The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 26-28

Episodes 26-28

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Lambs to the Slaughter

Monday, 7:15pm

Doctor Glen had been busy since he ran into Rikki and the girls in that stairwell.  And after seeing they weren’t any real threat, he went back to focusing on his primary plan.

Though infected, the zombie doctor knew, as well as Rikki did, the CDC wasn’t going to save him.  Though he understood the CDC was trying to save many more lives than just the few in the hospital by preventing an outbreak, he – along with Rikki and those girls – weren’t going to give up on their own lives.  For him, it was different, however.  With the virus already inside him, he would be killed without hope of help.  Rikki and the girls still had a chance.  But what they saw as evilness within him was really just his own attempt to survive.

Doctor Glenview Fairmore was still human and flawed.  And his efforts at taking the lives of Rikki and the girls were based solely on jealousy, jealousy that they weren’t infected and therefore – just might make it out of this situation alive and well … save for a little scathing.

For him, the only chance of survival would be escape. And distraction was what would give him a window of opportunity to slip away, off into the nearby upstate woods of New York.  Then he would have a limited amount of time to find a cure before the virus consumed him completely.  But with CDC agents, squads of police, squads of S.W.A.T. teams and now a growing military presence surrounding the entire hospital, he would need to create such a distraction that every single member of the resistance force outside would be called to help.

And that was why the zombie doctor had been stockpiling in the maternity ward every single sorority girl who had turned into a zombie for a second time at that hospital.  They would be easy to kill but were so numerous that it would take a while to kill them all.

Standing at the entrance to the maternity ward, Doctor Glen lowered his chin and glared down all the zombie girls – then communicating with them the simple directive to walk out of the hospital through the emergency room entrance.  He knew well they would be gunned down, blown to pieces.  For a man who had dedicated so many years of his life to saving others, Doctor Glen suddenly cared about no one but himself.

The zombie girls got to their feet, moving as a mob – slowly but deliberately towards the stairwell.  They made their way down to the first floor, the forces outside being well aware of this as they were watching everything on the surveillance cameras.  And as the zombie horde walked the first-floor hallway, heading directly for that long hallway at the far end that would lead to the ER entrance, more and more of the troops were called away from their posts – set in place nearest that ER entrance and waiting for the order to start firing.

The zombie girls reached that long hallway at the end, weaving their way through the sea of abandoned stretchers and waddling out into the front lobby of the emergency room area … as lambs to the slaughter.  

The first few zombie girls waddled out into the center of the ER lobby, heading for the entrance.  More troops were called into position, several other posts around the hospital now abandoned completely at this point.  From a third-floor window, the zombie doctor watched as weapons unloaded, taking out the first line of his minions, sorority zombies falling over left and right.

The next grouping of zombie girls would keep walking forward and sharpshooters, positioned on rooftops across the street, would shoot them down.  Doctor Glen turned and walked toward the stairwell, summoning one specific zombie to follow him up to the roof.  It was time to escape, but there was one thing left undone.  And for the first time in his life, Doctor Glen was unable to think clearly.

The zombie girls would continue to walk mindlessly into their own deaths.  The scene was as hideous as could possibly have been imaginable.  The forces outside, with the purpose of protecting lives, had the unfortunate task of taking them.

And all the carnage was recorded by the media.

A few minutes prior

“Lucy?” Rikki said, into the phone.  “Oh, am I glad you picked up.”

‘Rikki?” Lucy said.  “Oh, thank God you’re alive.  I heard what happened and I feared the worst.”

“Well, your fears aren’t far off,” Rikki replied, then getting right to the point.  “I have six girls with me and none of us have been infected.”

“I know what you’re gonna ask me, Rikki.  And you know I can’t do it,” Lucy said with a sorrowful tone.

“Lucy, put me on speaker,” Rikki said, cutting the pleasantries.  “I know that your phone has been monitored since this whole thing started.  And I know that they’ve been waiting for a phone call, to see if you would betray the oath you took.  I’m not gonna do that to you.  I’m not gonna put you in such a position as what they have.  Instead, I’m gonna give them a reason to think twice.”

Britney and the girls sat silently, listening to what Rikki was saying and understanding clearly how Rikki was trying to save their lives.

“Am I on speaker?” Rikki asked.

“Yes, Nurse Straithmeyer,” a male voice said.  “We’re listening.”

