The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 1-3

Episodes 1-3

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Chapter One: In Motion

Friday, 8am

Picking up where The Waddling Dead: Season Two ended …

Britney had awakened in a medical facility in West Hartford, CT – Rikki (one of the nurses from Harris Regional Hospital) and Sherry (one of the pledge mistresses of her sorority) having been by her bedside when she awoke.

And what a blessing they were for her, as always.  Rikki and Sherry explained how it had been three days since the conclusion of those traumatic events that took place at Harris Regional Hospital.

The medical facility where Britney was a patient at now was a military medical facility.  All the girls had been taken there directly from the warzone at Harris Regional.  Brook received surgery on her broken right ankle.  Angelina received treatment on her right wrist.  And the others were treated for their various scratches, nicks and bruises.  But Britney had been in the worst shape of all when admitted.  

The bones in the lower half of her right leg had been snapped in half by Doctor Glen, the doctor at Harris Regional Hospital who got infected and became a zombie himself.  Britney also had a mild concussion and lacerations on her face that would have made her look like a zipper head, had they used conventional stitches.  Luckily, the scars on her face would be minimal, due to adhesive glue having been used instead.

“Okay, let me understand something completely here,” Britney said, trying to clarify the greatest boggle in her mind just then.  “You’re telling me that Doctor Glen, the doctor who got infected and became a zombie and beat the tar out of me on that hospital roof top survived?”

“We can’t say for sure, but his body was there one minute and then gone the next,” Sherry answered.  “I know that’s hard to believe.”

“Just a little, yeah,” Britney replied, flabbergasted.  “I gouged that guy’s eyes out, saw his face come in contact with a spinning helicopter blade and then saw him impaled by a flag pole.  So yes, I’m having trouble believing that he could be alive right now.”

“You have to take into account the fact that you yourself died at that campground and that many of those sorority girls were spontaneously cured of a zombie virus after you killed the primary zombie … or so that’s what the police reports said,” Sherry said.  “A lot of things are unbelievable right now … with no answers for questions.”

“I guess you’re right,” Britney said, Rikki removing the brace from around Britney’s neck as it seemed she no longer needed it.  “Maybe if I click my heels together, I’ll suddenly wind up back in Kansas, huh?”

“If you do, take me with you … as well as all the other girls,” Sherry said with a laugh.  “We will certainly thank you for it.”

Britney started thinking about the other girls and began to wonder how they were doing through all of this.

“So, we’re all going to be questioned and then released?” Britney asked, hoping she could get out of this place soon – having spent enough time in hospitals recently to sedate anyone with a medical fetish, let alone a girl who hated needles.

“That’s what we’ve been told,” Sherry replied, flipping up the front of Britney’s hospital gown as Rikki went to the closet for a new diaper.

“Oh, great.  I’m still in a diaper, huh?” Britney said with a laugh as Sherry took the girl’s cast-covered right foot out of its elevated sling and lowered her leg to the bed.  “I don’t suppose they’d allow me to graduate to the toilet now.”

“Sweetie, you’ve been kept unconscious for three days,” Rikki said, setting the new diaper between the girl’s parted legs and unfastening the tapes at her hips.  “The choices were to keep you in diapers or to catheterize you.  Given those options, I thought you wouldn’t mind the padding a bit longer.”

Britney’s eyes grew big and wide at the horrifying thought of being catheterized, then agreeing with Rikki’s choice.

“Yeah, a catheter would’ve been fine … until right now, of course,” Britney said, Rikki folding down the wet front of the girl’s diaper and sliding it away as Sherry took a washcloth to the girl’s bottom.

“And besides, Zorro Daddy needed to find a reason that you girls remained in diapers,” Sherry said with a grin.

“Sherry, we’re only in the first episode of season three.  Let’s not break the 4th wall just yet,” Britney said with a smile, folding her arms and trying not to laugh as Rikki unfolded the new diaper and slid it underneath her.  “Brook is the only incontinent one among us … speaking of which … where are the girls at now?”

