Getting the “Hang” of it

Gabriel and GinaThe reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

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Gina lay swaddled like a baby, taking a moment to revisit everything that had happened in the last half hour since he awoke her. She delighted in every feeling that came over her and every emotion that tendered her heart. Gabriel was being so sweet and gentle with her, which was making the little girl within happy. He was also remembering to appeal to the submissive big girl that she was. Her body and mind were both touched, and now her soul was beginning to feel an affection it had never felt before.

She was beginning to feel more and more like a baby as the weekend went on. Gabriel had taken all the stress of adult responsibility away from her by taking all responsibility away from her. She knew that all she had to do was allow herself to relax and she would be taken care of like never before. It was a unique style of submissiveness and one that only a girl with a love for fetish could truly understand. She was starting to like this feeling of complete helplessness and infantilism. She closed her eyes, scrunched up her face, and muttered out a slight whimper before relaxing herself into sleep.

Shortly before 10 a.m. she was awakened by Gabriel putting socks on her feet and then shoes. She sat up when he started to tie them. She stood to her feet, and made some noise from behind her pacifier in an effort to hint to Gabriel that she did not know what was going on. She then backed away for fear that the shoes on her feet meant a trip outside the house was about to happen.

He picked up his keys, and took her by the hand. She profusely shook her head, and tried to frantically pull away while beginning to cry.

“Do I need to spank?” he asked in a firm, yet calm tone.

Gina shook her head no and lowered her chin while he drew her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his chest, and looked up at him with sad puppy eyes, a last attempt to persuade him to let her stay home.

“You need more diapers, Gina. We’re going to go to the store and come right back,” he said while embracing her lightly. “Be a good girl for Daddy. Everything will be fine.”

He picked her up and began to head for the door. As timid as could be, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. Her soft whimpers quieted down to tiny snivels. She accepted that he was in charge, but she still had a good reason to be apprehensive.

He unlocked the doors and set her on the passenger’s seat in the front. He got in the other side, and handed her another baby bottle, but this one was filled with apple juice. She took the bottle and waited passively until Gabriel removed her pacifier before beginning to drink from it. He allowed her to lie down as she drank from the bottle, using his knee as a pillow.

She looked down at her naked legs wrapped around him as she carried her to the car. Her current outfit consisted of an extra large dark blue t-shirt that covered the majority of her diaper, but not all of it, and a pair of socks and shoes. This may not have been so bad because she had worn really long t-shirts in public before, but she had shorts on. This time she didn’t. But maybe would notice her diaper. Just maybe.

All her hopes of getting through this unnoticed by anyone were shot down when she realized what was in Gabriel’s hand, her pacifier. She was sure he would put it back in her mouth when they reached the store.

She closed her eyes and continued to nurse from her bottle, a much needed bit of comfort for the moment. Her heart was beating like a mighty race horse at the mere thought of going out in public like this.

To her surprise and delight, her fear was beginning to turn into excitement. This could be a thrill for her. She would be able to be a BabyGirl in public, and moreover she would feel like a BabyGirl in public. It all would work out fine if she could just find a way to make it all less obvious. She thought about this and thought about it some more. Maybe if she lowered her head and her chin a little and didn’t make eye contact with anyone she would be passed by. And maybe if she concentrated on not moving her hips as much when she walked her disposable diaper wouldn’t crinkle. This was do-able and she was beginning to grin about it.

They arrived at the store and Gabriel parked the car at the far end of the parking lot. Gina quickly sat up and looked around. The store wasn’t too busy, but it was a Saturday morning and anything was possible. He got out of the car, walked around to her side and opened the door. He extended his hand to her. Hiding her newfound love for this adventure, she shyly took his hand and stood up out of the car. She handed him the partially drunken bottle of apple juice.

They made their way across the parking lot holding hands. Gina was all ready at work with her plan. She lowered her chin and kept the baby bottle at her side. She focused on keeping her steps even and paced out, and her diaper didn’t crinkle as much. For some reason, he hadn’t put her pacifier in her mouth yet, and she was definitely not going to tell him about this.

