25 Precious Pacifiers

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers” , 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 “Charm Sakers”, 25 “Nothing Buts” 25 “Out-n-Abouts  and 25 “LLWs”, 25 Precious Pacifiers is a collection of 25 ABDL pictures which I feel all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

Until every picture has spoken its piece, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


25 – Fling in the Sun

Tracy and Sophia watched from their hotel balcony as the sun began its evening descent behind the ocean’s horizon.

They were excited when they were able to book the loan remaining room with a beachfront view.

They were ecstatic that the final weekend in September was beautiful and that their boyfriends were able to go along.  It may well have been the end of the good weather and their final chance that year for one last fling in the sun.

But a drunken Friday night game of darts at the hotel bar altered what their memories of that weekend would be.  They challenged their boyfriends to a simple “2 out of three” match-up of the game Cricket.

The wager was simple:

  • If the girls won, they would enjoy the sight of their boyfriends wearing nothing but two-piece bikinis all day Saturday.
  • If the guys won, they would enjoy the sight of their girlfriends wearing diapers all day Saturday.

Tracy learned that she needed a lot of practice at darts and having spent the day walking with crinkles, she looked at her Daddy with a scowl when he said they would be strolling the beach at sunset.

The pacifiers were the perfect touch to prevent the girls from trying to talk their way out the deal.  But that rubber nipple prevented Tracy from telling her boyfriend how much she truly enjoyed the experience.  She didn’t know why she enjoyed it, just that she wanted the feelings it gave her.

She looked at her boyfriend and sighed lightly behind her pacifier.  Somehow, she would find a way to let him in on the discovery she had just made.  There was no way she could keep this from him.

Telling him would have to wait as he reached out to take her hand for the beach stroll.  Butterflies began waltzing in her tummy and she pressed up against his stride.

What secret had she just stumbled upon and what further tingles would she feel as she crinkled across the sands for her one last fling in the sun?


24 – The Last Hesitation Before Fantasy Turned

She didn’t believed him at first when he said she was a Princess.  Yet soon after, she embraced how he treated her and made her feel.

She didn’t believe she had a heart for littleness when he told her she craved innocence.  Yet soon after, it became natural to call him Daddy.

She didn’t believe she was sweet enough to be called BabyGirl.  Yet soon after, she responded to the name instinctively.

And she didn’t think she would ever know what it felt like to be comfortable in helplessness.

Yet now, she stood in the middle of the park with her bottoms lowered and her hands cupping the front of her diaper as she wet herself without any way to stop.

It wasn’t her physical condition that had changed, but instead, her heart had softened and her defenses had lowered themselves.  And she now believed that she would lose nothing if she finally called this fantasy real.


23 – Something Uncommon in Common

Life can deal us a rather strange hand sometimes.  And as we reshuffle the order of the cards we hold – putting the aces in their places, matching up the Kings & Queens, putting suits together and trying to remember that deuces are wild, we may take a moment to reflect on how unlikely it will be that we find a royal flush or a full house.

Instead, what we find are odd matchings which may seem uncommon, but in actuality – are exactly what we’re looking for and what we need to play that hand and let the cards fall as they may.

Perhaps ABDL, BDSM and an endless list of other off-the-beaten path interests may make us out to be a bit more uncommon than how we would like to be seen.  But the flavor of ice cream we enjoy the most always gives us the initial bid and ante we need to look around the room and see who else just might be eating the same flavor.

And as we play our hand, we find others along the way that share with us the same things we never thought we would match up with anyone else.  The people we remain close to in life are the ones who make us feel better about ourselves.  They become our friends, partners, BFFs and in given situations, will have something uncommon in common.


22 – Imagining A Memory

Her heart was as pure as new-fallen snow.  It was a frail as glass and as helpless as it could be.

She wanted, so passionately, to feel her first little heartbeat, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t quite feel the littleness.  Instead, she knew she was acting the part.

After wiping away her tears with a gentle thumb, her Daddy eased her down on her bed and sat next to her.  She meant more to him than he could put to words, but the night she told him she couldn’t feel love at all was the night he decided that before she drifted off to sleep, he would find the words he didn’t know.

