Wallflowers and Table Tops

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Gabriel and Gina
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here is a story about what Gabriel and Gina did that first night, once they finally got unpacked. 


(Start with “Leaving the Atlantic”)

Wallflowers and Table Tops

Gabriel and Gina stood perfectly still, for the first time since they set foot in their new house.  Looking around, they both took in the same deep breath simultaneously and exhaled at the accomplishment of being fully moved.  He leaned up against to the entryway between the kitchen and the living room.  She kicked off her sandals and pressed herself against his chest and wrapped her arms around him, resting her face on his sternum and listening to his heartbeat.  

His left hand trailed down her back, over-n-under skirt and onto her diapered bottom as he patted her gently.  Her tummyflies began fluttering and she tingled all over.  Her shoulders shrunk up and had she not been pressed against him, her chin would have lowered with shyness. 

Sensing her affected new composure, he took the pacifier (still attached to her shirt with that clip and string) and touched it to her bottom lip.  She opened her mouth and took the rubber nipple between her teeth, looking up at him with a gaze that shone brilliantly of littleness and want.

And that was when it all began.

“Do you know what they say about the first night in a new home?” Gabriel said, leaning up and taking hold of her hand.

He led her into the middle of the living room and took hold of her other hand, interlocking their fingers as they stretched their arms out at the side.

“Have you heard about what people are supposed to do during their first night in a new house?” he asked with a smile so slyly situated across his lips that she knew something was up.

But still she was uncertain of what he meant.  Tilting her head to the side, she wrinkled her brow – perplexed at why he was being so cryptic.  He motioned for her to walk up onto his insteps and when she did, he began rocking back and forth, simulating a simple dance.

“You know, it takes two to tango, Gina,” he said, lifting her left hand above her head and twirling her off his shoes.  “But there’s a time for dancing … and time for toying.”

He winked at her as he folded his hands at the small of his back and walked up to the side window in the living room.  She placed her hands behind her back as well and walked to wall on the opposite side of the living room.  She turned around to face him and leaned back against the wall.  She watched him stroll slowly into the kitchen, closing the other window shades.

“Maybe we oughta get new blinds.  You know, the wooden kind,” he said nonchalantly before locking the front door and walking back to the living room entryway.  “But I guess that can wait until tomorrow.  It has no place in a first night, does it?”

She shook her head no, lowering her chin and nursing her pacifier as a different kind of twinkle caught a glance in her irises.  He lowered the lights in the living room and she arched her back, heaving her chest out in anticipation as he sauntered careful steps up to her.  She placed her left palm flat on the back of her right hand and extended her arms above her head, sliding them up the wall.  Her hips were slowly rocking in and out.  He placed his right hand on the side of her left breast, tracing the seam of her cami as he trailed his hand to her waist.

His left hand wrapped round her other side, planting a palm firmly on her diapered bottom as he heaved her frame into him.  His lips latched onto her neck with a sudden aggression.  She closed her eyes and let out a soft first offering of what would become a long night’s worth of whimpers. His right hand trailed up under the back of her shirt, up tracing the bumps of her spine all the way up to her neck. His fingers continued up into the locks of hair on the back of her neck.  Her scent filled his senses and desire became passion.

She brought her hands down around his neck, running her fingers through his hair before stopping suddenly.  She didn’t know what to do with her arms, where to put her hands and she wished she could cut her arms off for a short time so they would be out of the way.  Her heart pounded as she flustered to find comfort.  She just wanted everything to be perfect.  She wanted everything to go right.  She wanted to make him happy and of course, she was waiting to be toyed with some more.

She whimpered again, but this time with fussiness as she couldn’t figure out what to do.  With a sudden and ravenous motion, he broke his lips free from her neck, stood up, grabbed both of her wrists crossed them and planted them above her head on the wall where she had placed them to begin with.

“Follow your instincts,” he whispered softly into her ear, but with a slight growl.  “Being weak isn’t about what you can second-guess.  It’s about knowing yourself well enough to be bold when you need to and timid when you want.”

He reached behind her with his right hand, unclasped the waist of her skirt and un-teethed the draw of her zipper.  She opened her eyes as her skirt began to slide down her hips when the zipper opened completely.  It fluttered down her legs and came to rest around her feet.  His eyes were locked and her composure was shaken.  She craved this kind of nervousness as much as she hated it.

This was what she wanted.  This was what she asked for.  She wanted him to toy with her and break her down.  And she knew it would take every bit of herself to make it through the onslaught of mind-fucking ahead.  But if she made it to the end, she would actually find herself at the beginning of something she had never felt before … complete peacefulness – the kind absent of those fears she always kept to herself.  Therefore, peacefulness required the same kind of exposure.

