Indian Marker – Crib & Breakfast … & more!

From the looks of it as you drive by, it seems like a typical farmhouse, nestled in the rural countryside of Lancaster County – as plain and ordinary as any local tourist attraction.

And that is exactly how the owners intend to keep it.

But this simple rustic country home, with an even more rustic-looking barn next to it, holds the dreams that accompany our sleep, the passions that fill our souls, the desires that fill our thoughts and the reality to experience the fantasies we harbor close to our hearts. Continue Reading …

Thinking Out Loud – Part Two of Two

thinking-out-loudTaken from the forthcoming Country Rose 5, here is a little story about what we think … in private.


Thinking Out LoudPart Two

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Emmitt placed his tip at her opening and gently slid himself inside her.  Rose closed her eyes and opened her mouth, smiling widely.  She loved the initial penetration for so many reasons.  It was wonderfully overwhelming, involuntarily grabbing her complete attention and holding it.  It was delightfully fulfilling, so to speak.  And nothing felt more incredible than being parted open by her Cowboy Daddy who was now her husband.

She could feel the heat rising up off his torso.  Sinking her nails into the back of his head, she drew him as closely to her as possible.  She recalled so many memories of when they had made love in the past.  But none of them made her as happy as this.

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The Con is now open

tc-16-handbookBy the time you read this posting, TeddyCon 2016 will have opened its doors and welcomed in the masses of ABDLers, age players, dreamers and believers.

Throughout this weekend, please check out the TeddyCon Group on FetLife for updates, memorable quotes and more.

Blessings, …………………………………………………….. Zorro Daddy

Thinking Out Loud – Part One of Two

thinking-out-loudTaken from the forthcoming Country Rose 5, here is a little story about what we think … in private.


Thinking Out LoudPart One

Saturday, May 21

Emmitt planted Rose’s back against the bathroom wall, his hands gathering up the lower half of her wedding dress and reaching under to grab at the back of her thighs.  He lifted her up as Rose grabbed the sides of his face, planting her lips on his mouth.  Passion consumed as it always did.  But on this day of days, her thoughts would combine with the sensations and she would make yet another set of vows to him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she winced from the muscle pain of having her legs wrapped around his waist.  That pain, in itself, was a whole other story.  But the current movie playing in her mind was about the earlier events of that day and how she now found herself pinned against that bathroom wall.

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Everybody listen up
Everybody listen up
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Gabriel and Gina

gabriel-and-ginaKindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords  Kobo 

Her name is Gina and she is a college girl with a lot of fantasies that, until now, she has been unable to tell anyone about.  She wasn’t actually brave enough on her own this time either.  At least not without a little alcohol in her system at a frat party.  That’s when she told him of her fantasies about the “Daddy’s Girl” fetish.  She didn’t know that one week after confessing her heart’s secrets to him that they both would be exploring their dynamics.

 His name is Gabriel, but he goes by Gabe and he is as excitable of a Daddy as Gina is of a BabyGirl. When they met, they were college students who had never explored the dynamics of the Daddy/BabyGirl relationship.

So they learned together, beginning with the same open-minded starting points and what they discovered was that their personalities were all ready suited to be a dynamic couple. In their early 20′s, they are both sexually charged and they learn how the innocence of age play can be coupled with the adult side of life to make a connection between them which is electric and as intoxicating as some of the frat parties they have attended.

Gabe is a Daddy who has natural dominance, fitted perfectly to go with the natural submissive personality of Gina. He likes to push the edge of discovery by taking Gina into public and tempting fate.


Learning to Give In
Getting The Hang Of It
The Best Years of Life
Leaving the Atlantic
Wallflowers and Table Tops

Kindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords – Kobo 

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