The Waddling Dead: Episode 29

Episode Twenty-Nine:
The Kismet of A Gold Digger

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Sunday night, 9:30 pm

Landing right in front of Britney, Ursula threw a right-hand punch.  But Britney side-stepped the swing, slashing at the bicep and wrist of Ursula’s arm – though producing little to no blood.  Ursula punched again, Britney side-stepping again and slashing Ursula’s other arm, but again – little to no blood coming out.

Ursula unsuccessfully delivered several round house kicks, Britney dropping to the floor and then slashing the Achilles’ tendons at the back of Ursula’s ankles.  But the demi bitch showed no reaction of pain, not even when Britney stabbed the knife into Ursula’s left thigh – twisting it around and around and around.  Though Britney’s kneel gave her a bird’s eye view of further kicks from her opponent, it didn’t afford her the vision to see the punch coming from Ursula’s left fist.

Connecting with Britney’s sternum, Ursula punched her so hard that the Eclectic went flying across the entire length of the dining hall to the other end.  Britney flew through the air the entire way until she slammed into the lower front panel of the piano at the far end with her left shoulder lead.

Falling to the ground in front of the piano, Britney curled up into the fetal position as she was in some serious pain.  She could still move her left arm, but it really hurt to do so.  Cradling that arm against the front of her torso, she sat up and leaned back against the piano.  On the other end of the dining hall, Ursula tried to make a jumping super-leap over to her.  But when she tried, she only jumped a few feet and then collapsed to the floor.

Getting up, Ursula struggled to find sure footing enough to merely stand.  Then she tried to jump again, but only made it a few more feet before collapsing again.  And though Ursula felt no pain, the expression on her face showed that she still felt emotions – the frustration and anger welling inside her.  This was both a good and bad thing as Ursula was having trouble getting to Britney … but if she did get to Britney, she might well take her anger out on the ailing Eclectic.

Wait a minute! Ursula was actually injured!  That was it!  There were ways to injure her, just by going after human points of pain – like the Achilles’ tendons at the back of the ankles.  It made logic sense and Britney felt a little stupid for not having thought of it before.  Without properly connected and working Achilles’ tendons, walking became a difficult task … whether for the living or for the waddling dead.  And no, Ursula felt no pain from this injury.  But she had lost some of her super human abilities.  This might have been the break Britney needed.

Trying to compensate for the ankle injuries, Ursula began to crawl on the floor towards Britney.  She moved with quickness, but not with the quickness she would have had without slash marks up and down her arms.  Still, she got over to Britney and threw a punch at her.  Britney rolled out of the way, Ursula’s hand traveling into that lower front panel of the piano, below the keybed.

Pulling the knife out of Ursula’s thigh, Britney grabbed her hair, planting her stomach to the floor.  Reaching back behind her, Ursula tried to grab at Britney.  But the Eclectic took both of Ursula’s hands and pinned them to her lower back.  Then she stabbed the knife through both of Ursula’s palms and pinned them to her lumbar.

Twisting the knife, she clenched Ursula’s hair more tightly with her other hand and forced her to her feet.  Then Britney began banging Ursula’s head on the piano keys, dragging her forehead back-n-forth across all 88 of them.  No, she wasn’t causing any damage.  But her aim was to injure Ursula’s lone remaining eye.

However, before Britney could accomplish this, Ursula fought back.  Kicking her feet backwards and upwards, Ursula’s right foot connected with Britney between the legs.  Slumping over in excruciating pain, Britney cried – Ursula delivering another backwards kick.  This second kick connected with Britney’s gut, sending her flying backwards.

Britney landed in the middle of the table-turned dining hall.  Again curling up into the fetal position, she softly wept once more.  The kicks had been so painful that she couldn’t stand and when she landed on the floor, she felt something in her lower left leg break.  This only added to the pain that much more.

Forcing the knife out of her back, Ursula pulled her hands apart.  And began to crawl towards Britney quickly.  Using her knees as foundation points, Ursula lunged up into the air – landing on Britney and wrapping her right hand around the Eclectic’s throat.  And with all her super-human strength, Ursula choked her.