“Princess,” he whispered, tracing her eyebrows with his thumb.  “To feel any emotion, you need to imagine and then remember.”

She wrinkled her brow, nursing on her pacifier with another round of tears approaching.

“Imagine that point in your life when all that mattered was happiness, when all you cared about was having fun, when every girl you knew was a playmate, when everyone wanted to hold you, to hug you, to tell you they loved you and to show you how they cared,” her Daddy whispered.  “Long before it mattered to you what you looked like, before those playmates became competition for the boys’ attention and before everyone who loved you wanted something from you.”

The BabyGirl’s eye glazed over as she recalled that point in her life and though her eyelids grew heavy, she still heard his voice as it ushered her into her dreams.

“BabyGirl, you once knew how to feel love and you still do – because love is what a little heart is made of.  It is what you make it and it is how you let it show for all the world to see and to feel, just as you once did and just as you will again,” her Daddy whispered as he placed her stuffed animals around her before leaning in and gently kissing her forehead.  “Imagine what you once knew and you’ll remember it.  It will lead you to a place where love is all you can feel.  And Daddy will get you there – no matter what it takes.”


21 – Where She Wanted To Be

She washed the breakfast plate off while thinking back on the events of the past 12 hours.  And her conclusion was that this was exactly where she wanted to be.  But how she arrived at that conclusion was a journey.

Last night might’ve been one of the most wonderful nights of her life, but for reasons that made the word wonderful seem strange in this context.  It wasn’t for the sex or the fantasies or the eventual euphoria she felt.  But rather, that she had a series of nightmares which kept waking her up.  It put a damper on that  Friday night and was no way to start a weekend with her Daddy.

But though the memories of last night were horrible, it was the constant care her Daddy gave her that enabled her to get through it and to get at least some rest in the abbreviated naps she would take in his arms – each one ending with another startling nightmare which jolted her awake.

Her Daddy had just finished a 60-hour work week, and despite his exhausted state, bathed her of the cold sweat she initial awoke in, bottle fed her and held her in his arms so she would feel the safety & comfort she needed to try to sleep again.

And now on this Saturday morning, she washed off the breakfast plate he had made blueberry pancakes on – her favorite breakfast food.  She smiled brightly behind her pacifier, hearing her Daddy’s snoring from the living room.  And as her thoughts returned to reflections, she realized that he had sacrificed much needed sleep to guide her through a night of fear and helplessness that crushed her little heart.

She placed the plate in the sink and returned to her Daddy in the living room, curling up next to him and pulling an afghan blanket over both of them.  She nestled up against his chest and, though fast-asleep, he wrapped his arms around her and enveloped her frame.

Only the golden heart of a Daddy would’ve cared so much as to give her all he had to make her feel better.  And spending a lifetime with someone like that was definitely where she wanted to be.


20 – A Moment of Oopsy

The Princess might well have thought herself to be in a dream instead of lifetime.  The Daddy she knew she was born to meet and fall in love with was now the man she’d soon marry.  And her best friend, Sweetie, was also a BabyGirl and she loved spending her days with Sweetie as her Daddy went off to work.

Being babysat by Sweetie’s Mommy was a slice of Heaven since her Mommy knew how to make the yummiest lunches and would put both of the BabyGirls in high chairs for the meal.

But on this day, the Princess had a moment of oopsy she would never forget. Continue Reading ...

While playing with Sweetie in the living room as her Mommy cleaned up from lunch before putting them down for their afternoon naps, her Mommy received a phone call from the Princess’s Daddy.

“Princess?” Sweetie’s Mommy called to her from the kitchen entryway.

She was holding the phone to her ear, obviously still on the call.

“Your Daddy stopped home for lunch and he wanted me to tell you that he hopes you’re having a fun time today,” she said as the Princess smiled brightly behind her pacifier.  “And he also wanted me to say thank you for having loaded the dishwasher.”

The Princess smiled again with a little pride brimming from the fact that she had loaded the dishwasher after her Daddy left for work that morning.  It was something to occupy her time as she waited for Sweetie’s Mommy to come pick her up.  She definitely needed something to do since her Daddy told her to stay in the kitchen until she was picked up.  So, loading the dishwasher not only occupied her time, but was also helpful to her Daddy.