“Well, as of last night, they were all down on the second floor, the general care floor,” Sherry said, rolling the wet diaper up into a ball and disposing of it.  “You got the royal treatment, being put in the ICU.”

“Ooo, lucky me,” Britney said with a scoff.  “So where have the two of you been staying the past three days?  Were you admitted, too?”

“No.  They gave us one of the guest quarters on the first floor,” Rikki answered, folding the front of the new diaper up and into place – then fastening it snuggly at the girl’s hips.  “You were our first check-up of the day.  We’ll be going to see the others next.”

“You will do no such thing,” a male voice said very sharply as two soldiers walked into the room, followed by a doctor and a nurse.

The nurse was pushing a wheelchair.  The soldiers were dressed in full battle gear and armed with weapons.  Staring up at them like a deer in the headlights, Britney was suddenly very happy to be diapered as she peed a little bit in fear.

“Why can’t we go see the others?” Rikki asked with no fear at all.

“We are not permitted to answer any of your questions,” the second soldier said.  “Our orders are to collect the three of you and transport you to a new location immediately.”

The doctor removed Britney’s IVs and the nurse readied the wheelchair.  It was a bit scary to see how unhurried they were about moving her but at the same time, how insistent they were that she be made to move as soon as possible.

“What’s going on?” Britney asked with a shakiness in her voice, Rikki and the nurse lifting the girl out of the bed and setting her in the wheelchair.  “Why is all this happening?  What’s wrong?”

Then the nurse looked up at the doctor.

“She’s stable to move,” the doctor said, Britney looking at the doctor and then to Sherry and then to Rikki.

“Stable to move … where?” Britney asked with growing panic.

But no one answered her.  Instead, one of the soldiers walked over to her and cuffed her wrists to the arms of the wheelchair, making Britney begin to panic even more quickly.

“Britney, you need to calm yourself down,” the doctor said, walking over to her and speaking with a quieted, low tone of voice.

“I will calm down when you start telling me what’s going on!” Britney shouted, Sherry walking over to Britney’s side.

“You will calm down now or you will be gagged for the journey,” the one soldier said with a high degree of certainty in his voice.

“Journey to where?!?” Britney shouted at the soldier, both of the soldiers walking over to her – Rikki stepping in front of them.

“Gentlemen, let me speak to her for just a minute and if she doesn’t comply after that, then you can vocally restrain her,” Rikki said with assertiveness.  “Either way, I guarantee we will be moving out of this room with you in less than two minutes.”

“Two minutes,” the one soldier said, he and the other soldier returning to a readied position at the door.

“Sweetie, whatever is happening we need to comply with them.  I’m sure we’re being taken out of harm’s way right now,” Rikki said, then touching her pointer finger to the middle of Britney’s lips.  “The events of the past week of your life should have taught you the necessity of being able to move quickly, especially when we have two armed escorts provided for us.  We will find out where they are taking us when the time is right.  Now … would you prefer to resist them and have yet another bad memory to clog your reflections with or would you prefer to comply with them?”

Britney lowered her chin and nodded.

“Good girl,” Rikki said, then getting behind the wheelchair and taking hold of the handles – looking over at the two soldiers by the door.  “Let’s go.”

“Stay close,” the one soldier said, leading them out of the hospital room – the other soldier following at the rear of the group.

Being turned from one corridor to the next, Britney kept glancing left and right – recognizing the urgency the soldier’s quick pace was suggesting.  Was this hospital under attack too? 

Would there soon be more zombies upon them?  If so, her wrist restraints were a very bad idea.  But there didn’t seem to be any disturbances anywhere, just a quiet hospital with patients. 

It seemed a bit odd that the soldier took them to a service elevator, but Britney was being good to her word – keeping quiet.  In the elevator, no one spoke at all, as a matter of fact.  This created a bit of eerie silence that was unsettling, save for the beeps as they lowered down every floor of the hospital to the garage.

