The Ceiling

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Noel’s Christmas – Saturday, December 18th

“The Ceiling”

Noel sat on the center sofa in the social area of a most lively Christmas party Nick’s company was throwing.  It was the annual Yuletide gathering that always got out of hand, by the end.  But the business of advertising was extremely stressful and this was the one time of the year when everyone could just cut loose.  And that was why Nick’s boss, a fairly no-nonsense lady named Charlene, threw this party every year.  It was her lone charitable act of kindness to her employees, aside from paying them very well.

Noel never had a problem with mingling amongst people she didn’t know.  She was a natural social butterfly.  But she was also a natural at pacing herself.  She recognized when it was a good idea to be the center of attention as opposed to when it was a good idea to simple be one of many.

So, taking a break, she sat on the sofa and sipped from her glass of fruit punch.  At least, she thought it was fruit punch.  It tasted like fruit punch but it was kind of obvious that there were other liquids mixed in with it.  And this was one thing Noel wasn’t very good at … holding her liquor.  It really didn’t take much to give her a buzz and once she was drunken, it was all over for her until she slept it off.

But the fruit punch tasted so good, she just kept helping herself to more and more of it.  And she knew they wouldn’t be leaving for a while.  She didn’t want to pull Nick away from this happy occasion.  He had been so stressed this month she was going to let this night go on as long as possible.  Her Daddy deserved it.  And besides, she was diapered.  So there would be no urgency that would rush her out of there.

She smiled sweetly, watching her beloved Daddy being pulled from one conversation to another.  She was so happy for him.  When they arrived, people came right up to him – Noel remaining wrapped around his right arm as the pretty eye candy accompanying him.  She had dolled herself up with a conservative look, but not one that was too stuffy.  In fact, the dark red dress she wore wasn’t form fitting at all.  It was a mixture of a mini dress and a tiered dress with long sleeves.  So she was, by no meanings, being choked out by her outfit nor was she worried that eating too much would give her belly that food baby look.

In addition to that, the flowy nature of the dress gave plenty of room for her to diapered while not worrying about looking like she was diapered. 

The party was noisy, people moving from a group chat in one corner to a completely different one in another part of the room.  It was fascinating to see how the power was exchanged.  Some employees had lots of people around them and were never without a conversation.  Other employees had lesser amounts of self-esteem and for this reason, were constantly trying to become a part of whatever discussion they could get in on.  And then there were several employees who were wallflowers, more interesting in protecting their bubble of space and chowing down on small plates of the party food that sat on a table directly behind the sofa where Noel was sitting.

She wished she could offer advice to each one of them.  To the socially popular folks who couldn’t get away from conversations, she would tell them to control the talks they got into as opposed to allowing themselves to be approached from all sides and inundated by people who were getting more and more drunken as time passed.

To the wanna-be socially popular folks, she would offer up the thought that they only needed to find one conversation to become a part of and to stick with that conversation.  By doing this, they would gain confidence in themselves.

To the wallflowers who enjoyed their space, she would tell them that location was all that was really important.  Noel sat on the center sofa, right next to the food.  This meant, even though she was taking a break, that lots of people would talk with her as they loaded up a plate of the various meats and cheeses and crackers and hot wings that made up the holiday spread.  But what made that sofa an ideal location was that the conversations were short.  People said hello, got their food and moved on – allowing Noel to return to her break.

Plus, she hardly had to move at all to get another cup of that spiked fruit punch.

But the events of this night would dramatically shift for Noel, when Charlene – the no-nonsense boss, walked over to the sofa and sat next to her.

“You are Noel,” Charlene said with pleasantness, smiling brightly – a bit of a surprise to Noel as Nick had described his boss as being a bit of a prude.

“Hello,” Noel said sweetly, realizing that her break from social engagement was now over.

“I’m Charlene.  I’m Nick’s boss,” Charlene said, continuing the pleasantries of greetings.

“Yes, he’s told me about you too,” Noel said, then quickly sipping her fruit punch as she knew right away that she had just walked into a trapping question.