“Your Daddy wanted to me ask you …” Sweetie’s Mommy began, pausing to stop herself from laughing as she hung up the phone.  “Next time, you load the dishwasher, could you make certain to put dishwashing detergent in it instead of laundry detergent?”

The Princess’s face showed the oopsy she just realized she made.  It was an adorable look which would be forever immortalized in the phone pic Sweetie’s Mommy took as the Princess imagined how massive the pile of bubbles was that probably oozed out of the  dishwasher and covered the kitchen floor.


19 – Her Last Thought Before She Went To Sleep

What a wonderful day it had been and exactly what she had needed. 

It had been a long week.  And even though she trudged through an endless stack of papers at work each day before hopping on the subway to get to her night classes by 6pm and then exhausting herself with studies before dropping into bed at midnight, just to get up and do it all again the next day – None of that seemed to bother at the moment. 

Saturdays were Daddy-n-Me days and his arrival at noon made the work week worth every minute that it gave her to think about him.  Each night, as she collapsed into bed at midnight, she knew her exhaustion would quickly lead her into another dream about him.  He was her last thought before she went to sleep.

Last night, however, he wasn’t her last thought, but rather, the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes – drifting off into dreamland from within the cradle of his arms.  And now, on this beautiful Sunday morning, her first thought after waking up was of him and how he had managed to give her a morning bath without waking her up.

Perhaps she would just keep him as the first and last thoughts of each day and night.  Leaving the secrets of his magic as a mystery was more than she’d ever know.  And while shifting her hips a crinkly, morning stretch – that suited her little heart just fine.


18 – Dreamlands for BabyGirls

She sat in the tub and got scrubbed
with her Daddy’s scrubbers
while giggling and wriggling
as her fingers popped the bubblers.
With hunger at bay as time ticked away
she yawned, rubbing her eyes with her rubbers
From the tub to a towel she went and loved how
her Daddy dried her quickly with his dryers.
Her hair blew with the blower and she knew with her knower
That soon bedtime would bring tears to her criers.
Cause crib time was for seepies and what always brought weepies
was the winks when Daddy wasn’t there
But she knew in a jiffy if her sneezer got sniffly
her Daddy would appear out of thin air.
He made her smell sweet with that powder so neat
and a crinkler he put on her bottom
Then he searched aloft for her footies so soft
Till he found them, exclaiming “I got ’em!”
Her kickers he tickled and her littleness was pickled
to be dressed in her PJs for the night.
And when he cradled her for the bottle, her seepies went full-throttle
into Dreamlands for BabyGirls so right.


17 – To Make Memories of the Future

17Oh, how quickly life had changed for her.  Sometimes, it all seemed a blur, but the greatest comfort she found was knowing it wasn’t a dream which would suddenly disappear when she awakened.

Not too long ago, she had a troubled little heart with more past disappointments to dwell on than hopefulness for the future.  And she contemplated why she had led such a broken life.

In her big sister’s arms, she stared at the funny device her Daddy was holding in front of his face.  Click it went.  As the backdoor of the car opened, the BabyGirl saw a blanket on the back seat and her diaper bag sitting on the floor.

She looked back at her Daddy again as her big sister kissed her cheek.  The blur of memories lessened as the comfort of littleness overtook her senses, sending a tingle across her frame.

She knew the only way to find the change she needed was to change her needs.  Repeating the past had made the future a dream which never found its way into her memories.

And all it took was meeting the right guy to make memories of the future.


16 – Being You

She had always been a girl who knew how to dream.  But she had never known how to get beyond her fears to reach her dreams … until she met the man who would become her Daddy.

Without much ado, her insecurities of rejection, judgment, ridicule and immaturity melted away from her little soul, leaving her with no excuse to not pursue the wishes of her little heart.

Some called it a fetish.  She called it a passion.  Some called it obsession.  She called it purpose.  And all along the way, her Daddy kept telling her:  “BabyGirl, you need to concentrate on being you.”

There relationship was inclusive of everything, from the yittlest moments to the more adult ones and every blessed second in between.

But on the day that she confessed to him that she wanted to feel the love of a Mommy, her little heart felt new fear.  And suddenly, trepidation controlled her wishes.