And when they got out of the elevator, there was a military truck waiting to collect them.  Quickly and swiftly, Britney’s wheelchair was lifted up and into the back of the truck – a swiftness Britney appreciated because of how cold the autumn day was outside.  Given that she was only wearing an open-backed hospital gown and a diaper, the chill felt that much colder.

Unfortunately, the inside of the military truck wasn’t any warmer than the garage.  So, Britney would have to get used to shivering for however long this trip would be to wherever they were taking her for whatever reason … which they were not permitted to tell her.

The back flaps of the truck were closed and away they went.  Two armed soldiers, a driver, Rikki, Sherry and Britney … in motion … but to where?


Chapter Two: Rat in a Cage

Friday, 11am

This mysterious journey to a mysterious location for mysterious reasons under armed military escorted had been a bumpy, cold trip of several hours in the back of a military truck that was anything but rider friendly.  Being cuffed into a wheelchair made it even less desirable for Britney.  Several times, she welled with tears but didn’t cry.  It had just been a miserable week in her life that she wanted desperately to see the end of … so she could then forget about it all.

But this whole thing was like a bad dream, a nightmare that just wouldn’t end.  With the back flaps kept down, there wasn’t even anything to look at.  And Britney got so bored she began to contemplate ways that this trip could have been just a bit worse.

As if the fates were reading her thoughts, their flat yet bumpy terrain turned into an inclined bumpy terrain as they appeared to be ascending a hill.

Now what?  Was she being taken to the damn moon?!?

For once, Britney was happy to be diapered.  Though she had seen worse in recent days, the eeriness of this trip unnerved her and when she needed relief, she made it happen without shame.  This made her begin to worry about how Rikki and Sherry were holding up.

Then the truck leveled off its terrain and came to a screeching halt, the back flaps opened as the sun shined in on them with blinding radiance.  More military guards appeared, one of them approving the cargo and sending the truck onward.

“They’re taking us to a military base, probably one that has a level of secrecy to it,” Rikki whispered to Sherry and Britney.

“Where?” Sherry asked.

“It’s only been a few hours’ trip,” Rikki answered.  “We’re still in Connecticut, if I had to make an educated guess.  But there are several military bases in Connecticut.”

The truck came to another screeching halt and the soldiers stood up, helping Rikki and Sherry get the wheelchair-cuffed Britney out of the back.  The girls found themselves at the very far end of an enormous hangar, a shell of a building that had to be the size of several football fields.  In the very middle of the hanger was some sort of sectioned off structure with what appeared to be an office with a window above it.

“This is top secret, alright,” Rikki said, looking around as she pushed Britney’s wheelchair forward.  “Whatever it is.”

“How do you know?” Sherry whispered, following alongside her.

“No more whispering,” one of the soldiers shouted, pushing them towards a set of metal double doors as they neared the structure.  “Go!”

The double doors opened, and they entered a corridor of thick glass, or some sort of clear plastic as the ceiling and walls.  On either side of the corridor were glass room, cells perhaps.  And in those cells were the other girls of Britney’s sorority class – the ones who had survived the campground massacre as well as the hospital zombie war zone.

They were all there: Lorna, Brook, Angelina, Georgia and Iris.

Britney lit up like a Christmas tree, so happy to see them that she could hardly help fidgeting in the wheelchair.  And though their visual reunion was a happy one, the situation wasn’t anything but inviting.

Each had been placed in one of the glass rooms.  They were all wearing white t-shirts and diapers.  They were barefooted and none of them were smiling.  Brook was crying uncontrollably.  Lorna and Iris looked like they had been manhandled to a brutal degree.

The new arrivals of Rikki, Sherry and Britney were put into the three open rooms on the right side of the corridor, also all made of thick glass.  Britney was taken out of her cuffs and lifted up out of the wheelchair.  Then the soldiers took the wheelchair away, leaving Britney on the floor as they locked the door to her room.