“He has, huh?” Charlene asked, smiling but raising an eyebrow.  “And what has he told you?”

Noel took a big swig of fruit punch into her mouth, tipping her cup back and finishing it before reaching to the punch bowl for a refill.  She was buying herself time before answering.  Most certainly, she didn’t want to tell Charlene that Nick called her a prude.  Quickly, she scanned her memory to come up with an answer that wouldn’t sound like a cover-up.

Charlene wasn’t stupid and Noel knew it.

“Daddy told me that you have been in the advertising business for almost 30 years,” Noel stated, proud that she had come up with that fact but completely unaware that she had just referred to Nick as Daddy … but Charlene heard it, loud and clear.  “He said you have been nominated for 13 Clio awards in the past 20 years.”

“Ah!  He told you about the Clios?” Charlene asked with a smile – referencing the yearly awards that were given out for commercials.

“I had never heard of The Clio Awards before,” Noel said with a laugh that was a bit heartier than it needed to be – the effects of so many cups of spiked fruit punch beginning to set in.

“I see you like the punch,” Charlene said with a grin, then leaning forward to whisper to her.  “Me too.”

“What’s in it?” Noel asked with a whisper, starting to feel those BFF urges with Charlene.

“Wodka,” Charlene said with a Russian accent and an enormous wink.

“I think I like wodka!” Noel whispered with a laugh.

“I have a secret to tell you,” Charlene said, still leaning forward and whispering – Noel’s eyes growing big-n-wide.  “I think Nick is in love with you.”

“I know,” Noel said with a laugh.  “I love him too.”

“No.  I don’t think you understand how much he loves you,” Charlene said, Noel tilting her head slightly.  “I also don’t think you know the effect you have on him.”

What was Charlene talking about?  What was she getting at?

“In the past six month, I have noticed significant changes in him.  He went from being a team member to being a team leader,” Charlene stated, Noel’s face lighting up as she now knew what Charlene was trying to say.  “So I’m led to believe that the two of you met six months ago?”

Noel sucked in her lips and lowered her chin, smiling brightly as she nodded – her shoulders shrinking up as those baby feelings were trying to take her over.

“Then three months ago, he became my top sales agent.  And no one has been able to compete with him since,” Charlene said, Noel beginning to rock back and forth – but then stopping herself when she heard her diaper crinkling.

“That was when I moved in with him,” Noel said softly, crossing her legs and returning to calmer, more modest posture.

“But there’s something I can’t figure out,” Charlene said, Noel tucking her hair behind her ears and then swigging down more fruit punch – trying not to let on that she just got a bit nervous by what Charlene said.  “How can you drink so much punch and not have to run to the bathroom?”

Noel laughed, knowing she would never tell Charlene the truth about that … or even tell her that she actually had wet herself twice already while sitting on that couch, drinking spiked fruit punch.

But what Noel didn’t know was: despite the fact that she had the will power to keep the secrets secret, vodka – much like many types of alcohol – has a tendency to dissolve inhibitions that would otherwise aid her in keeping her mouth shut. 

In other words: Noel was nearing a drunken state and she freely started spilling the beans.

“It’s never a problem for me,” Noel said with a bit of a slur in her voice.  “We never leave home without a diaper bag.”

Then Noel took another swig of fruit punch.

“You … never leave home …,” Charlene said with confusion, trying to figure out what Noel meant by what she just said.  “… without a diaper bag?”

Suddenly realizing what she said, Noel swallowed a lump in her throat.  She tried to keep her breathing even and steady and controlled.  But the longer she sat silent, the more tells she began to give away – her fidgeting beginning to multiply the crinkles beneath her dress, the look on her face growing more and more helpless in nature and her lips making a slight pucker … something she often did in her sleep when the pacifier fell out of her mouth.

“So I remember about three or four weeks ago, I once asked Nick to stay a bit late to help me finish a specific project,” Charlene said, breaking the silence and eyeing up Noel’s squirmy condition before continuing.  “He said to me:  I need to call BabyGirl to let her know I’ll be home late.”