Her Daddy returned home from work on that Monday and walked out to the back patio.  He was a little trepidated himself since he handed his BabyGirl’s mommy his credit card for anything that might be needed that day.  His fear came from the fact that it was a Monday after a big holiday and he knew there were major sales happening at the local mall.

But as he found out, they didn’t do any shopping, nor did they leave the house that day.  Instead, his BabyGirl had spent the day being played with, fed, bathed and smothered with a maternal love that she had dreamt of feeling all her life.

He looked down at his BabyGirl, lying in the gated play area and assuming the position for a diaper change.  Her Mommy turned to him and said:

“She was a very good little girl for me today.  And I am happy to report that when you told her to be herself, she took that to heart.  Today, she was happy little baby and she loves you for allowing to be who she has always wanted to be.”


The only difference between a dream and a memory is that one speaks of where you want to go and the other speaks of where you’ve been.  And all you have to do to get there, you will learn when you spend a little time being you.


15 –  The Day She Learned the O.P.

Paci 15Her Daddy often said she was his O.P.  She never really understood what those letters meant, but she also never asked him what they meant because the look on his face was one of adoration when he said those letters and his eyes were always filled with tears.  Whatever those letters meant, they were very important to him.  So she decided that she would learn their meaning on her own.

Online, she learned of the term Original Poster.  On a road trip to visit her friends, she saw Original Pizza on a building.  In her quieter moments, she thought up her own, from Oblong Porpoise, Orange Pacifier, Overstock Purchase, Ocean Pacific.

But it wouldn’t be until a few weeks later when one night her Daddy walked into her nursery to get her for her night time bath.  She was very busy playing with her blocks and needed a little “down time” from all her play.

“Bath time, Princess” is what her Daddy said and when she reached down to lift her play clothes off, it finally dawned on her.

She was the Original Princess.


14 – The Tingle that Rocked Her Cradle

Amy hardly had a moment to recover from one emotion to the next.  They were pouring out of her more rapidly than she could keep track of them or even really have time to feel any of them.  But what she was being driven towards was an aftermath that would encompass everything and strike the center of her heart all at once.

All evening, her Daddy had been that romantic knight who courted, wined and dined her.  She never opened a door for herself, nor paid a penny.  But it wasn’t the free ride she cared anything about.  He didn’t have to do anything for it.  And that’s what made it something she cherished.  He did those things for her because he wanted to.  Her little heart never forgot that.

Nor did she forget what it felt like to be pinned to the wall as soon as they got home, how he ripped her clothing off and took her from buzzed & enchanted to aroused & craving.

Through their shower together to the bed to the zenith of cries from a summit she never wanted to balloon down from, Amy had hardly had a moment to recover.  But afterwards, his hands became gentle once more and following him without hesitation, she returned to the innocence of her little heart.

This morning, she awoke, still feeling the tingle the emotions she fell asleep to in his arms.  And the memory of each emotion and every single, blessed sensation rippled through her core.  Gazing up at him as he walked back into their bedroom with her breakfast on a tray, she placed her hand on her chest.

Though she was mesmerized by his Chivalry last night and then by his passions, she was consumed more so, by how he never stopped caring.  And that was the tingle that rocked her cradle.


13 – The Maker of Differences

It had been an exhausting day and this little angel had been a fluster of overwhelming emotions since she awoke that morning. 

Days like this one were particularly frustrating because she had no real idea why she was upset one minute and why she was fine the next.  And the struggle to find that reason was just as exhausting as dealing with the emotions produced.

But whether it was a good moment or a bad one, her Daddy remained the only constant force in her life that she could depend on not changing.  And until she found the balance needed within to settle back into the little world he created and kept her in, she wouldn’t be able to tell him how grateful she was that he hadn’t left her for because of the inner trial she suddenly faced.

Falling asleep after her bath and feeling the warm milk in her belly taking its effect, she drifted off into her dreamland, knowing tomorrow was only a long blink and she’d awaken to the love that today had tested but failed to destroy.

And that made all the difference.


12 – All She Ever Asked …

He couldn’t have been more proud of her.  She had been such a little angel all day.  And having pride in her was something she constantly renewed within him each & every day.

