The Mia Series (Book Ten): “Her Wedding Weekend”

The Mia Series - Book 10The wedding weekend of Eric and Mia has arrived. Traveling to a romantic location she chose in Vermont, they had abstained for a month – a commitment that challenged both of them to see the beauty of marriage in their near future.

Now in the midst of wedding rehearsals and with friends-n-family in the mix, Mia dreams of the perfect wedding day. Not only does she dream it, but she intends to make it a reality. Every detail has been meticulously planned and she will stop at nothing to see it through as such … just shy of becoming a bridezilla about it.

Join Mia and Eric in this, the conclusion of The Mia Series, giving her a send-off she has been waiting for her entire life.

Samples:  The Perfect Day”    “Late Night Rendezvous

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The Mia Series

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Making A Tradition

When I was in high school, I was quite fortunate in having been given a role in a musical I will likely never be given again in my life. But if by chance I ever do get this role again, I will be old, gray and bald before it happens. Well … I guess I’m a third of the way there, at this point.

The role I’m talking about is “Tevye” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. In a one-sentence synopsis, Fiddler is the story of the residents of a Jewish Village in Czarist Russia and how they came to terms with the changing times – particularly a milkman, his wife and his five daughters.

One of the overlying themes of in Fiddler is “tradition”. That also happens to be the name of the opening song at the top of the first act. And what we see in our lives as tradition may not have been the same as what our parents saw as tradition or of what future generations will see as tradition. The reason why may likely be that tradition has a habit of defying its own definition.

1. a long-established action or pattern of behavior in a community or group of people, often one that has been handed down from generation to generation.
2. the handing down of patterns of behavior, practices, and beliefs that are valued by a culture.

Certainly, there are plenty of other definitions for this word. But the point is made that traditions tend to stick around and are often acquired. Yet instinct wouldn’t make us think of anything recent when we think of the traditional.

And that might be a bit of instinct we need to re-evaluate.

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Late Night Rendezvous

Late Night RendezvousTaken from the forthcoming conclusion to The Mia Series:

Book Ten: Her Wedding Weekend

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here’s a little story about the difference between what is for them and what is for you.


Late Night Rendezvous

Late Night
A knock came to Mia’s window, startling her awake. But she remained motionless, wondering if an animal had made its way into the bushes just outside the window and was now scratching to get in. But maybe it wasn’t that at all. Maybe it was just something she heard in her dream and it woke her up. That made a little more sense.

Mia closed her eyes and settled back into returning to sleeping. If there was any one thing that the next 24 hours+ would be lacking, it would be rest. So the more sleep she got now, the better it would be. She certainly couldn’t sleep tomorrow night, not on her wedding night – well … at least not until other things happened first. And my, oh my, was she ready.

Yes, sleep was best right now.

Opening her eyes again and sitting straight up, she accepted that sleep wasn’t going to be able to happen just yet because she heard the noise again. And no, it wasn’t some animal scratching or a tree limb tapping the window from being bent by the wind. It was clear, deliberate tapping and now there was a silhouette of someone standing just outside the window.

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Something so Familiar

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we find the answers we seek, they soon become inevitable.” – Unknown

Words describe it, but nothing can express what a dream feels like in real life. You simply have to experience it to know.

The Daddy and BabyGirl dynamic takes every emotion, every ounce of love and life you share with one another in a relationship and adds an impassioned meaning to it all. It is natural for her to feel “little” and long to have her senses, her heart and her mind affected when you treat her with a kindness, love and tenderness that melts the soul of a BabyGirl instantly.

As you grow together, you find what sustains you in life – realizing what is important and what is less important, to both of you. You will change because of her. And if it was meant to be she’ll change, too, because of you. That’s when it ceases to be a Dream and becomes a Dream-Come-True.

There’s love which seems best for the moment. And there’s love which seems best for a lifetime. It’s a matter of figuring out which is best for you. You’re always looking for that person who is looking for you. Meeting someone who sees and pursues it as you do is where fate may well come into it. – unless you all ready have them – to cherish and be cherished by. Then the “lifetime” can begin.

If she excites and connects with you, seeks a bonding of hearts, to love and be loved, to share all her life with you, to trust and find fulfillment, has the littlest of hearts and the simplest of souls, is she the “reality” which includes your fantasy? Are you the “reality” which includes hers?

