The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 14-16

Episodes 14-16

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Chapter Fourteen: Got Milk?

Monday, 4:45pm

Rikki and the girls sat in the hospital kitchen, lounging on counters and laying on tables as they chowed down on the food and chugged fluid as if their bodies were absent of all liquid.  Yes, they were still on high-alert and paying attention, but it felt good to fully relax for a little while.  And besides, they really had nowhere else to go.

“I didn’t realize how thirsty I was,” Lorna said, sipping from a bottle of water.  “I’m gonna get water-logged like this.”

“Okay … just so I’m right about this … we are still in a hospital, in the food court with deadly zombies all over the place, right?” Brook asked, munching on a chicken salad wrap – Rikki and all the other girls turning and looking at her as she sounded like she was going crazy.  “Hey, I’m just making sure that’s the case.  I was actually hoping that after I ate something that all of this would wind up being hunger hallucinations.  But it doesn’t look like that’s how it’s gonna work out.”

Rikki started laughing, then Britney, then everyone else – the whole group then shushing itself for fear of attracting the dead with noise.

“I don’t suppose they have any alcohol here, maybe some wine … white zinfandel perhaps,” Iris said, trying to keep the smile on her face.

“Getting drunk isn’t gonna turn all this into hallucinations, either,” Georgia said with a grin.

“No, but maybe if I’m drunk, it won’t hurt as much when I die,” Iris said grimly, the mood in that kitchen changing instantly.

“Hey,” Britney said sharply, looking at Iris.  “You are not going to die.  I make you this promise, here and now.  The seven of us will get out of this building.  And none of us are going to die.”

“How can you say that?” Iris asked, a bit hurt.  “How do you know?”

“I am capable of saying that because I know you can’t say it right now,” Britney said even more sharply, not backing down at all.  “And also because I am a stubborn bitch.  There is no way these dead creatures are gonna get to my girls.”

Iris smiled through her tears, Britney hugging her.

“Don’t you forget that, Iris Petrillo,” Britney said.  “I promise you, none of us are going to die.”

Everyone smiled, knowing that even if their hopes faltered along the way, they would always have Britney to lean on.

“Let’s not forget that we are now official Beta-Alpha-Beta sisters,” Britney said with a cheeky grin, the girls smiling as well.

“But we’re still in diapers,” Lorna said, everyone getting quiet and then covering their mouths to prevent laughing too loudly.  “Let’s not forget that, either.”

“And I will never forget to pour myself a glass of milk before I start eating a chicken salad wrap next time,” Brook said, Angelina grinning as she shook her head.

“Come on, diaper girl,” Angelina said, walking over and helping Brook up onto her back.  “Let’s go out to the dispensing machine and get you some milk.”

“Do they have chocolate ice cream here somewhere?” Lorna asked the others as Angelina carried Brook out to the food court area.

“Yes, but also don’t forget that we’re talking about hospital food here,” Rikki reminded her with a smile.

“Well, yeah.  But nasty hospital food is what they serve patients up in their rooms,” Lorna said, not yet realizing the silliness of what she had just said.

“True.  But where do you think they get all that nasty food to serve to patients with up in their rooms?” Georgia asked Lorna with a grin that was turning into laughter quickly.

“Oh yeah,” Lorna said, smiling and then covering her face before laughing with the others.

“Oh my garsh! Look!” Brook said to Angelina as they got over to the dispensing machines in the food court area.

“What?” Angelina said with panic, then seeing that Brook was merely pointing to one of the drink machines.

“They have Turkey Hill Iced Tea!” Brook said, pointing to a dispensing machine of that very drink.

“Yes and I’m sure the author paused to take a big swig of iced tea before he continued typing this episode,” Angelina said.  “They have Turkey Hill Iced Tea.  What’s your point, Sweetie?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe if we poured that stuff on the zombies that it might kill them,” Brook said with a cheeky grin.

“Not likely,” Angelina said with a chuckle, setting Brook on the counter.  “Although if the zombies drank too much of it, they would definitely need diapers after that.”

Picking up a glass, she filled it with milk and handed it to Brook, then filling a glass for herself and leaning back against the salad bar – facing towards Brook.  Brook chugged the first glass down.  Angelina handed her the second glass, knowing the girl was going to need it.

