The Waddling Dead: Episode 30

Episode Thirty: Sleeping Dogs … For Now

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Sunday night, 9:45 pm

Britney heaved for air more deeply, her right hand gripping at her sternum as Angelina held her in her arms.  Angelina didn’t know what to do.  There was nothing she could do.  And for as much as she didn’t want to let Britney go, she knew she had to as Britney was now one of the waddling dead.  Or was she?

Shortly following, Britney’s struggle for air ended – her lungs opening back up.  Closing her eyes, she shuddered and began to sweat.  Angelina watched as Britney’s bitten clavicle began to scab over.  In the process, the poison within the bite pushed itself out of her body in the form of a black sludge fluid.

Then Britney opened her eyes and looked around as if she had so recently felt a fever break.  She wasn’t delirious, just extremely exhausted.

“Britney?” Angelina asked softly, Britney moving her left shoulder and her left leg – happy to see her injuries were healing.

She was sore all over, but on the mend.  Sitting up, Britney looked over at Ursula’s corpse – dead … and actually dead this time.

“How did you know that would kill her?” Angelina asked, surprised by how easy it was to kill Ursula in the end.  “The baby bottle of pee.”

“I didn’t,” Britney answered, Angelina helping her to her feet.  “But it made sense … well … for as much as anything this weekend has made sense.  We attacked her the same way we did the others, but she was different.  Her surfaces were tough, but she was weak on the inside.”

Britney and Angelina walked passed Ursula’s corpse, taking in full sight of the mess in that dining hall.  Britney relived the fight in her mind, how she slammed into the piano, how she then slammed Ursula’s face into the keys, how she blinded her opponent and how she eventually killed her.

“For as much as it sounds crazy, I feel bad for Ursula and Hillary,” Britney said, still looking over the tousled room as Angelina looked back at Ursula’s corpse and Hillary’s decapitated body.  “How many times have we said things out of anger?  How many times have we hurt other people, just because we felt hurt ourselves?  Or because we felt threatened?  In a lot of ways, the rest of us are exactly like Ursula and Hillary.  The only thing is: this was something they couldn’t take back.”

“Right,” Angelina said, stunned at what Britney was saying – given all that had happened that weekend.  “I agree with you, but disagree with you at the same time.  Because of these two girls, Yara is dead.  Many people are dead.  I get it that vengeance serves no purpose here, but it just doesn’t seem right that the only punishment these two had to face was death themselves.  It’s not an adequate payback.”

“Then maybe we can pay it forward instead,” Britney said, looking out the side windows of the dining hall and smiling.  “Instead of having to live with the horrible memory of this weekend for the rest of our lives, maybe we should use the memories in a more productive manner. Maybe we should live with the reminder to never be like Ursula and Britney.  And also, maybe we can help others to not be like them, too.”

Angelina smiled at how Britney had the clearest head of them all.  She truly was their leader.  Anyone else would have had issues because of the ordeal Britney just faced.  But a leader used issues as strength.

“Look!” Britney said with surprise, walking over to the side entrance of the dining hall and opening the doors – then going out onto the side porch.

Angelina cautiously followed her, but then stood drop-jawed next to her on the side porch when she saw what was happening outside.

“I didn’t expect to see this,” Angelina said in disbelief, she and Britney going onto the side grass patch and walking amongst the girls.

All of the girls were healing the same as Britney had, the zombie virus oozing out of their wounds in the form of a black sludge and returning them to normal.  Some injuries remained, like Chloe’s blindness.  Her eyes couldn’t be regrown.  But those zombies who hadn’t been killed were returning to good.

“When Ursula died, the virus went dormant and the curse was lifted,” Angelina said, wrapping her arms around Britney from behind and hugging her.  “You saved us all, Brit Brit.”

Georgia, Lorna and Iris walked out of the pool house, still with bite marks but no longer zombies.  Chloe was found and cared for and the Eclectics walked to the lake at the back of the property to retrieve Brook and Rebecca.

Yara was still dead, but they would never forget her.  There were some people met in life who could never be forgotten.  Yara was one such person.


Monday morning, 8:00 am

At 6 am, the first sorority vehicle arrived.  And once they saw the carnage of what had happened there, they drove back out of the valley – calling 911 at the first sign of a cell phone signal.

By 8 am, the entire campground looked like the aftermath recovery of a bomb explosion.  Thirty emergency vehicles blanketed the campground.  Ambulances, Paramedics, Police … they all were on the scene – taking statements, treating the wounded, bagging up the dead bodies and trying to piece together what had happened there in the past 48 hours.

But could it really have been explained?  And if so, what would anyone have said in explanation?

“Magical well water with an evil virus in it was accidentally drunken by someone who died because of it and was then brought back by the virus to bite everyone in near proximity, bites turning everyone into minion zombies that could only die if a female peed on their faces.”

Not even Loretta, the owner of the property who knew the legend of the well, of The Shultz Retreat better than anyone – could think of anything to say that would sound believable.  So no one dared to risk being put in an insane asylum or a medical ward for talking of zombies and such, instead opting to give the reasoning that there must have been a pollutant in the water that drove people crazy.

But this still didn’t explain the dead bodies and those with eye injuries.  Local authorities, however, quietly silenced the rest of the interrogations.  As it appeared, someone among them knew the legend of The Shultz Retreat, and chose to let sleeping dogs lie.

More ambulances arrived and, one at a time, the injured and blinded baby sisters were taken to the closest hospital for medical treatment.

Sherry, the pledge sister of the Eclectics who dropped them off Friday night, suddenly found herself driving alone in the sorority van – following a string of ambulances that contained the Eclectics.  But it was the last ambulance that held two of them, Chloe and Britney.

Though needing medical treatment herself, Britney rode in that ambulance with Chloe to keep her company.  Britney was responsible for the loss of one of Chloe’s eyes and felt terrible guilt for this.

Kneeling alongside the stretcher bed Chloe was strapped onto, Britney whispered to her – filling her in on every single thing that had happened that weekend.  She was keeping her voice down so the paramedic in the back of that ambulance wouldn’t hear the conversation.  At different moments during Britney’s story, Chloe softly laughed.  And even though her head was bandaged around her eye sockets, Chloe’s face lit up.

“In the end, all it took to bring Ursula down was to pee down her throat,” Britney said, she and Chloe chuckling.  “So don’t drink the water around here.”

“I sure won’t,” Chloe whispered back.

“Sweetie,” the paramedic said to Britney.  “You need to come lay down over here.  We need to get an IV in you.”

Britney laid down in the stretcher bed next to Chloe, getting an IV needle put in her arm at the first red light the ambulance came to.  Chloe grew silent, quite sleepy from all the medication that had been pumped into her.  Britney closed her eyes, finally being able to relax.

The influx of patients headed to the hospital would certainly inundate the medical staff that night.  There were broken limbs, dislocated bones, nerve-damage and other physical problems to be dealt with … not the least of which being Anophthalmia – the medical term for the absence of one or both eyes.

But little did the Eclectics or any of the other sorority sisters know – there was a sample of the well water taken from that valley.  And it too was in route to the hospital for testing.

Though they believed their time at the hospital would be such of respite and recovery, it would prove to be otherwise.

But that … is another story.


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