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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 17-19

Episodes 17-19

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Chapter Seventeen: In a Word …

Monday, 5:30pm

Lights fired up on the camera of a local television station, shining on a new reporter who stood with the hospital in the background.  The descent of the sun into dimmer evening light had begun.

“Good evening,” the news reporter said, holding a microphone up to her mouth.  “This is Kate Gotwals, reporting to you live from outside Harris Regional Hospital, a medical facility that, until earlier today, had been a place where lives were saved and where the preservation of all who came here for treatment was the primary mission.  But that mission changed this morning when several dozen college-aged females were admitted here, being transported to this hospital from a retreat location – a joint effort from several medical and emergency response teams to get them here in a caravan that numbered at least 20 ambulances, eyewitnesses say.  Details are still sketchy, but it is believed that some of the girls may have been infected with a virus feared to be highly contagious.  And a lot has happened here since they arrived.”

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 14-16

Episodes 14-16

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Chapter Fourteen: Got Milk?

Monday, 4:45pm

Rikki and the girls sat in the hospital kitchen, lounging on counters and laying on tables as they chowed down on the food and chugged fluid as if their bodies were absent of all liquid.  Yes, they were still on high-alert and paying attention, but it felt good to fully relax for a little while.  And besides, they really had nowhere else to go.

“I didn’t realize how thirsty I was,” Lorna said, sipping from a bottle of water.  “I’m gonna get water-logged like this.”

“Okay … just so I’m right about this … we are still in a hospital, in the food court with deadly zombies all over the place, right?” Brook asked, munching on a chicken salad wrap – Rikki and all the other girls turning and looking at her as she sounded like she was going crazy.  “Hey, I’m just making sure that’s the case.  I was actually hoping that after I ate something that all of this would wind up being hunger hallucinations.  But it doesn’t look like that’s how it’s gonna work out.”

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 11-13

Episodes 11-13

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Chapter Eleven: Upping the Ante

Monday, 3:30pm

“Alright, we won’t be long in here,” Rikki said, walking up to another set of double doors.  “Those creatures are headed this way.”

“How do you know that?” Brook asked from Angelina’s back.

“The doors haven’t been knocked down yet, Sweetie,” Angelina answered.  “So, the zombies haven’t been here yet, but they will be.  They’re knocking down every door they come to.  It makes sense.”

Rikki stuck her key into the door and then slid her ID through the scanner, a double layer of security – implemented whenever a hospital lock down happened.  And it was especially important in this instance as they were entering the maternity ward.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 8-10

Episodes 8-10

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Chapter Eight: Infiltration and the Need

Monday, 2pm

Not having heard anything back from the agents sent to the morgue, the CDC presence outside the hospital convened with the local police force to discuss the next course of action.  More CDC agents were on the way but wouldn’t get there until 5 or 6pm.  And, based on the police band communications from the officers inside the hospital as well as the unquestioning evidence of failure displayed on the hospital camera feeds, their initial efforts to contain a most-deadly virus while maintaining control had been unsuccessful – to say the least about it.

It was determined that, by 5 or 6pm, the virus would have taken over the entire hospital – making the risk of further outbreak a real possibility.  And if that happened, then the anarchy currently infesting Harris Regional Hospital would outbreak with the virus.

In short: a new course of action needed to be taken now, while there was still a chance to salvage their previous efforts.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 5-7

Episodes 5-7

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Chapter Five: Standoff

Monday, 1pm

In the morgue, Doctor Glen was still looking at the virus on that glass slide under the microscope.  By now, Jimmy was a complete basket case and nervous wreck, distracting himself by reading a medical journal for infectious diseases they kept in the morgue for reference.  They both knew that CDC agents had arrived on the scene and would be in the morgue any minute.  But the doctor knew that both he and Jimmy could not, under any circumstances, leave that small lab room at the end of the morgue.  They easily could both be infected at that very moment, especially if this strange virus was airborne.  In fact, if it was airborne, everyone in the hospital as well as those new mothers and newborns evacuated, could suddenly be carriers of the disease.

Airborne seemed an unlikely possibility as there were police in the building who weren’t suited for protection against that.  But the fact that the CDC agents had arrived in hazmat suits was definitive indication that there was an extremely serious situation on their hands.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 1-4

Episodes 1-4

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Chapter One:  Living Up to Its Name

Monday, 10am

The ambulance brigade chose the bumpiest road imaginable to take all the sorority baby sisters to the hospital and away from that wretched campground.  Though the situation was looking up for everyone, the fate of each girl still weighed in the balance of far too many uncertainties for anyone to be comfortable with.