Among many things, Angelina and Brook were very close.  And they had seemingly grown even closer since Yara’s unfortunate death at the hands of the waddling dead two days ago at the campground.  Being the only girl in the group who needed to wear protection, Brook had always been a creature of habit.  And it was when the routine nature of those habits was disrupted that Brook became emotional, needing reassurance and a nurturing friend to guide her through it.

“Brit Brit is sure determined about all of this, huh?” Brook asked, Angelina nodding.  “Angel, are we really gonna get out of here alive?”

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Angelina answered with no hesitation.  “I also believe the promise Britney made … that none of us are going to die.  Everyone who is still living will get out of here alive.”

“I hope so,” Brook said, raising her glass to take another big swig of milk but then dropping the glass when she saw what was over Angelina’s right shoulder.  “Angelina, behind you!”

Angelina stood up and turned around, backing away when she saw a zombie on the other side of the salad bar.  But this time, it wasn’t a stranger.  It wasn’t someone from the hospital, like the patients and orderlies that had attacked them on the second floor.  This time, it was one of the sorority girls from the campground.  They didn’t know her name but recognized her face … or at least what was left of it, given that she had been bitten again and had turned deadly ugly … again.

The zombie girl shoved the salad bar to the side, then lunging at Angelina.  Brook crawled down the length of the counter and then screamed as she saw the zombie girl gripping up Angelina and pushing her back into the drink dispensers.  Everyone in the kitchen heard the scream and came running.

That was the moment when Brook, who usually took a back seat to the gruesome action, boldly crawled forward … so to speak.

Hopping down to the floor and standing on her good ankle, Brook reached under her hospital gown and up to her hips.  Unfastening the tapes, she pulled down on her diaper and held it in her right hand.  Holding onto the edge of the counter with her left hand, she hopped in the direction of the fight.  And when she got there, Brook jumped up on the front of the zombie, wrapping her drenched diaper around the face of the undead girl’s face and tackling her to the ground.  Holding the diaper there and smothering the zombie with it, a bit of ferociousness came out of Brook.  Anger had boiled up to her surfaces and erupted.

It took Georgia, Britney and Iris to pull Brook up off the zombie.  Then they all watched as the zombie pulled the drenched diaper off its face.  But the zombie’s face was now burned and sizzling, its eyes having swelled up and exploded.  Then the zombie girl died … right there on the floor in the middle of the food court area.

“Okay,” Rikki said, nodding her head.  “Now I’ve seen it and now I believe it.  Pee with a high concentration of estrogen in it kills them.”

“Girl pee!” Brook said with a cheer, coming back to her senses.  “It’s kinda like … girl power!”

The girls shared a small laugh at Brook’s exuberance.  But the ease of the kill this time worried Angelina.

“She wasn’t super-strong like the other zombies,” Angelina confessed.

“Probably because she was infected with the original strain of this virus,” Rikki stated.  “I now believe there are at least two strains of it.  And if she wasn’t able to retain the second virus, then that might mean that she has anti-bodies to fight against it.  This could work to our advantage.  I think we might have a bargaining chip to encourage the CDC to come in here and rescue us.”

But before Rikki could explain anything more, a plethora of zombies shuffled into the food court – having been nearby already and having heard the screams.

Oh, no.

Chapter Fifteen: Blind But From a Bird’s Eye

Monday, 5pm

Rikki and the girls ran out into the seating area, a dozen zombies shuffling out after them with more on the way, likely.  Some of the undead shuffled in through the main entrance of the cafeteria.  Some shuffled in through the kitchen entrance to the food court.  But all of them converged on the seating area with one apparent intent in mind as they headed straight towards Rikki and the girls who had huddled up against the glass of the windows.

There didn’t seem to be anywhere to run as they were surrounded on three sides, the fourth side being those windows behind them – a most unsettling feeling of being trapped like animals.  Looking out the windows and seeing the media as well as the police outside, 20 or so feet away, Britney thought quickly.

“Georgia, Angelina … open all the blinds, all the way up!” Britney shouted.  “Rikki, Iris, Lorna … help me turn these tables over on their sides.  Let’s build a wall!  Hurray!”

“No Mongolians?” Zorro Daddy’s voice said.

