Getting Her Ready for Bed

Laney smiled brightly, her head leaned back and her eyes closed as she kept the bathwater at her neckline – basking in the warmth.  The bathing was over, but the bath wasn’t … not until she neared danger of turning into a prune.

Her life was hectic and fast-paced.  Her baths did not need to be the same.

Luke was her boyfriend of several years, both of them a bit reluctant to tie the knot without knowing for sure, this time.  You see, they both had been in marriages that failed.  And neither had the desire to become a part of that statistic that said the majority of second marriages also failed.  So they were pacing themselves, just as slowly and deliberately as her nighttime baths were paced … thorough and with no intent of rushing it … or of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Luke bathed her by hand every night.  And his hands worked wonders on stiff muscles, especially those in her neck.  But beyond that, he knew how to touch her.  He knew what she liked, and he knew what she hated.  And he knew everything in between.  This knowledge came from a lot of trial and error.  So, her nightly bathings got better and better and better.  Sure, he was a guy and this meant that, if he was going to bathe her by hand, then her breasts would be extremely clean.  But what he could do to her legs and her arms and her back was a mighty Heavenly feeling.

He was responsive to her need to be touched and more, even thinking ahead on certain things … like tying her hair up and out of the way as she never washed her hair at night.  He gave her as much attention as would be given to a baby.

And there was reason for this.

She was his BabyGirl, a role she never knew she could relate to so well.  They met on a vanilla dating app and three months into knowing each other, he revealed a fetish he had that he had never pursued.  He was a Daddy type and after she drilled him with a bazillion and four questions, she became very interested – ordering diapers online that very night.

That was a number of years ago, at this point.  And being his BabyGirl now seemed as natural as could be, the dynamic becoming a part of their daily lives.  They would go about each day, doing what they needed to.  But when all the responsibilities were met, they began to focus in on the most important responsibilities of all … each other.

And, my oh my, could Luke regress her – often melting her mind to a degree when her senses would soften … like her eyesight and her hearing and even certain cognitive things.  It was a wonderful feeling to not feel so much, from time to time.  And she craved it just as much as she craved him and his attention and his Daddy-tude.

Luke walked into the bathroom, Laney getting fidgety with excitement at the sight of him.  She sat up a little as he knelt alongside the tub, dipping a washcloth in the bathwater and beginning to clean her face.  Oh, he was so very gentle at times.  And it wasn’t just with actions but also with emotions. 

As he cleaned her face, he began to speak to her softly – using that tone she called his Daddy Voice.  He had a mesmerizing timbre that made the feel of electricity dance all over her body when he spoke to her in that voice.  Though she couldn’t process his words because she was so happily regressed, her subconscious mind heard every word.

And she tingled all over.  Being his BabyGirl was the identity that she never knew she needed to adopt.  And once she assumed it, she became it.  There were no “roles”, just simply evolutions.

Luke helped her to her feet, wrapped an enormous towel around her completely – swaddling her with it.  Then he picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom, into the bedroom and took a seat on the bed – allowing her body heat to dry her in the towel as he held her.  Resting her frame against his chest, she gazed up at him – knowing how wonderful she felt … though lost for what to say to him to express it.

But sometimes, words only got in the way.  Reaching up, she touched his forehead, tracing his hair line with her fingers – from one temple to the other.  His skin was so warm.  He was always warm.  Tracing his eyebrows with her thumb, she thought of how many times she had taken her cold feet and planted them on his legs when they were in bed.  And when she was cold all over, she wrapped herself around him, clinging to his front as his body heat warmed her.

Bringing a finger down the bridge of his nose, she tapped the tip of his nose twice, just as he had done to her many times.  Running her fingertips across his cheek bones and then his lips, she smiled at him – so happy in the moment she lost track of time.  But who cared about the time?

Could any of this have possibly been any better or any more perfect?  She had found someone who wasn’t eager to jump the gun, someone who had opened new parts of her mind and introduced her to a dynamic that enhanced her life.  She had become so comfortable with being his BabyGirl that she had revealed it to her closest BFFs.  They were big on questions when she told them.  Though they didn’t fully understand it, they could see how it had changed her, made her happy, made her full of life.  And for a 30-something woman with a divorce under her belt that stung her esteem for years, it made everyone happy to see that Luke had pulled that stinger out of her. 

