The Waddling Dead: Episode 16

Episode Sixteen: Misdirect

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Saturday evening, 7:00 pm

Britney gripped the back of her head, the blow having felt like it was delivered by a sledgehammer.  Though thankfully not bleeding, she would now need some of the pain killers she was to get for Brook.

Turning over onto her back, she squinted her eyes – trying to make out any features of the dark-shadowed figure who had just struck her.  She was ready for a battle and ready to kill that person, no matter what it took.  But the shadowy figure wasn’t advancing on her, simply standing back in the darkness and observing.  Britney more or less expected the battle to begin at this point.  And the delay seemed to have no explanation at all.  So instead of waiting for an explanation and potentially regretting her lack of haste, she took action.

Bending her knees, Britney kicked her feet straight out – quickly recalling what Lorna had said to her about going after the kneecaps from the front as opposed to the sides.  The figure fell from the shadows, whimpering from the pain given to her knees as her blonde hair flashed through the dim light on her way to the ground.

Sitting up, Britney drove her right elbow into the lower lumbar region of the zombie.  In response, the zombie turned on her side and sent her right heel up into Britney’s face.  The two of them rolled away from each other, standing to their feet and facing each other.  But the cabin was so dimly-lit, they could hardly see anything – the evening light cascading in through the windows but not brightening the room very much.  Circling around the center bed, Britney and the zombie glared each other down – though they couldn’t see much of anything of each other, but dark silhouettes.

The zombie lunged across the bed at Britney who stepped out of the way and tossed her attacker up against a wall.

Normally, you would counter to take your opponent off balance.  But your opponents, in this case, are already off-balance,” Britney recalled Lorna having explained.  “This time, you’ll be alone.  So don’t try to break them in half.  Go for the front of the knees, put them flat on their faces.  Go for the lower back.  Keep their faces away from you.  Put their heads into walls … or whatever else is around you.”

Britney delivered a series of punches and kicks to the zombie’s lower back.  The zombie cried in pain and dropped to its knees.  This grotesque creature’s reaction to pain was alarming enough, but when the zombie spoke, Britney stopped attacking.

“Stop!  Please stop!” the zombie cried, Britney stepping back in shock – just a moment before several baby sisters burst into the cabin with flashlights.  “I’m okay.  Just … everybody wait a minute.”

“Who are you?” one of the baby sisters said, flashing the light in Britney’s eyes.

“Get that light out of my face now,” Britney said with anger.

“Okay, stop!” the zombie said, stepping between them and into the illumination of the flashlight to reveal she wasn’t a zombie at all.

“Hillary?” Britney asked, thoroughly confused at this point.  “What the Hell are you doing in here?  And why did you attack me?”

“I didn’t know who you were,” Hillary explained, handing one of the flashlights to Britney as a peace offering.  “And I’m sure you are in this cabin for the same reason I am.  You’re looking for supplies.”

“I’m in this cabin because it’s my college’s cabin,” Britney said, still being defensive but quickly calming down.  “And yes, I’m looking for supplies.  I have a girl with a twisted ankle who need pain pills.  Everybody needs water and could use something to eat.  Some need clothing.  And we all need more diapers.”

“Oh my goodness,” one of the girls said, shining a flashlight down at Britney’s waist.  “Why are you still wearing a diaper?”

Britney sighed, knowing this was going to take a lot of explanation.

“Okay, how many are there of you?” Britney asked.

“Six, including me,” Hillary explained.  “Did I hear you say there were others who are still alive?”

“Alright, just … everybody sit down and listen,” Britney said, picking up two little backpacks and walking around the cabin room as she collected the supplies she needed.  “Yes, there are six other girls who are stuck in a tree right now and waiting for me to return.”

“That explains the huddle of zombies around that one tree,” Hillary said, taking a seat and motioning the others to do the same.  “How did you get to this cabin without the zombies catching you?”

