The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 13-15

Episodes 13-15

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Chapter Thirteen: Babes in the Woods

Friday, 5:30pm

A second bit of gunfire was heard coming from the base, this one startling the girls so much that they all stood up and got on the move.  Brook climbed up onto Britney back this time and away they went.

“Who are they shooting?” Iris asked.

“Hopefully, each other,” Lorna answered.

“No, that would be way too easy,” Georgia scoffed.  “And way too lucky for us.”

“Maybe they shot Angelina,” Brook said, everyone coming to a standstill and realizing how likely that was.

But it was Britney who quickly broke the silence and ended the awkward moment.

“It wasn’t Angelina they shot,” Britney said, looking down at the ground.  “Not the first time or this time.”

“Brit Brit, how do you know?” Iris asked, trying to be supportive to Britney’s attempt to ease everyone’s concern but also trying to be realistic.  “If it wasn’t Angelina, then who did they shoot?”

“I’m not sure how I know.  I just do.  I can’t explain it,” Britney stated honestly.  “Angelina is in a great deal of pain right now, but she hasn’t been shot.”

“So, who got shot?” Lorna asked.

“Oh my God, no,” Britney said, turning around and looking back in the direction of the base – the look of horror on her face striking fear into all the girls’ hearts.

“What is it?” Georgia asked, she and the others turning and looking back in the direction of the base as well.

“Lorna, get ready,” Britney said bluntly.

The sound of soldiers moving through the woods filled the air.  And it seemed like hundreds of them were on the way, though that may have been an exaggerated number.  It was impossible for the girls to tell, but what they did know was that many were on the way towards them.

“The general sent the soldiers out after us?” Brook asked.

“Come on, girls.  We gotta move … fast,” Britney stated emphatically.

The girls started moving as fast as they could, stepping back into the woods a little bit so they wouldn’t be pinned against the side of the mountain.  As the troops drew nearer and nearer, the noises they made became a bit more audible.  Lorna and Iris looked at each other, then understanding what Britney’s panic was about.

“They don’t sound like soldiers,” Brook said, innocently – clinging to the back of Britney tightly as Britney was almost at the speed of running, at this point.

“They’re not soldiers,” Iris said.

“Not anymore,” Lorna added.

“Come on, girls.  We’ve gotta find some way to get up this mountain,” Britney said with urgency, realizing time was running out.

“There’s no way up from here,” Georgia said.

“We killed those guys who attacked us, right?  I mean we killed them and killed them dead, right?” Iris asked, trying to figure out why the approaching troops didn’t sound normal.

They had no idea that the troops had been infected or that they had been sent out specifically to find Britney.  But they soon would come face-to-face with a bit of déjà vu that belonged buried in the past.

Luckily, it was only one zombie soldier who got to them first, tackling Georgia to the ground.  All the girls came to a screeching halt.  Georgia turned over on her back and fought to get out from underneath the soldier.  But when she got flipped over, she saw that this soldier was indeed infected … a decomposing zombie now and nothing more.

Iris yanked her diaper off and smashed it into the zombie’s face, Lorna kicking the zombie off Georgia and getting her up to her feet.

“Keep running!” Lorna shouted to Rikki and Britney at the front of the group – Brook clinging very tightly now to Britney’s back as an all-out sprint commenced.

Lorna, Iris and Georgia grabbed the bags of wet and new diapers and ran in the opposite direction of the others.  With multiple zombie soldiers now crashing down upon them, Lorna, Iris and Georgia ran back to the base of the mountain – looking for that ledge they saw a bit ago and hoping it would be high enough to get above the military undead.

“I can say for a fact that these zombies are significantly bigger than girls at a campground or patients in a hospital,” Georgia remarked, then seeing the ledge ahead of them.  “There it is!  Run!!”

Getting to the ledge, Lorna and Iris boosted Georgia up to the ledge.  Then Iris climbed up on Lorna’s shoulders and Georgia pulled her up.  Lorna tossed the bag of new diapers up to them and then the bag of wet diapers up to them.  Iris and Georgia leaned down as far as they could and Lorna stretched her arms upward, preparing to jump up and grab their hands.