She made it easy to love her and she never asked for anything in return other than to be loved just the same.

She never fussed about what she didn’t have.  Instead, she cherished what was all ready hers.  When something upset her, she took out her pacifier and told her Daddy what was wrong.  She listened to her Daddy and knew that what he told her to do was what was best for her.  Thank you weren’t words her told her to say.  They were words that came directly from her little heart.

As her Daddy undressed her for her bath, he asked her to hop up into her crib while he went to check on her bath water.  She promised to stay in her crib until he returned.  When her Daddy came back, she had fallen asleep on top of the enormous teddy bear he had won for her at a carnival last summer.  And she had fallen asleep in the exact same position she often fell asleep in on top of him.

Her bath would wait until the morning.  There was no way he was going to move her.  She was too adorable to be disturbed.

She made it easy to love her and all she ever asked was the same.


11 – The Last thing she thought about before drifting off to sleep

Moments from sleep, she had so many wondrous things to fill her mind.  But it wasn’t the crib, the pretty clothing, the diapers, the stuffies, the pacifiers or anything in this seemingly wonderland birthday present her Daddy gave her that came to the forefront of her mind as her eyelids drooped to half-mast.

The last thing she thought about before drifting off to sleep was how natural it all felt.  Her Daddy always told her that he could see in her eyes that her heart never left the nursery.  And now, the nursery had returned.


10 – The Antidote for Upset

Blinking and stretching, she awoke from her nap to the smell of something wonderful cooking in the kitchen.  Still a little tired but no longer exhausted as when she lied down to sleep, she thought back to the moment she got home.

Fridays were usually the easy days at work.  Everybody gave a half-effort that at least passed as “trying”, but she and her co-workers were done for the week.  Their heads and hearts were already in the weekend.  And all would’ve wound up perfect if her boss hadn’t come out of his office and screamed at she and her co-workers for not reaching their quota for the day.

Driving home, she did feel a bit guilty for not trying harder to get all the work done, but as was typical, her boss lumped all the work that hadn’t been done throughout the week as well as the work he didn’t get done himself onto their shoulders.  And he did this on Friday afternoons.  And as she drove home, she began to cry.  By the time she got to her house, she was not only bawling but felt extremely guilty.  Fortunately, her Daddy knew the antidote for upset.

Through a series a embraces, forehead kisses, soft humming and words of love, he moved her heart from feeling unappreciated to feeling cherished.  And as each article of her work clothing came off, so did the guilt she felt.  By the time, he fastened her diaper, slipping the pacifier between her lips, she was already absorbed in the gentleness of the world he created for her.  And as he softly sang Aerosmith lyrics, her eyelids went to half-mast and then she fell asleep.

Returning to the conscious world now, she thought about how upset she was when she got home and how her Daddy had the antidote for upset.  It wasn’t a talk or suggestions or anything like that.  It was his way of helping her hang her work life up on the coat rack when she came home, where it belonged. 


9 – What She Found Between the Bubbles

For as silly as it may have seemed at times, she loved to be naked.  And whenever possible, the clothes came off.  Her boyfriend had no problem with this obsession of hers at all.  Of course he wouldn’t mind her being naked – not just because he was a guy, but also because he knew her obsession was really with being vulnerable. 

Whether she laid in his bed, having his seeds planted inside her or whether she laid across his lap, cradled by his arms as she felt the afterglow, she always cherished how vulnerable she was when naked.

But when receiving her bath, she always nursed on her pacifier throughout so she would remain quiet and visit in her thoughts the places where a vulnerable, naked girl’s mind could be led.

A place to feel little in big moments, all the time she needed to get where she wanted, and the right conditions to be as vulnerable as she could – That was what she found between the bubbles.


8 – The Sense of the Forward Option

When at life’s crossroads, you have three options:  The first is straight ahead, continuing on your journey.  The second is to part & go your separate ways – one turning left & the other turning right. 

But few people remember the third option – The one when you turn around & look back at the road that brought you this far.  Going back where you come from is as optional as forward is.

