The Waddling Dead: Episode 17

Episode Seventeen: The Ultimate Alpha Female

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Saturday evening, 8:00 pm

Brook poured a handful of the pain killers into her palm and downed them all at once, then chugging the entire bottle of water.

“Okay!” Angelina shouted, wrapping her arms more tightly around Brook while giving her a piggy-back ride.  “Whenever we stop running, Brook gets the first diaper!”

Brook snorted with laughter and then wrapped her arms around Angelina’s neck to keep from falling off.

“Angelina, you know Brook pees a little when she laughs, right?” Britney asked her.  “Jokes are not advisable when she’s on your back.”

“I’m not joking.  She gets the first diaper,” Angelina said, then laughing herself.  “Don’t you pee on me, Brook.”

The playful banter of the group may have seemed out of place, given that they were running away from a zombie horde that presumably number in the 30s or 40s.  But nothing normal had become the mode of operations and their mode of survival.  Having moments of laughter might well have been the only thing that kept any of them sane.

Remaining close to the outer tree line, they kept watchful eyes all around – a task which was easier since the group had grown to 13 but also was now a little more difficult since there was suddenly twice as many baby sisters of which to keep track.

“Okay, so the storage shed is straight across the field,” Hillary said, scanning the open grass and then readying herself.  “Sprint as hard as you can, everyone.”

“Wait,” Britney said, stopping her.  “That storage shed isn’t going to hold all of us.”

“Britney, there’s a ton of food and supplies in that shed,” Hillary retorted.  “And it’s built far stronger than the cabins were.  It has to be stronger because it holds storage.  We all have seen how these zombies can destroy a cabin.  The storage shed is our best chance.”

“There won’t be enough room for 13 people,” Britney said, standing her ground on the issue.

“Okay, let’s just go to the storage shed and check it out,” Hillary suggested, trying to compromise.  “Trust me.”

But trusting Hillary was easier said than done.  Everyone had seen the hair-pulling cat fight she had with Ursula.  And Britney had been paying close enough attention to see that Ursula grew angered when she saw Hillary in the dining hall during the initial attack that morning.

Something wasn’t adding up.

But the group followed Hillary and they ran across the open field – moving tightly together and keeping a pace that Angelina could manage – given that she was carrying Brook on her back.  Getting to the midpoint of the field, it seemed they were going to make it to the shed without altercation – a bit of ease in task they hadn’t been accustomed to that weekend yet.  But the current quick endeavor came to a screeching halt when Ursula suddenly appeared in front of them.

Leaping from the top railing of the observation deck, Ursula traveled 50 feet to land directly in their path.  It went without saying that she was the leader of the waddling dead – having infested and created her decaying followers.  She was the queen of insects, the one who gave direction to the wayward masses and the one whom the zombies relied upon for leadership.  Without Ursula, the waddling dead would be lost, incapable of doing anything collectively or individually.

And this was the reason why the Eclectics and Hillary’s horde surrounded the zombie queen.  But killing Ursula would prove to be more difficult than they had imagined.  Just as quickly as she was surrounded, Ursula jumped out of the middle of the circle – the Eclectics and the Horde being the pursuers … for a change in pace.

“Don’t let her get away,” Hillary said while backing away, a counter-movement that no one picked up on – but one that would come into play inside of the next 24 hours.  “If she sees where we’re headed, she’ll alert the others.”

It only took a few attempts to stop Ursula from jumping like a jack rabbit.  And a simple strike to the front of her knee caps brought her face down in the grass.  Grabbing her wrists and ankles, the baby sisters pinned her down as Angelina carried Brook over to the zombie queen.

“Alright, girl,” Angelina said, setting Brook down on her one good ankle and helping her to remain standing.  “Do your thing.”

Brook closed her eyes and concentrated for just a moment before she opened the flood gates and happily proved her incontinence once again.  With female urine landing on the back of her head, everyone expected Ursula to begin to convulse like the others as her hair and skin burned off her skull before the urine cooked her brain.  But that didn’t turn out to be the case.  In fact, the urine had no effect on Ursula at all.  Still standing back a few feet, Hillary smirked.

“You see?  Your stupid peeing idea didn’t work,” Hillary said.  “Now what are we gonna do?”

Britney reached into one of the small backpacks and grabbed to shirts, handing them to Georgia.

“Tie her ankles and feet,” Britney shouted as she shimmied her hips left and right to slid the diaper down off her waist – Brook climbing up onto Angelina’s back again.  “Lift her head up.”

They lifted Ursula’s head and Britney slid the diaper down over the zombie’s face, then smashed her foot down on the back of her head – forcing her face into the ground.  Keeping the sole of her foot planted on the back of Ursula’s skull, Britney remained right there – holding that position until Ursula stopped kicking.

Slowly, everyone backed away – Georgia remaining close by the zombie’s body, looking for signs of remaining life.

“Georgia, is she dead?” Brook asked with whispered tone.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Rebecca asked with attitude.

“It’s not like she has a pulse I can check, Rebecca!” Georgia fired back.  “She doesn’t seem to be breathing.  But I can’t really tell that, either.  About all I can guarantee is that she is definitely unconscious.”

Georgia stood up, looking down at Ursula’s body with puzzlement – Britney walking up to her.

“Why didn’t the pee kill her?” Britney asked quietly.

“I don’t know,” Georgia whispered back.  “Why is Hillary remaining at a distance right now?”

“I don’t know,” Britney said quietly.  “But until we do know some things, let’s not let on to surprise.  I don’t trust Hillary at all.  Somehow, some way, she is at the root of all of this.”

“Agreed,” Georgia said.

“Let’s move!” Hillary said, turning and walking in the direction of the storage shed – to receive shock that the shed had been pulverized.

And there were several zombies nearby the remains of the storage shed.  Luckily these zombies didn’t see the baby sisters.  In fact, the zombies didn’t look like they were in control of themselves at all.

“Come on, girls.  Let’s find a cabin,” Britney said, the group heading to the furthest cabin away from the center of camp.

But Georgia kept looking back at the zombie by the storage shed’s remains.  They seemed confused and as if they had suddenly lost something.  Then Georgia looked back at Ursula, still lying motionless in the middle of the open field.

“Georgia?” Britney said, walking back to her.  “What is it?”

“I don’t know,” Georgia answered, then smirking at herself.  “I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.  But maybe we’re waging the wrong war.”

“What do you mean?” Britney asked quietly, she and Georgia beginning to walk in the direction of that furthest cabin.

“Well … follow me on this train of thought,” Georgia said, keeping her voice down as they got caught up to the other baby sisters.  “What if we didn’t have to protect ourselves from all of these dead girls, but rather, just one of them?  What if Ursula was all that truly mattered.”

Britney’s eyes grew big and wide as she picked up on what Georgia was cryptically saying.

“Yeah,” Georgia said.  “I think the zombies really are being controlled by her.  She is unconscious right now and the zombies seem lost.  It’s like they’re her minions, her soldiers.  And she is their queen.”

“The queen of insects,” Britney said.  “The ultimate alpha female.”

“And presently, we have the one thing that Ursula hates the most,” Georgia whispered, she and Britney eyeing up Hillary as they walked into the cabin.

Britney raised an eyebrow.

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