… and she owns your heart.


Perhaps it’s the butterflies in her tummy that fluttered their waltz
Turning her senses to mush as her littleness exalts

 Perhaps it’s the sight of her escaping the afterbath towel that endears
And running ‘round the house, absolutely naked, no lack of modesty she fears.

Perhaps it’s her tushy, covered sweetly with a diaper and the crinkling waddle which ensues.
Perhaps it’s her tender embrace and the way she said thank you to you.

 Perhaps it’s her pigtails that toss about as she bounces and bounces, to and fro
or that sweet twinkle in her little girl eyes, which says I love you, you know.

Perhaps she dreams oh so Big, of being little, in each thought
Or the pacifier, held with dainty lips which she nurses for comfort sought

But however she acts, she’ll embrace her part
She’s your BabyGirl forever and she owns your heart

25 “Dream Makers”
The Pictures Stories

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