“No. You’re not.  You’re waiting to speak and to tell me that there’s nothing you can do,” Rikki said with conviction.  “But that’s okay.  In just a moment, you’ll be listening more closely than you have ever listened to anyone before.”

Swigging some water, she paused a few seconds before continuing.

“If you think containment is what has successfully happened here, you don’t deserve to be in charge of life and death.  You don’t deserve to have the power that your positions lavish you with,” Rikki said with a monotone quality.  “I’m not stupid and you know very good and well that I wouldn’t have placed this call if I didn’t have the one thing you need more than anything else in this situation.”

“I’m assuming you have a sample of the blood from the original host,” the male voice said.

“Don’t assume anything,” Rikki said, holding the vial of blood up so the camera in the corner of that exam room could see.  “Look into the monitors that you all have been studying for the past few hours.”

The line remained silent.

“I hold the building block of the cure for a virus that is not dead,” Rikki said firmly.  “And you know what I want in return.”

“Okay,” the male voice said.  “Get to the roof, quickly.  And when I say quickly, I mean you should’ve already hung the phone up and been moving.  We will lift you out by air.  Keep the sample cold.”

“It will be,” Rikki said, motioning for the girls to go to the door as she grabbed an ice pack from the small freezer next to the desk.  “Are they about to exterminate?”

“It will begin any second,” the male voice said.  “Get to the roof.”

Rikki hung up just as the faint sound of gunfire began.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Last Trek

Monday, 7:30pm

Rikki and the girls flew out of that exam room on the fourth floor and moved briskly down the hallway, Georgia hoisting Brook up onto her back and Lorna steadying Britney’s dizzied steps.

Britney held that wet diaper in her right hand, fashioned like a sling and ready to be used as a weapon – should the zombies appear.

“Why is it that we are always on the opposite side of where we want to be on these floors?” Iris asked jokingly, the joke coming to an end when the sound of faint gunfire was heard again.

“So, what are they gonna do with this sample of blood when you give it to them?” Brook asked, inquisitively.

“They’re gonna break it down into all its separate components and use what they find to make an anti-body rich serum … which is already protein-rich,” Georgia explained, answering for Rikki.  “It’s like taking your favorite veggie soup and adding even more veggies to the stew.”

“So … it will become …… super-blood?” Brook asked.

“More or less,” Rikki answered.  “Hopefully, a super-cure.”

At the far end of the fourth floor was the door to the stairwell that had roof access.  The sight of a door, still on its hinges and attached where it was supposed to be, was a strange thing to see – given that the rest of the hospital was door-free … thanks to the zombies.

The moment they opened that door and walked into the stairwell, those familiar noises of a zombie presence were heard.  Iris went to the center railing and looked down to the lower floors of the stairwell.  It looked like every zombie left was traveling up to them.

“And why is it that the zombies show up, right when we wanna go somewhere?” Iris asked in panic, Britney and Lorna going over to the center railing and looking downward as well.

“That zombie doctor knows we’re up here,” Britney said, getting angry.  “He has access to the surveillance system and therefore, a front row seat.”

“He probably also saw that I was logged into the database from this floor,” Rikki added, looking up the half-flight that led to the roof access point.  “I hope that helicopter gets here very soon.  Come on, girls!”

The group quickly walked up the half-flight to the roof access door, Iris pushing in on the bar handle, but then seeing the chain around it.

“It’s locked!” Iris screamed, Britney and Lorna walking back down to the half-flight and looking over the railing again.

“Well, unlock it NOW!” Lorna shouted back up at them.

“Of course it’s locked, Iris,” Georgia said, putting Brook up on Rikki’s back and then grabbing the ax from the fire case before looking down at Lorna and Britney.  “And of course I’m going to unlock it!!!”

Georgia lifted the ax in the air and swung down, the blade of the ax sinking into the door – not the chains.  This was a rather untimely miscalculation on her part.

“Hurry, Gigi!” Brook said, the first few of the zombies appearing in front of Britney and Lorna – a half-flight down.

Georgia swung again, the blade of the ax hitting the lock on the chains but not breaking it open.

Two-by-two, the zombies walked up the half-flight directly in front of Britney and Lorna, the two girls planting the soles of their right feet into the chests of those zombies and sending them backwards.  In the process, those zombies knocked over a few more behind them.  But this round of dominos was going to be a lost cause for the girls.