But before Lorna could squat and then jump, another zombie soldier arrived.  This guy was bigger than any of the others they had fought.  Lorna was like a baby toothpick, compared to him.

Grabbing her from behind, he lifted her up – Lorna wiggling in a thrashing manner in his arms so he couldn’t get a bite on her.  Putting her feet up on the wall, she kicked backwards – knocking the zombie down and freeing her from his arms.  Getting up and running back to the wall, she jumped and reached for the girls’ down-stretching hands.  But they were just simply a little too high for her to reach.  The zombie got to his feet as several others arrived behind him.

He charged at her again, certain to crush her into the rocks this time, but the limber Lorna put one foot up on the mountainside, pushed herself towards the zombie, planting both of her feet on his chest and then pushing off of him.  In mid-air, she stretched her arms out, reaching for the girls’ hands and knowing that if she missed this time, she would crash back to the ground and it would be all over.

But luckily, Iris caught Lorna’s fingertips – then joining both hands with her and in the process, losing her own balance on the ledge.  Lorna went down and Iris followed after her.  And both girls would have been doomed, had Georgia not grabbed Iris’s legs. 

Using Iris as a ladder, Lorna climbed up to the ledge and she-n-Georgia pulled Iris up to safety. The three of them sat back and stared straight out, their hearts pounding heavily and their senses fried.

That ledge wouldn’t keep them hidden from the zombie soldiers.  As matter of fact, it put them on display as if they were in a snack vending machine.  But it at least gave them a chance to catch their breaths.  Though they had wet diaper ammunition with them, that supply would eventually run out.

Looking to the right, Lorna checked to see if Rikki, Britney and Brook were within eyeshot.  But they were nowhere to be seen.  Bellow that ledge were a handful of zombie soldiers.  The group was now split in two.

Though impractical and quite impossible at the moment, running away suddenly seemed like a good idea, once again.


Friday, 5:45pm

Back at the base, General Wynwood sat in his office as happy as a lark, making a phone call and sitting back in his chair.

“General Cartwright.  How are you, Sir?” General Wynwood said, Dr. Liotta sitting on the chair on the other side of the desk.  “Things are going well here.  It’s quite an interesting time, presently.  And that’s the reason for my call to you now.”

Dr. Liotta had advised General Wynwood to not call his superior until they had Britney recovered.  But the general was confident she would be captured.  So, he made the call.

“General, are you familiar with the virus outbreak at Harris Regional Hospital in New York?  You are?  Good.  Well, the survivors, so to speak, were taken to a military hospital up here in Connecticut for treatment and then they were sent to me,” General Wynwood said.  “I also received a deceased corpse and blood samples in the mix.  And my staff and I have made some most interesting discoveries.”

Though Dr. Liotta couldn’t make out what General Cartwright was saying on the phone, the voice he heard sounded quite interested in what General Wynwood was saying.

“General, do you remember a conversation we had three years ago about harnessing a virus and synthesizing it for research purposes?  Yes.  Well, I’ve done just that.  And I’ve got a specimen here right now that could be the building block for the super-soldier of the future,” General Wynwood said, selling the idea well.  “I was just getting ready to suggest that you come and take a look for yourself.  I thought that if … oh … oh, really?  You’re in Baltimore?  Well … Yes, Sir.  I would be delighted if you flew up here now.  I will make certain everything is set up and ready to go so as to have an example ready to show you when you arrive, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.  We’ll see you soon.”

“James, I know you’re very happy-go-lucky right now, but can I impress upon you that we don’t have Britney in custody at this moment?  And if Doctor Glen decided to do what he feels like doing, she could be dead already and we wouldn’t even know it,” Dr. Liotta stated with irritation.  “The facts of this matter are very simple.  We can’t lose her.  She was bitten and has both strains within her, the first from that girl at that campground and the second from Doctor Glen at the New York hospital.  If she dies, we lose the fresh supply of her zombie super-blood.  I don’t have enough information to be able to synthesize it yet.  So, you’d better hope she stays alive or General Cartwright won’t be so amused when he gets here.  Don’t expect me to be able to pull a miracle off.  If Britney dies, we may as well be dead, too.”

