The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 23-25

Episodes 23-25

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Chapter Twenty-Three:
Whispers in the Pharmacy

Monday, 6:45pm

It had been a little more than an hour that Georgia, Lorna and Iris had held up in the pharmacy.  Nothing had happened in the nearby area in a while and after the zombies wandered away from the gift shoppe, that end of the first floor got really quiet … quiet enough, in fact, for the girls to take naps in shifts.  And though their naps were short, they were beneficial bits of rest – the girls feeling much better afterwards.

“I don’t suppose we could just stay here and hope that the good guys outside will change their minds and come in and rescue us,” Iris whispered jokingly as she leaned back against the counter they were hiding behind.  “That would be too much to ask for.”

“Yeah.  That’s like an unrealistic dream,” Georgia whispered, putting her arm around Iris and leaning the girl’s head on her shoulder – knowing that Iris was moments away from breaking down again.  “The good guys rescuing us is as likely as finding a guy who doesn’t find the necessity to man-splain everything like we’re stupid and can’t figure things out for ourselves, only then to get butt-hurt when we tell him we already understand whatever it is he is fumbling to try to say.”

Iris snorted with laughter, then covering her mouth and nose to prevent from making further noise. 

Iris and Georgia would often get into ranting conversations about the many things that frustrated them about guys in general.  But no matter how serious they were about it to start, by the end, they were always howling with laughter.  And this made it the perfect tension breaker, whenever and every time it was needed.

“Maybe we can overdose them with something in here,” Lorna suggested light-heartedly but still offering it up as a serious option.  “Didn’t we see Rikki stick a syringe into one of the zombies outside of our room?  That zombie fell over.  No, it didn’t kill the zombie but it knocked it out.  And what’s more, if drugging them fails, then we’re no worse off than we are now.”

Georgia smiled, enjoying the amusement of the thought of it.

“It could actually work and there probably is a lethal dosage of something in here that would work on them,” Georgia whispered, looking over at the drug cabinets.  “But the problem exists when we try to administer the drugs.  We would either need to get the zombies to willing swallow handfuls of pills or we would need to get as physically close to them as Rikki did to give injections.”

“Well, so much for that idea,” Lorna said with a whispered chuckle.

“It’s not a bad idea, Lorna,” Georgia said, then raising an eyebrow.  “It gives me another idea, actually.”

Georgia crawled across the floor, over to the drug cabinets.

“What are you doing?” Iris whispered to her, quite concerned that the undead were going to see her.

“We have access to all sorts of pills here,” Georgia said, opening the first drug cabinet and getting up on her knees.  “Maybe we could stock Angelina up on extra-strength Naproxen for her cramps.  She gets them prescribed to her anyway.”

“Yeah, umm … I don’t think period pills are Angelina’s primary concern right now,” Lorna whispered, crawling across the room and joining Georgia at the drug cabinets.  “But Brook has a broken ankle.  What are the pills Rikki keeps giving her?  Maybe we could get some more of those, just in case she runs out.  What are they called?  Opioids or something like that?”

“Opioids are types of pills.  They’re not a specific pill,” Georgia said, reaching up and grabbing a bottle.  “Oxycodone is an opioid.  Those will help with pain.”

Just then, the dinging of the elevator was heard.  All three of them stood to their feet and walked over to the doorway.

“Did you just hear that?” Iris asked, all three of them listening for the sound again.  “What was that?”

“The elevators,” Lorna said with eyes great big and wide, a suddenly renewed sense of hope filling them.  “The elevators are actually working on this end of the building.”

“Yes, they are,” Georgia said, stepping out of the pharmacy into the hallway – then looking left-n-right and when seeing no zombies, turning back to Iris and Lorna.  “Come on.  Let’s get to the roof.”

Racing across the first floor, they got to the elevators, seeing the one car already moving up.

“They made it!” Georgia said with excitement, pushing the up button.  “They’re alive!”

Chapter Twenty-Four: Going Up


The elevator doors opened and they ran inside, pushing the button for the fourth floor and then sitting down when the doors closed.  The elevator rose slowly, tears of joy streaming from the girls’ eyes.  This was the first thing that had gone their way ever since they first arrived at Harris Regional Hospital hours ago.

