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I wanted to pass along some quick information about two ABDL gatherings that are now open for registration.  In the months to come, I will certainly blog about them a lot.  But for now here are a few links that will guide you in the direction of both events:

CAPConCAPCon 2016 – The midwest ABDL convention in a mind-blowing hotel.  Running six years strong.

The CAPCon 2016 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website


BouncyTown LogoBouncyTown 2016 – The BouncyTown returns to the same private campground in northern Maryland where it began.  Lil Ella and WunderTom head up the outdoor event again.

The BouncyTown 2016 FetLife Event Link
The BouncyTown FetLife Group
The BouncyTown FetLife Profile


For even more ABDL gatherings and events, please check out: 

ABDL All Year Long

Zorro Daddy


TeddyCon 2015, here we come!


The Zorro Daddy Sampler

The Zorro Daddy SamplerThe Zorro Daddy SamplerVolume One is a collection of individual stories that span several erotic themes, from the darker to the romantic to the sexual to the pure-n-innocent and more.  But regardless of which theme they show, all these stories still include ABDL.

These are also new stories. So, you won’t find the characters of Mia-n-Eric, Daisy-n-Links, Sharon-n-Deklin, Zeke-n-Lily, Penny-n-Elliot or Gabriel-n-Gina. Instead, you will find characters that are similar to them.

So come try a sample – whether your choice is BDSM, humiliation, saga romance, littleness, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, wearing nothing but a diaper or wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Available exclusively on Kindle

The Style of Life
The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind


Flavors of Ice Cream

I often reference Mako Allen – blogger, podcaster, author, ABDLer, friend, confidante and more – in my postings.  He has always struck me as an individual who can see concepts without necessarily needing to be specific about anything.

Mind you, he certainly can and does get specific about things – along with Spacey in The Big Little Podcasts.  But in conversations with him on the phone, when I’ve met him at munches and conventions and weekend festivals, when we email each other and when we text, I have always been amazed by his ability to be all-encompassing.  And as their podcast motto states:  It’s a show by, about and for age players of all kinds.

That mentality has probably been the one thing about ABDL and age play that has intrigued me the most.  I remember once Mako spoke of the Catholic Schoolgirl idea and how, for whatever reason, it seemed to be something that could be added to practically any other fetish/interest/dynamic/whatever you would like to call it.

Do you see what I just wrote there?  I typed ABDL and age play.  Then I gave three different words as options of what to call the less-than-vanilla lifestyles.

And hence, the idea … flavors of ice cream.

Ice Cream Bubble GumThere’s a local dairy store in the southern end of Lancaster County that I used to go into all the time when I was younger.  It was a half mile from the high school and after soccer practices, I always went there and got a double scoop of their homemade ice cream.  There were a bazillion flavors to choose from but I always chose the bubble gum ice cream.  It had chunks of bubble gum in it that served as an added bonus when the ice cream was gone.

But the point of this posting isn’t to talk about Mako or bubble gum.  Those were just good starters.

Ice Cream StackThe real point is to say that, even if you don’t like bubble gum-flavored ice cream, it’s still ice cream … isn’t it?  Even if you don’t like conventions that welcome all different types of ABDLers, they’re still ABDLers … aren’t they?  Even if you don’t like the dark and butt-whoopin’ age play mentality or even if you don’t like the pure-n-innocent mentality, they’re still both ABDL mentalities … aren’t they?

Whether ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover or if it stands for Ass Beating Diaper Lover, they’re both still ABDL.

Whether you call it an ABDL community or cluster or friend circuit or Borg collective, it’s still the assemblence of ABDLers and age players … isn’t it?  When we momentarily view the differences, we begin to see the commonalities, don’t we? 

And it’s really neat to see that everyone enjoys their own flavor, while still being able to call it ABDL … or age play!  LOL

But the other thought that comes to my mind is how, much like the Catholic Schoolgirl, ABDL (or age play) can go well with practically any other interest.

Furries have babyfurs.

