The Waddling Dead: Episode 20

Episode Twenty: Bittersweet

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Sunday morning, 10:00 am

It was now mid-morning and it appeared all the waddling dead had stirred awake, but there was no telling or knowing if the zombies slept at night.  Sitting on a branch of a birch tree that was growing part-way up on a hillside, Brook had a bird’s eye view of the campground.  And from what she could see, the waddling dead had killed everyone.

There was no sign of Rebecca, Lorna, Iris and Georgia – the half of the Eclectics who broke away and stormed off.  There was also no sign of Hillary, Heather, Raquel, Denise and Eva – the Horde baby sisters from Orthica College who had joined forces with the Eclectics so suddenly and then left them in the same quick fashion.

Tears streamed down Brook’s face.  Yara was dead.  So many others were dead, too.  And, save for 12 baby sisters she knew of who were still okay, every other person on that campground was infected with this zombie virus.

They were cut off from the outside world.  Phone lines didn’t work.  There was no cell phone signal to be found anywhere on that property and it was a waiting game.  True, there was only 24 hours left before rescue.  But no matter where they hid, no matter where they ran and no matter what they did, the waddling dead found a way to get to them.  And it seemed these zombies somehow knew the closing window of time as well.  On top of everything, the temperature was already sweltering by 9 am.

“Scoot over, Brook,” Angelina said from the base of the tree as she and Britney climbed up to her – each of them holding a diaper in their left hand.

“I don’t need a change yet,” Brook said with a smile as Angelina and Brook sat on either side of her.  “I have to eat food or drink something before anything can come back out of me.  It’s kind of a prerequisite that has to happen first.”

“Open it up,” Britney said with a laugh, handing the one diaper to Brook – Brook giving her a strange look but then opening the diaper to see a collection of raspberries that had been picked.  “What did you think would be in it?”

“I was trying not to imagine,” Brook laughed.

The three of them inhaled deeply and exhaled the same, leaning back on the tree and relaxing.

“Did you bring milk?” Brook asked, jokingly.

Britney looked over at Angelina with an enormous grin on her face.

“Huh-uh,” Angelina laughed.  “That is not going to happen.”

“My goodness, it is so hot out today,” Britney said, happy they were under the shade of a tree but still melting from the lack of any breeze at all.  “What are the chances that hot temperatures can kill the zombies?”

“Not likely,” Angelina said, closing her eyes – Brook nestling up against her and eating the raspberries.

“Brook, did you see Georgia and the other girls anywhere?” Britney asked, looking out over the campground.

“Nope.  No sign of them anywhere,” Brook answered sadly.

“They were headed out to try to find the road that brought us in, weren’t they?” Angelina asked.  “I can’t understand how a road disappeared.  And why can’t we just walk straight out from the dining hall?  Sooner or later, we’re gonna get out of this valley.”

“Well, it would take quite a while to walk out of the valley and we didn’t try it because we knew the zombies would be walking the woods,” Britney said cautiously, trying not to sound tyrannical as she was still licking her emotional wounds from the group having separated and from Rebecca’s harsh statements towards her.  “But I think the road we are looking for never actually existed to begin with.  And that’s why we can’t find it.”

“Wait a minute.  Sherry drove us right down to the dining hall in that van on Friday night and she left that same night,” Angelina said.  “If she didn’t drive on a road, then what did she drive on?”

“A pathway that was cleared just enough for vehicles,” Britney answered.  “That’s why the ride was so ridiculously bumpy.  It wasn’t really a road.  They all just weaved through the trees.”

“And we all were blindfolded so we don’t remember where that pathway was,” Brook said sadly.

“Well, we can certainly eliminate a few areas,” Britney said, looking at the center of the campground.  “There are no trees around the dining hall, the cabins, the pool or the pool house.  So there can be no pathway there.  There obviously are no trees in the open field.  So …”

Then Britney stopped in the middle of her thought, her eyes growing big-n-wide and her gaze showing that she was figuring something out.

“Wait a minute,” Britney said, standing up and looking closely at the campground again.

“What is it?” Angelina asked, confused as to what Britney was looking for.

“I think there may be a pattern to their movements,” Britney answered, climbing up to the next level of branches for a better view.

“By who?  The zombies?” Brook asked innocently.

“Yes, Sweetie,” Britney answered, looking at the center of camp again.  “Okay, the dining hall is at the very center of the valley.  And the cabins form a straight line with it, on the left and on right sides.”

The left and right sides being the west and the east.

“I don’t understand why this is important,” Angelina confessed.

“No, I get it,” Brook said, sitting up and studying the camp layout too.  “If we can predict their movements, then we can always stay one step ahead of them until tomorrow morning.”

Directly south of the dining hall was the pool and the pool house, gated off and closed as the camp had only been purchased by Loretta a year ago and the pool hadn’t been restored yet.  Directly north of the dining hall was the entrance to the nature trail.  And the nature trail would wind its way through the northern woods, its other end bending back around to the cabin line to the west.

“What’s beyond the nature trail?” Britney said, beginning to climb to the top of the tree.

“A lake, I think,” Angelina said, she and Brook looking up to watch Britney climb right up the center of the tree with the greatest of ease.

“Yeah, there’s a lake back there!” Britney shouted down from the center of the tree.  “I guess you could call it a lake, if you wanted to.  It looks man-made and is more like a really large pond than anything else.  There are canoes, but no zombies.”

“Okay,” Angelina shouted up at her.  “So what does that mean?”

“It means they don’t go near water,” Britney said, Angelina and Brook looking at each other.  “So maybe we should.”

“It can’t be that simple,” Brook said to Angelina.

“I don’t think it is,” Angelina replied.  “But Britney’s right.  If zombies don’t go near water, then we’ll be safe there.”

“Oh my goodness!” Brook said, staring straight ahead in horror.

“Britney, get back down here!” Angelina shouted up to her as she looked at the same horrifying sight in front of them.

“What is it?” Britney said, quickly making her way back down from the top of the tree.

“They’re going into the kitchen,” Brook said, watching Hillary and the Horde sneaking up alongside the station wagon that had smashed into the back of the dining hall.

“I can’t believe this,” Angelina remarked, horrified by what might happen.  “Those girls are following Hillary blindly.  They’re trusting her.  Look at that.  She’s making them go in first.”

“What kind of a spineless person is she?” Brook asked in disgust.

The Horde girls went into the kitchen, Hillary slowly making her way towards the back door.  But just then, screams could be heard from inside the kitchen.  And Hillary bolted, running back into the woods as the girls came running back out of the kitchen.

Zombies converged on them from all sides, having flanked their position and simply waiting for the right moment to attack … or perhaps waiting for the signal to attack.  And as the girls were taken down, Ursula appeared from around the side of the dining hall, watching her minions feasting on the flesh of those screaming girls.

“They truly are following Ursula.  There is no question about it,” Britney said, watching Ursula walk up to the pile of newly dead but then turning around suddenly.

“What’s wrong with her?” Brook asked.

“She’s looking for Hillary,” Britney remarked.  “And sooner or later, she’s gonna find Hillary.  They’re gonna meet face-to-face.”

“But she’s also gonna find us, too,” Brook said with a shaky voice as new tears welled in her eyes.  “We’re not gonna make it, are we?”

“We’re gonna make it, Sweetie.  Don’t you worry,” Britney said, embracing Brook and gently rocking her back-n-forth in her arms.  “Ursula is the one we need to kill.  It seems everything revolves around her.  And if it’s Hillary she wants, then Hillary she will receive.”

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