Back in the woods, Rikki, Britney and Brook found a ledge of their own and climbed up onto it for safety.

It was a bit lower than the one the other girls had found and no sooner did they get a chance to sit and relax then a zombie soldier did indeed appear.    It was a bit of a struggle for the soldier to scale the rocks up to the ledge, but he made the climb and grabbed Britney’s lower right leg.  Strangely, though he had Britney in its grasp, the undead soldier released her and instead went after Rikki and Brook.

He only got a step towards the two before Britney attacked him – kicking in both of his knees and bending his legs backwards.  Taking her diaper off, she jammed the wet material into the face of the zombie and then forced it into his mouth.  Moments later, he dropped dead.

“We’re all going to die up here,” Brook wept.  “First, it took Sherry and then it took Angelina and next it will take all of us.  It’s only a matter of time.”

“You’re right, Brook,” Britney said bluntly.  “I will never forget Sherry for the rest of my life.  But Angelina will not be harmed any more.  She’ll be fine.  It’s only a matter of time before we find her.  There’s no reason to think otherwise about any other scenario.”

“I remember the day when Angelina and I first met.  I was being picked on for being so short.  I couldn’t imagine why I would be picked on about that in college, but it was happening.  It was like … my second day at college.  And it was Angelina who stopped them.  Then she took me straight to the Beta-Alpha-Beta Sorority and encouraged me to join,” Brook said with heartfelt remembrance.  “I love her so much.”

“And she loves you, too,” Rikki said, trying to console Brook.

“And she will be fine, Brook,” Britney said.  “I promise you.”

To break up the sweet moment, the zombie suddenly came back to life – Britney bringing her foot down on the back of the guy’s neck, grabbing his head, squatting down over top of him and peeing directly on his face – finishing the job.

Chapter FourteenBrief Levity

Friday, 6:30pm

A wind kicked up, the cold now feeling colder still and chilling Rikki, Brook and Britney to the bone.  Sitting on that ledge and shivering, it was a hard for them to decide which would have been more excruciating to go through:

Dying quickly from a zombie bite or slowly freezing to death.

Though Britney and Rikki did all they could to keep dear sweet Brook’s head in a good place, it was growing more and more difficult for them to keep positive themselves.  A blend of the situation, the temperature and the snarling zombie soldiers just a few feet below them would suck the happy life out of anyone … no pun intended.

And silence, most ironically, was anything but golden just then.  So, Britney struck up a conversation in an effort to better the bad.

“How many years were you enlisted, Rikki,” Britney asked, Brook curling up into a ball on Britney’s lap and trying to retain her dwindling body heat.

“Six, if you don’t count the training,” Rikki answered.  “All six years, I spent in the Middle East.”

“Oh wow.  There’s always some sort of military action going on over there,” Britney stated, wrapping her arms around Brook and holding her tightly.  “Did you ever have to deal with viruses?”

“Yes, but none like the one we have here,” Rikki answered.  “I remember there was once an outbreak of the norovirus that gripped up half of Afghanistan.  It’s an intestinal virus and usually passes through someone in about three days or so.  But it was like … people got sick and were passing the virus out of their systems at both ends.  And then two days later, more got sick.  And then two days after that, more got sick.  So, it was like a never-ending train of illness for three months.”

“Did you catch it?” Britney asked.

“No.  Amazingly, I didn’t!” Rikki laughed.

“Sounds like they coulda used some diapers during that?” Brook said, laughing and joining in on the conversation.

“Then it would have been a diaper virus,” Britney said, Brook laughing and enjoying the fun-loving nature of the moment.  “You are the only one I know who has a virus for diapers, Brook.”

Brook covered her face, laughing as she buried herself into Britney’s chest.  Then Britney stared at the ground, growing silent – just as she had done so many times that day already.

“What are you thinking about, Britney?” Rikki asked.

“I was just thinking that one week ago, right now … last Friday night, we were headed to that campground,” Britney replied.  “The sorority likes to have fun with us, putting us through embarrassing bouts of hazing.  Brook, do you remember the shopping lists they gave us when they walked us into that store?”