BDSM certainly mixes well with the age play – as a great number of ABDLers have not only embraced a second 4-letter interest but have even converted into it a good bit.

It’s sort of like the O-Negative blood type being able to mix well with all the others.  And from an ABDL author’s standpoint, it makes for quite a few different themes and story lines, from dark to sexual to romantic to MedFet to pure-n-innocent and more.

Ice CreamThe flavors of ice cream are plentiful, but it’s all still ice cream.  And even with gatherings, from CAPCon to TeddyCon to Camp Crucible to Abdulia to so many others, there’s variety galore.

So it seems the all-encompassing approach is the one that often appeals to everyone.  And the reason is very simple:  It’s the approach that includes everyone … each with their own flavor of ice cream.

And how sweet it is.

Ice Cream Japanese


This particular flavor of ice cream is called squid ink.  It’s apparently quite popular in Japan.


The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind – Both Parts

The Psychology of a Schoolgirls MindTaken from:

The Zorro Daddy ABDL Sampler

(Available exclusively on Kindle)

here is a little story about the “why?” and even more importantly, the “why not?”.


The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind

Ophelia looked over at Robbie, the two girls always having been competition for one another – first in high school and presently in college, since they both selected the same university to attend. But on this day, they would be forced to do the most unthinkable thing of all. They would have to work together as it seemed they both had a common enemy in their midst. And that common enemy’s name was Raquel Myers.

“Miss Myers,” the professor said, startling Raquel back from her daydream. “Is there something outside that window you keep staring through that’s more interesting than your education?”

“Um …,” Raquel said, clearing her throating and lowering her chin while smiling shyly. “No.”

Ophelia and Robbie glared her down with daggers in their irises. Oh, how irritating it was that Raquel could get the professor’s attention by ignoring him just as easily as listening to him. But those two weren’t the only girls in the classroom who were vying for his attention and the competition was anything but pleasant – despite how attractively almost every female in that class had dressed … all of them hoping that the professor would pick them for one of his infamous after-class private tutoring sessions.

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Crafty and Active

TeddyConTeddyCon 2015 nears closer each day.  And as it gets closer, even more information about the fabled weekend extravaganza to come surfaces.

In addition to the classes, the ABUniverse-sponsored pizza party, playtime, the amazing littles’ area and so much more, there are also crafts and activities galore.

Kazoo and Tambourine Making – Find your inner musician and create some instruments to use during the sing along on Saturday night!

Marble painting – Marbles aren’t just for rolling on the floor anymore! Dip them in paint, roll them around and see what you get!

Perler Beads – Bead by bead, color by color, come let your imagination soar with everyone’s favorite little melting plastic beads!

Pony beads – Friendship bracelets, necklaces, whatever you can think of. Its beading time!

Shaving Cream Painting – Do you like to make a mess? Come make some beautiful art by combining shaving cream, paint, and your imagination.

Paci Clips – Don’t ever worry about losing your beloved paci again! Make a 100% one of a kind clip to keep your paci near.

Model Magic – Roll it, cut it, mold it, and make it your own! Create your sculpture to take home and remind you of your time at TeddyCon

Diaper Decorating – What’s better than wearing a diaper? Wearing a custom designed and decorated diaper! Don’t forget to bring your diaper with you! You might have a hard time not framing it!

Magic Caterpillars – Create some artistic magic while you explore what caterpillars turn into as they grow.

Finger Painting – Who actually needs paint brushes? You don’t! Let your fingers do the painting!

Games Session 1 & 2 – Come and play with your friends and make new ones! Meet us in the playroom for some group games and fun!

Story & Cuddle Time Session 1 & 2 – Meet us in the nursery for some quiet mellow cuddling time and stories

Origami – A great way to begin TeddyCon 2015 and get comfortable with new faces. Learn how to fold some new paper friends.

Movie Night – Put on your favorite sleeper and grab your best stuffie. Join us in the playroom for a movie on the big screen!

Pageant and Talent Show – Do you think you have what it takes to be Little Miss or Little Mister? Do you have a talent that you want to share with us all? Show us your best in the playroom Saturday night.

