BabyGirls of Summer: Pretty Posture

Being a gushing Daddy, I’ve always believed a BabyGirl to be properly dressed when wearing a t-shirt, a diaper …and a smile.  When a crinkly Princess smiles, her entire face lights up.  And this, in turn, brightens everyone and everything around her.  As she beams with an inner glow that could challenge the intensity of the sun, she turns her head and lowers her chin, giving an adorable bit of shyness that mixes perfectly with the innocence of her heart.

A bit of pretty posture.

Summertime is about glowing, about the beauty of what I like to call skin season and about all the possibilities that warmth brings.

I re-present to you these images of summertime, as seen when inclusive of a diapered BabyGirl.


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Zombie Art

When I started writing The Waddling Dead, I envisioned what a sorority pledge might look like when turned into a zombie while wearing a diaper, a crop top with poofy short sleeves and high pigtails.

As with everything I write, the faces of the main characters are usually those of certain people I have met within the ABDL community.  But this time around, that wasn’t the case as I don’t know of any zombie BabyGirl in the community.

I was very touched when Chizabelle from FetLife drew this bit of fan art, doing an incredible job of following the description I gave of the zombies in the story.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chizabelle for being so thoughtful as to draw this.

The Waddling Dead: Episode 19 will be posted here, tomorrow morning at 9am.

And it will also be posted on The Waddling Dead Group on FetLife, tonight at midnight.

Thank you, Chizabelle.


Zorro Daddy

The Waddling Dead: Episode 18

Episode Eighteen: On the Other Side of a Long Blink

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Saturday evening, 8:30 pm

They took no time at all in turning that cabin inside out – locking the door and the windows, pushing the bunk beds up against the walls and pulling every supply they could find into the middle of the room. – just as dusk was beginning to darken into night time.

“Okay, just so you’re aware, I’m not putting another fucking diaper on!” Heather of the Horde said as Britney handed diapers out to everyone.  “Pissing on that banshee thing we held down in the field didn’t work.  She didn’t die.  So you can shove those diapers up your ass for all I care.”

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BabyGirls of Summer: Sand Between the Toes

The idea of letting one’s hair down, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying life to an extent more fully are all thoughts that guide the realities of our decisions and the vitality of our fantasies.

I had a short-lived website about 15 years ago on Yahoo Geocities.  It was called “The Diapered Female Figure Gallery”.  It’s purpose was to define and bring to visual the diapered female figure.  Back then, there weren’t very many pics online of this subject.  And I hadn’t met anyone yet. So I couldn’t take the pictures myself.  The pickings on that sight were very slim and the site would end after a short amount of time.  But the imagery never left my mind.

I re-present to you these images of summertime, as seen when inclusive of a diapered BabyGirl.


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The Waddling Dead: Episode 17

Episode Seventeen: The Ultimate Alpha Female

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Saturday evening, 8:00 pm

Brook poured a handful of the pain killers into her palm and downed them all at once, then chugging the entire bottle of water.

“Okay!” Angelina shouted, wrapping her arms more tightly around Brook while giving her a piggy-back ride.  “Whenever we stop running, Brook gets the first diaper!”

Brook snorted with laughter and then wrapped her arms around Angelina’s neck to keep from falling off.

“Angelina, you know Brook pees a little when she laughs, right?” Britney asked her.  “Jokes are not advisable when she’s on your back.”

“I’m not joking.  She gets the first diaper,” Angelina said, then laughing herself.  “Don’t you pee on me, Brook.”

The playful banter of the group may have seemed out of place, given that they were running away from a zombie horde that presumably number in the 30s or 40s.  But nothing normal had become the mode of operations and their mode of survival.  Having moments of laughter might well have been the only thing that kept any of them sane.

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This is an ABDL summer romance that will make your heart pound as much as it will crinkle in your ears.

Nina is a Midwest sweetheart. But as a recent college graduate, her forthcoming summer employment will teach her how much she still has to learn about herself, about others, about love and about life. With a head-full of fantasy and a heart-full of secrets, Nina travels up to Michigan – completely unaware of the life-changing events to follow.

For eight weeks, she will dance, sing, perform, jump off waterfalls, gaze up at stars, daydream of imminent fetish nights, take road trips, have sex in a cabin, have sex in a kitchen, have sex in the sand and sex in the water.

Bringing along a “suitcase of secrets”, her diapers will crinkle. Her heart will pound faster and faster. She’ll lose her breath and then catch it again. Her legs will raise up. Her thighs will part. She’ll spend time on her knees. And maybe, if the friend she meets on that golf course is right, just maybe … she’ll fall in love during her summer in Climax.

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Unexpected Opportunities
At First Sight
Fetish Nights
No Deeper Truth


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60 Degrees and Down the Crack


The Waddling Dead: Episode 16

Episode Sixteen: Misdirect

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Saturday evening, 7:00 pm

Britney gripped the back of her head, the blow having felt like it was delivered by a sledgehammer.  Though thankfully not bleeding, she would now need some of the pain killers she was to get for Brook.

Turning over onto her back, she squinted her eyes – trying to make out any features of the dark-shadowed figure who had just struck her.  She was ready for a battle and ready to kill that person, no matter what it took.  But the shadowy figure wasn’t advancing on her, simply standing back in the darkness and observing.  Britney more or less expected the battle to begin at this point.  And the delay seemed to have no explanation at all.  So instead of waiting for an explanation and potentially regretting her lack of haste, she took action.

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