Brook nodded and smiled.

“Chloe and Sherry were our sorority mistresses and they gave us a list of items to buy, all sorts of stuff that they intended to embarrass us with by making us purchase,” Britney said, smiling at the remembrance.

“Like what?” Rikki asked, smiling at the sweetness of the exchange.

“Girly things,” Britney replied.  “Pregnancy tests, personal lubricants, that sort of stuff.  It worked.  We were embarrassed.”

Rikki laughed at the story, but it gave Brook an unwanted flashback.

“I miss Rebecca,” Brook said softly and sadly.

“So do I,” Britney said, rocking Brook in her arms and patting the girl’s diapered bottom.  “When I think of Rebecca, I unfortunately remember that argument she and I got into when we were holding up in that cabin back at the campground.  I hurts to think of her because she is now dead and I can’t apologize to her for having yelled at her then.  I mean … yes, we both apologized to each other and hugged and made up.  But saying you’re sorry means nothing when compared to showing you’re sorry.  And I can’t show it to her now because she gone.”

Rikki rubbed Britney’s back, consoling her.

“Rebecca is dead.  Yara is dead.  Chloe is dead.  Sherry is dead,” Britney said, staring down at the ground again and getting upset.  “And that’s why no one else is gonna die.  I’m not losing anyone else to this stupid virus.  Not on my watch.”

As if the zombie soldiers were waiting until Britney finished her heartfelt speech, a zombie arm appeared at the end of the ledge, grabbing Brook by the hair and yanking her down to the ground.

“Brook!!!!!” Britney screamed, jumping down to the ground.

Three zombies were trying to pin Brook to the ground to then dine on her.  But Brook was screaming and kicking as hard as she could with her cast-covered foot.

The moment Britney’s feet hit the ground, rage boiled up out of her, kicking the one zombie in his jaw with such strength that his jaw broke and shifted to the left.  Turning around, she drove her fist into the throat of the second zombie – crushing his windpipe.  Grabbing the third zombie, she tossed him against the rocks, climbed up on his back, grabbed the top of his head and yanked backwards – snapping his head off at the neck.

Rikki jumped down from the ledge, scooping up Brook and moving her to the side as Britney went back after the first zombie – knocking him to the ground and stomping her bare foot down on his head … crushing his skull and killing him.

Rikki and Brook watched with horror as Britney continued showing these feats of super-human strength, next going after the second and only remaining zombie nearby.  Lunging at him, she drove both of her thumbs into his eye sockets – screaming in his face and continuing to drive her thumbs inwards.  Gripping the sides of his head with her other fingers, she squeezed his head until the brain trauma ended him.

Releasing him, Britney stood there for a minute – breathing heavily and looking out into the dark woods, waiting for more zombies … if not actually wanting to kill more of them just then.

Those three zombies didn’t even have a chance against her.  She was developing greater strength by the hour.  And coupled with Britney’s strange behavior at moments, it was clear to Rikki that something was going on inside her.

Hopefully, it wasn’t the virus continuing to infect her more deeply.

But those zombies never once went after her, simply accepting their demise at her hands without fighting back.  Perhaps the outcome would be different, if her opponents actually fought back.

Either way, this was clear evidence that Britney was specifically not being targeted.  And Rikki had a suspicion as to why.  She knew Doctor Glen was back at the base.  But she hadn’t told any of the girls about him.  She felt they didn’t need to know.  Perhaps soon, she just might need to tell them.

“I’m certain this is part of the general’s plan,” Rikki said, trying to keep cryptic about it for the time being.  “These soldiers have indeed been infected and they are coordinating their efforts as if they were controlled by a hive mind.”

“A hive mind?” Britney asked, coming out of her rage and back to her senses.  “You mean, like … they are being controlled by one person?  Why would that be the case?  And who is controlling them?”

“I don’t know why for sure, but I do know they’re not attacking you,” Rikki said.  “It’s like they’re being told to not attack you.”

“But they attacked me when we were put in that dark room back in the hangar,” Britney said bluntly.  “What’s changed since then?”