Noel looked at Charlene with total helplessness in her eyes.

“Now I didn’t think much of the fact that he called you BabyGirl.  That could have just been a playful pet name he had for you,” Charlene continued, beginning to piece a few things together.  “But then, just a little bit ago, you referred to Nick as … Daddy ……… then you told me you never leave home without a diaper bag.”

Noel felt dizzy, partially from the spilling of the beans but mostly from the vodka.

“I can see you’re nervous, Noel.  So let me help you with that …….. my ex-husband and I were swingers,” Charlene confessed quietly, Noel feeling the first bit of hope since she let a few things slip out.  “That being revealed to you now … do you need to be changed?  You don’t wanna go through the rest of this party with a wet diaper on, do you?”

Noel shook her head no.

“Let me call your Daddy over,” Charlene said, signaling to Nick that she wanted him to walk over to her.

Well, this whole night had just taken an unforeseen and intense turn in a direction that was unpredictable as to where it would lead.  And all poor Noel could do was to sit there and hope for the best as her bladder emptied itself into her now-drenched diaper.

Trembling, Noel watched Nick walk over to them.  She was petrified that he was going to be upset with her.  Shifting her hips, she could feel the wetness in her diaper increasing as she continued to pee.  Nick leaned over so Charlene could whisper into his ear.  Noel’s eyes grew watery.

“Go out and get Noel’s diaper bag from the car,” Charlene whispered to Nick, Noel reading Charlene’s lips.  “She needs a change.”

Nick grew wide-eyed, but Charlene winked at him – easing his nerves but also confusing him a bit.

“I knew you were kinky, Nick.  It was only a matter of time before I got confirmation.  And I’m glad to see you’re not wasting time denying it,” Charlene said with kindness, Nick still in shock that she found out.  “You can use my office to change her.  Go get the diaper bag.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Noel mouthed to him silently, Nick smiling and then kissing the top of her head – a gesture that brought her enough comfort ease to not cry.

And at that moment, that was all she really needed.

Nick headed out to the car, Noel trying to figure out how he would explain walking back into the party with a pink diaper bag.  As a matter of fact, there were a couple of things that were about to become inexplicable.

“Come with me,” Charlene said sweetly, taking hold of Noel’s hand and walking her through the clusters of people in various locations in the open space of the party – Charlene leading her back to her office.

Noel did her best to keep up with Charlene’s quick steps, but a drenched diaper often made the poor girl waddled just a bit more widely – making it a bit more difficult to move swiftly.  Keeping her chin slightly lowered, Noel pretended there was nothing wrong – despite the pinkish hue of embarrassment on her cheeks.  But she did indeed feel like a little girl who had had an accident.  And the only thing that would have made her feel any more like a baby would have been the backside of her diaper puffing out … for obvious reason.

Walking into her office, Charlene cleared off the top of her desk – Noel standing in the corner and watching.  She felt so awkward, almost like she didn’t know how to move inside her own body.  So, she remained perfectly still.  After clearing the desk, Charlene turned up the heat in the office.  And it warmed up very quickly, a most impressive heating system having been installed in that office.

Apparently, Charlene didn’t like the cold weather either – yet another reason to become BFFs with her.

Just moments later, Nick walked into the office – closing the door behind him.  Noel waddled over to him and hugged his chest tightly, wrapping her arms and him and smashing her body into his as Charlene closed the blinds – blocking the view of her office from the party going on out in the main area.

But Nick didn’t have the diaper bag with him as she thought he would.  As he took off his coat, Noel could see that he had several items from the diaper bag tucked under his left arm.

What a clever Daddy he was, a fact that never seemed to stop surprising her whenever he proved it to her yet again.

Taking her over to the now cleared off desk, he turned Noel to face him and then put his right hand up under the back of her dress.  Indeed, the underside of her diaper was so drenched it was making the diaper sag – the tapes at her hips being all that was holding it onto her.