Looking around, Britney took in the sight of each of them.  Brook’s right foot had been put in some sort of air cast, her ankle having been operated on.  Angelina, who was currently asleep on the floor in her glass room, had a serious of bandages, covering from her right hand down to her right elbow.  Lorna and Iris looked just horrible, like they had been beaten up.  And Georgia was staring at the floor, seemingly lost in another world of her own.

What was going on?

Looking up at the window of the office that overlooked these glass rooms, Britney saw two men standing there.  One was dressed in a military uniform, presumably high in rank for all the jewelry his coat had.  And the other wore a white doctor’s lab coat.

Her assessment of both of them was correct.

General James Wynwood was the highly decorated one, overseeing this facility as administrator.  He had a lengthy career in the military and was promoted to his position for the accomplishment of completing several black operations, some so secretive that no one on that base even knew about them.

The other guy was Dr. Richard Liotta, a brilliant chemist who had been responsible for the creation of supplements that troops consumed before heading into battle.  He understood how the human body worked very well and also how to enhance every soldier to their physical best.

The two of them had been stationed at this military base for several years, working on projects that were just as secretive as the current location.  They were a tandem, one following the other, often attached at the hip and of the same train of thought – most of the time.

“Is that all of them?” General Wynwood asked, looking down at the eight girls in the glass rooms below.

“That’s all of them,” Dr. Liotta confirmed, referencing his list.  “The new arrivals are named … Britney … Sherry …… and Rikki.”

“And who are they?” the general asked.

“Britney is one of the girls who was admitted to Harris Regional Hospital at the same time as the others, earlier this week,” Dr. Liotta read from the report in his hands.  “She is the one who battled the zombies on the rooftop of that hospital and lived through it.”

“And who is the girl next to her?” the general asked.

“Her name is Sherry and she is also a member of the sorority that the rest of them belong to,” Dr. Liotta read.  “But she wasn’t present at the campground when the virus spread, and she also wasn’t inside the hospital when the virus mutated and spread.”

“She seems like someone who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the general said with a smile.  “Or perhaps it could be said that she’s in the right place at the right time, given the circumstances.”

“Except for this time, of course,” Dr. Liotta said with an evil grin.

“How right you are,” the general added, raising an eyebrow.  “And who is this lady on the end?”

“Her name is Rikki Straithmeyer,” Dr. Liotta stated.  “And here is the interesting thing about her … she is a nurse.”

“And why is that interesting?” the general asked with a monotone quality.

“She has been a nurse at Harris Regional Hospital for and has worked side-by-side with Doctor Fairmore,” Dr. Liotta said with a grin.

The general turned to face Dr. Liotta.

“Now you have my interest,” the general said bluntly.

“I thought I might,” Dr. Liotta.  “I’ve been experimenting with the blood samples from the hospital and I’ve made some remarkable finds.”

“I’m listening,” the general said.

“James, I believe that this zombie virus is capable of doing one of two things to its victims … either kill them or enhance them,” Dr. Liotta stated matter-of-factly.  “And the answer is in how the virus interacts with each person’s blood.  It’s hit or miss and still the greatest mystery to me, but … if it doesn’t kill the person, the virus and the blood become symbiotic and from this can come incredible power.”

The general looked back at the girls in the glass room below.

“Which of them have been infected?” the general asked.

“I’m still looking into that but here is where the plot thickens, so to speak,” Dr. Liotta said with eerie excitement.  “There are two strains of the virus that we know of.  The first at the campground and the second at the hospital where it mutated.”

The general’s eyes grew big and wide at hearing this.

“General, it has all the ingredients to create incredible power for someone, perhaps making them an unstoppable force,” Dr. Liotta said.  “… if it could somehow be harnessed and controlled.”

The general’s mind was spinning with the possibilities.

