The Waddling Dead: Episode Seven

Episode Seven: Patient Zero

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Saturday morning, 9:30 am

As the rest of the group made it to the far end of the trail and headed back to main camp, Ursula struggled her way back to the entrance of the trail, her stomach cramp now having worsened and now including an area from her abdomen up to her sternum.  The dizziness had returned and her waddly steps were even more so as she collapsed to the ground.  At least she had made it back to the clearing with the well.  Crawling over to the well, she got up on her knees and placed her hands on the side of the well.  Pushing on it, she managed to get to her feet.

But when she stood up, she saw the bucket sitting on the top ledge of the well.  Turning and looking back in the direction she had just come from, she pieced together how Hillary must have poisoned her.  That had to be well water she drank from her baby bottle.  Hillary was the one who picked it up and brought it back to her after rejoining the group and extending a now-confirmed lie of apology.

Ursula didn’t believe the tall tale of the well water, but there didn’t seem to be any other explanation for her sudden sickness.  Her symptoms were not common ones when welcoming the arrival of her monthly visitor.  There was something very wrong with her and her condition was worsening very quickly.

Finding moments of strength, she sprinted as long as she could – then collapsing to the ground as she heaved for air.  What was happening to Ursula was nothing shy of insufferable.  But what was about happen to her would leave her for dead – in a manner unthinkable.

Getting back to her cabin, she burst through the front door and dropped to her knees, her bladder and her bowels releasing at the same time.  She screamed in pain as she collapsed to the floor.  What was happening to her?  It hurt so bad that it felt like she was passing her intestines into the back of her diaper will giving birth to her kidneys.  The pain increased to the point where it took too much energy to scream.  Looking to the bathroom at the back of the cabin, she could tell her eyesight was going bad.  The room was very dark, all of the sudden.

Crawling across the floor, she took the pink crop top with poofy short sleeves off her frame.  Now, she was wearing nothing but her soiled diaper and her earrings.  She hardly cared about her appearance just then.  The pain inside her body was now stretching down into her legs and up into her head.  She couldn’t explain any of it.  And it hurt to even attempt to think.

Stretching one arm out in front of her, she sunk her nails into the floorboards – pulling herself forward and then repeating the process with her other arms.  When she got closer to the light of the bathroom, she paused in horror as she saw the pale bluish hue of the skin on her forearms and hands.  It almost looked grey, but she couldn’t be sure as her eyes weren’t working correctly anymore.

Then the pain wrapped around her skull, putting that feel of her entire head being caught in a vice back into her senses.  Her face and particularly her cheeks, felt like they were being squeezed and twisted.  Her jaw felt like it was being pulled to the right.

Getting to the door jamb of the bathroom, she crawled onto the cheap, fake linoleum-covered floor.  And she came to rest on it, feeling the coolness from the floor.

But that was when she began to sweat.  She could feel her whole body becoming slimy with secretion.  Oh, it felt disgusting.  And then the knot in her stomach tightened to a such a degree that she could no longer lay flat on her belly.  Rolling onto her side, she curled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them.  That was when she saw the color of the skin on her legs.

Her skin was shriveled up and had several different shades to it, from grey to purple to blue.  She cried, but made no sound when doing so.  And the only thing she could think of was what had just happened to her back on that nature trail.

Reaching up with her right hand, she grabbed hold of the edge of the counter at the sinks and mirrors.  Getting to her knees, she reached up with her left hand – also grabbing the counter edge and holding herself still as she threw up everything that was in her stomach … not just the partially-digested breakfast from that morning, but also stomach acid and blood.  Oh, so much blood.  Where was it all coming from?

Getting both of her forearms on top of the counter, she put her left foot flat on the floor and heaved herself up to a standing position.  But in doing so, she snapped her left ankle.  Tears streamed out of her eyes.  The pain was agonizing, unrelenting and horrendous.

Then she looked at the mirror and saw her reflection.  Her hair, once pin-straight and silky smooth, had a slight wavy to it and was ratted up from the sweat.  Her face looked grey in color.  Her eye sockets had sunken in and her jaw had indeed been relocated to the right.  The skin around her mouth was scarred from the stomach acid and a stream of blood coated the inside of her mouth as well as her bottom lip, chin and front of neck – leading down to her cleavage.

There was no smoothness to her skin anywhere.  It looked like aged leather more than skin.  And the front of her body had marks on it that resembled rug burn, presumably from her desperately crawl across the splintery floor boards of the cabin.

Staring at her reflection, an anger welled within her that knew no limit.  Her lone thought was of the person responsible for her current condition.  And the angrier she got, the stronger she felt, believing that what didn’t kill her would indeed make her stronger.

But she herself, was going to exact a measure of revenge more gruesome than in anyone’s worst nightmare.

Turning around, she took a step forward, then seeing that her right knee had turned inward, that hip having relocated itself.  And with her broken left ankle, she could only stride forward with contorted movements.  Moving like this throughout the cabin, anger welled up a bit more inside her.  Grabbing one of the bunk beds, she tossed it across the room like it weighed nothing at all.  There was a degree of strength she suddenly had that she never possessed before in life.

Getting to the front door of her cabin, she staggered out into the sunshine.  And then her mind went blank, no longer knowing who or where she was or what was going on.  And her lone thought remaining was the only thought she would ever have in her mind again … hunger.


Back in the dining hall, the baby sisters had begun the next activity, not realizing what had just happened to Ursula.  The activity was one that most of the girls were looking forward to … the ankle tattoo.  It would be a permanent mark that would always remind them that no matter where they went in life, their steps would be strengthened by their time in the Beta-Alpha-Beta sorority.

Three of the sisters had experience with tattooing and because the tattoos weren’t very large, it didn’t take long to get quite a few girls done – not rushing through it, just moving from one to the next.

As an added measure of fun, the doors in the dining hall were locked – a bit of jocular symbolism that would prevent anyone from running away.  Little did they know that in just a few minutes, the locked doors wouldn’t be such a funny thing at all.

And once each girl’s tattoo was completed, she was made to line up with the others along either side of the long center table in the dining hall. The backs of their diapers were lowered to the underside of their bottoms.  Some of the sisters walked around and took cell phone pictures of the letters on the girls’ bottom cheeks.

The Eclectic Eight weren’t the only pledges who had their pledge class name spelled out on their backsides.  And Loretta sat on a stool at the end of the long table, holding a long, wooded Beta-Alpha-Beta pledge paddle.  She was shaking her head at the very idea of tattoos being put on these girls.  But Loretta could recall some crazy hazing done back in her college days too.  It was a sign of the times.

With the first two dozen girls tattooed and lined up along the sides of the center table with lowered diapers, Loretta administered the first paddlings.  Each girl only got one smack as Loretta wasn’t trying to mark them again.  It was simply about the action and the experience.

When done paddling the first lot, Loretta set the paddle in the corner of the dining room – leaving it there to await the second lot.

But there would be no second lot.  And their joyous weekend retreat was about to lose all joy.

“Hey, what about Ursula?” one of the baby sisters asked.  “Sick or not, she shouldn’t be allowed to skip out on this.  Should she?”


Looking around, Ursula searched for food – then hearing noise from the dining hall, a short distance away.  Staggering towards the noise, she salivated – more blood pouring from her mouth.  Getting to the side entrance of the dining hall, she flung the doors open and waddled in. 

Everyone in the dining hall stopped what they were doing, turning around and seeing her in a hideous gruesome state.  She lowered her chin and began to pant.

Then she lunged forward at the baby sisters.

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