“Ahh, it wasn’t so tough,” Britney answered, not willing to reveal very much yet – especially since Hillary was one of them.  “And as far as the diaper goes … I’m surprised you girls are alive at this point, but I’m also willing to bet you haven’t learned how to kill the zombies yet.”

“No, we haven’t,” the one girl said with sass.  “Are you trying to convince us that you have?”

“I’m not trying to convince you of anything,” Britney said, crinkling around the room and gathering the supplies she was there for.  “I’m telling you what I know, not what I believe.”

“How do you kill them?” Hillary asked, willing to listen to the possibility that Britney had discovered how to do it.

“You pee on them,” Britney said, Hillary and the other girls going silent as they suddenly understood why Britney was still in a diaper.

The girls watched as Britney jammed as many diapers in the second little backpack as she could fit in it.

“How many have you killed so far?” Hillary asked, intrigued by the real chance that Britney wasn’t lying.

“Several.  I don’t know how many.  I didn’t count,” Britney replied, taking a seat and looking at the others.  “But it literally burns their faces and eats right into their skulls.  It’s not pretty to watch, but it works.”

“So you’re going to go back to that tree and try to rescue them with a backpack of water bottles and a backpack of diapers?” Hillary asked.

“That’s the plan,” Britney said, standing up and putting the backpack straps over her shoulders.

“We’ll help you, Britney,” Hillary said, standing up.

“Why would you do that?” Britney asked, not trusting her at all.

“Because there is strength in numbers,” Hillary answered, taking one of the backpacks and handing it to one of the girls.  “And no one deserves to die … not like this.”

“Okay,” Britney said, handing the second backpack to another of the girls – but getting out the pill bottle and one of the bottles of water.

“This is Heather, Olivia, Raquel, Denise and Eva,” Hillary said, introducing the five girls with her.  “We need to join our groups together, find a cabin, lock ourselves inside it and wait this all out.”

“My girls and I tried that already.  The zombies eventually find a way in,” Britney said, walking up to the front door and looking out.  “Look at what they did to this cabin.”

“That’s because you didn’t know what to expect.  They did the same thing to our cabin,” Hillary explained.  “But we now know how to prepare and what to anticipate.”

“It’s risky trying something twice like that,” Britney said, looking left and right out of the front door.

“Yes, it is.  Yet, here you are – back in your cabin for a second time,” Hillary retorted, Britney turning around to face her.  “Let’s go get your friends out of that tree.  Let’s get moving.”

The seven of them carefully left the cabin and moved behind the line of cabins, headed back towards the tree that held the Eclectics.

“We’ll use a simple misdirect,” Hillary said – taking the backpacks, handing one to Britney and putting the other on her own shoulders.

Up in that tree, the Eclectics still fought the waddling dead below.  But, as expected, the zombies were finding ways to get up the trunk.  No, they wouldn’t be able to take the tree down.  But with the rising count of dead bodies, the zombies were building a ladder of death.  There wasn’t a diaper left on any of the Eclectics and they had emptied their bladders completely – now trying to scare the pee out of each other.  But even on command, none of them had a drop left to drip.

“Look!” Angelina said, pointing to the five baby sisters who appeared just a short distance away.

The five made such noise – shouting, crying, sitting down and seeming injured.  And the misdirect worked that easily.  The waddling dead saw far easier victims to get to and shuffled away from the tree.  Once clear, Britney and Hillary ran over to the tree – helping the Eclectics down.  Brook crawled up onto Angelina’s back.  Britney handed the pill bottle and a bottle water to the injured girl.

“Alright, let’s travel along the side of the field towards the storage shed,” Hillary instructed, signaling to the other five that all were out of the tree.

There were wet diapers everywhere, used as bombdrops on the zombies who currently laid dead at the trunk.  The group of survivors, now numbering 13, quickly moved towards the tree line.  Yes, there was greater strength in numbers.  But the alpha female position was suddenly up for grabs.

And new trouble, as such, was on the rise.

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