Male Attention

What was it about male attention that she craved so much?  What was it about male attention that drew her towards it with the force of a magnet to metal?  Why was it that she just couldn’t get enough of it?

Maybe she had daddy issues, something still lingering within her from years upon years ago.  But she had always had a wonderful relationship with her father.  He had never been absent from her life.  And he still spoiled her when she went to see him. 

So … no.  She had no daddy issues.

Maybe it was the whole “I’m insecure and I need validation” thing.  But she had never been overly insecure and the insecurities she did have she had found ways to deal with and to conquer on her own … with admittedly varying degrees of success.

Maybe it was a common reason why she craved male attention all the time.  Something stemming from jealousy, low self-esteem or loneliness.  But she had no reason to be jealous.  If someone had something she wanted, she went out and found it for herself as well … case in point:  she was with a Daddy now.  Her self-esteem was fine, and loneliness was something to correct went felt.  It didn’t give her a complex.

But still it felt so good to be in his arms, pressing herself into his body and breathing his scent in deeply.  Wearing nothing but the diaper he had put her in gave her that wonderful feel of vulnerability.  She felt like she was on some sort of drug that had altered her mind to only seek more and more attentiveness from him.

And she was never without the ability to get as much attention from him as she wanted.

  • If she whimpered, he would instinctively find what made her whimper and fix it.
  • If she began to pout, he would do things to make her smile again and even laugh uncontrollably.
  • If she wet herself, he would have her on her back, changing her diaper and making her feel like a baby – all over again.

But, standing there, in nothing but her diaper, and embracing her Daddy with the biggest little girl hug she could muster, she knew she would never be able to answer why she loved male attention so much.

All she knew was that it felt so good to be the target of all of his attention.  There were many things in this world that could catch his eye.  But all that mattered to him was his BabyGirl.

She was an addict … of male attention from him, of being put in a diaper and of being kept as his one and only.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there really wasn’t an answer as to why she loved it all to the point of frigid obsession.

And for something that felt this good, no answer would ever be needed anyway.  All she needed … was more male attention.

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