Georgia began swinging the ax over and over and over, finally connecting with the lock with such force that it broke apart.  Iris pushed on the bar handle, but the door still didn’t open.

“Oh, come on!” Iris growled, beginning to slam her shoulder into the door to get it to budge – to no avail.

By this point, Britney and Lorna were delivering chest kick after chest kick after chest kick to the approaching zombies.  But they were arriving now in such numbers that the two girls had to slowly back up, losing ground and being forced up onto the final half-flight.  Britney swung the wet diaper, using it to temporarily blind the front zombies.

Georgia and Iris charged at the door, again and again and again.  Britney and Lorna kept backing up another step and another step, still planting chest kicks as often as possible.  Georgia and Iris looked down at them, seeing how they were repelling the undeadlies.  They looked at each other and then to the door, both stepping forward and planting stiff-legged kicks into the door and forcing it open.

“Go!” Rikki screamed.  “Go! Go! Go!”

All the girls got outside of the door and onto the stone-surfaced rooftop just in time.  They shut the door, but now had a new battle to fight.  Britney, Iris, Lorna, Georgia and Angelina pushed against the door – struggling to keep it shut.  But the zombies behind it had a far greater amount of strength and the door began to open, slimy arms reaching out and around the side of it.

Britney got down off Rikki’s back and hopped on her one good foot over to the girls, picking up the ax and swinging at the arms – one-at-a-time, chopping them all off until the door could be shut.  Then Brook got down to her knees and jammed the ax blade into the stone-surface roof, then jamming the end of the handle into the door – wedging it shut.

But they wouldn’t hold forever.  The girls turned around and looked across the rooftop, searching through the last traces of dusk in the new night sky for a helicopter.  None could be seen.

However, what could be seen was Jimmy, the zombie doctor’s assistant – slowly advancing towards them, labored by a broken leg and a broken neck as well as other injuries.

“Oh, come on!!!!” Iris snarled, sprinting towards Jimmy – all the girls following her lead and running directly at the zombie.

For once, they were not going to be the helpless victims who fled from the danger.  They wre going to face it, head-on.

Iris tackled Jimmy to the ground, then sinking her nails directly into his eyes and jamming her thumbs into his eye sockets as far as she could before raking outwards – blinding him.  Then, collectively, they drug him across the rooftop to the front side.  Lifting him up, they tossed him off it.  Jimmy fell to the ground and the forces below blew him into a bazillion and one pieces.

The girls watched in horror but also in elation.

“The rescue helicopter is approaching from the south side,” a police man on a megaphone shouted up to them.

The girls turned around and saw the blades as the helicopter appeared on the far side of the roof and landed.

Brook climbed up onto Rikki’s back and held on for dear life as they all ran across the roof, towards their escape … finally.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Broken Promise

Monday, 7:45pm

The girls ran towards the helicopter as fast as they could.  Then the roof access door flew open, the zombies having pushed on it hard enough to force the ax out of place.  The girls found new inspirations to run even faster.  And when they got to the helicopter, they wasted no time in getting onboard.

“Wait, wait!” the one police officer on the helicopter said.  “We’ve been instructed to collect the blood sample from you before allowing anyone to get into this chopper.”

“I’m not giving you anything until we are all onboard and airborne,” Rikki screamed back, holding up the vial of blood for them to see.

“We can’t agree to that!” the pilot shouted from the cockpit.  “We don’t have the authority!”

“In a few seconds, the choice will be made for you!” Rikki shouted, pointing back to the approaching zombies.

More and more of the zombies poured out from the roof access door, including the zombie doctor as well as Ursula.  This came as quite a shock to the escaping girls, especially to Britney.  Ursula was alive?

“Alright, get onboard quickly!” the pilot shouted, everyone climbing in – Rikki and Britney being the last to get on.

The helicopter lifted up off the roof, Britney looking back at the zombie mass on the rooftop with fear in her eyes.  Directed by the zombie doctor, Ursula started sprinting towards the helicopter.

“Girls,” Britney said, looking at everyone in the helicopter.  “I was wrong.  And I am so sorry that I have to break a promise.  But there is one more of us who has to die from the rest of us to escape.”

Ursula jumped up into the air, landing on the near-side metal skid of the helicopter and reaching up to grab Britney.  Not fighting her at all, Britney put her feet on the side of the helicopter and pushed backward.