“Our location,” Brook interjected, Britney then looking out into the dark woods again and then to her left.  “Brit Brit, what is it?”

“The other girls.  They’re in trouble,” Britney said with trepidation.  “I know where they are.  Come on!”

And with that, Britney took off running – keeping to the baseline of the mountain and sprinting full-steam ahead.

“How does she know where they are?” Brook whispered to Rikki, climbing up onto her back.

Rikki didn’t have it within her heart to say it to Brook, but it was her belief that Britney might be patched into the hive mind that was controlling the zombie soldiers.

What that meant and where it would lead was still unclear.

Chapter FifteenIll-Placed Faith

Friday, 6:45pm

Back at the base, General Wynwood watched the monitors, observing the goings-on being recorded by every camera on the base.  From within his office, he was safe – though more and more of his soldiers were being turned into zombies.  Soon enough, he would tell Doctor Glen to wait before biting anyone else, a small but crucial bit of fact that the general was beginning to lose his mind.  This was obviously worrisome to Dr. Liotta.  In an effort to keep the general’s mind occupied with productive thoughts, if not also discussions, Dr. Liotta brought up further concerns about the general’s plans.

“You know those girls are gonna find a way back to this base.  They may not all make it back but there will be more than just Britney who do,” Dr. Liotta stated, calmly but with factual tone.  “And when they do return and General Cartwright arrives for the demonstration you promised him, how do you propose to explain the presence of a group of females who not only look like victims but actually are victims as well?”

“I would think you have a little more faith in me than that,” the general said, turning from the monitors and looking across the office at Dr. Liotta.  “How long have we known each other, Rick?  30 years?”

“Something like that, yes,” Dr. Liotta answered.  “And this is in fact, why I raise the concern to you now.  You have always found importance in the details, in dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s.  Appearance is half the mission.  You just don’t seem to presently be concerned with what looks like obvious prey in our midst.”

“In all our years together, we’ve seen many victims whom we’ve done nothing to help,” the general continued.  “It’s not our job to help people who have already fallen victim to something.  It’s our job to prevent them from having such things happen to them in the first place.”

Dr. Liotta nodded in agreement.

“We have the workings of a weapon that will prevent millions of people from being victimized.  We can stop conflicts with minimal casualties to our people.  And that Britney girl up there on the mountainside is the key to everything.  I am not only hoping she returns to this base, but I am waiting for her return,” the general stated, walking over to the far side of his office and looking down at the zombie doctor who had wandered back inside.  “But General Cartwright has to see the weapon in action.  And he will … whether at the expense of those girls or not.”

Back up at the mountainside, Britney’s vision was being validated – Georgia, Lorna and Iris having been reached by more zombie soldiers and pulled down off the ledge … the bag of wet diaper ammo and the bag of new diapers still up on the ledge.

A half dozen zombie soldiers were attacking the three girls and the girls were quickly losing strength to defend themselves.  One zombie pinned both Georgia and Iris to the rocks behind them, grabbing them by their throats and lifting them up in the air – temporarily of course before Georgia and Iris planted two firm kicks into his groin.  The zombie dropped them both, Georgia taking the one wet diaper bomb she could get out of the bag above before being yanked down and wrapping it around the zombie’s face.

Lorna was the princess of knee breaking.  She was a lot shorter than her opponents and instead of trying to get to their faces, she focused on their legs.  Three zombies stood to face her and three zombies were now laying on the ground in front of her.  No, they weren’t dead.  But they wouldn’t be standing up any time soon.

The fifth and sixth zombie moved quickly as they arrived at the battle, one of them swing and back-handing Georgia – sending the girl flying backwards and her head contacting the rocks.  She dropped to the ground.  The sixth zombie soldier didn’t even have time to think before a phantom appeared out of the darkness with blinding speed behind her.

That phantom was Britney who lunged at the zombie and drove her fist through the guy’s head.  With her other hand, she grabbed at the neck of one of Lorna’s kneecap-less opponents – ripping his throat out of his neck while swinging at the fifth zombie with the dead guy still attached to her hand.

