The Waddling Dead: Episode 13

Episode Thirteen: The Need for Water

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Saturday morning, 11:00 am

Georgia, Lorna, Angelina and Britney raced from the dining hall porch over to a bush, just a short distance away that stood between two trees.  It had a rather thick covering of jagged thorns all around it.  

“Are you alright, Britney?” Georgia asked, directing them to the back of the bush where a small opening allowed them to crawl inside it.

Britney crawled in, seeing the Eclectics huddled inside it already.  Everyone was shaking like a leaf, but none worse that Brook.

“Britney.  Britney?  BRITNEY!” Georgia shouted, getting Britney’s attention.  “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay.  But Chloe isn’t,” Britney said, snapping back to the moment.  “And you were right, Georgia.  These … things can’t be killed by stabbing them in the head.”

“How do you know that?” Iris asked, all the girl looking at Britney with confusion.

And with a great deal of difficulty in saying the words, Britney explained to them how she got trapped in the kitchen with Chloe.  She spoke of how they fought and of how she sunk a knife into Chloe’s head, expecting her sorority sister to drop over but to no such avail.

“And this was the knife,” Britney said, holding the knife up and showing the 8-inch, blood-covered blade.  “They can’t be killed the way TV shows have led us to believe.  That’s fiction.  This is real.”

“So how can they be killed?” Brook asked with a whispered voice, tears streaming down her face.

“I have no idea,” Britney said sadly.

“Well, if we can’t kill them, then why are we staying here – trying to make it until Monday morning?” Rebecca asked.  “We’ve got plenty of hours of light left.  Let’s try to walk out of this valley.  Let’s get away before we die too.”

“We could try walking out of here, but what if we get lost?  What if night falls and we are still stuck in this valley?” Angelina asked, looking around at the girls.  “We’ll be dead by morning.  They will pick us off in the darkness.  And we won’t even see them coming.”

Everyone sat there silently, lost for what to do until Lorna spoke up.

“Well, if we’re gonna stay here and fight until Monday morning, then we will have to accept that we will always be on the run … especially if we don’t know how to kill them,” Lorna said, picking up her wooden club.  “We should stay armed and we should always find hiding places where we can see them coming.  If we always keep them in sight, then they can never sneak up on us.  So, we will need to keep moving from place to place until help arrives.”

“We don’t need to keep moving around,” Iris offered up.  “We can stay right here in this bush.  We will remain still and we will remain quiet.  We’ll eat dirt if we get hungry.  I’m not spending this weekend running for my life the whole damn time.”

At that very moment, several zombies attacked the front of that bush – all getting stuck in the thorns on the outside of it.  This allowed the time needed for the Eclectics to crawl out of the back of bush, then sprinting away but unsure of where they were headed next.  Angelina handed her wooden club to Rebecca and then picked up another tree branch, quickly breaking off the leafy twigs and cracking it in half.  The Eclectics ran, their crinkly hips moving as fast as they could.

“There!” Georgia said, pointing to a wooden structure in the middle of the field behind the dining hall.  “The observation deck!  Run!”

The girls made a break for that deck, Brook falling behind as she was the shortest and unable to match the long strides of her baby sisters.  Angelina handed the two new clubs to Iris and scooped Brook up into her arms.  Getting to the deck, they all ran up to the top and crouched down, vowing to remain silent as to not draw attention to their location.

The view from that deck, often beautiful, was scary as they watched a baby sister from another college running through the open field to get away from the zombies.  But the waddling dead were growing in numbers and learning to coordinate their movements.  Surrounding that poor frightened baby sister, they took her down.

The Eclectics watched helplessly from the deck as the zombies pinned the girl to the ground.  Then at least a dozen zombies took a bite of the girl’s flesh, two more biting into her skull as the girl both cried and screamed – then died right there in the open field.  The Eclectics silently wept, realizing how long it would be until Monday morning.

“I wonder what attracts them to their victims,” Angelina whispered.  “They are beginning to move like a pack of wolves.”

The Eclectics watched as more zombies feasted on that poor baby sister lying in the field.  Then several turned, looking at the observation deck – the Eclectics hunching down even lower and keeping silent.