She was a simple girl with a simple love for being simple.  She and her Daddy had a choice to make, not too long ago.  Life had brought them to one of those crossroads.  And they looked at the left-n-right options.  The road ahead was clear, but no matter which choice they made, they would remember the road  that had brought them this far together.  And the lessons they had learned along the way made the decision very clear.

“Bed time, BabyGirl,” her Daddy said, walking into the bedroom.

She sat up and looked at her Daddy, smiling behind her pacifier and knowing that she had made the right decision.  Forward seemed more than optional when she thought about it.  It was the only choice that made sense.


7 – A Little Bit of What She’s Got

She put herself through college, going to classes from 8 am-4pm and then working from 5pm to midnight as a waitress at a nearby grease spoon diner.  She would then go home, get a shower, get a bite to eat, do her homework and sleep for the four hours remaining before she got up and did it all over again.

She did this 5 days a week, 9 months a year for 4 years.  On Saturdays, she worked a first shift internship and then a second shift at the diner.  On Sunday mornings, she volunteered at a soup kitchen, coming home in the afternoon and regressing until Monday morning.

She knew her Daddy was out there, somewhere … waiting for her.  She just hadn’t met him yet.  But until that first meeting, she was going to drive straight ahead with her life, achieving every success she endeavored and overcoming every obstacle in her way.

She graduated at the end of those 4 years and was hired as a paralegal almost immediately.  But she wasn’t hired because of perfect grades or because of overwhelming knowledge.  Good grades she had and the knowledge she still needed she would learn.  But this BabyGirl was hired because of something that dazzled in the twinkling of her irises.

She had determination and everyone who met her could see it in her.  They all had the same thought about her:  “I want a little bit of what she’s got.”

Instead of wanting something, she went out and got it.  Or, if she knew she couldn’t get it yet, she prepared herself for the day she would finally get it.  But never once did she believe that it wouldn’t happen.

Chance favors the prepared mind and sometimes we find what we’re looking for when we least expect it.

Can you believe it?  The first lawyer she worked for turned out to be a Daddy.  Imagine if she hadn’t pushed herself through college to get that paralegal degree.


6 – There’s Something About the “Give” of “Receive”

She had been raised to become a wonderfully compliant and attentive wife to her future husband.  It was hard to part with that mentality – not without parting with her ultra-traditional family, but she always dreamed of a husband who could show her how much he cared for her in ways other than just words and commands.

She met a man who saw things the way she did and it was quite by chance.  But a chance was what she was waiting for.  When they visited their families, they played the roles perfectly.  She showed him absolute obedience with no desire for return of the sentiment.

But in the other 95% of time, they turned that obedience and control dynamic into something they both wanted far more – a bond.  Her instincts had been engrained with the need to take care of him, but his kindheartedness saw her need to receive the same back.

As his BabyGirl, she got all the attention she lacked from far earlier in her life and was still able to fuss over her husband when she needed to.

There was something about the “give” of “receive” that made it seem more natural than breathing and more powerful than that first heartbeat after sex.  Whatever it was, they’d figured it out later, giving it the due attention it would need.  As for right now, it was nap time and the only thing that presently needed attention was her diaper.


5 – Wrapping Her Arms Around A Feeling

She was a sweetheart and all who met her could clearly see how much love she possessed & how much she showed to the world.  Her Daddy often called her sweetheart and he always said it was more than just a term of endearment. 

She embraced everything she loved.  It was the one way she could share the love she had inside without having to find the words she often struggled to come up with.  Nursing on her pacifier and gazing up at her Daddy often spoke more clearly and directly of the “sweet” in her heart.

People who could see in her actions what she felt inside and could hear what she couldn’t say were the people she clung to the tightest.  Even with a sweet heart of affection to share and a littleness that fueled her happiness, she too had moments of insecurity, moments when over-active thoughts needed reassurance and moments when she needed to hear sweetheart.

Being a BabyGirl wasn’t just a natural state of mind, but also a state of thought.  Embracing each thought was just a important as knowing each hug came back to her as she had given it.  And that was a feeling she could wrap her arms around.


4 – From Her Fingers to Her Toes

Discoveries are what make life interesting.  Those things you didn’t expect to find along the way remain with you – long after you’ve gotten used to them.  Discoveries of Self are the added touches you find, enabling you to learn your place in this world.

