Mia Series

Mia is a very sweet and very shy girl who meets Eric, a guy with a lot of confidence and a lot of dominant qualities which attracts her to him immediately.

She longs to be controlled and he obliges her innocent request by unraveling her thoughts, then rebuilding her to experience the absolute innocence of the BabyGirl mindset.

He leads her through each stage of the process, enabling her to let go of her fears by using a kind-hearted approach to help her see Daddy always knows best.

From his constant attentive treatment of her, Mia’s mind regresses and her thoughts soften into an infantile state from time-to-time, enabling her to be very little as he slowly builds her back up to the adult desires which are ever-present within her.

Eric is the kind of Daddy who will naturally alter any girl’s thoughts, forcing her to release the desires she has always had into his control. And every step of the way, Mia grows more and more in love with him for it.

This is their story:


Mia Series - Book 1“Oh, What a Weekend.”

This first installment takes place in a period of 24 hours in the life of Mia, a shy and sweet girl who is shown that the path to innocence and submission is as gentle and as kind as she wants it to be.

On this weekend, she returns to the innocence of her past and is guided through the “little” emotions which re-awaken inside her.

By the end, she is a happy and contented BabyGirl whose entire life has changed, but my oh my, how she got there is what makes this story so endearing and heart-warming.

Sample: “In Every Girl’s Heart, there is a Fantasy …”

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The Mia Series - Book Two“The Next Weekend. The Next Memory”

Picking up the story where the first book ended, Mia continues to learn how rewarding submission is and how much more deeply she feels the love in a relationship which includes a dynamic that most would not understand.

It’s the next weekend and the next memory is being built with each passing moment of the day. She is spoken to in a manner much more sweetly with an intention to lead her towards an affection far more little still.

Sample: “The Next Memory She Would Never Forget”

(Listen to the sound file of this sample, read by ResonantYes of FetLife)

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The Mia Series - Book Three“The Weekend of Decision”

The past two weeks made clear how much Mia missed the way she felt when with Eric and she was finding it hard to function without him. It would have to suffice for a while to enjoy her weekends with him and then go about her life as usual throughout the week. But she saw how much his absence of one weekend had affected her. A decision would definitely have to be made.

Follow Mia and Eric in this, their 3rd book, as they search for the future and the reality which includes the fantasy they have come to know as their love.

Sample: Thank You For Loving Me

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The Mia Series - Book Four“The Weekend She Believed”

Moving Weekend has arrived for Mia and Eric. Everything would be picture perfect, if Mia would believe it was real. But in her own words:

“I never believe that something good is real. When I finally believe in the fantasy that’s when I wake up to find out it was a dream, and just another castle in the clouds. That’s when I lose Hope.”

A vicious cycle of broken dreams has always led to a broken heart for her in the past too many times for her to not be cautious nowadays.

But Eric, always patient with her insecurities helps her through the current struggle she faces. In his own words:

“I firmly believe that nothing will happen to one’s self without dreaming first. The Dream is what tells the Heart what to look for. Believing is what enables one’s soul to follow. And Hope is what makes us pursue it all. Don’t look for the fantasy. Look for the reality which could include it. I think you have all the pieces necessary to put the puzzle together. And there will come a day when you wake up and the dream will be there, waiting for you.”

Follow Mia and Eric in this, the 4th book in their story.

Sample: Kitty’s Keeper

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“The Weekend of Cravings”

The Mia Series - Book FiveIn Every Girl’s LifeTime, there are moments that define who she is.
In Every BabyGirl’s LifeTime, there is a pivotal moment which stands out from all the rest.
What would happen if that moment would lead to the greatest depth of her heart?  Would she follow or would it be too close to the truth she couldn’t pursue the craving of its overload?

Mia & Eric recently had a rather life-changing experience and it led them both to realize that life was too fragile to live without placing  all the cards on the table.

What this led to was the weekend they threw fear and modesty to the wind, pursuing the cravings she had spent a lifetime dreaming about.

Sample: “Overload”

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The Mia Series - Book Six“Her Birthday Weekend”

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you find yourself at a crossroads you’ve needed to get to for a long time.  And at this crossroads, you will be faced with a not-so-simple question:  Pursue Your Future or Protect Your Past?

Traveling with Eric to a cabin in the woods of northern Pennsylvania,  Mia bounces with excitement for the birthday weekend about to begin.

On this weekend, Mia learns the difference between shyness and littleness while taking in the view at the top of the world.  And before he places her back in her crib at home on Sunday night, she will come face to face with the opportunity to finally see the lone wish she has made countless times in her life – on shooting stars, in wishing wells and in the center of a little heart which no longer wanted to be shy.

Will she pursue her future or protect her past?

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What Mia Found at the Top of the World
The Birthday Suit
The Breakfast Interrogation of Covered Piles
…Fit For A Princess

The Mia Series - Book Seven“The Weekend of Signs”

Mia’s story continues and life keeps moving forward.  From engagement to moving to plans for the future, suddenly she is overwhelmed by how fast everything has changed for her, but more importantly, by how permanent those changes could be.  With an over-active mind already, she struggles with balancing a growing need for littleness with the natural need for physical.

On this weekend, Mia desperately searches for a sign, any sign at all, that will reassure her the choices she has made were the right ones.  And regardless of where she is – whether staring up at the ceiling of the car as Eric changes her diaper in the backseat or screaming deafeningly at the stars in the sky as Eric climbs with her to the summit, Mia begins to see signs that luck is watching.

What Happens Under the Stars, Stays Under the Stars
All’s Well That Ends Well

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The Mia Series - Book EightThe Weekend of “White-Hot” Attention

The fall has begun to set in and Mia is gearing up for so many things to come.  But beginning the planning of her wedding with Eric, she finds herself also beginning to fear making the wrong steps – essentially leading to a lack of confidence.  Though so many things need her attention, nothing more so needs it than her little heart.

But her beloved Eric has plans for her little heart on this particular weekend and by Sunday night, she’ll be free of all worries, remembering nothing but how good his white-hot attention to her felt.

The Scent of a BabyGirl
Fancy Feet
Between the Ruffles

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The Mia Series - Book NineThe Weekend of Mind-Melting

Have you ever had a day at work that seemed to never end and when  you were made to feel like the lack of productivity was all your fault?

So did Mia and when she got home that night, she brought her frustrations home with her, purging them and inundating Eric in the process.

So, in response, Eric created an entire weekend of happenings that were designed to not only swoon her back into the regressive state she craved when at home, but also deprogram her of the stress she couldn’t shake while re-programming her to react to the touch and tone that only her Daddy knew how to use right. 

It’ll be a real mind-melter for her.
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The Nail Biter and The Heart Pounder
Peeling the Layers


The Mia Series - Book 10Her Wedding Weekend

The wedding weekend of Eric and Mia has arrived. Traveling to a romantic location she chose in Vermont, Mia dreams of the perfect wedding day. Not only does she dream it, but she intends to make it a reality.

Join Mia and Eric in this, the conclusion of The Mia Series, giving her a send-off she has been waiting for her entire life.

Samples:  The Perfect Day  –  Late Night Rendezvous

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The Mia Series

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