But their silence didn’t keep their location hidden.  And as the zombies began to waddle towards them, Angelina stood up.

“Well, there’s no reason to keep quiet now,” Angelina said, taking a wooden club from Iris and preparing for battle.  “This whole weekend is going to be a fight to our deaths, girls.  It won’t be to their deaths.  If we’re gonna make it to Monday morning, we’re gonna have to fight … not hide.  And we need to remember that Yara is now one of them.”

The Eclectics stood up and formed a circle at the top of the deck, facing their backs inward towards each other and keeping Brook inside their circle.  The waddling dead got to the stairs of the observation deck and began to make their way up to the top.

“Keeping swinging, girls,” Angelina instructed.  “We don’t know how to kill them, but we do know how to break their legs.”

“And I’ll take out a few eyes,” Britney said, wielding the 8-inch knife in her right hand.

The first of the zombies made it to the top, being greeted by two knee-crushing blows from Angelina and Georgia – then having its eyes gouged out before Lorna and Iris tossed the creature back at the other zombies who were arriving.  They would fight valiantly and efficiently like this for quite a while, but eventually would become inundated with too many crinkly creatures they used to call baby sisters.

So, with no other options left, the Eclectics got up onto the railing of the deck and jumped off it.  It was only a ten-foot drop and all landed safely except Brook who twisted her right ankle something horribly bad.  Bawling her eyes out, Brook got up onto her left foot and tried hopping away.  But Rebecca picked her up and put her on Angelina’s back as they sprinted back towards the bush they had just run out of.

Flanked on all sides by zombies, the Eclectics formed an outward facing circle again.  There was nowhere to run.  Any direction they would have gone in was already occupied by the waddling dead.  And it seemed the only direction they would be going was down – as in death.

But then Britney looked up, seeing the canopy of leaves above and hundreds of trees that thickly covered the valley.

“They can’t climb,” Britney said with sudden revelation.

“What?” Georgia asked with attitude.  “Who cares if they can’t climb?  What difference does that make?  How does that help us?”

“If they can’t climb, then why don’t we go up into the trees?” Britney asked, the Eclectics looking up at trees and making the same discovery she had made.  “Let’s go where they can’t get to us.”

“You got my vote,” Lorna said – cutting down the zombies that stood between her and the nearest tree.  “Come on, girls!  Follow me!  And keep swinging!”

The Eclectics followed her over to that nearest tree.  It was huge, probably 90 or 100 years old – at least.  It had huge branches and plenty of space for all seven of them.  It was a red oak tree, very strong wood.

“Go!  Up!  Climb!” Lorna yelled, Britney the agile gymnast scaling the tree very quickly and then helping the others up.

There wasn’t much time to spare as the waddling dead closed in on the trunk of that red oak.  And the last two girls to climb up were Angelina with Brook on her back.  Scaling up that trunk, Angelina made haste – Georgia and Lorna reaching down to grab for her and Britney reaching down to grab for Brook.

Angelina was pulled up quickly and Britney pulled Brook up.  But at the last second, the hands of one of the taller zombie girls grabbed Brook’s ankles, pulling her back down.  Locking her ankles around the limb she was hanging from, Britney scrunched up her body and pulled upward on Brook.  The zombie released Brook’s ankles but sunk her nails into the back of Brook’s right thigh as the girl screamed in agonizing pain as well as tremendous fear as the tug of war continued. 

“It’s Yara!” Rebecca yelled, the gripping zombie turning out to be their fallen baby sister.

Losing the tug of war, the zombified Yara grabbed at the back of Brook’s diaper as more Eclectics grabbed Brook and finally yanked her up to safety.  But in the process, her diaper was pulled off.  And because Brook was incontinent, her bladder released.  A full stream of her pee trickled straight down and landed on Yara’s face.  Yara fell to the ground and the Eclectics watched in disbelief as the urine not only melted her skin but also the sinew and tissue and muscles of her face – then eating into her skull and killing her.

“So that’s what kills them … female urine,” Georgia said, looking at the others.  “We’re gonna need water … and more diapers.”

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