The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic didn’t help Laney with her problems.  It helped her to forget her problems, a bit more each day – until one day, she could no longer remember the reason why she had been so sad for so long.

Luke rocked her gently until her eyes started to droop.  And that was moment when he took action to keep her awake just a little bit longer.  Reaching into his shirt pocket, he took out one of her pacifiers.  As a Daddy, he had learned to always have one of her pacifiers nearby, if not within reaching distance.

“Open,” she heard him say with that deep timbre Daddy Voice, making her eyes open fully.

Seeing the pacifier, she parted her lips and took the silicone nipple into her mouth – beginning to nurse from it as her body turned to mush.  She knew what was going to happen next.  It was another part of their daily lives, the process of getting her ready for bed.

Placing her on her back on the bed, he unswaddled her from inside the bath towel.  She watched as he walked over to the dresser on the near side wall of the bedroom.  And when she saw him take out one of her thick nighttime diapers, her legs bent as she drew her knees up to her chest, then parting her thighs.

No BabyGirl was ever put to bed without being diapered first.

Luke also got out her lavender footed pajamas, the chill of the nighttime sometimes dramatically cooling the bedroom in the wee hours of the morning.

As she lay there, she thought about the exact wording she used to tell her closest BFFs about this dynamic Luke had introduced to her.  Smiling brightly behind her pacifier, she tried not to laugh at the memory.

“I’ve met someone who has turned me back into a baby again,” she recalled having said to her girlfriends.  “This means: diapers, bottle feedings, bedtimes … and all the Daddy-ing I can handle.” 

Of course they were confused and bewildered.  But it was clear, just in the glow about her as she told them, that being his BabyGirl had done more for her than years’ worth of counseling appointments.

Laney startled back from her memory-daze, feeling the new diaper being slid underneath her.  Then he took baby powder to her bottom, coating her very heavily – like a doughnut.  The silky cool feel of the powder soothed her, as did his caressing approach to spread the powder out.  Once again, his hands were showing their magic ability to do wonders to her mind – along with her bottom … as well as every other part of her that became affected when he touched her.

Lowering her seasoned tush into the back of the diaper, she felt how thick it was – already imagining how widely she would waddle and how loudly she would crinkle when she tried to walk.  She would be an adorable sight to behold.

Powdering her front heavily as well, he caressed the silkiness from hip to hip and then down along the sides of her sweetness – Laney tingling across every surface of her body.  Few other sensations in her life had ever equaled or even rivaled that one.

Oh, this lover man of hers was most definitely the Daddy she never knew she needed.

Folding the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips, he then reached for the footed pajamas.  Laney placed her hands on the front of her diaper, nursing on her pacifier as she basked in the enveloping feel of a new diaper.  Working her feet into the legs of the pajamas, he sat her up and helped her put her arms into the sleeves while steadying her seated position – her head often needing a few seconds to find good equilibrium.

Then he stood her to her feet, Laney widening her stance in response to the bulk of material between her legs.  Pointing to the vanity table in the corner, he patted her diapered bottom – Laney waddling forward excitedly as she saw her baby blanket and teddy bear sitting on that table and waiting for her.

Picking up the teddy bear and hugging it, she scooped up the blanket as well.  Untying her hair and allowing her locks to fall to her shoulders, Luke grabbed a hairbrush.  Then he took her by the hand and led her out of the bedroom, heading to the living room.  She waddled and crinkled as regression filled her completely.  She was affectionate and loving and her head was swooning from the baby treatment.

All these years later, it still regressed her every time.

Getting to the entrance to the living room, he stopped walking – Laney looking into the living room and then suddenly remembering that they were hosting their friends for the evening.  Two couples sat on the couch and chairs in the living room, looking at her with wonderment.  Laney tingled all over.

Luke patted her diapered bottom, encouraging her to waddle into the living room.  Taking baby steps forward, she had never before felt such a wonderful mixture of overwhelm, embarrassment and tingles.

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