But then the elevator stopped at the second floor and the doors opened.  The girls looked up and then screamed as several zombies shuffled and waddled into the car.  Lorna jumped to her feet and stood in front of Georgia and Iris.  The criminal justice major was about to show, once again, how effective self-defense could be – when done properly and with the right kind of focus behind it.

The zombies reached out for Lorna.  She instantly grabbed their wrists, crossed them and pulled them towards her – ducking out of the way and forcing each of them into the back wall of the car … face-first.  The next zombie took a swing at her, Lorna side-stepping the punch and pushing that zombie’s shoulder in the direction of the swing.  The face-first zombies who had fallen to the ground got back up, Lorna putting a straight-legged kick into their stomachs – sending them backwards and down again as they fell out of the elevator and back into the hallway.

The punching zombie turned around to receive a chop to the front of its throat from Lorna, then a straight-legged kick to its stomach which doubled it over.  And when the undead ugly bent over to try to gasp for air, that was when both Georgia and Iris charged at it – forcing it out of the elevator.  Lorna pushed the door close button and up they went.

The three of them shared a group hug, new sets of tears being shed – but only for a moment before the elevator stopped at the third floor.

“Oh, you’ve gotta be joking!” Iris shouted, the doors opening and the three girls getting a surprise they never would have expected in a million years.

Yara swiftly shuffled into the elevator, Lorna thinking quickly and pushing the door close button to prevent other zombies from coming in.  Kicking Yara in the ribs to draw her attention away from Georgia and Iris, Lorna pushed the emergency stop button.

Wrapping both her hands around Lorna’s throat, Yara used her height – lifting Lorna up and forcing her head into the ceiling of the elevator car several times and then dropping her before turning back to Georgia and Iris.

Grabbing Georgia by the hair and Iris by the throat, she did the same to them as she did to Lorna – tossing them up into the ceiling several times and then dropping them.  Getting her bearings, Lorna looked up at the ceiling – seeing the top-hatch.  Taking Yara’s feet out from underneath her, she dropped their sorority-sister-gone-zombie to her back.  Standing to her feet, she got in front of Georgia and Lorna.

Yara got up and then a bit of circling began, she and Lorna facing off – Georgia and Iris staying behind Lorna as they followed the circling.  Yara lunged in, reaching for Lorna’s throat again.  Lorna reached behind her, splitting Georgia and Iris apart as she tripped Yara’s forward advance.  Yara went face-first into the corner of the car.

“Climb up through that hatch and get on top of the elevator!” Lorna shouted to them, pointing up to the ceiling.  “Just trust me.  Climb!”

Using the hand railing on the walls, Georgia and Iris managed to indeed climb up through that hatch and onto the top of the elevator.  Looking up at the darkness of the elevator shaft, Iris got the eeriest sense that there were gruesome deadlies hiding in the shadows.

Returning their attention to the fight inside the elevator, they watched as Lorna kept Yara off-balance with a series of side-steps, kicks to Yara’s stomach as well as to the back of her knees.

“Get ready to catch me!” Lorna called up to them, Georgia and Iris reaching down through the open hatch.

But Lorna waited until Yara stood back up before putting her foot up on the hand-railing and jumping for the hatch.  They caught Lorna’s hands and pulled her up onto the top of the elevator car.

“Now,” Lorna said, standing to her feet. “Get to the side and when she comes up here, I’m gonna pull her away from the hatch.  I want you both to jump back inside.  And don’t hesitate.  Just do what I tell you.”

Yara’s hands reached up and clenched the sides of the open-hatch, then pulling herself up.  All three girls were hiding in the shadows on the side.  After Yara was fully on top of the elevator and firmly on her feet, Lorna lunged at her and took her back off her feet.

“Go!!” Lorna shouted, Georgia and Iris climbing back down into the elevator.  “Now pull the emergency stop button back out!!”