“Damn it, Zorro Daddy!” Britney shouted towards the ceiling.  “Shut up and stick to the storyline!”

The girls sprung into action, Brook even standing up on one foot and helping to open the blinds as the tables were flipped on their sides and pulled together, then pulled back to make a barricade.  It was the right time of day for sunlight to shine in through those windows.  Though the blinding light slowed the approach of the zombies, it didn’t stop them – their sense of location of living souls not needing sight.  And to a large degree, this was why blinding the zombies was only a deterrent.  They would still keep in pursuit, even if they couldn’t see anymore.

With the blinds up and the sun shining in, the scene in the cafeteria was now on full display – naturally backlit and giving a front row seat direct line of sight to the media and CDC and police outside.  Cameras began to record as the girls knelt down behind the turned tables and began taking their diapers off.  It was a bit irritating to Britney that the police hadn’t intervened at all, even though there was now visual proof that there were survivors in that hospital who were currently in mortal danger.  But, understanding the political pressures as well as the greater purpose of the CDC being there, she moved on from her anger.

Since no one outside was going to help them, they were going to have to help themselves, the same thing they had been doing for the past 72 hours.

“Bombs away, girls!” Britney shouted, swinging her arm up and throwing her drenched diaper over the makeshift barricade wall.

The diaper landed ten feet away and several zombies dove down at it.  A few of them bit into it and instantly sat up, holding their slimy hands over their faces as they felt their mouths and jaws burning.  They gray flesh sizzled and then they died.  But there were a few of the zombies who bit into that drenched diaper and then got back up – seemingly uninjured by the pee. 

Peeking over the top edge of the turned-over tables, Britney’s eyes practically bugged out of her head when she saw several of those zombies stand back up.

Why weren’t they dying?
Why weren’t their lips sizzling?
Why was their ugly flesh burning away?
Why wasn’t the pee doing what it was supposed to do to them?
Why wasn’t it killing them?  All of them?

“Throw them all, girls!” Britney said, sitting down and resting her back against the barricade as she looked out the window at the recording cameras – then quickly crossing her legs in modesty.

But exposure was the least of her concerns just then.  And she concentrated very hard on not losing control of her emotions.  It wouldn’t have been good to show any signs of weakness, just then.  But … if the never-failing weapon of girl pee was suddenly failing, this made the situation even more difficult.  If they were now unexpectedly defenseless, they were as good as dead already.

The other girls stood up and threw the remaining four diapers, Brook already having used hers to kill the zombie girl back at the drink dispensers in the food court.  There were several more zombies who were fried, sizzled and killed by the flying wet diapers.  But several others were unaffected by the pee.  Everyone sat down, leaning their backs against the barricade and looking out the window as they too crossed their legs in modesty.

Now everyone knew the truth and it was very evident, but it would take Rikki explaining it to supply the why they didn’t want to hear – though needed to hear.

“Those infected with the second strain are obviously immune to girl pee,” Rikki stated bluntly, her eyes glazing over with defeat – the same as all the others.  “We have no way to protect ourselves against them … and now we can’t run.”

It was a very sobering moment of defeat, but only a moment.

“Yes we can,” Britney said, standing up and grabbing the nearest cheap cafeteria chair to her – then slamming it against the floor until the metal legs broke off it, picking up one of the metal legs and turning to face the girls.  “We can fight them.”

“Britney,” Iris said with tears in her eyes.  “It’s over.”

Britney glared Iris down and then all the others who had given up as well.  All of their faces showed the same beaten expression.

“You’re right,” Britney said bluntly.  “It’s over.  It’s definitely over, especially if you all just sit there and let it be over.  But it’s not over for me.  I made you a promise I am going to keep.  But I can’t keep instilling within you all the desire to want to live.  You’re going to have to find that yourselves.  So, if you stand up, then don’t ever give up on me again.  But if you wanna die, right here and now, get comfortable.  I’m sure it won’t be long before it happens.”

Brook and Angelina stood up right away, followed by Rikki and then all the rest.  Each of them broke a few cheap cafeteria chairs and grabbed the metal legs.  Then the girls walked up to the barricade wall and began swinging – gouging out the zombie’s eyes and trying to fend off the undead.

