The Littlest of All


She waddled up to Daddy 
while lowering her chin 
He gazed his Daddy-gaze at her 
with the warmth of a knowing grin


He knew she was feeling little 
And her shifting, not to mention 
made the tummyflies in her middle 
a sign she needed special attention

So he eased her down on the carpet 
Untaping her diaper gently 
And her tummyflies danced a waltz inside 
From her littleness, consequently

But her Daddy made her feel safe 
And with a gentleness to his care 
He bent her knees and curled up her legs 
Lifting her bottom in the air

He folded the front of her diaper down 
And in his world, she felt small. 
But when Daddy changed her diaper 
she felt the littlest of all.

25 “Charm Sakers”
The Pictures Stories

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