The Waddling Dead: Episode 21

Episode Twenty-One: A Sense of Focus

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Sunday, noon

Georgia, Rebecca, Lorna and Iris had made no serious headway in finding the road out of that valley.  Walking around in presumable circles for what seemed like hours, they were also growing exhausted – the heat of the day getting warmer and fueling the tension. 

For spans of time, they followed Rebecca as she seemed to have endless determination in finding the road.  But then Rebecca would suddenly stop walking, too angry to continue looking.  Standing there, they would listen to Rebecca complain about Britney’s arrogance in leadership and how she had ruined everything.

“You know, if we had left this camp at the first sign of trouble, Yara wouldn’t be dead right now,” Rebecca said with a forked tongue.  “And Britney had the nerve to accuse Hillary of having killed people!”

“Rebecca, calm down,” Georgia said, trying to sedate the conversation but knowing it wouldn’t be easy to do so.

“Why should I calm down, Georgia?  Why?” Rebecca fired off, Iris and Lorna staying out of the confrontation.  “I mean, look at us!  We are in the middle of the woods of the damned … lost!  Brook has a sprained ankle.  Everybody’s upset. Yara is dead.  Chloe is dead.  We’re separated.  Why should I calm down?”

“We are separated from the others and lost in the middle of the wood because you decided to walk out of that cabin … and because the rest of us decided to follow you,” Georgia said, trying not to enrage Rebecca but stating some facts any way.  “Brook’s ankle is sprained because she jumped off the observation deck and landed on it wrong.  Yara and Chloe are dead because they were attacked.”

“What’s your point?” Rebecca asked with attitude.

“My point is:  every single reason you just gave for being angry has absolutely nothing to do with Britney,” Georgia said, Rebecca dropping her sass as she realized the truth.  “Yet … you are accusing Britney for everything that has gone wrong this weekend.”

“I just want to get out of this place,” Rebecca said with a shaky voice.  “I don’t wanna die here.”

“And you thought that walking aimlessly around the woods was going to lead to a way out?” Georgia asked.  “We are weaker, now that we are separated from the others.  If we’re gonna find this road, we’re gonna have to start using some bearings and some common sense.”

“I’m sorry, girls,” Rebecca said, sighing and lowering her shoulders.  “I overreacted.  I always do that, dammit.”

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing,” Georgia said, trying to lift Rebecca’s esteem.

“Yes, it is.  What are you talking about?” Rebecca asked, not buying Georgia’s cheerleading.

“Well, look at it like this:  there are a set of words in the English language that can be understood when spoken by anyone with any accent … no matter how thick their accent may be,” Georgia said, the girls looking at her strangely.  “Do you know what those words are?”

“No.  What are they?” Iris asked, intrigued by what the answer might be.

“They’re swear words,” Georgia answered, taking Rebecca by the hand and walking her over to a bush.  “The reason why everyone can understand swear words is because we all make a point to state them clearly, regardless of accent.  We over-enunciate them.  And the reason why we do this is because we want those words to count.  We want them to mean something.  We want them to hurt other people.”

“That’s horrible,” Lorna said.

“It is,” Georgia agreed.  “But think about it: right after you swear, you have such clarity of thought, don’t you?  It’s because you found focus and you said something that had an effect.”

“Right,” Rebecca said, unsure where Georgia was going with this.

“My point is:  You got angry, Rebecca.  But then you found focus and I don’t think you realize it,” Georgia said, pointing to the bush.

“Raspberries!” Iris said, she and the others picking and eating them.

“But that’s not all,” Georgia said, pointing up to the cliff behind them.  “I’m not saying it’s the road we’ve been looking for, but it’s higher up in the valley than we’ve been so far.”

Rebecca looked up at the cliff, walking closer to it while munching on a mouthful of raspberries.  She studied the nearby area and found long vines that wound their way up the trees – a clear sign that years of abandonment had made the campground grown over.