Ursula and Britney fell from the helicopter, back to the roof – Britney landing on top of Ursula to break her fall.  The zombies were swarming all over the rooftop, these being the ones with the new strain of the virus.  The sorority zombie girls with the original strain were all dead – blown to smithereens at the emergency room entrance.

The zombies surrounded Britney and Ursula, the zombie doctor smiling and watching a battle that would be most enjoyable to see.

“Land this helicopter!” Rikki screamed.

“We can’t!” the officer said.

“Land this helicopter or I will smash this vial of blood!” Rikki growled at him, holding the vial with both hands and threatening to snap it in half.

“If we land, we’ll never be able to take off again,” the officer said, everyone looking at the rooftop and seeing it now completely covered and crawling with the undead.

“Rikki, he’s right.  We can’t land.  The zombies will attack us,” Angelina said, trying to reason with Rikki.

“And that’s exactly what Doctor Glen is trying to get us to do … to land.  Look at him,” Georgia said, the group looking down at the zombie doctor to see him looking back up at them and smiling.

“Then, stay right here,” Rikki said to the pilot, compromising.  “But if you fly away from this rooftop, I’m tossing the blood away!”

Crawling off of Ursula, Britney stood up – then to be punched in the groin by the demi-bitch.  Britney dropped back to the rooftop, gripping the stone-surface and trying to process the pain quickly.  She didn’t need to be a guy to be hurt by a blow between the legs.  Following the instructions of the zombie doctor, Ursula tortured Britney – not killing her.  Planting a heel in Britney’s lower back, Ursula grabbed the girl’s hair and pulled back – forcing Britney’s head and shoulders up, putting her and her pain on display for those in the helicopter to see.

Britney looked up to the chopper, making eye-contact with Lorna who made motions with her body and silently communicated to Britney how to get out of the position she was in.  Taking Lorna’s advice, Britney reached up and back, grabbing Ursula’s wrists and pulling her forward into a face plant.  Getting to her feet, Britney looked around – seeing nowhere to run that didn’t require her to plow through twenty zombies.  There was no way out of this and she wondered why the helicopter hadn’t flown away yet.

Ursula got to her feet, turned around and lunged at Britney.  Though strategically dodging and weaving away from every kick and swing Ursula made, Britney noticed how rigid Ursula had become – as if a bit of rigor mortis had set in.  Yet Ursula was still in motion.

Unfortunately, Britney’s plan to work at Ursula’s joints came to an end as the demi-bitch’s body was so rigid.  Besides that, Britney only had so much strength – even when paying attention to the weakest points of her opponent’s body.  Exhaustion would eventually kick in and Britney would eventually be struck by a fist that sent her flying.

Landing on the stone surface of the rooftop, Britney put her hand on the side of her face, opening and closing her jaw while trying to displace the pain.  But an aching jaw soon became the least of her discomforts as Ursula planted kick after kick after kick into the girl’s ribs and stomach.  Britney curled up into the fetal position but made no other reactions.  Then, a bit of a stand-off commenced.

Ursula would beat Britney mercilessly – kicking her in the face, the back of the head, the kidneys, the solar plexus and everywhere else imaginable.  But Britney remained curled up in the fetal position, breathing more heavily but continuing to give Ursula the satisfaction of no other reactions.  And the longer this went on, the more Ursula became enraged – an actual emotion coming from the zombie bitch.

The greatest moment of rage didn’t come Ursula, however.  It came from the zombie doctor, who for the first time that day, showed a bit of impatience that would send this situation into overdrive.

Walking over to Ursula, Doctor Glen grabbed the hair on the back of her head with his right hand and her grotesque mouth-n-chin with his left hand.  Then he twisted her head until her neck and spine separated.  Britney watched from her curled position at his feet as Ursula’s body fell to the rooftop – her head having been torn from her body.

That was when Britney flooded her diaper.  And thankfully her bowels were empty.  Had they not been, she likely would have soiled herself when the doctor knelt in front her – grabbing the hair at the back of her head and planting fist after fist after fist into her face.

By the time he stopped, her face was a bloody mess – her mouth bleeding so much that the blood poured out as easily as drool, her nose broken as well as gushing blood from both nostrils and her eyes sockets so damaged that her right eye had already swollen shut … the slightest bit of sight remaining in her still-swelling left eye socket.

Then he stood up, lifting Britney in the air by her hair and pointing her towards the helicopter.  But Britney still gave no reaction.

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