Iris pulled the emergency stop button out and the elevator started moving upward slowly.  Lorna kept herself in motion, not allowing Yara to get her hands on her.  The ceiling of the elevator shaft closed in on them.  At the right moment, Lorna allowed Yara to wrap both her hands around the girl’s throat.  But Lorna grabbed Yara’s wrists and brought her feet up onto Yara’s stomach – continuing to kick Yara in the stomach muscles and preventing Yara from having the ability to lift her up like she had done inside the elevator.

Looking up at the approaching shaft ceiling, Lorna angled herself downward, now eyeing up the open hatch.  And when Yara felt the shaft ceiling coming in contact with the top of her head, she released her choke hold on Lorna.  Lorna pushed off Yara’s stomach with her feet and dove back into the elevator, narrowly avoiding being crushed on the top of the car.

But Yara was crushed completely, her bones making audible crunching noises and her blood then beginning to drip in through the open hatch.  The elevator doors opened to the fourth floor and the girls ran out of the elevator just as fast as they had run into it on the first floor.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Jigsaw Complete

Monday, 7pm

Georgia, Lorna and Iris collapsed on the hallway tile of the fourth floor, Lorna then going back inside the elevator and pushing the basement button to send the car back down.  Looking left and right, Georgia saw that the fourth floor still had power.  All the lights were on, the heat was on, all the doors were still attached and there wasn’t a zombie to be seen anywhere.

The fourth floor appeared as if all was normal.  They almost couldn’t believe that it wasn’t in chaos, like the rest of the hospital.  But they were willing to believe in anything good, at that point.  This entire day … the past few days in fact, had been the polar opposite of good.

The top floor of the hospital had no patient rooms.  So, there weren’t any undiscovered survivors.  Up there, it was a collection of operating rooms, examination rooms and labs – pretty much everything needed to immediately treat any situation, should a patient arrive by helicopter with life-threatening injuries.

It was also completely quiet, save for one room where they heard voices.  Cautiously, the three of them walked down the hallway towards that room, huddled together and preparing for battle – if such needs turned out to be.  Now at the door, Georgia took hold of the doorknob – turning it part-way but then stopping as she took in a deep breath … trying to push through her fear to open the door.

“Girls?” Brook’s voice was heard saying from behind that door, Georgia’s face lighting up as she freely opened the door all the way.

It was an examination room.  Several stretchers had been brought into the room and Rikki had the others laying on those stretchers as she tended to their injuries.  Georgia, Lorna and Iris burst into the room, going over to the stretchers and embracing their friends – a few minutes of noisy gabbing commencing.  They were overjoyed to see that everyone was safe and alive.

But the injuries were plentiful.  Rikki made the three new arrivals sit on the examination table as she took in the sight of their injuries as well.  Locking the door and turning back, Rikki looked around the room – making a mental list of all the medical conditions in front of her:

Angelina had a sprained wrist.

Brook had a broken right ankle.

Britney had a concussion Rikki determined to be acute, presently.

Georgia, Iris and Lorna had head injuries from being repeatedly slammed into the ceiling of that elevator car.  But there were no indications of concussions, not like Britney.

Georgia handed the bottle of Oxycodone to Rikki, Rikki sighing at the thought of handing out the pills for fear of addictions forming.  But, given the circumstances, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  So, everyone took some pills, including Brook who needed them the most.  Rikki would also put Brook in a new diaper, Brook and Britney now being the only two Beta-Alpha-Betas who had crinkly waddles.

“How did you guys get so … beat up?” Georgia asked, paying particular attention to Britney’s glazed-over stare at the floor.

“Well,” Angelina said, lowering her chin and sighing before continuing.  “We ran into Chloe in the stairwell.  She apparently wasn’t dead … well … you know what I mean.  That probably sounds crazy to hear that Chloe was back in full zombie form.”

Georgia, Lorna and Iris looked at each other, then back to Angelina.

“Actually … no, that doesn’t sound crazy at all,” Iris stated.  “What happened in the stairwell?”

“Chloe attacked us and beat us up,” Angelina said sadly.

“And then Britney kicked her ass,” Brook said innocently.  “And then Doctor Glen and his assistant appeared.”

“Doctor Glen as in the guy you were trying to contact?” Georgia asked Rikki.