Seeing the knife still stuck in Ursula’s left hand, Britney grabbed the knife.  Yanking it out of the hand, Britney stabbed it directly into Ursula’s left eye and then twisted it several times.  Ursula knelt up, releasing her grasp of Britney’s throat and reaching for the knife in her eye – not because she was pain but because she was now completely blind.  But for how it was twisted in her eye socket, she couldn’t get the blade out … not without losing the sense of where Britney was at.

As for Britney: she started crawling away as quickly as she could, trying to put distance between she and Ursula as she knew Ursula would still be able to sense the presence of a living soul nearby.  But Ursula would no longer be able to see her.

At that moment, Angelina quietly crept into the back of the kitchen, the bucket of well water in her hand.  She opened the kitchen entrance door and quietly set the bucket in front of the service window.  It was then that she saw and realized what was happening.  Being waved by Britney to get back into the kitchen, Angelina shut the door and crouched down behind the service window – her heart pounding and fear making her shake from head to toe.

Britney crawled towards the bucket, making good headway.  Hopefully, the well water would work.  Getting close to it, she reached out for the bucket – only to be pounced upon by Ursula who had lunged towards her from another knee-stance.  They struggled quite a bit, Britney eventually being pinned on her back with her arms held down.  Ursula leaned in to bite her, but Britney bent her right knee – using her good leg and kicking the knife further into Ursula’s left eye socket.

Releasing Britney from the pinned position, Ursula once again tried to pull the knife out of her head.  But Britney slid to the side, knelt up, grabbed the back of Ursula’s head and bent her over – repeatedly slamming her face into the floor, the knife being driven further and further into her eye socket with each slam.

Tossing Ursula back, Britney grabbed the bucket and threw the well water on her.  The blinded Ursula froze for a second, feeling the water on her body.  Ursula lowered her chin and Britney sat back on her haunches, setting the bucket down as she believed it was all over.

Then Ursula lifted her chin back up and lunged at Britney, tackling her from the front.  Britney hit the floor, trying to wiggle free but both of her arms were stuck inside Ursula’s enveloping grip of her torso.  Moving back, Britney found herself against the front kitchen wall.  Using the wall for steadiness, Ursula stood to her tendon-slashed feet – lifting Britney up in the process.

And then she sunk her teeth into Britney’s left clavicle.  Britney screamed in pain as Ursula bit further into her flesh and bone.  She tried to wiggle free but only managed to free up the use of her lower arms.  Ursula was still biting into Britney’s clavicle and blood was streaming down the front of her body.

Looking to the kitchen service window on her left, she saw the baby bottle – filled with diluted pee water.  Grabbing the bottle with her left hand, she wrapped her right hand around the handle of the knife that was still sticking out of Ursula’s left eye socket.  Twisting the knife clockwise and counter-clockwise, she then pushed backwards on it.  This forced Ursula to unlatch her jaw from Britney’s clavicle. 

Britney bit off the tip of the baby bottle nipple and then forced Ursula’s head back as far as she could before squeezing the pee water contents of the bottle down Ursula’s throat.  Then she jammed the whole baby bottle into Ursula’s mouth.

Ursula released her enveloping grip of Britney and stepped back, grabbing at her throat and then falling backwards to the floor.  Britney slid down the wall and took a seat – watching Ursula gasp for air.  And with a contented smile, Britney knew she had won.

The zombies were strong on the inside.  That’s why they could be killed on the outside and that’s why female urine could kill them.  But Ursula was strong on the outside.  So the pee had to go down her throat to kill her.

Ursula thrashed to the left and to the right, twitching all over.  She turned on her side and coughed, the bottle flying out of her mouth as she began to upchuck a black sludge.

Britney watched for as long as she could, but her eyes grew heavy and the bite on her clavicle was setting into motion her forthcoming transformation.  Growing weak, she slumped over on her left side.

Angelina rushed out of the kitchen, watching Ursula finally die and then kneeling in front of Britney.  Tears streamed down her face.

“Britney?” Angelina said with a shaky voice, turning Britney over.

Then she saw the bite mark on Britney’s left clavicle, her eyes growing big-n-wide as Britney heaved and struggled to find air.

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