Gabriel was the only person in this world who had shown her that she was capable of overcoming the fears which gripped her up as if they were full-blown phobias.  But the pathway into the center of anyone’s mind, especially someone like Gina who had natural defense mechanisms far more sensitive than most, was to catch her off-guard –  just long to creep inside her.

And as he stared into her irises, he captivated her attention while his right hand wound up and cupped down onto her diapered peach with a smack.  She winced at the shock and cowered to the aggression, but felt a tingle between her legs more powerful than his previous attempts that day. She breathed slowly and evenly through her nose as his gaze kept burning into her.  She rocked her hips and slid herself up and down the wall as much as she could, given her pinned position.  Arousal had commenced.  Her mind wouldn’t be the only thing touched deeply.  She moaned softly and grinded her mound into his palm, trying vigorously to kick-start the blitz of sensations that would make her crumble before him.  In her resolve, that was where she truly belonged.

 “That’s a good girl,” he whispered, sending comfort into her thoughts with an inviting tone.  “That’s a very good girl.”

She could feel the tension in his hand, the force he was using and the abundance of which he was still holding back.  She wanted it all, but felt that sense of weakness creeping into her conscience.  If he had unleashed his aggression on her, without hesitation or regard, he just might crush her.  And there was a distinct difference – yet another ‘line’ to consider between crushing her and breaking her down.  If, by chance, all he did was use force on her to get a rise of pleasure, she might’ve felt him to be shallow.  But there was always purpose in his power.  Between them, they had erased the line which divided the physical from the emotional.  So when his dominance came out in actions, she found attachment to his intentions.

He spun her around, facing her to the wall and pressing her against it.  Pinning her wrists above her head again, he leaned in to whisper.

“You can’t resist it,” he said with that same growl, making her tremble.  “You are weak, Gina.  And it’s an attribute you’ll carry with you for life.  It’s what makes you possessive.  It’s what makes your heart a property.”

She arched her back, thrusting her diapered bottom backwards into his groin as his right hand slid under her cami and across her naked belly, downward to the waist of her diaper.  She focused in on the physical, the usual route she tried to escape through when she felt the need to avoid a truth she wasn’t ready to accept.  Gabriel didn’t fight her flee, instead choosing to follow her and work within her exodus to make her face the fear.

With excruciating slowness, his right hand slipped into the front of her diaper, gliding his fingertips across her mound and then his palm as his fingertips trailed downward still, to part the swollen wet lips of her labia – circling the wetness with deliberate intent to make her shudder.

“A good girl has nothing to fear,” he whispered, biting her right ear lobe, a specific heightening practice he used to push her when he wanted to.  “There is no weakness you will ever be without.  There is no moment when you won’t feel helpless.  And in this home, you will never need to break free from the gifts you seem to view as flaws.”

She closed her eyes tightly, making the tears in her eyelids run down the sides of her face.  Her whimpering turned to sniffles

“Daddy will never listen to you talk of how damaged you feel you are inside.  A good girl doesn’t run from her fears.  She runs to her Daddy for reassurance that she is loved.  Is that understood?” he asked as she nodded through her sniffles.

His finger plunged inside her, throwing her head back and forcing her to get over that initial sorrow of release.  Being submissive wasn’t easy at all, especially when made to let go of something she hadn’t found closure with yet. 

“Follow me, Baby,” he whispered, forcing her to go deeper into the distraction of physical.  “You’re worked up.  It’s time to work all of that out of you.”

He released her wrists and slid his fingers out of her wetness, making her shudder at the sudden break in stimulation.  Pressing her frame completely flat to the wall, he joined her hands at the small of her back before leaning in towards her ear once more.

“Show Daddy what a good girl you are.  Make him proud of you.  Show Daddy that you live with obedience in your heart,” he said, facing her towards the kitchen and gripping the back of her with a tight fist before walking her over to the kitchen sink.

She kept her chin lowered, her eyes to the ground, her hands behind her back and her arousal in the forefront of her thoughts.  She didn’t want to spoil what he had begun between her legs.  His grip of her hair was so tight that it pulled at the roots, giving her something physical to focus in on as well.  But that was a necessary distraction.  It was actually a bit of a gift.  She absolutely loved having her hair pulled – even if there was no reason to do so.

Positioning at the corner of the counter, he lowered her diaper to her knees and pressed her peach into the point at the corner.  She gasped quickly, lifting her eyes up to him – only to be bent over the counter and to have her face turned away from the sink, towards the kitchen table.  And there she remained, bent over the counter with her peach being kept open slightly, her diaper at her knees and her mind going crazy.  Behind her, she heard him turning the faucet on and off, cupboard doors opening and glasses clinking. 

