Imagining A Memory

Her heart was as pure as new-fallen snow.  It was as frail as glass and as helpless as it could be.

She wanted, so passionately, to feel her first little heartbeat, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t quite feel the littleness.  Instead, she knew she was acting the part.

After wiping away her tears with a gentle thumb, her Daddy eased her down on her bed and sat next to her.  She meant more to him than he could put to words, but the night she told him she couldn’t feel love at all was the night he decided that before she drifted off to sleep, he would find the words he didn’t know.

“Princess,” he whispered, tracing her eyebrows with his thumb.  “To feel any emotion, you need to imagine and then remember.”

She wrinkled her brow, nursing on her pacifier with another round of tears approaching.

“Imagine that point in your life when all that mattered was happiness, when all you cared about was having fun, when every girl you knew was a playmate, when everyone wanted to hold you, to hug you, to tell you they loved you and to show you how they cared,” her Daddy whispered.  “Long before it mattered to you what you looked like, before those playmates became competition for the boys’ attention and before everyone who loved you wanted something from you.”

The BabyGirl’s eye glazed over as she recalled that point in her life and though her eyelids grew heavy, she still heard his voice as it ushered her into her dreams.

“BabyGirl, you once knew how to feel love and you still do – because love is what a little heart is made of.  It is what you make it and it is how you let it show for all the world to see and to feel, just as you once did and just as you will again,” her Daddy whispered as he placed her stuffed animals around her before leaning in and gently kissing her forehead.  “Imagine what you once knew and you’ll remember it.  It will lead you to a place where love is all you can feel.  And Daddy will get you there – no matter what it takes.”


25 “Precious Pacifiers”
The Pictures Stories

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