The Waddling Dead: Episode 18

Episode Eighteen: On the Other Side of a Long Blink

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Saturday evening, 8:30 pm

They took no time at all in turning that cabin inside out – locking the door and the windows, pushing the bunk beds up against the walls and pulling every supply they could find into the middle of the room. – just as dusk was beginning to darken into night time.

“Okay, just so you’re aware, I’m not putting another fucking diaper on!” Heather of the Horde said as Britney handed diapers out to everyone.  “Pissing on that banshee thing we held down in the field didn’t work.  She didn’t die.  So you can shove those diapers up your ass for all I care.”

“Don’t hold your emotions back,” Angelina said to Heather.  “How do you really feel about it?”

Heather watched in disgust as the Eclectics put the diapers on.

“You girls are crazy,” Heather said with a laugh.

“Well, ya know, this whole weekend has been kinda crazy, hasn’t it?” Iris asked, picking up a bottle of water and beginning to drink from it.  “But then again, I guess I could be wrong about that, too.  Maybe it’s a regular, everyday occurrence for you to be in mortal danger – chased around the woods by the living undead while trying to not get bitten and becoming undead yourself.”

Britney knelt next to Brook, easing the girl down and slipping a diaper underneath her.

“Well …,” Heather said, folding her arms and standing her ground.  “I’m not doing it.”

“You don’t have to do it,” Britney said to Heather, fastening the diaper around Brook’s waist.  “There’s a bucket under the bathroom sink.  You can use that.”

“I’m not pissing in a bucket for you,” Heather said with sass.

“You’re one of those girls who gets angry when she is confronted with facts she didn’t of for herself, aren’t you?” Angelina asked, picking up a bottle of water and beginning to drink from it.

“What are you talking about?” Heather asked with disgust.

“I’m talking about the extent of your vision,” Angelina said.  “We were stuck in a tree, and we used our pee to kill several of the zombies.  Now … no one knows why the urine didn’t also kill Ursula.  But, since you didn’t see any of the zombies die from golden showers, that means that it didn’t happen, right?”

“What the fuck are you getting at?” Heather asked, getting very irritated.

“If I told you that I was born with red hair, though I now have naturally black hair, you probably wouldn’t believe it – not even after you saw one of my baby pictures,” Angelina said.  “But once you are presented with a fact that you didn’t think of, you get angry because you feel stupid for not having thought of it.  People like you will compromise others, without giving it a second consideration.”

“Does anyone know what she’s talking about?” Heather asked.

“No one said you had to wear a fucking diaper,” Angelina said with a calm but stern tone.  “But I will tell you something now that you definitely won’t do.”

Everyone looked at Angelina, the Eclectics very surprised as she rarely became so direct with people.

“The next time you get the impulse to be a bitch, do yourself a favor and shut that hole in the middle of your face,” Angelina said.  “If you so much as speak with any attitude to any of my sisters, if you endanger them in any way, shape or form – you won’t need to worry about the zombies killing you … because I’ll kill you first.”

The cabin went dead quiet, Angelina keeping her composure while glaring Heather down.

“We are going to die if we don’t work together,” Angelina said, picking up a water bottle and tossing it to Heather.  “Now drink it … and piss in the bucket in the bathroom.”

Heather gave no further attitude, nor did anyone else as it seemed Angelina had made a clear point.  Arguing equaled death.  And that wasn’t her opinion.  It was fact.  It didn’t need anyone’s approval in order to be fact because it was fact already.

The Eclectics and the Horde drank every bottle of water they had and munched down on every snack in the backpacks.  The diapers were in fact used and taken off, folded inside out and taped that way in preparation for the arrival of any unwanted visitors that night.  Heather did indeed use the bucket in the bathroom to pee as did several others.  Heather even extended an apology to Angelina.

The bucket of pee was filled the rest of the way with water and then sprinkled around the outside of the cabin to ward off any undead who might come to knock the building over.  Then the mattresses were pulled down onto the floor, the sisters making a large mat out of them.

