming. They made their own destiny and controlled how it went: fierce and driven – like the tango, everlasting and enduring of whatever came their way.
They were a pair of souls who breathed as one.
People ask me why I chose Zorro as a username and Author name. And my response is always the same:
Zorro represents a life spent doing two things:

  • defending something
  • in pursuit of something

Zorro defends what he knows is right, He is the strength for the weak and the voice for the voiceless. He encompasses Chivalry and makes the sacrifices of self, when necessary, to ensure that justice finds no parallel.
He is a romantic hero, but what on Earth does any of this have to do with ABDL?
Quite simply stated … her.

The effect Esperanza had on Diego de la Vega was to provide for him the answers he would seek for questions he hadn’t asked, to make his eyes open in the morning and to put on the mask of a bandit in order to do the work of a hero.
It is this concept of unconditional and undying love which I use as a guide when writing the story lines of the cluster of books I call:
“The Sagas”

The Zeke and Lily Saga
The Mia Series
Johnny & the Princess
Gabriel & Gina
Country Rose
Daddy Issues
Snake Eyes
50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night
The Adventure of Penny
A Girl Named Love

The “Diego” of a Daddy is to find that altering love in a BabyGirl, to protect her from all things unkind (which, from time-to-time, includes protection from herself), to eliminate her insecurities, to wrap her in a blanket of security which enables her to be free within, to build a fortress around her while breaking down her personal defenses, to make her know that she is loved unlike anyone else in this world …
… and of course … to change her diaper when she wets herself.

The Mommy Grats: The Creole Crawl 2

Return to the French Quarter and to The Creole Crawl Bar & Grille for a little Cherry Pie and some Cajun Spice.

Picking up the story where The Creole Crawl left off, Dominique & Winnie continue to grow together, bonding their hearts to what the other has to offer.  Winnie begins to deal with insecurities about having a love for girls – a piece of her soul that is warmly accepted in New Orleans, but her greatest struggle is how to tell the world, namely her friends & family.  Dominique remains her lover, her support and her friend, but begins to see how Winnie is more than just a BabyGirl to care for.  Within Winnie’s heart is something Dominique needs and has been looking for.

This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story.  It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same.

Sample:  Planting the Seeds

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 The Mommy Grats

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Perspective: From Within the BabyGirl’s Mind

I’ve been asked several times why I write from the perspective of the little.  95% of the time, I’m writing from the perspective of the BabyGirl.  Some have suggested that writing from a Daddy’s point-of-view would make more sense for me.

01 - MeganEvery story has multiple sides to it, from his to hers to those of passers-by.  But I tend to believe that the most compelling story lies inside a BabyGirl’s mind.  But that’s merely my opinion.  And opinion is a perspective in itself.

I’ve heard that the Daddy/BabyGirl angle doesn’t apply to as many people as other combinations, whether that’s Mommy/BabyBoy, Mommy/BabyGirl or Daddy/BabyBoy.  But at the same time, I’ve heard from guys who say that they simple change the labels with their eyes as they read it.

And I’m fascinated by all of this.  The depth of character within individuals in this community is infinite.  I always smile when I see someone personalizing an experience as much as they can.  The nature of the word individual is just that … unlike any other.  And what this leads to is a never-ending list of possibilities … all of which being fantastic, but only one item on that list which is individually ideal for each of us.

I’m no different and that belief applies to me as well.

But a BabyGirl’s mind covers every spectrum of possibility.  She is both selfish and selfless at the same time.  Through sadness, she finds a reason to smile.  Sometimes, that smile has to be helped along a little by a guiding Daddy.  But to see her smile means that her mind is filled happy thoughts – even if just temporarily.

A BabyGirl will ignore you while also studying you closely.  When you walk into a room, she may remain absorbed by what TV show she is on.  But she also sees how you struggle to find comfort when you sit down.  A stiff back will often make a Daddy grimace.  A BabyGirl however, has the perfect remedy for an achy lower lumbar.

She takes from you and often takes a lot – of your time, of your energy and of your patience.  But you love her to death for more reason than you can list.  And though she takes a lot, she will give back more than she takes.  Her giving may not be in the some form as yours, but it is definitely there – ever-present and ever-heartfelt.

Daddy SpankShe is impulsive and jumps to conclusions, shooting from the hip sometimes before thinking about the consequences of her words and actions.  But she’s also the person who remembers the important things that sometimes go forgotten.  And she will come through where all others have tried and failed.

She’ll be fussy and impatient right before she finds a placid place of serenity in her mind.  And the constants of her journey of self will be what she clings to the most – those ever-presents that she knows she can rely on to be there for her, should the journey become a little too much for her to handle from time to time.

SilverstoneShe may be lying there, awaiting her diaper change.  But it isn’t idle time for her mind.  Not at all.  Because her psyche remains in perpetual motion.  She is eternally buried five thoughts deep, at any given moment as a swirl of insecurities, worries and other random feelings fill her with mental scenarios that plague her need for security.

In other words, she games out every possibility of what could go right and what could go wrong with each and every moment of her life.