“It looks like a ledge,” Lorna said, studying the surroundings above.  “And it travels along consistently left and right.  It could be the road.”

“Oh my God,” Rebecca said.  “Just grab the vines on that tree.  We’ll climb up and find out.”

“I don’t know.  It looks like a danger climb,” Iris said, touching the nail of her right pointer finger to her lower lip as she thought about it.

“Is it any more dangerous than waiting around for some zombie to come waddling by?” Rebecca asked her, walking over to the tree and taking hold of one of the vines – then looking up at the course she would be climbing.  “Listen, girls.  If that’s the road up there, then we have found the way out.  We’ll walk the road straight up to the highway, flag down the first car we see and we’ll call the police.”

Lorna and Iris looked at each other.

“We will get help,” Rebecca said, starting to climb.  “This is a no-brainer.  Come on.  Follow me.”

The four of them started climbing the vines, placing their feet on the side of the tree and carefully walking up it.  There was a real excitement to the moment.  And there was a sense of hope, far stronger than at any point since this nightmare began yesterday morning.

Rebecca was the first to reach the top, stretching her arms out and pulling herself up onto the flat ground.  She got up onto her knees.

“What do you see, Rebecca?” Georgia asked, being the second one on the vine and almost nearing the top herself.  “Is it the road?”

Rebecca knelt there for just a moment.  Then inhaled deeply and screamed as a zombie attacked her.  Rebecca fell backwards, the zombie entangled with her.  And as Rebecca fell off the ledge, the zombie lunged at Georgia.

“Noooo!” Georgia screamed, reaching for the falling Rebecca but missing her – then being attacked by the zombie.

Rebecca hit the ground below with her left shoulder, her head cocking to the side with awkward angling.  Then she came to rest on the ground, motionless and face down.

“Girls, climb back down!” Georgia screamed at Lorna and Iris as she grappled with the zombie – both of them tangling up in the vines.

Lorna and Iris climbed back down the vine as quickly as they could, getting to the ground and racing over to Rebecca’s fallen body.

“Don’t move her!” Georgia yelled down to them, while repeatedly elbowing the zombie in the face.  “Just check for a pulse!”

And the more the zombie struggled to grab at Georgia, the more the zombie became tangled in the vines.  Georgia, on the other hand, was working her way out of the entanglement.  But rage filled her, seeing Rebecca lying motionless below.

Looking back at the zombie, Georgia grabbed the vile creature’s face, sunk her thumbs into the inner corners of the thing’s eyes and raked them out of her head.  The zombie gargled and snarled and thrashed but was now helplessly entangled in the vines. 

Climbing down the vines, Georgia raced over to Rebecca’s side – carefully checking several places on Rebecca’s body, then swallowing a lump in her throat.

“Girls, go find me several straight branches,” Georgia struggled to say through tears.  “They’ve gotta be longer than her body.  We need to make a stretcher.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Lorna asked through tears, recognizing the serious worry on Georgia’s face.

“Her neck is broken,” Georgia said, almost inaudibly for how hard she was crying.  “But none of us are going to be alive if we don’t make a stretcher and get her out of here before Blondie Eyesockets up there finds a way to get out of those vines.  Now hurry!”

The girls did indeed find several branches that would work and using smaller vine lengths, Georgia quickly wove together – enough that they would hold Rebecca up.  Placing her right hand on the back of Rebecca’s neck and keeping her right forearm tightly against the center of Rebecca’s spine, Georgia carefully turned the motionless girl over onto her back and onto the makeshift stretcher.

But it was at that moment, that the blinded zombie found a way to wriggle out of the vines.  The creature fell straight to the ground and then stood up.  It was as if the zombie could still sense that the girls were nearby, though she obviously couldn’t see them.

Fire shot up behind Lorna’s eyes.  She reached down to her hips, unfastened the tapes, held her diaper in her hands and lunged at the waddler – thrusting the diaper into its face.

“Fuck you!” Lorna screamed loudly and clearly, indeed finding a keener sense of focus thereafter.

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