She knew in her heart that she wanted nothing more than to feel the security that often was absent from her life.  Following her heart, she sought the one kind of person who could make her world his world.  And for a BabyGirl, finding that connection with a Daddy seemed more important than so many other things that were truly nothing but background noise and distractions.

Having just finished her first Skype session with a Daddy whom she was fast-falling in love with, she heard him call her his “BabyGirl”.  Those words melted her heart and now in reflection of the fresh memories, she curled up in a ball, filled with tummyflies that gave her a sense of littleness all over.

And she could feel it … from her fingers to her toes.


3 – Making Daddy Proud

Her bubble baths were Heavenly experiences and she looked forward to them every night.

Having her hair brushed out by her Daddy, so gently her scalp felt a bit of a massage was a wonderful sensation and she looked to forward to it before bed.

Time in her Daddy’s arms and gazing up innocently into his eyes filled her heart was so much love she was always bursting at the seams with it.  She looked forward to that time in his cradle several times a day.

Being gently brought to an arousal that took her head out of littleness and guided it right back in was a spine-tingling journey, both mentally and physically.  She looked forward to it whenever her Daddy wanted it.

Hearing him say “I love you, BabyGirl” was the sort of soul-melting statements he planted in her with each steadied breath.  She looked forward to hearing them all the time.

She felt many things each day, went through many emotions and followed her Daddy where he led her.  And being his BabyGirl felt wonderful.  But nothing felt as good as making her Daddy proud.


2 – How She Learned to Handle Long Distance

02“Daddy?”  the BabyGirl asked, her voice seeming cheerful, even over the crackling reception of their phone call.

“Yes, Princess?”  her Daddy asked back.

“I want you to know that I did some thinking about what you said to me last night before my good night speech,”  the BabyGirl said with a growing confidence to her words.  “And I am happy to report that I think I learned how to handle the long distance.”

“You did?” her Daddy asked with surprise, happy to know that the 3 hours between them wouldn’t get in the way of a future together.

“Yeah, I even tried it out,” the BabyGirl replied.

“Huh?” her Daddy asked with confusion.

“I yanked my diaper down to my ankles and discovered that the best way to handle long distance is to not wiggle, to concentrate and to aim,”  the BabyGirl said with further confidence.

Her Daddy had no response as he had no idea what she was talking about.  But not being able to hold it in any longer, the BabyGirl burst out into laughter after a few seconds.  The picture she texted him explained the joke.

But how do you handle long distance when all you can do is sit and wait for the next time Daddy comes to visit?  A bit of the answer may lie in learning to enjoy where the moment has led you while you think about what the future could hold.

Today and every day after it will be the first day of the rest of your life.  And what your future holds will be built from a lot of lessons past, like how you learned to handle the long distance that you’ll one day laugh about … together.


1 – I Didn’t Know That, Daddy.  But Thank You For Telling Me.

“Princess, before you take your nap, Daddy wants you to know that he loves you,”  her Daddy said sweetly as she leaned on the side railing of her crib.

A little tummy trouble had led to a messy day for her so far.  But after her Daddy fixed her a simpler lunch of toast, apple sauce and banana pudding, her tummy settled a bit, enough for her to sit up straight without pain but not enough for her Daddy to put her back in her thinner, daytime diapers.

“I’m glad to see that you’re feeling  better because Daddy doesn’t like it when you get sick.  And I know that you don’t want to take a nap right now, but you need to,”  her Daddy gently explained.  “Also, Daddy needs to go take care of something – which is what I want to tell you about before you go to sleep.”

The BabyGirl tilted her head to the side, intrigued by what her Daddy wanted to make certain to tell her before nap time.

“Princess, Daddy is so appreciative of you having done the laundry today.  And Daddy is so happy that you like your new cloth diapers.  You look adorable in them,”  her Daddy said with a warm smile.  “But cloth diapers have to washed.  And from now on, maybe we should always wash your cloth diapers separate from all the other laundry, okay?  Especially on days when you have poopie troubles.”

The BabyGirl’s eyes grew wide and she nursed on her pacifier with a look on her face that said:  “I didn’t know that, Daddy.  But thank you for telling me.  And I will definitely remember it in the future.”


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