Something to Wear

Noel’s Christmas – Wednesday, December 1st

“Something to Wear”

Lacy’s was packed, the department store at occupant capacity – indicative of the time of year.  T’is the season, as was often said.  And for Noel, it was indeed the most wonderful time of the year.  There was no better time when she was more in the spirit of things.  In her opinion, Christmas was the only holiday that mattered.

Stepping to the side of the aisle as to not block shopping traffic that went by, Noel checked her phone – an alert having chimed it notice.

Noel was an early 30-something who lost her husband to a car accident three years ago.  When he passed away, she went into a shell of depression for a long time but eventually decided to live again.  Her life was going to go on, whether she wanted it to or not.  And as she found out, she did want to live and to live fully.  Opening her heart to every bit of what she had inside as if she had nothing to lose by doing so, she pursued something that had only ever been a fantasy in her mind.  She hadn’t even revealed this to her late husband, for fear of rejection.  And what she learned was that she was a BabyGirl-at-heart, a little ageplay sweetheart who felt it but didn’t know what to do with it.  And it had been a journey, thus far.

Looking up from her phone, she scanned the nearby area to find Nick, her beloved.  Spying him looking at some scarves, she walked over to him – keeping her steps small and her stance narrow to reduce her crinkling … a little trick she had learned in the past few months.

“Look,” she said with a small, sweet voice – showing Nick the alert that had shown up on her phone.  “Six to eight inches of snow are heading our way … arriving in two days.”

“Friday evening,” Nick said, seeing that the snowstorm was traveling down to them from Canada.  “Yeah, we’re in for at least six to eight inches.”

“No complaints from me,” she said, raising an eyebrow as she gave him a lustful gaze before wrapping herself around the side of his body – Nick grinning and trying to not show any further reaction.  “Aww, did I embarrass you, Daddy?”

Reaching underneath her skirt, Nick gave the backside of her diaper a playful swat.  He then cupped the underside of her diaper for a moment, giving her the routine diaper check and leveling the lustful playing field.

“Not here, Daddy,” Noel said with breathy whisper, tossing her eyes left and right to see if anyone was watching them.

Anywhere, BabyGirl,” Nick whispered back, her insides filling with tummyflies as she knew how serious he was about that.

Not only had Noel embraced her fantasy of being a BabyGirl.  She pursued it into reality, now clinging to the side of her beloved Daddy man – getting her diaper checked and trying not to allow the baby feelings to overwhelm her.

“Well, if snow is coming, then we better get you a few things to wear, huh?” he asked, patting her diapered bottom and moving her in the direction of winter wear.  “You don’t have snow boots or anything, do you?”

Noel shook her hear no, still trying to keep the baby feelings from making her head spin.  For as much as she didn’t want to be overwhelmed, she actually did – a most interesting conflict inside her.

Nick worked for an advertising agency, partially at the office and partially from home – perhaps the only good thing that had come from the COVID epidemic.  He was 35 and climbing the company well.   Never married, though not for a lack of trying, he had been engaged twice.  But the engagements had shown him what they needed to.  Not everything was meant to be.  Nick was a very down-to-Earth individual, exactly the kind of guy that Noel needed in her life.  But he was also a dreamer, just like her.  And he had embraced the Daddy role, putting her into little headspace quite often while helping her to keep her feet on the ground at all times.

“Mr. Tom,” Nick said, snapping Noel out of her daze.

“Huh?” she asked, quite confused as she looked at the rack in front of him.

It was a rack of snow suits, in every color of the rainbow and in various styles.  Some were sleek and looked like they would be better for skiing than anything else.  Some were two-pieced, with coat and pants.  Some were one-pieced, with a front zipper closure – such as the one he was looking at.

Mr. Tom Women’s One-Piece Snow Suit,” Nick read from the label of the soft pink garment.  “Waterproof, Insulated Coverall Jumpsuit.”

Noel smiled sweetly, her shoulders shrinking up.  The waist of the one-piece was gathered with elastic and it had a hood with all kinds of fuzzy edges to it.  She knew why he stopped and looked at that one.  And when he took out another color of the same suit, that one being white, she knew that the search for a snow suit was over.  The only question was the color.

“Pink or white?” he asked, allowing her a moment to decide before he spoke for her.  “The correct answer is: both.”

Oh, my.  Here came the baby feelings again.  And this time, there was no calming the overwhelm.  Daddy had decided for her, few other things making her feel so little as that.

Like a lost soul, she took hold of his hand as he next walked her over to the snow boots.  Without waiting, she picked up a pink pair and a white pair – knowing that would be the outcome.  And given the fact that she was beginning to wet her diaper, she wanted to move this process along.

But those weren’t the only two outfits he purchased for her.  As they made their way to the register, she caught sight of a woman’s Santa dress – cherry red with fluffy edgings on the lower hem of the skirt.  Nick added this to their purchase list.

“Do you have red nylons at home?” he asked, adding the Santa dress to his armful.

“No,” she replied with a small voice.  “But I have green boots.”

“Good,” he said.

And with that, he also picked up the green satin elf dress next to the Santa dress – adding it to mound of garments.

Noel stood next to him at the register with a lowered chin, trying desperately to not smile.  But how could she help herself?  How often does a guy take a girl on a shopping spree that he pays for?

Heading to the car, Noel kept her steps quick – so as to keep up with his strides.  Her diaper crinkled up a storm but not as noisy of one as usual.  After all, she was wet at this point.

When Noel decided to pursue the dream of being a BabyGirl, she got online and discovered community sites, dating sites, message boards, munches, conventions, gatherings and so much more.  She had no idea that the BabyGirl thing was so popular that there was so much content online about it.  But it was in those searches that she learned about ABDL, age play and so many more things went beyond just being a BabyGirl.

A most important discovery she made was of the existence of Daddies.  Inside of a month online, she had hundreds of messages from guys.  And she hadn’t posted a single picture of herself yet.  A lot of the messages were from guys who asked her to be their Mommy or to entertain the idea of switching roles.  Some of the messages were from guys who posted long paragraphs that seemed like they were cut-n-pasted.  Some guys asked for a picture of her, right away.  And she was ready to give up, until she read the message sent to her from Nick.  He said hello and that he wished her well and was always available to message with her if she wanted. 

Because he wasn’t so “in her face” about things, she did reply back to him.  And the rest was history.

On the way home, Noel kept her eyes on the random houses that were decorated with Christmas lights.  Noel looooooved Christmas lights.  She couldn’t really explain why, only that they seemed to light the way towards Christmas.

Noel and Nick had been seeing each other for six months.  Three months ago, she moved into his house.  Life had never been more worth living than right now.  She knew this would be a Christmas unlike any other.  And, looking in the back seat at the shopping bags, she now had something to wear.

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