Looking at the kitchen table she saw the chair at the end pushed back and a white table cloth spread across the top with his brown leather belt at the head of the table.  That was when she knew what he was about to happen.  He was going to eat her out, but it wasn’t going to be a gentle affair.  Instead, it was going to be a sit-down affair as Gabriel liked to call it.  She closed her eyes wishing she could grind her hips and stimulate herself with the fantasies entering her mind, but the point of that counter would’ve bruised her or possibly cut her open, had she tried to rub herself up against it.  In essence and reality, he had prevented her from doing anything but think about what was to come.  In a split second of realization, she succumbed to the fact that he had taken away her usual escape into the physical.  And the sight of that belt on the table was a reminder of what would happen if she stood up or moved at all. 

Closing her eyes to avoid the visual message of the belt, she was forced to retreat into her thoughts.  But presently, her mind was caught between arousal (with no way to reach the summit yet) and the presence of her poor self-esteem (made worse by her habit of talking – if not also thinking herself down).  She had no idea how long she would be there, humiliated by her own insecurities.  And as she searched to find another distraction, she found an inability to focus on anything at all – except for one single, solitary and powerful thought: Her never-ending need to find fault with herself was about to be taken away from her.

This should’ve been a blessing, and truly it would be, once she accepted it.  But Gina’s dilemma was still the same as always.  She couldn’t find a way to be done with something when it was time.  Never once did she blame anyone else in life for the self-esteem she lacked.  It was always easiest for her to blame herself.  And there, in that self-damning state of mind, she would never be able to move on from anything.  Gabriel was now forcing her to forgive herself for a false blame.  And as her mind tried to wrap itself around the usual impulse to find closure, she wept.  Bent over that counter, she took the first step forward of a hopeful many to come … She let it go, with no further need to find a solution to a problem that only existed in her mind.

And no sooner did she take in her first deep breath of freedom than Gabriel’s right hand grasped the back of her hair, standing her up and back her away from the counter’s edge. His hand released her hair and wrapped around the front of her, pressing her back against his chest as it traveled up through her cleavage, onto her sternum and to the base of her neck.  He spread his fingertips out as they travel up her neck to her chin, forcing her to look up.

His left hand placed a wet tea towel was placed on her belly and made to slide downwards.  Stimulation returned as did a spine-quivering reaction to the cold water being used to wash between her legs.  He leaned his head forward and bit her left ear lobe as her hips began rocking again, but this time with an erratic need to be fulfilled.

“You’re gonna cum harder than you’ve ever cum before,” he whispered in her ear with a hot breath, heavy-laden with an aggressive tone of lust and determination.

She gasped behind her pacifier and stopped rocking her hips as her heart starting pounding with a fury made the thumps painful.  She cowered to the effect of his words and trembled again, waiting as patiently as she could for his directions.  This was the first of many tests of her obedience and she prepared for the forthcoming physical.

“You’ll be too shattered by the end to feel how much your body aches,” he stated with a monotone drag.

Her trembling increased as her mind, clear from guilt, recalled when he had physically drained her before.  He squeezed the wet tea towel and the water rushed down her inner thighs, into her knee-high diaper.  Then he released the tea towel from his left hand, dropping it into the diaper which slid down to her ankles.  Stepping out of it, she followed his exacting lead to the end of the table.

She turned to face him and he wrapped his arms around her, interlocking his fingers with hers at the small of her back.  His eyes were consumed with the same yearning for decadence that she gazed back up at him.  And as his lips came down on the side of her neck, she arched her lumbar, heaving her chest up and leaning her head back.  His mouth trailed down to her sternum as he lowered her onto the table, guiding their hands and interlaced fingers out from underneath her.  She bent her knees as she came to rest on the table cloth and drew her legs up.  His mouth trailed down through her cleavage as his forearms found the insides of her thighs.  His lips traveled down her belly as he parted her thighs.  He pinned their interlaced hands to her side as his tongue reached her mound and he took a seat in the chair.

She was unable to move much at all and as his tongue found the top of her labia, her eyes grew wide.  She stared up at the ceiling fan above the kitchen table, feeling his tongue tracing her labia and making foreplay of the simple fingering she had already received.  The exodus was a fleeting thought of the past that the pending arrival trumped in significance. 

She nursed on her pacifier and began rocking her hips with the stream of stimulation he was placing between her legs.  Every escape she used previously in similar encounters on table tops was blocked.  Her feet couldn’t touch the floor.  Her thighs couldn’t wrap around his head.  Her arms could push him away.  Her frame couldn’t wiggle free.  She would submit to an orgasm that would begin with wonderful arrival, continue with a lengthy duration and end with a zenith that hurt as much as it felt good.  But her mind always had guilt to return to in order to place overwhelming sensations.  Now, her thoughts were nothing but blank pages, waiting to be written on.