But even more zombies had arrived and the deadly horde closed in on the barricade – collectively pushing the tables back until the girls were trapped between the tables and the glass windows.

“Alright, girls!” Britney yelled.  “Now, turn and swing at the windows!”

Britney turned around and raised the metal chair leg in her right hand, the police raising and pointing their guns as the newly-arrived SWAT team raised and pointed their AR-15 rifles as well.

“Stop!!!” Britney screamed, the girls coming to a screeching halt in their swings at the window.  “I don’t believe it.”

The police and SWAT team were preparing to gun everyone down, including Rikki and the girls.  If the girls broke the windows, crawling out of the hospital, they would be killed.  It almost seemed impossible that the good guys would do such a thing.  But once again, Rikki stated what they needed to hear to understand.

“They’re not here to save anyone, Britney,” Rikki said, tears welling in Britney’s eyes this time.  “They’re only hear to keep the virus inside this building.”

But before Britney could process the betrayal she was feeling, a zombie reached across the barricade and grabbed her hair – pulling her back and spinning her around before grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up into the air.

Though struggling to breath, Britney had a bird’s eye view of the room and suddenly knew what to do next.

Chapter Sixteen: Getting a Grip

Monday, 5:15pm

Rikki and the girls did their best to get to Britney but were consumed by a line of zombie arms that were now reaching over the makeshift barricade.  From her elevated and choked position, Britney could see the entire seating area as well as back into the food court.  She could see more and more zombies coming in through the main entrance to the cafeteria.  There were even more of the undead shuffling in through the kitchen door.  And it would only be a matter of another minute or two before the forces outside would seize the opportunity to take out quite a few of the infected souls in Harris Regional Hospital.

Though being choked, Britney smiled.  She knew how to get Rikki and the girls out of this situation.

Placing her feet on the chest of the zombie who was holding her up with a choking hand, she jammed the end of the metal chair leg weapon into the right eye socket of the creature.  And when it let go, she kicked herself backwards, landing against the glass windows.

Taking a moment to get her breath back, she then stood to her feet.

“Get ready to move, girls!” Britney shouted while panting, Rikki and the girls looking at her as if she was crazy.  “We are going to get behind this center table and push.  And once the table falls over, we are going to sprint back into the food court.  Brook, get up on Angelina’s back.  Angelina, stay in the middle of the huddle.  Rikki, you and I are gonna bring up the rear.  Everybody, when the table falls over, just start swinging and running.  Are we all clear?”

“Yeah,” Rikki and the girls said in petrified unison.

They moved over behind the center table of the makeshift barricade wall, Angelina staying in the middle of the huddle with Brook on her back.  Raising their metal chair leg weapons, they awaited the word.

“Ready! … Set! …” Britney shouted, then turning around to the face the glass windows and to hold up both of her middle fingers to the forces outside who should have saved them.  “Go!!!”

The girls pushed the table forward, sliding it through the center of the seating area as the zombie horde closed in around them – Britney and Rikki fighting off the back end as Georgia, Lorna and Iris plowed the way.  And when it got to the point when there were too many zombies in front of them to slide the table forward any more, the table did indeed tip over.  In the process, quite a few of the zombies in front of them fell backwards, and by Domino effect, cleared the pathway to the food court.

“Now run!!” Britney screamed, the girls running across the now flipped-over table and over the bodies of the knocked-over zombies. 

Into the food court, they went – Britney and Rikki still holding the undead masses back.  But they wouldn’t be able to keep doing so for much longer as all of the undead turned and followed them.

“Okay, now what?” Angelina asked.

“Angelina, put Brook on that conveyor belt system over there, the one for trays and dirty dishes,” Britney shouted, swinging away.

Angelina set Brook down on the conveyor belt but it didn’t move.

“There’s no power!” Iris shouted.

“Then we’ll crawl!” Brook shouted.  “Through the curtain chute and into the dish room.”

 “One at a time, get on that conveyor belt and crawl!” Britney shouted, she and Rikki still swinging their weapons with mad fury.  “When you get into the dish room, just run!  We’ll find each other!”

