Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time

The Stories of TimeDestiny and Day One.

That is what Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time is all about.  Thus begins a two-part tale of a girl who decided to pursue the true meaning of her name.

Destiny had been a scholastic student, graduating with honors and finding it easy to analyze what other people dreamed about.  But on this day, Day One, she pursued the wishes of her own heart.  Everything she had every done in life always came with a risk of danger, in a sense.  And this included the pursuit of an emotion she knew to be more than just an off-the beaten path fetish.  It was a way of life, a way of think, a way of feeling and loving and relating.  On this day, she crosses the final threshold into littleness to find that it was okay to follow, even if she didn’t know where she was being led.  With the loving guidance of Victor, her prized find and Daddy, she becomes enabled to focus in on the tiniest of details and simplest of emotions.

Day One shows the culmination of every pursuit that matters and how sometimes you just need to go for it.  Her will and thoughts get in the way, but as Victor melts her heart and instill instincts in her soul, she becomes the BabyGirl that destiny had waiting for her.


“Awaiting Destiny”

As Sweet As Heaven

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The Rock-A-Bye Series


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Short and Sweet Stories
The Stories of Time
Yittlin Extreme

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