The NELICon Videos

Has anyone ever asked you how you knew you were an AB or a DL or a Daddy or a Mommy ( or whatever applies)?

Below are links to a two-part video of a speech I gave at NELIcon 2011, in April of that year.

This isn’t a fantasy or bed time story.  It’s for real and was one of the most pivotal moments of my life.

The Password is zorrodaddy

When I Was In 3rd Grade …   Part One

There’s a moment in life when you learn who you will become.  This story was my moment.


When I Was In 3rd GradePart Two

Action isn’t as easy to  take as it seems, but when faced with fight or flight, you learn who you are inside.

Here’s the complete story in writing: When Someone Touches Your Heart


The CAPCon Videos

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