At 10 pm, everybody settled down as they discussed what the night would entail.  They would sleep in shifts until dawn, two people at time standing guard and watching for the waddling dead.  If by chance, the zombies did attack the cabin that night – they would battle their way out of the building and sprint to the highest point on the hills they could reach.  And they would keep moving until the first light of dawn.

Before they went to sleep, Georgia finally got the chance to treat Brook’s right ankle with proper supplies – a first aid kit being in the bathroom.  Given a pacifier, her teddy bear which Britney remembered to grab from their cabin and a blanket, Brook nestled up alongside Iris, one of the two Eclectics who were the maternal nurturing kind.  Unfortunately, the other maternal one had been Yara.

Everyone laid down, save for the first two who stood guard until midnight.  And even though all the baby sisters were exhausted, none of them could sleep just yet.  There were too many thoughts floating around – of remembrances, of losses, of fears and uncertainties.

It has been said the average female can multi-task a dozen different responsibilities while contemplating the answers to 50 different questions at the same time.  She can do all of this while wearing high heels and making it look like everything is just fine in her world.

Sound impossible?  The average female does it several times, each day.  She never asks for praise or approval, acknowledgement or aid.  Those commendations would be nice, but she sees them as unnecessary.

And despite the truth behind female power, behind the brilliance that quietly made the world go around, there wasn’t a single blessed, estrogenized soul in that cabin that wouldn’t have traded all of those abilities to have been somewhere else that night.

But more than any other reason, none of them could sleep because of a fear that if they closed their eyes, they wouldn’t wake up.  And when next they saw light, it would be from behind a set of eyes they once knew – but no longer.  The fear of dying but still living on as a zombie would rob them of much-needed deep rest.  But a few eyelids finally conceded the battle … not all of them, however.

“There’s gotta be some way to cure them,” Rebecca said, she and Lorna having the first shift of guarding.

“Who do you mean?  Who is them?” Lorna asked, looking out the side window – back in the direction of the dining hall.

“The girls who are infected,” Rebecca answered.

“It’s not likely, Rebecca,” Georgia replied, calmly but grimly.  “The common cold still doesn’t have a cure.  And it’s been around since the 16th Century B.C.  We’re not going to find a cure for this zombie virus.  And we can’t bring back the dead.  Yara is gone and so are so many of them.  All we can hope for is that we don’t become the next victims.”

Then the room went quiet, save for one final bit of whispering between Georgia and Britney as they lay next to each other.

“Britney, why do you think the pee didn’t kill Ursula?” Georgia whispered to her.

“Because Ursula isn’t a zombie,” Britney whispered in reply.  “She wasn’t bitten like all the others.  She was infected some other way.”

“Exactly. You remember she got sick when we were on the nature trail this morning,” Georgia said, recalling it.  “And the next time we saw her, she had turned.”

“Right,” Britney said, trying to figure out where Georgia was going with this train of thought.

“So what happened to her between that nature trail and when she appeared at the dining hall?” Georgia asked.

“She got sick,” Britney answered quietly.

“Why?” Georgia asked, Britney’s eyes growing big and wide.

“The well,” Britney answered, suddenly realizing it.  “Loretta told us not to drink from the well.”

“Hillary returned to the group and had Ursula’s baby bottle with her,” Georgia answered.  “She filled it with well water.  I’m sure of it.”

“And that’s why Ursula remembered her in the dining hall during the first attack,” Britney whispered.  “Ursula was Hillary’s victim.”

“That’s also why Hillary stayed back as we fought Ursula tonight,” Georgia answered.  “I’d like to get a look at that well again.”

“Me, too,” Britney said, her eyes going shut.

Then they fell asleep.  And it would be the final sleep they would get at that campground.  None of them could have known what would happen inside of that next day … on the other side of a long blink.

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