Sing-a-long – Bring your instruments and your voice to sing your favorite tunes in the playroom after the Pageant and Talent Show.

Bedtime Story with Zorro Daddy – When Zorro Daddy is reading the bedtime story it is certain to be entertaining! Snuggle up for this not to be missed tale in the playroom after the movie.


TeddyConTickets are now extremely limited and going fast. ….. And when they’re gone … they’re gone.

Dates:  Friday, October 9th – Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Making a Tradition
TeddyCon FetLife Group
TeddyCon FetLife Event Link
TeddyCon Website


The Signature

I sometimes get an ear-full from people who tell me that it is wrong for me to be selling ABDL ebooks and that, instead, I should just be posting them online – making them free for all to read.

I thought a lot about that over the past four years of doing this ebook thing.  And the conclusion I came to is that, despite the fact that I sell ABDL ebooks, I have always posted enormous amounts of free samples.  Much to the chagrin of several publicists I’ve been in touch with about marketing, I believe I will always post free samples.

Selling ebooks doesn’t make me rich.  I’ll admit that I haven’t had to look hard to find the money each month to pay the cell phone company and the cable company, but by no means am I swimming in cash because I put a bunch of diaper stories on Amazon.

It’s a bit of a dream, I suppose, that one day I just might write something so popular as the 50 Shades books.  And after that, I wouldn’t need to worry much about money anymore.  But even at that point, free samples would still need to be a part of the practice.

Thinking back on the now-completed signature series, The Zeke and Lily Saga, I remember when I first started writing it.  I remember who the character of Lily was based off of.  But more than anything else, I remember where that series, as well as everything I have written, was born … in my heart.

And I also remember all the samples I gave out along the way:

Once Upon a Beginning

Butterflies and “BabyGirls” of the World
How Lily First Took His Breath Away


“Skinny Dipping”
When Mr. Woody Met Lily

Making a Memory 

The Turbulence & the Saving Grace
“When Mr. Woody took Lily to the Stars”
Before Breakfast in the Bahamas

Her Diary

Entry One Read it  or Listen to it
The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Meet Your Mother

Ever After

“What She Found on the Front Seat”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily turn a Windmill”
Dream Catching
Saturday, April 16th
Pink Monopoly and the Princess Fortress Story  Audio
Dirty Laundry and Cartoon Napping Story  Audio
“When Mr. Woody showed Lily the Answers Inside

Resolutions (Part One)

“Pillow Talk”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily become Surrounded with Love”

Zeke & Lily 10 - For A LifeTimeFor A LifeTime

Confessions In the Moonlight
Making New Friends and Getting Poopy
Though the signature series is complete, there are so many other stories yet to come.  Zeke and Lily were merely the beginning but will always remain at the center of my heart.  Their stories are the ones I lived. 
Other stories I simply write, but all of them … I feel.  And every word will always be a piece of my heart..

The Style of Life – All Three Parts

The Style of LifeTaken from:

The Zorro Daddy ABDL Sampler

(Available exclusively on Kindle)

here is a little story about a lifestyle – so right and so fitting that it can become … the style of life.

The Style of Life – 

Dakota’s lips searched frantically for the missing rubber nipple of her pacifier, then finding it and drawing it back in her mouth as she opened her eyes. She was still lying on the side of her Daddy’s body, using his frame as a pillow. Looking up at him, she smiled. Oh, what a perfect way to wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning.

“Good morning, Daddy,” Dakota said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth and whispering up to him with a small, sweet tone.

“Good morning, BabyGirl,” he said, his morning voice making the timbre of his tone a bit deeper still as it vibrated inside his chest.

Clinging to his side, Dakota placed the pacifier back in her mouth and returned her left hand to the little section of his t-shirt on his right shoulder that, by the looks of the wrinkles, she had clenched with her left hand all night long. He brought his left hand up from its placement on her diapered bottom and slid his fingers into the hair at the back of her head – gently massaging her scalp. Then he sniffed the hair on the top of her head, one of his favorite things to do.

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