“The very same,” Rikki answered.  “… except, he had become infected as well.  Jimmy, his assistant, was also infected.  But neither of them behaved in a mindless manner.  They had control of all their mental faculties.  They had simply become … evil.”

“What happened to you guys?” Britney asked, snapping out of her daze as she threw the same question back to Georgia, Lorna and Iris.

“We were attacked by Yara in the elevator,” Georgia answered – Angelina, Brook and Britney looking at each other and then back to her.  “Yeah.  Yara apparently wasn’t truly dead, either.”

“This is starting to make sense now,” Britney said, getting down onto her feet and beginning to walk around.

“Britney, be careful,” Rikki said, putting the girl back up on one of the stretchers and making her drink another bottle of water.

“They were re-animated,” Britney said, then swigging from the bottle.  “Somehow, they were re-animated.”

“What?” Iris asked with serious confusion.

“They were brought back to life,” Britney said, looking at Rikki.  “It couldn’t have just been coincidence that it was specifically Yara and Chloe who were re-animated.  Did that zombie doctor set this up?”

“Likely,” Rikki admitted, walking over to the small desk in the room and accessing the hospital’s database.  “He’s seen me several times now since all this began.  And he still recognizes who I am.”

Rikki then logged herself into the emergency files the hospital kept, complete with every medical phone number imaginable … including quite a few phone numbers for the Center for Disease Control.

“So, I’m now sure it’s that doctor who needs to die for all this to end,” Britney said with confidence.  “It’s just like how everything came to an end at the campground when Ursula died.”

“How can you be sure?” Georgia asked.

“Well, he sees Rikki and he sees us and he gets on a computer and figures out the connection,” Britney answered, getting down onto her feet and waddling over to the cabinet in the corner of the room – opening it and taking out one of the diapers Rikki had stocked it with, then waddling back over to the stretcher.  “Then he finds out that Chloe and Yara came from St. Mark College, just like us.”

Britney leaned back against the side of the stretcher – unfastening the tapes at her hips and lowering the drenched diaper off her waist.  Placing it on the stretcher, she unfolded the new one and slid it up between her legs.  Diaper rash was unavoidable for her, at this point.

“That doctor and his assistant spent time in that morgue today, didn’t they?” Britney asked while taping her new diaper into place, Rikki nodding her head while still searching through CDC contact numbers.  “They were there when we were admitted.  That doctor had to be bitten or got infected somehow.  He’s the one calling the shots and we are all that’s left of the opposition.  That’s why Chloe and Yara were brought back to life … to kill the only opposition.”

“You don’t know that,” Iris said to her.

“Have you seen anyone else who wasn’t infected … anywhere?” Lorna asked, the group collectively shaking their heads no.

“That’s probably also the reason why the CDC and police won’t come in here to save us,” Britney added, sitting down on the stretcher and picking up the wet diaper – fashioning it into a sling that could be swung or thrown.  “We are all that’s standing in the way of them incinerating this place.”

“Yes and no.  We are all that is delaying them from incinerating this place,” Rikki said, reaching into her pocket and holding up the vial of blood.  “But this vial will be what brings a screeching halt to their aspirations to barbecue anything.”

“What is that?” Iris asked.

“It’s Ursula’s blood,” Brook answered.

“And it contains the original virus from that well,” Angelina added.

“The CDC would do anything to get their hands on this,” Rikki said, directing her attention back to the computer screen.  “I just need to find the right contact who will not only listen but who will call for immediate action to be taken.”

“The CDC would do anything to get their hands on that vial?” Lorna asked, Rikki nodding and picking up the phone – finally having found the right number.

“Would they come rescue us?” Brook asked.

“Yes, sweetie.  That’s the idea,” Georgia replied, then looking over at Rikki.  “But how do we get it to them?”

“Once I make this phone call, we need to get to the roof,” Rikki said, dialing the contact number.

That was it, the plan was set.  All the pieces were finally found and were fitting into place.  This jigsaw was no longer puzzling.  And real hope returned to them all as well as the determination necessary to get to the roof.

“None of us are going to die,” Britney whispered as Rikki began her phone call with the CDC contact.  “I keep my promises, girls.  We’re gonna make it.”

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