Setting the items on the desk, he then put his hands on the back of her thighs and hoisted her up slightly to a seated position on the front edge of the desk.  Noel’s eyes were locked in gaze up at him.  And nothing seemed to distract her focused attention, not even when he took a pacifier out of his shirt pocket and placed it between her lips.

“You’ll be alright up here for a few minutes, BabyGirl,” he said with a very tender tone – placing his left hand behind her neck and his right hand around to her lower back as he eased her down onto the top of Charlene’s desk.

Oh my goodness, he was really gonna do this, right here!  He was really gonna change her diaper on that desk in the middle of that office!  How intoxicating of a thought and how deliciously humiliated that thought made her feel.

“She’s adorable, Nick,” Charlene said from the other side of the office, Noel’s eyes growing big-n-wide as she had forgotten that Charlene was in the room.  “You are very lucky to have her, and you better not ever take for granted what you have.”

“I won’t,” Nick said, looking down at his blushing BabyGirl.  “I will never take her for granted.”

“You’d better not,” Charlene said with her usual no-nonsense tone, Nick smiling and laughing slightly.  “I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.  Take your time.”

And with that, Charlene dimmed the lights a little in her office – then walking out of the room and quietly closing the door behind her.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to say anything to her.  It was an accident.  It just slipped out,” Noel mumbled behind her pacifier, guilt-stricken.

“It’s okay, Sweetie.  The boss knew something was up with me.  She knew there was a side of me I kept to myself, and she constantly tried to figure out what it was,” he stated, flipping up the front of her dress and unfastening her tapes – then lowering the front of her soaked diaper.  “She knew there was a kink, but she never guessed right.  And I gave her no clues – nor did I encourage her to keep guessing.  But the boss never lets up until she wins.”

Lifting her legs up and raising her bottom just a little, he slid her wet diaper away – taking baby wipes to her bottom.  Noel nursed on her pacifier, staring up at the ceiling and growing light-headed from the rush of tingles all over her body.  For as protected as she was, since no one would dare walk into Charlene’s office without risking their own death, Noel couldn’t have felt more vulnerable just then – the baby feelings rippling throughout her and making her wonder if she would be able to go back to the party with any return of modest composure at all.

“You don’t need to apologize.  You didn’t do anything wrong,” he stated, keeping her legs and bottom raised as he unfolded the new diaper and placed it flat to the top of the desk – sliding it underneath her.  “I have no desire to hide you from anyone.”

Oh my.  That last statement melted her heart and brought tears to her eyes.  It meant everything to her for him to not be ashamed of her and to want everyone in his life to know her.  This didn’t mean he was going to announce to the world that she was his BabyGirl.  It just meant that he wouldn’t keep her as a secret.

There was one thing she knew for sure:  Even if she had no poise or composure when she returned to the party, she would certainly have an abundant amount of love and affection – compliments of the patience and understanding and gentleness and care of her Daddy man.

Blinking away her tears so they wouldn’t make her mascara run, Noel nursed on her pacifier – still looking up at the ceiling.  She felt the powder taken to her bottom, her legs being lowered and parted, the cool wipe to her front, more powder caressed across her skin and then that glorious return to envelopment as he drew the front of her diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly to her hips.

Drawing her knees up and placing her hands between her legs, she heard the fresh crinkles at her waist and basked in the feeling of cleanness as well as those physical sensations that only a girl could truly experience.

It all felt so Heavenly.  But at the same time, it all gave her a sense of humiliation to feel as well.  The union of innocent and sexual was getting closer and closer, each day.  And she could foresee a future when the two could never again be separated in her mind.

Presently, however, it was the humiliation that she craved most.  It wasn’t about being exposed or being something other than the norm or being so attentively needy that she adored.  It was something other than all of that.  Something completely different.  The tummyflies danced around inside her with an unyielding waltz as Nick put the used wipes inside the wet diaper and rolled it up into a taped ball.  There was something about being embarrassed, being humiliated that she relished.

So then what was it?  What was it about the feeling of humiliation that she enjoyed so much?

This was what she contemplated while staring up at the ceiling.

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