The first ripple of sensations tightened her core and she pushed the pacifier nipple as far out of her mouth as she could while still being able to clench it with her teeth.  This gave her the ability to breathe as deeply as she could without spitting the pacifier.  In a few poignant seconds, she was heaving for air as the sensations tightened her core more so before spreading outward.  Initially, it was a comfortable numbness that kept the overwhelm from beginning so soon.

It felt so good to be the object of his passion.  And though he was good with his tongue when she met him, he had gotten so much better since.  Knowing the exact places to hit at the exact moments to hit them and in the exact order needed to make her twitch uncontrollably, Gabriel remained focused, keeping her thighs parted and pinned down while continuing to immobilize the use of her arms. 

The tightness released and the sensations washed out over her body, bring pins and needles across the surface of her skin.  She wanted so badly to run her fingers through his hair, but he wouldn’t let her move and she knew her involuntary paralysis wouldn’t change.

She kept arching her back, heaving her chest up and rocking her hips along with the waves of pleasure.  Her orgasms neared and she could feel her body temperature rising.  She whimpered as the preliminary moments of softer spasms dissipated into stronger, more pronounced offerings that turned her spasms into quivering tremors.  He had found the perfect spot to concentrate on and he intensified his efforts as he bare his strength down on her restrained position.

She cried out, tossing her head from side to side as the orgasm was moments from consuming her.  She made several failed attempts to flail beneath her confinements.  She tried fighting the arrival, knowing it was all too much, too quickly.   She tried to control her breathing, but failed as an utterance of whimpers, moans and pleads for yield escaped her lips.  But there was nothing he would yield to.  Gabriel never lied to her and she knew that he was going to drain her until she could no longer react to anything.

The orgasm arrived and her entire body seized up, making the orgasm more intense.  She was rocked with convulsions that heightened and multiple what initially were separate swells of pleasure.  In no time, the feelings all became a blur as her mind became incapable of processing the sensations.  She began to fuss, but remembered once more, all the mind-fucking whispers he had planted in her brain. 

Her throat soon dried and fatigue began entering her muscles.  She cowered to her weakness, seeing it now as a pathway to a depth of submission that couldn’t be taught, but rather, learned on her own.  Her body began to go numb and her mind traveled in and out of reality as it kept trying to place her thoughts elsewhere for distraction from the overwhelming orgasm.  But each connection of nerves ending her thoughts tried to create was blocked with non-responsive returns.  Hungry for stimulus, her mind frantically searched for something to satisfy the need to feel.

And then in rapid succession, her mind began to shut itself down in protection.  First, she lost all strength and her body went limp as her muscles gave up the struggle and relaxed themselves.  She turned her head to the side and the pacifier fell from her lips.  In her blurring vision, she made out the shapes of two wine glasses on the counter and bottle of Pinot Noir.  She tried to speak, but had lost the ability to focus on anything.  A bit of drool trickled out of her mouth that she could no longer function to swallow.

And all at once, Gabriel stopped, seeing that she had stopped fighting him.  He gently released her hands, standing up and taking time to straighten her fingers as he lifted his forearms off her inner thighs.  Sitting her up into his cradle, he lifted her off the table and carried her into the living room, kneeling in the middle of the room and placing her on the rug.  He got a small pillow from the couch and placed behind her head as he fanned her locks off the back of her neck and spread her hair out.

She watched his blurred image searching through a bag on the couch and returning to her side.  It was very unclear what he was doing but, she saw him place something between her legs before he got up and walked into the kitchen.

For every exodus, there was always an immediate arrival.  And she contemplated that thought as her mind began to trigger all her functions back to response. 

When you leave something, it isn’t just a departure.  Because no matter what you are walking away from you are already headed towards something new.

First, her hearing returned and a buzzing sound caught first sound as it echoed in her ears.  Then, her vision cleared up and she could see Gabriel leaning up against the kitchen entryway.  He held two glasses of wine and was watching her recovery.  Then, her skin began to recover the sense of touch. Vibrations could be felt in her chest.  Her heartbeat trumpeted and her voice returned.  She swallowed her saliva as her tongue and face found use of itself again.  And her muscles felt stimulus.  Though she was drained, she felt no pain at all.  –  Just the way he said she would. 

And in a sudden discovery of the buzzing sound and the vibrations, she sat up quickly as her hands dove between her legs at the Hitachi wand he had placed there.  He walked over to the couch and took a seat, setting her glass of wine on the side table and putting his feet up on the coffee table.  The exodus from the orgasm had delivered her to the arrival of afterglow.

Sitting in the middle of the living room rug in their home, completely naked and about to tease herself with a vibrating toy, she realized the trek she had just made:  First, she was a dreamer.  Then, she was a journeyer.  Finally tonight, she had been a wallflower, a table topper and now a guilt-free BabyGirl.


Gabriel and GinaGabriel and Gina

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Kindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords – Kobo 

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