Waking Up

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Noel’s Christmas –
Saturday, December 25th

“Waking Up”

The scent of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, gently awakening Noel and putting a smile on her face before she ever opened her eyes.  Turning over onto her back, she saw he wasn’t laying in the bed with her.  Of course he wasn’t there.  He was out in the kitchen making coffee.

Stretching her limbs, she then sat up – grunting at the horrific case of bedhead she had.  This always happened when she didn’t dry her hair completely before going to bed, as was the case last night.  Even if her hair was just damp, the rat’s nest hairdo was what she would wake up with.

Putting her legs over the side of the bed, she stood up and waddled over to the floor-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom to see just how bad her bedhead was.

Maybe just getting in the shower now and washing her hair again was in order.  It would be the quickest and simplest solution.  But while looking at her reflection in the mirror, she learned how wet her diaper was, the sag tugging at her hip tapes.  

This didn’t surprise her.  Sometimes, Nick’s middle-of-the-night diaper change of her caused her bladder to release again.  And waking up in a drenched diaper wasn’t an oddity for her at all.

She was wearing nothing but that wet diaper and a long t-shirt – a red one with Rudolph on the front.  Then she realized she didn’t have her pacifier.  Now that actually was an oddity for her!  She always slept with a pacifier in her mouth.  Waddling back over to the bed, she crawled back onto the mattress and lifted the pillows – finding her pacifier and plunking it back into her mouth before easing back down on the bed.

Ahh.  It felt so good to be in that bed.  She loved her crib, but the bed was incredibly comfortable.  Even though she really needed her diaper changed badly, maybe she could sleep just a little bit longer first.  After all, they didn’t have anything planned for the day.

She closed her eyes and then opened them right back up.  Sitting up, she looked around the bedroom, wrinkling her forehead as she nursed on her pacifier. 

Something seemed really familiar … like she had done this before.  This felt really, really familiar … like déjà vu familiar.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

They most certainly did have plans for this day!  It was Christmas morning!

Practically leaping out of bed, she ran for the door.  But she was so excited, she didn’t get good footing before she started running.  And she fell right down onto the bedroom rug.

Smirking behind her pacifier, she thought to herself: “Okay, Noel.  Get a grip and don’t get so excited that you fall all over the place and run into walls.”

Okay now this was just getting plain eerie.  That very thing happened in her one dream last week.  She fell out of bed and had that exact thought ………. but what happened next?

Alright!  It was time to get a grip.  All it would take was a bit of convincing of self to put these déjà vu feelings out of her mind.  The next thing she remembered happening in that dream was walking out of the bedroom and looking for Nick because she needed her diaper changed.  And yes, she needed her diaper changed now … if not five minutes ago!  And yes, she was about to look for Nick.  But that was it.  No more ridiculous déjà vu.  Enough was enough.

Collecting herself, she waddled out into the hallway.  And yep, she was most definitely wet.  But she would find Nick, he would recognize her need and give her a wonderful beginning to Christmas morning.  All would be well.

Making her way down the hallway and to the living room, Noel didn’t have much crinkle, indicative of the drench.  Instead, she had a more noticeable waddle, one that she had to concentrate to prevent from causing her trouble with her movements.

When she got into the living room, she stopped dead in her tracks – the déjà vu returning and returning with a vengeance.

This couldn’t be happening!  It just couldn’t be happening!!  Oh, how mortifying!!!

In the dream from last week, when she walked out into the living room, she saw Nick and her sister sitting on the couch and talking over coffee.

When she got to the living room entryway, she saw Nick sitting in the reclining chair and her sister sitting on the couch – conversing with him as they had coffee.  Covering her face with her hands, Noel palmed the pacifier – taking it out of her mouth and holding it in her hand so her sister wouldn’t see it.  Then she pretended to be yawning, the supposed reason why she covered her face with her hands.

Well … there was no need any more to try to put the déjà vu feelings out of her mind.  It was happening, pretty much exactly as it had happened in her dream from last week.

“Hiya, Nono,” her sister said with a cheery grin, using the nickname she always called Noel.  “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Sissers,” Noel said with a soft tone, practically whispering so the shakiness in her voice wouldn’t be audible.

