The Waddling Dead: Episode 15

Episode Fifteen: Janie of the Jungle

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Saturday evening, 6:30 pm

“Okay, somebody make a list of things Britney is gonna need to get,” Lorna said to the others as she turned to face Britney.  “Alright, this is the craziest and stupidest idea in the world.  But if you’re gonna try to get from this tree back to our cabin with a whole contingent of zombies on your heels, let me show you a few ways to defend yourself.  These will especially come in handy in close quarters situation, like when inside a building … perhaps our cabin, for instance?”

“Lorna, nothing is going to attack me inside our cabin.  All the zombies are below us right now, aside from a few random wanders somewhere on this campground,” Britney reassured her.  “But if it will make you feel better, show me this self-defense stuff.”

As a criminal justice major, Lorna saw the parallel in one of her core requirement classes being self-defense – yet she always thought it to be a dumb parallel.  Nevertheless, she took the course and now had the knowledge – though she never believed she would use it.

“Okay, she needs to get water and pills.  I need pills.  My ankle hurts really bad,” Brook said to the others as they began to make a shopping list for Britney.

“Alright.  Normally, you would counter any punch, kick or grab with a deflection move where you take your opponent off balance.  But your opponents, in this case, are already off-balance,” Lorna explained, showing the motions of deflection.  “And normally, you would look for pressure points and pain points on your opponent’s body.  But since these zombies feel no pain, you can rule this out as well.”

“So what can I use to defend myself against them?  I think I did pretty good with a wooden club,” Britney said, beginning to stretch the same as she would before a gymnastics competition.

“True.  But you saw those zombies coming and you were out in the open and you had time to prepare – not to forget to mention that you had the rest of us nearby to help out, if you had gotten in trouble,” Lorna said.  “This time, you’ll be alone.  So don’t try to break them in half.  Go for the front of their knees, not the sides.  You want them flat on their faces, on the ground.  And then you wanna break their lower backs.  They won’t be going anywhere after that,” Lorna explained.  “If they put their hands on you, then put your hands on them.  You want to keep their faces away from you.  So put their heads into walls, into bed frames, into doors or whatever else is around you.”

“I will,” Britney promised.

“And be careful,” Lorna said, embracing her.  “You’re the only Britney we have.”

“Okay, here’s the list,” Brook said suddenly, Britney walking over to her.  “Pills, shirts, water, food and diapers!”

“Do we really need the diapers?” Lorna asked.  “I just peed on them a bit ago.  It worked fine in killing them.”

“You were also 15 feet above them when you did that,” Georgia said.  “For as stupid as it sounds, our greatest defense is our pee.  We need to save it somehow.”

“How am I going to remember all of that stuff?” Britney asked.  “What was the list again?”

“Pills, shirts, water, food and diapers,” Brook answered.  “But I got it figured out how you can remember it.”

“Okay,” Britney said, wondering what Brook’s solution would be.

“Think of it as a sentence:  Please Swing With Fast Purpose – which it what you will need to do,” Brook explained.  “Then turn the words of that sentence into an acronym: PSWFP.  Which will give you the first letter of each item:  Pills, Shirts, Water, Food and Pampers.”

“Pampers?” Britney asked, looking at Brook with confusion as to why they were suddenly being called pampers.

“Well, I couldn’t think of anything for the letter D – so I changed Diapers to Pampers,” Brook said, then hugging Britney tightly.  “Please be careful.  I don’t wanna lose you like I lost Yara.”

“You won’t,” Britney said, hugging everyone one of the girls and then walking a few steps down an outstretching branch that was pointed in the direction of their cabin – then pausing to prep her stance.

“Bring powder too, if you find any,” Iris said.

“Powder,” Britney remarked with a smile.  “That’s a good idea.”

Reaching into the back of her diaper, she covered her palms with the powder that was on her bottom.  Then she took in a deep breath, placing one foot in front of the other and balancing her weight evenly.  And with a blinding bit of start-up speed, she sprinted.

Britney sprinted as far down that branch as she could go before the wood grew too thin to hold her body weight.  And a split second before the end of that branch snapped, she leapt off it – lengthening her body as she stretched her arms straight out in front of her.

The parallel branch on the next tree over was simply too far away for her to reach.  The Eclectics watched in horror, Brook screaming as Britney plummeted downward.  Several of the waddling dead began to move in the direction of her descent.  But six feet before she hit the ground, Britney caught the last branch that stuck out from that next tree.  Gripping it with both of her hands, she spun her body underneath it – bringing her legs up on the underpass and placing her feet on the top of the branch.  Then she immediately climbed higher in the tree, getting out of the way of the handful of waddlers who had followed her over.

Catching her breath, she leaned up against that tree – three branches above the ground.  It was another red oak, sturdy and wide.  But she could tell it had a lot more years to it.  And because of this, she wasn’t as certain about the strength of the outstretching branches.  The half dozen zombies that had followed after her waddled along slowly, still a ways back of her.  But she knew she needed to put serious distance away from them if she was going to have any time inside the cabin when she got there to gather supplies.

But the next tree was an evergreen and a leap of faith over to that tree would not only be sticky but also perhaps dangerous as evergreens often had smaller twigs all over them that were sharp.  Looking for their cabin, she plotted out how to end this trial of Tarzan’s Bride to get herself onto easier terrain.

Between the tree she was standing on and the evergreen was a wire.  It would make the next jump very easy for her.  She would handle the wire the same way she handled an uneven bar at a gymnastics meet, but there was only one problem.  She didn’t know if the wire was live with electricity.  Time being of the essence, she couldn’t waste a precious second trying to test the wire.  So it would take another leap of faith and a horrible risk of death, just to find out.

Reaching up to her pigtails, she took the scrunchies out – her locks falling to her shoulders as she put the scrunchies across the center of her palms.  Taking her crop top off, she slipped her fingers into the poofy short sleeve openings and wrapped her hands up in it.  Positioning herself on a branch, she placed one foot in front of the other and balanced her weight evenly as she prepped herself the same as before.

Then she took off, sprinting down the length of the outstretching branch and leaping from it at the last possible second.  Stretching her body out, she reached for the wire – gripping it tightly and allowing her momentum to spin her around the wire.  She made two revolutions like this before releasing the wire and reaching for a branch of the evergreen tree.  The half dozen zombies drew closer, watching her grip the evergreen branch and use it to propel herself upward one more time before landing on the roof of the nearest cabin.

Pausing to catch her breath, she grew self-conscious – putting short-sleeved crop top back on for no reason.  Then she began sprinting across several of the roof tops of the nearby cabins, making the leaps from one to the next easily as the cabins were placed in a straight line.  But Britney was tiring quickly and when she got to the roof top of her college’s cabin, she re-entered it through the front vent above the front porch roof – the one that she and the Eclectics climbed out of when escaping the zombie attack earlier.

Making her way through the attic crawl space, she worked her way to the back, looking for the bathroom ceiling entrance point they had used to escape. Their cabin had looked battered from the outside, the result of the zombies’ attack earlier.  But the building seemed structurally intact on the inside.

Slipping through the ceiling entrance, she landed on the bathroom floor – seeing the tattered bedsheets they had wrapped Yara in.  Walking into the main room, she leaned back against one of the walls.  The cabin was very dark on the inside, the power having been disconnected in the battle and the only things visible were made so by the evening sunlight that still poured in through the windows.

After having taken a few moments to catch her breath yet again, she began to look for the supplies.  But taking one step forward, she was struck on the back of the head.

Britney fell to the rug, not knowing what had just hit her.

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