The Waddling Dead: Episode Eight

Episode Eight: The Eclectic Seven

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Saturday morning, 9:45 am

Ursula lunged and hit the center table in the dining hall, flipping it up and sending it flying towards the kitchen entrance.  Baby sisters who were nearby scattered in all directions – save for the one unlucky sweetheart who was too close to get away in time.  Ursula grabbed the girl’s ponytail, yanking her head back.  Scanning the room, Ursula saw dozens of further victims.  They backed up slowly, not believing what they were seeing and not knowing what to do.  Lowering her chin, Ursula glared them all down.  The baby sister in her grasp was sobbing, wanting to try to get away but also not wanting to be hurt by this creature that used to be Ursula.  Everyone watched as Ursula grabbed the girl’s right shoulder, yanking the girl’s head to the side and sinking her teeth into that area between the girl’s shoulder and neck.

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ABDL Events, Conventions and more – All Year Round

CAPCon TeddyConLogo  CampCrucible US Littles   & More!

This is a very exciting posting to make, for many reasons.  Listed below are ABDL events, gatherings, parties and convention.  And it’s very encouraging to see so many, popping up out of the woodwork.  Gone are the days of sparse communications and remote parties.  Now, you have opportunities around every corner, inviting you to attend and waiting for you.

I’m certain there are some events that I’ve missed.  In fact, I hope I missed some because that would mean there’s even more out there.  But just with what’s listed here, you can find something very “Diaper-ish” to attend that will fit your comfort level, road trip limits, budget, age, preference, darkness levels (a.k.a. Butt Whoopin’), innocent levels and how far away you can be from Turkey Hill Iced Tea without losing your mind! 


Okay, that last one mainly pertains to me, but the fact remains that diapered bottoms are travelin’ everywhere!


Hold on, everybody.  Here we go:


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The Waddling Dead: Episode Seven

Episode Seven: Patient Zero

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Saturday morning, 9:30 am

As the rest of the group made it to the far end of the trail and headed back to main camp, Ursula struggled her way back to the entrance of the trail, her stomach cramp now having worsened and now including an area from her abdomen up to her sternum.  The dizziness had returned and her waddly steps were even more so as she collapsed to the ground.  At least she had made it back to the clearing with the well.  Crawling over to the well, she got up on her knees and placed her hands on the side of the well.  Pushing on it, she managed to get to her feet.

But when she stood up, she saw the bucket sitting on the top ledge of the well.  Turning and looking back in the direction she had just come from, she pieced together how Hillary must have poisoned her.  That had to be well water she drank from her baby bottle.  Hillary was the one who picked it up and brought it back to her after rejoining the group and extending a now-confirmed lie of apology.

Ursula didn’t believe the tall tale of the well water, but there didn’t seem to be any other explanation for her sudden sickness.  Her symptoms were not common ones when welcoming the arrival of her monthly visitor.  There was something very wrong with her and her condition was worsening very quickly.

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Little Feelings in “Big” Moments

The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic of Love is a bonding emotion shared between two opposite ends of something natural.

Male & Female
Dominant & Submissive
Big & Little

It fills every corner of the mind, enriches every beat of the heart  and reaches every depth of connection in the soul.

It is innocent and it is passionate.  It is fantasy and it is reality.

And when the lines cross the opposite ends of the spectrum, it goes from having two separate emotions to having one train of thought.

Warning: Below this line is a look at The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic with a passion which is as Big as it is little.

Enter the Big Moments

The Waddling Dead: Episode Six

Episode Six: Don’t Drink the Water

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Saturday morning, 8:45 am

Crinkle.  Crinkle.  Crinkle.

The sounds of more than five dozen hips waddling along filled the air as everyone made their way over to the entrance of the nature trail.  Britney looked up at the canopy of leaves above and then all around the campground, marveling over how bright the daytime seemed there – given how pitch-black it got after dusk.

The group wandered down a skinny trail that got skinnier as they went into a thicker patch of trees.  Most of the baby sisters were pulling in their arms and shrinking up their shoulders in an attempt to not make contact with any of the bushes or leaves along the trail.  Britney lowered her chin, concentrating on not smiling too brightly behind her pacifier.  It was just that some of the girls were behaving with such tantrum responses, it was hard to not smile or laugh.

But getting into a clearing just ahead, the smiles and laughter came to a screeching halt.  In the middle of that clearing was a well, made of stone with a little wooden roof.  There was a pulley system attached to a metal bar, with a rope going down into the well that presumably was attached to a bucket.  Everyone gathered around the well, eyeing up what the little sign said next to it:  Don’t Drink The Water!!

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The Eccentric Mistake

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The Waddling Dead: Episode Five

Episode Five: Dutch and the Deadly

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Saturday morning, 7:30 am

Britney woke up gently as the morning sun cascaded in through the cabin window, adding a bit more warmth to her body.  She was already enveloped in a sleeping bag that had kept her toasty comfy all night.  Her nightie was cottony soft and she had grown fond of the softened comfort a diaper brought to the middle of her body.  Sitting up slowly, she took the pacifier out of her mouth and yawned as she stretched her arms and back.  For as lousy of a mattress as she had slept on, her slumber had been quite restful.

Looking around the cabin, she saw others waking up and heard the shower already in use by one of the eight.  Chloe had been up for a while, having already showered and dressed.  She was keeping an eye on the time and moving the baby sisters closer to being ready to go.

“High ponytails today, babies!” Chloe said, making up eight sets of the outfits they would wear that day.  “Breakfast is at 8 a.m.  And I don’t want this to turn into another lateness problem like we had last weekend at the sorority house party.  Get yourselves ready and don’t give me excuses that you need more time!”

Britney smiled warmly, plunking her pacifier back in her mouth as she crawled out of her sleeping bag and swung her legs over the side of her top bunk.  Hopping down to the floor, she waddled over to Chloe’s bed – where the eight outfits had been laid out for the girls.

Trying to hold back laughter as she picked up her outfit, she practically spit her pacifier out at the sight of the loose-fitting pink crop top.  It was so tiny she wandered if Yara would even be able to get her boobs to stay inside it.  Yara was a bit taller than the rest of them and had the most endowment for sure.  Picking up the ruffled pink panties, Britney closed her eyes – trying desperately to not laugh at that point.  Even the panties would be loose-fitting for how big they were.  This was probably a good thing as they would be going over diapers anyway.

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