The Waddling Dead: Episode Five

Episode Five: Dutch and the Deadly

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Saturday morning, 7:30 am

Britney woke up gently as the morning sun cascaded in through the cabin window, adding a bit more warmth to her body.  She was already enveloped in a sleeping bag that had kept her toasty comfy all night.  Her nightie was cottony soft and she had grown fond of the softened comfort a diaper brought to the middle of her body.  Sitting up slowly, she took the pacifier out of her mouth and yawned as she stretched her arms and back.  For as lousy of a mattress as she had slept on, her slumber had been quite restful.

Looking around the cabin, she saw others waking up and heard the shower already in use by one of the eight.  Chloe had been up for a while, having already showered and dressed.  She was keeping an eye on the time and moving the baby sisters closer to being ready to go.

“High ponytails today, babies!” Chloe said, making up eight sets of the outfits they would wear that day.  “Breakfast is at 8 a.m.  And I don’t want this to turn into another lateness problem like we had last weekend at the sorority house party.  Get yourselves ready and don’t give me excuses that you need more time!”

Britney smiled warmly, plunking her pacifier back in her mouth as she crawled out of her sleeping bag and swung her legs over the side of her top bunk.  Hopping down to the floor, she waddled over to Chloe’s bed – where the eight outfits had been laid out for the girls.

Trying to hold back laughter as she picked up her outfit, she practically spit her pacifier out at the sight of the loose-fitting pink crop top.  It was so tiny she wandered if Yara would even be able to get her boobs to stay inside it.  Yara was a bit taller than the rest of them and had the most endowment for sure.  Picking up the ruffled pink panties, Britney closed her eyes – trying desperately to not laugh at that point.  Even the panties would be loose-fitting for how big they were.  This was probably a good thing as they would be going over diapers anyway.

Were they serious?  What kind of a ridiculous outfit was this?

Shaking her head, she waddled back over to her bunk bed, but then froze in place.  Lowering her chin, she turned around and looked over at the bathroom.  Shrugging her shoulders, she let her bladder go and eased into a nice relaxing morning pee as she got herself ready.  Slipping out of the nightie and into the silly crop top, she grabbed a hair brush from her back pack and waddled over to the bathroom to brush her hair out and then up into a high ponytail as instructed.  Taking a few seconds to wash her face and do some other girly maintenance, Britney sighed at the completion of her morning pee before she started brushing her teeth.  In a matter of a few seconds, all eight of the Eclectic were standing in a line in front of that bathroom mirror, doing their morning routines as well and trying to beat the fast-approaching dead line.

Britney finished first and turned around, walking back into the cabin and over to her bunk bed.  Putting her personal supplies away, she searched for the pink ruffled panties that were now suddenly missing.

She had left them on her pillow.  Where had they gone?

“Baby,” Chloe said behind her, Britney turning around to see her ruffled panties on that single bed in the middle of the room – along with a new diaper that awaited her.  “Come and lay down for me.”

Tingles danced all over Britney’s frame as she waddled over to Chloe, feeling the heavy sag of her diaper from a full morning-release of her bladder.  She had researched these tingles and had learned that they were associated with how her mind had reacted to something.  This made logical sense and currently, there were reasons for her to feel submissive, if not regressed.

Laying down on top of the new diaper, Britney parted her legs and bent her elbows.  Putting her hands on either side of her head, her fingers curled up into soft fists as she turned her head to the side to look over at her baby sisters who were still in front of the bathroom mirror.

Chloe unfastened the tapes at Britney’s hips and began to wipe her clean.  Softly nursing on her pacifier, Britney relished the gentle touch she was receiving.  It was pleasant, very pleasant and very soothing.  But Britney kept herself distracted by watching Yara and Ivory do what they always did … helping the others.  Ivory was the maternal one of the group and Yara was just that kind-hearted.

Whimpering gently at the cool feel of baby powder being applied to her bottom and then to her front, Britney’s eyes welled with tears.  She truly wished she could be as kind as Yara.  Everyone looked up to Yara because she wasn’t catty about anything.  She was calm and sweet and caring, completely void of everything in America that often made a mess out of a girl’s senses and emotions and decisions.