Noel quickly scanned the room as well as the kitchen, making certain no one else was there.  The truth of it, exactly as it was in the dream, was that she really hadn’t told her sister anything about the Daddy-n-BabyGirl thing that she and Nick shared.  And she hadn’t told her sister about the ageplay interest, the Daddy issues or anything.

This was indeed her sister’s first visit to their house, and it was completely unscheduled.  And Nick didn’t seem the least bit worried about anything.  Instantly, her mind flooded with questions she couldn’t possibly know the answers to or even make educated guesses at – this, of course, leading to her little mind making up the answers to sedate her crumbling mental condition.

Her sister must have come over and saw the house, including the nursery, and Nick must have confessed it to her. 

And maybe her sister was okay with it.  Maybe that was why she was smiling.  Or maybe it was her sister trying to fight back the urge to tease her as a blackmailing secret had just fallen in her lap.

But her sister wasn’t like that.  They had always gotten along.  And she had intended to tell her sister about it all but not yet.  Ergh!  She really wished she had told her sister already.  In truth, her sister had been nagging her to allow her to come over to the house.  Apparently, Noel waited too long to grant her sister’s wish.  And now the cat just might have been let out of the bag without her knowing it.

Scanning the room again, Noel didn’t see anything anywhere that gave away the ageplay secret.  Maybe she would get through this alright.

Maybe her sister had just stopped by to drop off Christmas presents and would’ve already been on her way back home – had Noel not walked out of the bedroom in a long red t-shirt with Rudolph on it.

“Come here, Nono,” her sister said, standing up and summoning her with gimme, gimme hands.  “Your hair is all over the place, sleepyhead.”

Oh no.  That’s exactly what her sister had said in the dream!  And Noel remembered being so petrified as she waddled over to her sister for a hug that she couldn’t recall what happened next.  But there was more to the dream.

With a heart pounding so heavily and so fast she could hear each thumpity-thump in her ears, Noel defeatedly waddled over to her sister.  The inevitable was about to happen.  And still, Nick sat there – seemingly unphased by any of this.

“Merry Christmas,” her sister said, embracing her after fussing with her little sister’s bedhead hair.

Noel hugged her back, trying to hide her nervous state but know her sister would pick up on it.  However, all seemed well.  Her sister was simply hugging her the same way as she had always done – embracing her little sister Noel with love.

Noel and her sister hugged, a sight of unconditional affection.  It was beautiful and felt just the same for them.  As the girls hugged, Nick reached up under Noel’s long t-shirt and unfastened the tapes at her hips.  Noel’s eyes grew big-n-wide, every joint freezing up as she turned into a stone statue.

Paralysis took over her entire body as her mind tried to process if this was really happening or not.

Now detached, the soaked diaper fell from her waist and landed between her feet on the living room rug.  Swallowing a lump in her throat, she felt the muscles of her bladder releasing as they always did in moments of stress.  But nothing came out.  She was completely empty.  Otherwise, she would have helplessly peed straight down her legs.

That nonexistent scenario, however, was the least of her present concerns.

How was she going to explain this to her sister?  And how was her sister going to react?

Noel didn’t have the courage to raise her head up off her sister’s shoulder and look her in the eyes.  She was without the capability to do anything.  It was those baby feelings welling up inside her, making their appearance this time, under uncharted circumstances.  She would have to be directed as her mind unraveled inside her head.

Then her sister did something that would scramble Noel’s thoughts the rest of the way.  She took Noel’s right hand and opened her fingers, taking the pacifier and slipping it back into Noel’s mouth.  With eyes like those of a deer in the headlights, Noel looked up at her sister with both elation and confusion, at the same time.

Did this mean her sister was okay with it?  Or did it mean something else, completely?

“Lay down on the rug, BabyGirl,” Nick said, getting off the reclining chair and tapping on the rug.

“It’s okay, NoNo,” her sister whispered with a sweet and cheerful tone, continuing to embrace her little sister as she eased her down onto her bottom and then leaned her back onto the rug.

Instinct kicked in, but this time, with a few mental shiny object distractions that kept Noel docile.  Nursing on her pacifier, she looked up at the smiling face of her older sister, watching her sit back down on the couch while keeping steady and supportive eye contact.  Nick gently tapped the underside of Noel’s bottom, and she instinctively drew her knees up into the diaper changing position.