“It’s sounds unbelievable, Rick.  Too unbelievable to be true,” General Wynwood said.  “You need to find me a visual example of it.”

“I’m one step ahead of you,” Dr. Liotta said with a smile.  “I’ve got just such a thing to show you.”

“One moment,” General Wynwood said, stopping Dr. Liotta.  “I still need to interrogate the tall brunette in cell 4 .….. as well as the new girl they just brought in … Britney.  The other two new ones don’t matter.  But then I wanna see whatever it is you already have cooked up.”

“I’ll be ready, Sir,” Dr. Liotta remarked.


Chapter Three: Lip Reading

Friday, 11:15am

Britney needed answers or at least information.  If she didn’t get some idea of what, where, when and why, she was going to lose her mind.  But she didn’t want any of the soldiers to hear anything and she didn’t even know if the girls could hear her anyway.  So, she did the next best thing she could think of to do … engage in a lip-reading conversation with everyone.

“What the Hell is going on here?” Britney mouthed without speaking, the other girls facing towards her in their glass cells – except for Angelina who was still asleep and Georgia who was still staring at the floor.  “The last thing I remember was passing out in the back of a military truck as they took us away from that zombie hospital and then this morning I wake up in a bed in a different hospital.  Can someone please fill in the gap of time for me and maybe also tell me why we are here now?”

These were sociable girls, some of them being absolutely butterflies in given situations.  And they could hold entire conversations with each other without saying a word.  So, this form of silent communication would be no problem for them at all.

“Okay, you passed out in that military truck and we were taken to a Connecticut hospital,” Lorna began, also mouthing the words but not making sound.  “When we got to the hospital, you disappeared right away.  We don’t know where they took you.  But they put the rest of us in the same room to start.  They didn’t know if we were infectious or not.  They didn’t even know what we had because we got to that hospital before the information about us did.  But it quickly arrived and we learned that we were in a military hospital.  Am I right so far, girls?”

Everybody nodded.

“Then they separated all of us,” Iris said, mouthing her words as well.  “We all got blood tests and then Brook was taken to surgery for her foot, Angelina the sleeping beauty over here was taken to x-rays for her wrist and we were moved all over the hospital on gurneys.”

“For the first few hours, we would only see each other in the hallways as our gurneys passed by each other,” Brook added, also mouthing her words.  “But by Monday night, we all were cleared of being infectious.  I was heavily drugged up from the surgery and I don’t know much about what happened until Tuesday evening.”

“Tuesday morning was when we each got visited in our rooms by a bunch of military people,” Lorna continued.  “They wanted to know everything that happened and they grilled us for as many details as possible.  I personally felt like a broken record and must have told the same story a dozen times to a dozen different people.”

“And they kept taking blood samples from us every day,” Iris said next.  “If the slightest thing about our vitals changed, there would be doctors and nurses all over us for hours.”

“When I came to on Tuesday night, I was starving,” Brook said.  “And they made me eat this disgusting broth that tasted like vomit.  Then Wednesday morning, they took me for more scans.  I got x-rays from my head down to my feet.  I felt there wasn’t any part of my insides that hadn’t been examined with an x-ray machine.”

Britney smiled at Brook’s usual adorable innocence.

“Wednesday was the same and Thursday was the same,” Lorna said.

“And then at 3am this morning, we all were awakened and escorted out of the building, cuffed to wheelchairs and brought here just like you were,” Iris added.  “And since then, we each have been interrogated by those two men up there.  They want to know the exact same information we told everyone repeatedly at the hospital all this week.”

“You either answer their questions with extreme detail,” Lorna said.

“Or you wind up looking like Lorna and I do,” Iris said sadly.

“They beat you?” Britney asked with horror in her eyes.

“If they don’t like what you have to say, yes,” Lorna answered.

“… even if what you have to say is the truth,” Iris added.