“There ya go, sweetie,” Chloe whispered, patting the underside of Britney’s diaper and startling her out of her mind daze.  “You’re a very sweet girl, Britney.  Don’t feel yourself to be otherwise.”

Chloe reached down to Britney’s face and wiped away the tears.

“Being strong doesn’t mean you have to mean,” Chloe explained.  “Sometimes the most influential people we meet in life are those who never raise their voices to be heard.  But you are a natural leader.  And I can see that at some point in your life, you will prove this to yourself.”

Chloe slid the pink ruffled panties up Britney’s legs.  Helping the girl to her feet, Chloe pulled the panties up and over Britney’s diapers.

“Make sure you wear ankle socks with your sandals,” Chloe said to the group.  “We will be going on a nature walk after breakfast and you’ll thank me for preventing blisters from forming on your soles.”

Chloe walked over to her bed and picked up her cell phone.

“Geez, there’s no reception in this valley anywhere,” Chloe said, then walking to the front door and looking back at the girls in the bathroom.  “We are leaving in five minutes!”

The dining hall smelled of a wonderful breakfast as The Eclectic Eight walked in, getting there on time and not being late for a change.  And they had remembered to bring their bibs and baby bottles.

Sitting at their table, they put on their bibs and awaited the food to be served on the center table.  What would it be?  Fruit salad?  Eggs and bacon? Pancakes with maple syrup?

The kitchen staff walked out just then, bringing the answer to those questions.  And as the baby sisters’ mouths salivated at the thought of what breakfast would be, three enormous bowls were set on that table.  It was oatmeal, the breakfast of babies.

At first, there was disappointment, even though the flavor choices were wonderful, being Maple and Brown Sugar, Peaches and Cream or Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl.  But everyone’s spirits lifted when an assortment of topping were brought out that could be put into the bowls of oatmeal:  chocolate chips, raisins, crushed nuts and more.

Everyone got in line and got a bowl of oatmeal, happily topping it with one of the options.  But when they sat down, they realized not only was this a breakfast for babies. It was also a finger food breakfast.

Too hungry to care, the girls dug their fingers into the oatmeal and began to enjoy as Chloe and some of the other sisters walked around – taking as many pictures as possible of the messy pledging baby sisters.

Looking over at the two bitches, Britney saw that they weren’t even looking at each other and both seemed quite perturbed about something.  Whatever the problem was between them, it went far beyond a simple case of power struggle.  And it didn’t seem to be getting any better.

As they ate breakfast, they listened to Loretta talk a little bit about the history of this campground, giving some fascinating information.

“Dutch Shultz was a New York gangster back in the early 1900’s.  He was born Arthur Flegenheimer in 1902 but would change his name to Dutch Shultz when he became a gangster.  A federal prosecutor named Thomas Dewey tried to get Dutch Shultz convicted of income tax evasion, the same charge that brought Alfonse Capone down in Chicago.  Dutch was acquitted of these charges, but Dewey still pursued him for other crimes,” Loretta began, all the baby sisters looking at her with bewilderment as to why she was telling this story.  “To hide his wealthy millions from Dewey, Dutch Shultz was said to have buried them somewhere in the Catskills of Upstate New York.  Gunned down by rivaling gangsters, he died of these injuries in 1935.  No one knew where he buried his millions.  But most believe he hid his wealth somewhere near the town of Liberty.  What most don’t know is that he spent a few weeks in this very campground in 1933.  The name of this campground … is The Shultz Retreat.  Coincidence?”

The baby sisters looked at each other and then back to Loretta.

“Shultz would contract an illness while he was here and it would stay with him until he died two years later.  Most who knew him called him crazy and a bit deranged,” Loretta explained.  “Bare this in mind when we go on our nature walk right after breakfast.”

The baby sisters finished up and cleaned up, then following Loretta and the sisters out of the dining hall – towards the nature trail.  At the back of the line, Britney smiled behind her pacifier at the sight of the 63 other baby sisters who were dressed in loose crop tops with poofy shorts sleeves, diapers, pink ruffled panties and sock-covered feet in sandals.  As they all waddled, their high ponytails swayed along.

This was getting fun, but an unfortunate discovery on that nature trail would take all the fun away and prove to be deadly.

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