She should have felt mortified, embarrassed and a bit debased to the point where it should have felt like her entire world was crashing down all around her.  And the truth of that moment was:  she did feel all those emotions, but none of them were destroying her.

Hmm.  Now this was a bit of uncharted territory, too.  Humiliation that felt good, right from its inception? 

Well, now.  This could turn out just absolutely wonderful!  And whatever the catalyst was for the breakthrough, Noel was suddenly feeling everything in a brand new way and with brand new motivators.

Now on her back, Noel looked over at the wet diaper on the rug.  It was one of the soft pinks ones she opened in the Christmas Eve present opening.  But wait a minute!

That wasn’t the diaper he put her in last night, was it?  She didn’t remember getting changed in the middle of the night.  And she was certainly drenched this morning.  However, she did drink a lot of hot cocoa last night.  Oh well.

As Nick began to wipe Noel’s bottom, her sister leaned forward on the couch, her smile growing warmer and warmer.  Though Noel still had blurry vision from all the shock, she looked up at her sister – wanting to be honest and just confess it all … just gush out the truth right there, under the current conditions.  But she couldn’t say anything because her pacifier was in her mouth.

She heard Nick unfolding another diaper and then placing it flat to the rug.  Now Noel’s heart began to pound heavily for an excited reason, not a fearful one.  And with vision that was beginning to sharpen, Noel took in the details of her sister and of her sister’s reactions to what was being displayed in front of her.

And what Noel saw was a maternal glow around her sister, one that was rich with affection.

“I’ve always known you were,” her sister said to her, Nick taking baby powder to Noel’s bottom.

How?  How did she know?  Noel had never confessed anything to her sister about baby feelings or regressive desires or anything. 

“Good girl,” Nick said with that Daddy Voice of his, lowering her freshly-powdered bottom into the softness of the new diaper – Noel melting into the rug.

She became a pile of baby mush, no evidence remaining that she had any bones in her body at all.  And this whole time, her sister watched, gushing over her reactions and how she just kept nursing on that pacifier.

With parted legs, Noel felt exposed – in a most adorable fashion.  Whimpering softly as Nick took a baby wipe to her front and then down between her legs, she felt those baby feelings give way to a deeper sense of regression.

She tingled all over, in every conceivable place.  And when he coated her front with powder, she whimpered again – her sister gushing audibly.  As he evened out the powder on her front, Noel closed her eyes – enjoying the sensual feeling momentarily but not allowing it to alter her innocent bliss.

Nick folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips.  Picking her up, Nick set her on the couch next to her sister – the girls embracing once again in a most affectionate way … this time, with her sister in maternal glow.  Nick then went over and got a present from under the tree.

“You get to open the first present, BabyGirl,” he said with animation, handing Noel the present – a box that was shaped like a sweater was inside it.

Oh, wait.  Noel remembered this part of the dream.  This was exactly what the present looked like that she opened in that dream.  And she remembered exactly what was inside … the bonnet, the mitts and that chest harness with a leash.

Very carefully, she opened the present – hopeful that it wouldn’t be that stuff.  And to her surprise, she found a smaller box of the same shape inside it.  Nursing on her pacifier, she opened that smaller box and found a smaller box still inside of that one.  Raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side, she picked up the smaller box still and opened it – finding yet another smaller box!

What on Earth was this?  Was Nick about to send her on another treasure hunt?

Opening that smaller box, she saw a white jewelry box.  Freezing up, she covered her mouth – though she didn’t need to as there was a pacifier in her mouth.  But she knew what was inside that jewelry box …… at least she hoped it was what she thought it was.

Nick picks up the white jewelry box and then got down on one knee.  And now she knew why her sister had shown up suddenly on Christmas morning.

“Princess …,” he started to say.

And that was all he got out before Noel lunged herself into his body.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, the pacifier flying out of her mouth.

Her sister’s face had become a water faucet, tears streaming down her cheeks as Nick slid the engagement ring on her finger.  She embraced him fully and then turned to her sister, lunging at her and embracing her fully too.

“Nick,” Noel’s sister said with an affected voice.  “I’m now sure how she did this, but I think she needs her diaper changed again.”

Noel nods, smiling behind her pacifier with tears streaming down her eyes.

What a way to start Christmas.  And if this was another dream, she had no intentions of waking up.

The End 

Merry Christmas, ABDLers of the world!

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