It was a much-welcomed sight to have Britney there to aid them.  But it was also horrifying to watch Britney fight the undead.  She was attacking them as if she was one of them.  Her eyes glared red like blood, her teeth were gritted, and she seemed hell-bent on killing.

While this was presently advantageous, it wasn’t how Britney normally acted.  She was a soft-spoken girly girl who always worried about her hair and her make-up.  At least that was who she was until a week ago when all of this started.

Now, she seemed possessed and it was unsettling for her girlfriends to see.  But Lorna had the wherewithal to understand the importance of assisting Britney instead of standing there and being fearful of what they were witnessing.

Lorna and Britney had developed a one-two punch approach that, up to present, seemed to be the winning combination:  First you immobilize them, taking out their knees and/or legs … whichever was easiest.  Then, you attack their heads, until they stop fighting back.

But once again, none of the zombie soldiers attacked Britney, a truth that know caught the attention of more than just Rikki.

“Where are Rikki and Brook?” Lorna asked with breathiness.

“They’re on the way,” Britney said, then going over to Georgia who was still recovering from the head blow to the rocks.

“Is she all right?” Lorna asked, Iris looking back up at the ledge.

“I’m fine,” Georgia said with irritation, then trying to get to her feet.

“No, stay down for now,” Britney said, then looking back in the direction she came from – hoping to shortly see Rikki and Brook.

“Lorna, we need to get those trash bags,” Iris said, facing the rocks in front of the ledge.  “Brit, help give me a boost.”

Britney and Lorna hoisted Iris up onto the ledge, Iris then retrieving the bags of diapers and beginning to toss new diapers down to those who needed one.

“And here’s one for you, Brook,” Iris said, tossing a new diaper over to Brook who had just arrived on Rikki’s back.

“You can run like the wind, Britney!” Rikki said, putting Brook down and taking a moment to catch her breath.

“Yeah, that was some Olympic sprinting you did there,” Brook said, partially unfolding her new diaper and laying it flat on the ground.”

“Brook, sweetie,” Iris said, beginning to climb down from the ledge and walking over to Brook.  “Let me help you with that.  Lay down.”

Brook laid down and looked up at the stars in the sky, dim and cloud covered as they were.

“Not only can you run like the wind,” Lorna said to Britney.  “You can also fight like you’re Hercules or Hulk Hogan or someone.”

“Yeah.  What’s up with that?” Georgia asked.

“I don’t know.  It just suddenly started this morning,” Britney said, taping herself into a new diaper.  “Out of curiosity, is anyone else starting to enjoy being in diapers?”

“Careful, Brit Brit,” Iris warned.  “If you keep saying that, you know that Zorro Daddy will write a fourth season to The Waddling Dead and he will make certain that we are all still in diapers.”

“Geez,” Britney scoffed, rolling her eyes.  “Forget I asked, then.”

“I’ve noticed that when you begin to feel an emotion strongly, incredible strength seems to burst out of you,” Rikki stated.  “That’s actually not all that uncommon.”

“Really?” Iris asked with surprise.

“There are reported instances where people have lifted objects that they normally could not, to save someone trapped beneath them,” Rikki answered.  “Maybe you’re just experiencing adrenaline boost, Britney.”

“I beg to differ.  It’s more than just adrenaline boosts,” Lorna remarked.  “Britney, it’s like you know what those zombie guys are going to do before they do.  So, what’s happening?  And can you teach the rest of us how to do it?”

“I wish I could,” Britney said with a smile.  “It’s just a heightening of my senses, I guess.  Maybe I’m just so pissed off these days that I’m finding new focus to get us to the end of all of this.  But whatever it is, I can sense where they are.  I don’t always know how many or who, but I can feel presences that are nearby.”

“Can you tell how far away the next batch of zombies are right now?” Georgia asked, getting to her feet and walking over to get a new diaper.

“They’re still a bit aways right now, but they won’t be forever,”  Britney said, staring down at the ground.  “Except that …”

“Except that … what?” Iris asked.

“Angelina!” Britney exclaimed, then looking to her left and seeing the naked Angelina stumbling towards them.

The girls ran over to her and held her up.  And though thoroughly exhausted, Angelina still partook in the enormous crying group hug that commenced.


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