In the final ambulance of that endless chain of them, heading to the hospital, was Britney and the blinded Chloe – her beloved pledge mistress and dear friend.  Though needing medical treatment herself, Britney rode in that ambulance with Chloe to keep her company – more than for any medical reason.  Britney was responsible for the loss of one of Chloe’s eyes and felt terrible guilt for this, a guilt that bared down on her shoulders like a boulder.

Kneeling alongside the stretcher bed Chloe was strapped onto, Britney whispered to her – filling her in on every single thing that had happened that weekend.  She was keeping her voice down so the paramedic in the back of that ambulance wouldn’t hear the conversation.  At different moments during Britney’s story, Chloe softly laughed.  And even though her head was bandaged around her eye sockets, Chloe’s face lit up.

“In the end, all it took to bring Ursula down was to push a bottle of pee water down her throat,” Britney said, she and Chloe chuckling.  “So don’t drink the water around here.”

“I sure won’t,” Chloe whispered back with a weakened tone.

“Sweetie,” the paramedic said to Britney.  “You need to come lay down over here.  I need to get an IV in you.”

Britney laid down in the stretcher bed next to Chloe, getting an IV needle put in her arm at the first red light the ambulance came to.  Chloe grew silent, quite sleepy from all the medication that had been pumped into her.  Britney closed her eyes, finally being able to relax.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Prologue


On a mid-Autumn Friday night, Britney (a freshman student with a full scholarship for gymnastics) and the other seven members of the current pledging class of the Beta-Alpha-Beta sorority at St. Mark College in upstate New York journeyed to a private campground for their final weekend of pledging.

Joined at this campground by the current pledging classes of the Beta Alpha-Beta sorority from seven other New York colleges, the sizable group began a weekend retreat at a rustic location that sat in a valley.  There was no chance of cell phones finding reception or signals.  The road that led in was merely an unrecognizable pathway between trees.  In every sense of the word, they were remote – cut off from the world by design.

To cultivate and encourage scholastics and ethics while promoting self-worth in every sister – the Beta-Alpha-Beta mission statement. 

But their methods of achieving this mission, especially the self-worth part, were a bit unorthodox.  They would break a girl down, robbing her of all self-esteem.  Then they would rebuild her back up … the Beta-Alpha-Beta way.  No, this didn’t turn the girls into drones.  Instead, it taught them to rethink what their own self-worth was about. 

Insecurity often hampered a girl’s self-esteem.  Competitions could prove damaging.  Ridicule during upbringing often kept a girl’s shoulders slumped and her chin lowered.

So, instead of helping their pledges with morale-boosting counseling, to overcome their issues, the sorority chose to remove those issues altogether – implanting the seed that every girl was unique and powerful … a most emboldening thought and sentiment.

Step one was to start the pledges back at the beginning.  Before they could be sorority sisters, they were known as baby sisters – being dressed and treated accordingly.  For their final weekend of pledging, they wore nothing but diapers and t-shirts, ate with their fingers and kept bonding as they had done the entire pledge period.

But when an old well revealed a deadly virus that had been dormant for a long time, their weekend of pledging quickly became a weekend of survival.  One by one, the baby sisters were turned into zombies.  And as more and more baby sisters were bitten and killed, they would all rise again from the dead to become … the waddling dead.

Power struggles among the living commenced as Britney and her baby sisters tried to stay alive until they were rescued Monday morning.

What would ensue would be exactly what was expected of the weekend, just in a manner completely unexpected.  Self-worth, ethics, uniqueness, value and purpose – those were the cornerstone thoughts that kept the living alive.

In the end, it was Britney who sacrificed herself to battle, outwit and defeat the patient zero zombie, a baby sister named Ursula.  Once Ursula was killed, the virus was killed as well.  And every baby sister who had been bitten and infected was cured.  Britney herself escaped the doom of her own sacrifice, in the nick of time.  The bite she sustained never fully affected her before the virus lifted.

That Monday morning, when their rides arrived to collect them, the carnage that blanketed the campground was a bit difficult to swallow.  The police, paramedics and other emergency personnel were called to the gruesome scene.  Injuries sustained while being infected with the virus began to heal themselves, such as twisted ankles and broken bones.  But some baby sister had permanent injuries, like missing fingers, eyes that had been blinded and the like.  The most gruesome of all was the decapitation of one baby sister’s head.  Those injuries, obviously, would never heal or grow back.

Chloe, the pledge mistress of Britney and the seven other baby sisters from St. Mark College, sustained the loss of both eyes as well as some head trauma that made her condition extremely life-threatening.

A caravan of ambulances covered the length of a quarter mile as the baby sisters were taken to a nearby hospital.

Everyone believed the nightmare was over, that the waddling dead virus would never again surface into this world from that old well.  But they would quickly learn that their time at Harris Regional Hospital would be anything but a time of respite and recovery.

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