At the entrance, they saw a mother situating her little one in the toddler seat of a shopping cart. Gina’s eyes grew wide with horror and she looked up at Gabriel. He was smiling and winked back at her while shaking his head no. Gina breathed a sigh of relief.

As they entered the store, Gina kept her head lowered allowing her long hair to cover her face. She looked up and then realized that Gabriel had driven her to the supermarket right in the middle of their college’s campus. Fear shot through her mind again, but she quickly directed her attention back to keeping a low profile. She casually looked left and right a lot, making certain not to draw interest to herself.

Gabriel stopped and looked up at the signs above each aisle. Gina shook her head slightly and led him to aisle 12. She knew that’s the aisle he was looking for since this was the store she went to when she wanted to buy diapers for herself.

When she bought the diapers, she told the cashiers she had a grandfather living with her family. She had been waited on by practically every employee. The cashiers working today were bound to have waited on her in the past. Her pulse raced at the thought of walking up to one of those registers and seeing someone she knew behind it.

Her stealth techniques weren’t working as well as she had hoped she forgot that Gabriel was six feet tall, and she was only about 5’ 6” tall. So his strides were a lot longer than hers. This meant that for every step he took, she would have to take two or three steps to keep up with him. Fortunately, the store was playing music in the background. So the strange crinkling noise coming from under her t-shirt wasn’t as noticeable.

Luckily, she was done with it by the time they reached the store’s entrance. She handed the empty bottle to him. He took it, placed the pacifier between her lips and in they went.

Gina was tingling all over.

They got to the middle of aisle 12 and stopped.  He was the only guy in that aisle.  The reason for this is because it was an aisle of female products.  Gina was having trouble keeping a straight face as he stared at the sanitary section with a look of confusion.

“Those aren’t the right kind of wings, Daddy,” she whispered to him, as she walked him down about 15 feet to the incontinence section.

The confusion left his face as he stepped forward to the shelves.  From the corner of her eye, Gina saw a trio of sorority girls walking towards them.  Very slowly, she knelt down and squatted on the floor, resting her back against the opposite row of shelves.  She continued to keep her head lowered.  The sorority girls weren’t looking for diapers and stopped at the female section.  Gina was keeping them inthe corner of her eye, conscious of their movements.  Then one of them noticed her squatting.  Gina shifted her eyes back front and remained motionless.  What she was feeling at that moment wasn’t anxiety or panic, but instead, she felt a rush of adrenaline.  This was becoming really fun.

Just when she thought she had the game figured out, the rules changed.  Without any warning at all, the apple juice she was drinking caught up with her.  She felt the urge building quickly within her bladder.  Clenching her right muscles, she shuddered at the sensation.  She drew her knees together to help hold it in.  It was no longer just about the danger of discovery, but now also about the ache of desperation.  She now found herself concentrating on not peeing.

The very second she stopped paying attention to the sorority girls they started walking towards her and passed in front of her slowly.  Gina froze up and kept her eyes on the floor.  Her knees were shaking from her ache within as they crossed in front of her and continued to the end of the aisle.  Gina began watching them from the corner of her eye again.  One of the girls stopped at the end of the aisle and glanced back to see Gina stand up and head up the aisle with Gabriel.  The baby bottle in Gina’s hand is what caught the girl’s eye and she stood there trying to piece the puzzle together – a baby bottle, a girl with no shorts on holding the hand of a guy who was about to buy diapers.  She raised an eyebrow, but moved on.

They got in the “speedy checkout line” and this made Gina happy.  There were three people in front of them, and she was pleased that no one was behind them.  Her desperation was getting worse.  The first two people went through.  Gina carefully shuffled forward.  Gabriel stepped up to the counter, placed the package of diapers on the conveyor belt, and awaited the person in front of him to go yet.

It was at this point that Gina recognized who the cashier was.  Behind the register was Becky, a friend of one of Gina’s roommates.  Becky and Gina also had the same history class.  Gina lowered her eyes, ready for another subtle battle of being invisible.  She walked up close to the edge of the conveyor belt.  Now the bottom half of her body out of sight.

She was starting to get the hang of this game.


Gabriel and GinaGabriel and Gina

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Kindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords – Kobo 

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