Keeping her injured foot raised, Brook crawled along the metal bars of the belt, the kind that rolled – making it a bit trickier to crawl with quick progress.  Poking her head through the plastic curtain at the end of the belt, she looked around the dish room.  Seeing no zombies in there, she crawled out and stood alongside the chute.  There was no way in Hell that Brook was going to be leaving without the others, especially since she couldn’t stand on both feet.

Georgia, Iris and Lorna went through the conveyor chute first, one right after another and in rapid succession.

“Come on, Brook,” Iris said with gentle encouragement as she, Georgia and Lorna ran from the entryway to the dish room – where previously there had been a door.

“I wanna make sure the others get out,” Brook said, then returning her attention to the conveyor chute.  “You guys get going, though.  We’ll meet up.  Be safe and look out for each other.”

“You too,” Georgia said as she, Iris and Lorna ran out into the first-floor hallway – looking for a hiding place right away.

“Go Rikki!  You’re next!” Angelina said, grabbing the metal chair leg from Rikki and assuming her position in the back line of defense with Britney.

Rikki got onto the conveyor belt and slinked along, doing her best to maneuver through the tiny space.  Brook reached through the curtain, grabbing Rikki’s left hand and helping her through. 

Time was of the essence as Britney and Angelina kept having to back up while fighting the advancing zombies.  Britney’s technique was simple.  She kept blinding the very front line of the zombies, this slowing the encroachment of all the undead behind them.

“Get in there, Angelina!” Britney shouted, but Angelina remained by her side – fearful that Britney would be overcome on her own.

“Come on, Angel!” Brook called to Angelina from the chute.

“Hurry!” Rikki shouted, she and Brook prepared to grab Angelina’s arms the moment they could reach her.

“Get in there, girl!” Britney shouted again, grabbing the metal chair leg out of Angelina’s hand and making the decision for her.

Angelina dove onto the conveyor belt, Britney being backed up quickly now – even though she was fighting with two metal chair legs at that point.  Rikki and Brook reached as far into the chute as possible, Angelina stretching her arms straight forward as they grabbed her hands and yanked her through – into the dish room.

But by then, Britney had been backed up to the wall.  Sliding along, she got her way to the conveyor belt and slashed wildly at the zombies’ hands with the metal chair legs.  However, by defending herself like this, she wasn’t making much progress in crawling.

One of the zombies climbed onto the conveyor belt in front of her and started crawling towards her.  This zombie had been a sorority girl, infected now for a second time.  Snarling, she reached out for Britney.  Survival instincts kicked in and Britney shoved one of the metal leg weapons into the zombie girl’s mouth, then forcing it upward into the roof of the zombie girl’s mouth.

Forcing the girl’s body off the conveyor belt, Britney tossed the other metal weapon out at the undeads and dove for the chute.  Angelina and Rikki were reaching in as far as they could, but Britney couldn’t reach them even with extended arms.  Slowly, she made her way down the belt, making minimal progress as she now spent more time dodging hands and mouths than crawling.  It wasn’t until a zombie crawled onto the belt behind that she actually had something she could push off of with her feet.

Placing the soles of her feet on the top of the zombie’s head, she pushed herself forward, extending her arms straight forward and indeed reaching the girls.  Angelina and Rikki each grabbed one of her hands.

That was the moment when another zombie reached inside the conveyor belt chute and grabbed Britney’s right ankle.

The tug-of-war of Britney began, a war Angelina and Rikki quickly started to lose.  Britney kept flailing her feet all over the place but couldn’t get her right ankle free from the zombie’s grip.  Angelina and Rikki pulled on Britney’s arms as hard as they could, the girl feeling like she was being stretched.

In the process of pulling Britney down the belt, they also began to pull the zombie who had gripped her right ankle down the belt as well.  Seeing this, Brook grabbed two knives by the dishwashing machine and hopped over to the conveyor belt.  Getting up onto it, Brook crawled over top Britney’s body.  Jamming one knife down through the forearm of the zombie hand that was gripping Britney’s ankle, Britney then jammed the other knife up through the chin of that zombie.

And finally, the zombie let go.  Britney crawled out of the chute with quickness and got to her feet.  Brook climbing up onto Angelina’s back with the same quickness and out of the dish room all four of them went – not knowing where they were going next and not knowing where Georgia, Lorna and Iris were at.

The group was now split in two.

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