There’s a fine line between feeling something and knowing you can never feel it enough. There’s also a fine line between the next 30 days and the next 30 years. And that’s okay because not everything winds up being what you thought it was. You do live, learn and grow. It wouldn’t be healthy if you didn’t. Maybe there’s a reason for that and maybe that’s where fate comes into it again.

And you’ll be wiser for the future, to know to do it all again, to not be jaded and to lay your heart out again for someone, not because you didn’t learn before, but because you did learn. – She is worth it. – She is worth every bit of your heart and every bit of your love because she longs to receive the same thing you long to give … and what that specifically is will bond the two of you.

The past speaks volumes about people, but never defines who they are. It merely shows who they’ve been all ready and helps define who they’ll be in the future, the fantasy sought in the reality found. Either for now or forever , whichever the heart dreams for.

Your heart never loses what it feels and grows stronger for what it needs. And what it needs may arrive as someone you were not expecting, whether you met that person all ready or whether she is still a perfect stranger.

You smile and say hello, realizing there is something so familiar all ready.

Every Word is a Piece of …

I’ve received emails from people who ask me how much of myself I put into the stories I write and how much of the stories are based on experiences I’ve had.

My response is always that I put all of myself into what I write.  Putting any lesser amount would seem pointless.  If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it to the fullest and do it right.  I also tell them that some of the stories are loosely based on experiences I’ve had, but not all of them.  And I usually leave my answer at that … nothing more.

The reasoning is: I understand fully that I am one of many writers in this world who knows what the acronym ABDL stands for and who has a personal understanding and opinion of what it means.  I don’t ever want to come of as sounding like I’m anything more than that.

I also don’t ever look at anything I write as being life-changing or earth-shattering in importance.  Because the truth is:  few things in life are that important.  And always remembering this makes it possible to maintain a humble modesty that is healthy.

Every Word is a Piece of Me is an ebook I’ve created that is based on the one and only blog I have ever kept in my life.  And that blog you will find on this website.

This is the third ebook in the blog series and when I put them up online, I intend for them to be free.  But, Amazon and Barnes & Noble require a minimum price.  So I’ve also put this book up on Smashwords, a site that allows free pricing and has formatting for all ebook readers (including the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook).

The importance of this book is no greater than any other.  And I will always proudly state that.  But, as with everything else I’ve written, I put all of myself into it and Every Word is a Piece of Me.

Every Word 3 - Is A Piece Of MeEvery Word is a Piece of Me

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The Perfect Day – (Both Parts)

The Perfect DayTaken from the forthcoming conclusion to The Mia Series:

Book Ten: Her Wedding Weekend

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here’s a little story about perfection and about how the future can also be the present.


The Perfect DayPart One

Mia stood at the back of the sanctuary of a beautiful church. Her left arm was tucked inside the right arm of her father. And this was the most important day of her life … so far. It was a day she had been dreaming about her whole life, planning in her mind for years, planning in reality for months, tuning and fine-tuning for weeks, packing for – for ten days and now … absorbing with every single thought in her mind, every single breath in her chest, every single pounding beat from her heart and every available function of senses that weren’t already inundated to overload. It was her wedding day and probably before she knew it, the ceremony would be over. Eric wouldn’t just be her lover, her Daddy and her fiancé. He would be her husband and she would be his blushing BabyGirl bride.

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Country Rose 3

Country Rose 3Spring time returns to Southern Pines, North Carolina. And with it comes the conclusion of Rose’s first year in the country.

In that year, she met and fell in love with a cowboy named Emmitt. She also fully embraced her BabyGirl inklings, going so far as to share them with him. And as if their love was plucked straight from the pages of the perfect romance novel, Emmitt became her Daddy.

And life just kept getting better and better for her.

When one of her BFFs from New England comes to visit, Rose encounters a series of events that keeping making her biological clock tick louder and louder. It gets to the point where she can no longer ignore it and the time for permanency in her life beckons her.

Now, she must decide if Southern Pines is her new home and if Emmitt is her Daddy Man for life. A few crab legs, some lobster, all the grilled steaks she could eat and some tasty wine wet her appetite as Rose pursues the knowledge of The One.

Country Rose 3 continues the ABDL romance story of Rose – a city girl turned country flower and Emmitt – a cowboy who has a habit of taking off his shirt.

Sample: The One

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