The Waddling Dead: Episode Four

Episode Four: The End of Peace

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Friday evening, 8:30 pm

When one of the five senses are taken away, the other four always compensate – giving the human mind the amount of incoming messages it is used to receiving.  Their blindfolded ride in that van was quiet, save for the noises of turn signals, acceleration and the random chatting of Sherry and Chloe.  The air inside the vehicle had turned a little chilly, bring goosebumps to the surfaces of the eights’ bodies.  It was eerie.

Then the roadway got rough, abandoning the smoothing rolling on macadam and heading down what the pledges assumed was a bumpy back road.  None of them said a word, instead listening carefully to the conversation between Sherry and Chloe – hoping they might reveal something about where they were headed and what could be expected.

Then the van began down an extremely steep slope, the road becoming bumpier than before.  And the pledges got the sense that they were in the middle of nowhere when the van finally came to a stop.

“Blindfolds off.  Pacifiers in,” Chloe said, then continuing to talk with Sherry.  “And you’ll be back Monday morning, right?”

“At 8am.  But I’m gonna stay for a little while now,” Sherry laughed.  “I gotta see this.  I can’t believe how well this worked out.”

The eight lowered their blindfolds and plunked their pacifiers in their mouths, all of them blinking their eyes and trying to adjust to the dim lighting of dusk.  Britney squinted and looked out the side window, her eyesight coming into focus to reveal a forest-covered campground.

“Alright, babies,” Chloe said.  “Everybody out and join hands.  Don’t forget your backpacks!  We won’t be coming back to the van and Sherry will be leaving with it tonight.  So if you forget something in here, you won’t have it at all this weekend.”

The pledges filed out of the van and joined hands, looking around and taking in their first full look at the campground as Sherry got the shopping bags from the van and put them in each girl’s back pack. 

The campground was in a tree-covered valley.  There was a heavy canopy of leaves that darkened the place, tiny slivers of dusk light being all that could trickle through into the valley.  Britney saw several vans parked around one large building that seemed to be at the center of everything.  And there were other baby sister pledges everywhere, all of them dressed in Beta-Alpha-Beta Sorority t-shirts and diapers. 

The sorority had sent eight different pledging classes to this weekend retreat, eight different New York colleges participating and each pledge class being made of eight girls.  This retreat was the final stage of the pledging process and it seemed everybody had received the same baby treatment up to that point.

Chloe and Sherry led The Eclectic Eight towards the main building for registration, Britney seeing the cabins as the drew closer.  Thank God, they wouldn’t be sleeping in tents all weekend!  None of them were the outdoorsy-type, except for maybe Yara.  The cabins were a short distance from the main building, shooting outward and making the whole setup look like a spider that had been squashed.

Looking around, every single girl seemed out of place there – not that the current circumstances would have allowed anyone to look like they belonged there.  But some of the girls were high-feminine in appearance, having put quite a bit of effort into their make-up and their hair styles.  Britney smirked behind her pacifier, trying not to laugh at how foolish such things would be that weekend.

Those girls were going to try to keep their appearances up all weekend.  Britney could tell by how they moved, how carried themselves with each step and with the arrogance in their expressions.  What were they really going to be able to accomplish by having a good hair day at the spooky campground?  Yeah … until leaves and bugs got into their wavy locks.

The main building was the dining hall and standing on the side porch was an older lady who was waving to the arriving baby sisters and motioning them to come over.  She seemed pleasant enough and, aside from the sisters who had brought the pledges there, she was the only female who was wearing clothing other than a t-shirt and a diaper.

Chloe and Sherry led the eight into the main dining hall, putting them in line behind the other baby sisters and waiting to sign them in.  As they stood there, Britney scanned the masses, using her peripheral vision to notice of the details of some of the other pledges.  By her count, there were indeed 64 baby sisters, eight from eight colleges.

But only two of them stood out to her.  The first was a curly blonde little tart who stood with her hand on her pointed hip.  She had a snobbishness to her, giving off the impression that she believed she was the prettiest thing there.  Britney had no way of knowing if this was the true personality of this girl or not.  But until Britney knew otherwise, this curly blond girl would be known as Bitch #1 in her mind.

The second was a brunette with long, pin-straight hair.  She had a posture to her that seemed exaggerated in purpose, thrusting her chest outward while arching in her lower back.  The look on her face suggested innocence, but her body language suggested the opposite.  And the fact that she was as skinny as could be made a lot of baby sisters roll their eyes up at her.  So, until pin-straight brunette proved otherwise, Britney would remember her as Bitch #2.

Perhaps it might have seemed like Britney herself was the bitch in this situation.  But she really wasn’t.  Instead, she was looking out for her pledge class.  If anything, The Eclectic Eight were probably the nice ones there.  And Britney intended to protect them all weekend long.

Little did Britney realize, she would soon be protecting them from practically every other girl at that campground, including Chloe.

If any of them knew of the horror and death that would sweep through that campground by Monday morning, they all would have gotten back in their vehicles and driven away with haste.