“Oh, girls.  I’m so sorry that happened to you,” Britney said with tears in her eyes.  “Do they want anything from us?  I mean … have they explained why we are being held here … or even why they brought us here in the first place?”

The girls shook their heads no.  No one knew or had been told.

“This is never going to end,” Georgia said, chiming in on the conversation and catching everyone off guard.

It was particularly difficult to hear Georgia say this as she was certainly the standoff-ish one from time to time but always the optimist.  Currently, she didn’t sound or look optimistic at all.

“Don’t you realize that they believe we are infected?” Georgia asked.  “It’s never going to end for us.”

“Oh, it will end for us,” Britney said with determination.  “It will end for us or I will die trying to end it.”

“That’s what we fear the most, Brit Brit,” Brook said sadly.

Then the lip-reading conversation paused for a minute or two, at which point Britney fired it back up by lightening the mood a little.

“Can anyone tell me why we are all still being kept in diapers?” Britney asked with a serious look on her face that she could only hold for a split second before looking out at the 4th wall and pointing.  “And Zorro Daddy, don’t you dare type some stupid reason!”

“It actually isn’t Zorro Daddy who is keeping us in diapers right now,” Lorna said.

“Except for me because I’m incontinent!” Brook exclaimed proudly.

“You won’t believe this, but we insisted on it,” Iris admitted, Britney staring at her like she was crazy for insisting on such a thing.

“Iris …… WHY would you insist that we be kept in diapers?” Britney asked, dumbfounded.

“Well … just in case we needed weapons against more zombies,” Iris said, everyone going silent for a moment before breaking out into laughter – even Georgia.

“I think we’re losing our minds, girls,” Britney struggled to say through laughter.

“We’ve already lost our minds,” Georgia added, causing everyone to laugh harder.

But all laughter and lip reading stopped when two soldiers entered the area and unlocked Angelina’s glass cell.  The girls watched in terror as she was rudely awakened and stood to her feet.  Then she was led out of the glass cell area and taken up to the office.

This situation stopped seeming funny, all the sudden.  And it returned back to its eerie, mysterious nature.  For a few minutes, they all looked up at the office window above, watching the military guy pace back and forth.

“What’s happening up there right now?” Britney asked.

“Mind games,” Georgia answered.  “Right now, he is drilling Angelina for basic information, only giving her time to answer the question before he asks the next one.  And if she fusses or gives him any attitude, it will turn ugly.”

“So maybe once they interrogate the three of us yet: me, Rikki and Sherry, they’ll finally tell us why we’re here,” Britney said with hope.

“Don’t bet on it,” Brook said with tears.

Then, screams could be heard coming from the office above – Angelina wailing and begging them to stop.

All the girls froze in horror and looked up at the office window above.  They couldn’t see anything other than her shadow thrashing as she was being beaten.  Brook curled up into the fetal position, closing her eyes and covering her ears as she cried.

The mood in the room grew darker than what it looked like already.  And when Angelina was brought back down, she slumped along – seemingly absent of the essence of life.  It was just like Georgia said and Britney could see the why Georgia was so downtrodden. 

Perhaps those two men up there were indeed looking for information, but more importantly, they were looking to break the spirit of people.  The girls obviously had something they wanted.  And apparently, they didn’t know how to get it from them.

The man in the highly decorated military coat accompanied the two guards back down to the glass rooms.  And as Angelina was returned to her glass cell, her face was badly beaten and bruised – as well as her lower back and legs.

The man ordered ice packs to be brought to her and as this was being done, Lorna took her diaper off and threw it at the man.  The wet diaper hit the glass wall of Lorna’s cell but got the man’s attention.

He ordered more diapers to be brought out to the girls and then he pointed at Britney.

“Bring her,” he said, then turning and walking away.

Two more soldiers appeared and opened Britney’s glass cell and forced her up onto her feet – then forcing her to walk on her casted right foot as they manhandled her.

The other girls watched and wept as Britney was led up to the office above.


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