It must be thoroughly exhausting.  But it makes her an observer and it makes her knowledgeable and it makes her exactly what she is … someone who not only feels everything, from one end of the spectrum to the other, but also someone who more complete than she will every let on to being.

That is powerful.

That is beautiful.

That is compelling.

And that is why I write from the BabyGirl perspective.

She will melt you … every time.

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The Be-All End-All BabyGirl
The Quintessential BabyGirl 

The Mommy Grats: The Creole Crawl

As with all of The Mommy Grats Books, The Creole Crawl shows a combination of characters other than Daddy and BabyGirl.  In this case, it’s Mommy and BabyGirl.

Some wild horses will never be tamed.  And it’s not because they can’t be tamed.  It’s because they’re not supposed to be.  Within many hearts is a need to keep gypsy thoughts of searching for the happiness believed to be in the future.

When Winnie, a simple Midwest girl, attends college in New Orleans, she enters into a world far less simple than anything she’s ever been exposed to.  Within her heart are wild horses needing to be freed & her decision to pursue the future will only be possible when she stops looking over her shoulder at where she’s been.

Early in the semester, she wanders into a college town bar called The Creole Crawl.  She meets the bar owner, an early-30s lady named Dominique, and suddenly their worlds collide.  Together they share secrets and Dominique shows Winnie how to get to the point where she will be able to let her wild horses go and settle down or to the point where she knows it’s time to keep searching for her happiness elsewhere.

Along the way, they discover a dynamic which fits them both perfectly.  But what will Winnie’s decision be and will she be ready to let her wild horses go when the decision must be made?

Sample:  “Taming Wild Horses”

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 The Mommy Grats

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A Sunday in Southern Pines: (Part One) – Country Cookout

Taken from the forthcoming ABDL romance sequel:

Country Rose 7

here is a little story about a red-n-white checkered two piece outfit, a tenderloin and a good reason to make sure her diaper wasn’t showing that day.


Part One –
“Country Cookout”

Sunday, May 31st

It was a beautiful Sunday evening.  And in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the temperature was a comfortable 78 degrees – the heat of the day having broken and all humidity having retreated into the coming night.  A warm breeze swept across the horse farm and made ideal the conditions for a cookout.

The smell of burning charcoal floated gently through the farmhouse, saturating Rose’s mouth with that first sense of hunger as she stood in front of the floor-length mirror in their bedroom.  Slipping into a red-n-white checkered crop top with poofy short sleeves, she resituated her boobs inside it – primping and lifting and fluffing until she got the look that completely satisfied her.  Then stepping into a matching red-n-white checkered short flowy skirt, she zipped up the back of it – turning around and looking back over her right shoulder at her reflection in the mirror.  For once in her life, she didn’t want her pink diapered bottom showing at all below the lower hem of the skirt.  Normally, it didn’t matter to her, but today it did.  As she found out, this wasn’t an easy task to accomplish – given the skirt’s short length and her diaper’s span of the middle of her body.

Pulling down on the waistline of the skirt, she managed to cover the very bottom of her diaper.  But in doing so, now the waistline of her diaper was sticking out from the top of the skirt, so she pulled the skirt back up – then standing up on her tippy toes, hoping that the bottom of her diaper would be hidden.  And indeed, it was.

However, she couldn’t spend the whole day walking around on her tippy toes.  So, the problem wasn’t solved.  Ugh!  This was what those #BabyGirlProblems tweets were about!  She was absolutely sure of it and now understood what they were getting at. It seemed no matter what she did, either the top or the bottom of her diaper was going to be showing.  And it was frustrating, really frustrating.

Continue Reading …

The 1-on-1 Podcast: Episode Eight – Mommy Kuri

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Episode Eight welcomes Mommy Kuri, a selfless and inspiring member of our community who just might be an unknowing masochist … because she has a tendency to give until it hurts.  LOL

As a convention creator and coordinator, munch leader, Line Group leader, member of the community, Mommy, switchy soul and tremendous giver, Kuri has touched more hearts and lives than what she is probably aware of.  And though she is extremely humble, constantly taking the limelight off herself and putting it onto others, there is a community that appreciates her in a manner that she probably also doesn’t know the magnitude of.

I have been looking forward to the opportunity to go 1-on-1 with her and pick her brain for quite some time.  And in Episode 8, I finally got the chance.

That being said … the topics of this episode included (but definitely were not limited to): chat rooms, switching, sock wars, bionics, evilness of oatmeal, Peace Corps opportunities, country girl stuff, photography, cigars, conventions, emotions, reasons, Little Philly, music playlists, God Moving Over The Face Of The Water … as well as a truly informative and touching talk about what she saw as the differences between lust, infatuation and love.

I learned several things I did not know about her, including the story behind her the origin of her username, a life-altering decision she had to make a decade ago and a complicated injury she sustained – the scars of which I didn’t even know she had.

This was 94 minutes that enriched my life.

To one and all, I hope you enjoy listening to episode eight as much as we enjoyed recording it for you.

On FetLife: MommyKuri

The 1-On-1 Podcast: Episode Eight –
Mommy Kuri
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Happy Listening!
Zorro Daddy