Being signed in and then led to their cabin, The Eclectic Eight settled in.  Their cabin was small and had a rustic home-like feeling to it.  The bathroom was at the back end of the cabin and the sleeping area had five bunk beds in it.  Four of them were kept bunked for the eight.  But the fifth one was broken down, one half of it being left in the corner for Chloe and the other half being set in the very middle of that room for diaper changes.

“Come on, Rebecca,” Chloe said, setting the diaper bag on that bed in the middle of the room and patting the mattress.

The other seven sat on the beds, watching Rebecca lower her chin and waddle over to Chloe, her diaper sagging quite a bit.  Even though every baby sister was diapered, it never eased the embarrassment of being changed in front of the others.

“Now we need to go over a few things before we join the others at the dining hall for evening snacks,” Chloe said, getting out a fresh diaper as Rebecca laid down on the single bed in the middle of the room and covered her blushing face with her hands.  “Firstly, this weekend is not about competition.  It’s about unity.  Let’s remember that at all times, especially when someone else does something we don’t like.”

Sherry started going around to every girl and brushing their hair out, then putting them into high pigtails.  Chloe unfastened the tapes at Rebecca’s hips and lowered the drenched front of the girl’s diapers.  The other seven looked on with understanding, all of them wanting to get into the cuddle pile that had always seemed to rid them of anxieties and strong emotions.  For as strange as the baby sister treatment had been, it had bonded The Eclectic Eight closely together.

“I want everyone here to have fun this weekend,” Chloe said, lifting Rebecca’s legs and bottom into the air as she took a wipe to the girl’s skin.  “And I want you all to know how proud Sherry and I are of you.”

What was this?  A human moment, coming out of Chloe?  What was the occasion?  And could this moment be duplicated more often?

“There will be some team-building activities to strengthen you as a pledge class, but also to keep you close – well after you have joined the sorority sisterhood,” Chloe said, taking another baby wipe to Rebecca’s front – then down between her legs before sliding the wet diaper away and sliding the new diaper underneath her.  “Beta-Alpha-Betas are strong women, just like the lady who owns this place.  She was a member of the very first Beta-Alpha-Beta class 35 years ago.”

Chloe powdered Rebecca’s bottom heavily, the mortified girl nursing rapidly on the pacifier in her mouth.

“The lady’s name is Loretta DeVos.  She comes from money and bought this campground a year ago,” Chloe said, heavily powdering Rebecca’s front and then folding the diaper up into place.  “So be nice to her because she didn’t have to do this for us.”

Chloe fastened the tapes at Rebecca’s hips and then patted the underside of the girl’s diaper.  Rebecca sat up and Sherry walked over to her, beginning to put her hair into pigtails as the other seven did indeed form a cuddle pile on that bed before going back to the dining hall for bedtime snacks.

The Eclectic Eight were an adorable sight to behold as they waddled up to the dining hall, arm-in-arm and overly-affectionate.  When else in a lifetime would they ever have such an experience again?  Yes, it was crazy.  But it was also very sweet, something they needed and craved.

Saying goodbye to Sherry before she headed off in the van, the eight made their way into the dining hall.  But as they went in, Britney turned back around to watch Sherry driving away.  Though it was very dark in the campground at that point, Britney couldn’t see any road anywhere, not even a dirt road.  It was very strange.

Thinking nothing of it, Britney and the other seven sat at the table designated for their college.  At each place setting was a collection of items:  A baby bottle – filled chocolate milk, a bib – all instructed to put them on, a white pacifier – with clip attachment, hair accessories and a rice crispy treat.  And everything had the Beta-Alpha-Beta logo on it.

As all 64 baby sisters munched on their crispy treats and drank their chocolate milk from their baby bottles, Loretta gave the weekend itinerary and explained the rules to be followed.  And this lady was hysterically funny.  Laughter echoed throughout the rustic dining hall and it seemed like the weekend was going to be quite enjoyable.

During Loretta’s speech, Britney glanced over at another table, seeing Bitch #1 and Bitch #2 sitting at the same table.  They came from the same college and were glaring each other down just then.  Trouble was on the horizon, the magnitude of which nobody knew just yet.

Finishing their snacks, the 64 baby sisters made the pledge statement in unison and then were dismissed to go back to their cabins for the night.  As Britney walked out of the dining hall, she saw a scuffle break out between the two bitches – a fight quickly broken up.

A short while later, Britney found herself on that single bed in the middle of their cabin, being freshly-powdered and diapered from the night.  She slipped into her nightie and crawled inside her sleeping bag on the top bunk.  The schedule allowed four of them to shower at night and the other four in the morning.

Lying there and yawning as she waited for the final girl to get diapered before the lights were turned out, Britney thought back on the month of pledging that had been.  She seemed so withdrawn when she started pledging, gun-shy from the attention she had always received from guys and the competition she always got into with other girls.

But those problems were gone, or at least their damning effects on her were gone.  And as she closed her eyes, she felt at peace.

That night would be the end of peace for her, for all of The Eclectic Eight and for everyone at that campground.

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