The Waddling Dead: Episode Two

Episode Two: The Essentials

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Friday evening, 7:15 pm

“Line up.  Face forward,” Chloe instructed, the girls filing out of the van and standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside it.  “Now, we can’t be long in the store.  We have to be at the campground by 8:30 pm.”

Thank goodness for that.

“As with other trips out into public, the rules remain the same,” Chloe explained with a stern voice.  “Your pacifiers stay in your mouths, until you are asked a question.  Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Chloe,” the girls said in unison, having taken the pacifiers out of their mouths and then returning them back between their lips after their response.

“You do not lower your eyes … ever,” Chloe said with an even sterner tone.  “You are almost Beta-Alpha-Beta sisters.  And we do not cater to our insecurities.  We charge straight through them.”

Sherry walked down the line, one at a time – placing her right hand on the diapered undercarriage of each girl.  Chloe awaited Sherry’s report before continuing.

“No one needs changed … yet,” Sherry said, looking at Brooke – then back to Chloe.

“Face the van and bend over,” Chloe instructed, the girls doing so – their padded derrieres sticking up in the air.

Chloe walked up to each of them and stuck a slip of paper in the back of their diapers, then patting each bottom to stand up and face back front.

“I have given each of you a shopping list,” Chloe explained.  “You do not look at this list until you are inside the store and have picked up a red basket.  Now, take hold of each other’s hands and follow Sherry and me.  And remember, babies … a girl owns her image.  So move like you’re the most beautiful creature to ever stroll the aisles of this store.”

And with that, Sherry and Chloe joined arms, proudly leading the pack.  They walked with swiftness, making the waddling baby sisters take longer strides to keep up with them.  Oh, did The Eclectic Eight crinkle.  They were so loud that most of them had already blushed deep shades of pink before they ever got underneath the glow of the first parking lot light.  And that high light shone down on them with illumination that made the dusk of day seem brighter than at any point since dawn that morning.

And, as instructed, not one of them lowered their eyes – their chins remaining high and their lips nursing steadily on the pacifiers.  They all kept their composure, giving poise and purpose to their quickened strides.  But as they drew nearer and nearer to the entrance, heartbeats began to pound in their chests.  At the entrance were several guys who were smoking and the first bit of embarrassment was about to be fully felt by the eight.

The guys locked gazes with them from a distance, becoming more and more attentive as the girls got closer and closer.  They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but also didn’t want to rub their eyes for fear that the mirage would be gone when they looked once again.  Yolanda, the helpless flirt of the class, smiled brightly behind her pacifier – giving the boys a wink as the hand-holding eye candy sashayed by them.

Britney, the looker of the class, didn’t flirt with the boys at all.  But she still won their complete attention without trying.  At some points in her life, she saw this as a blessing.  Though, more often than not, it was a curse as she unintentionally drew the wrong kind of attention to herself.  And as the girls approached the doors, the guys began to focus in on their backsides, Yolanda wiggling hers for show.

The electric doors of the entrance opened and the girls shuddered at the feel of the cool gale force winds blowing down from the industrial strength air conditioning units above.  As they each picked up a basket, Britney wondered if those air conditioners were cranked so high as to harden girls’ nipple upon entrance – a revolting sexist trick from the male powers-that-be.  The entire store had frigid temperature and with no bras on, their hardened nipples would be clearly displayed through the thin material of the tight sorority t-shirts they wore.

Now being made to get into a single-file line, the eight began to tremble, fidget and crinkle even more so as more eyes were now being directed to them.  The store seemed a lot busier than the number of vehicles in the parking lot would indicate.  And the closest spectator was the greeter at the door, a college-aged babyface – as cute as could be but not nearly as cute as the girls.

“May I ask what is going on here?” the greeter inquired, a grin already forming on his face as Sherry halted the line from moving.

“You needn’t be so shy about it.  It’s okay,” Chloe said to the greeter, being kind to him but also being mocking of him.  “What would you like to know?”

The greeter looked at the girls and what they were wearing.  Then he looked back at Chloe, dumbfounded as to what to say next.

“Would you like to know why they are dressed like that?” Chloe asked with condescension in her voice, the greeter nodding slowly.  “It’s because they are pledging a sorority right now.  And until pledging is over, they are my babies.”

The greeter grew wide-eyed and then his grin turned to a smile.

“It’s okay to look at them.  You can stare at them as long as you like.  Take as many pictures as you want, but if you touch them … I’m gonna kick your balls and your dick so far up inside your body that you’ll be a girl by the time I’m done with you.  Okay, sweetie?”

“… okay,” the greeter said with a quiet tone.

“Follow me, babies!” Chloe said, nice and loud as she walked across the front of the store – the girls following along in single-file as Sherry took up the rear of the line.  “Get those lists out!”

Britney reached into the back of her diaper and took out the slip of paper, inhaling deeply and sighing deeply as she read it.  Looking at where they were heading, she sighed again as she knew this list would lead them to the personal care section.

Surpassing pink, Britney blushed a deep shade of red as she took in the sight of several guys eyeing her up nearby.  Her peripheral vision was finely-tuned, having been in quite a few situations in the past when it was necessary for her to look at someone without making it look like she was looking at them.

But oh, white-hot attention could have its drawbacks, such as the present moment as she crinkled and waddled along in line – the list giving her a sense of humiliation before anything grew more intense. 

Back at college, she would go to the convenience store at 6 in the morning to make such purchases if she had run out of these items.  She went so early because no guys were ever up at 6am.  She wasn’t embarrassed to buy the items on that list.  She bought them all the time, but she always did so on her terms.

This trip to the store was otherwise.

Tampons was the first item on the list, the obvious one to be on there, right?  But they wouldn’t get used that weekend as no one was at that point in their monthly cycle.  It was a common truth that females who spent a lot of time together, if not living together, would line up their cycles without even knowing it.

A pregnancy test was the next item.  Okay that one was going to be a little embarrassing, not because she needed it but because of what it implied about her … that she might perhaps be pregnant.

Personal cleansing wipes was next.  Oh, how cute – as if she wasn’t currently fresh with an abundance of baby powder.

Antifungal cream? Stool softener, for crying out loud?  Personal lubricant?  Oh, this was ridiculous.  Was there anything useful on this list or was it all just designed to mortify her?

There were more items on the list, but she didn’t bother to look at them, figuring she would be led wherever she needed to be and told what to get from the shelves.

“Okay, babies,” Chloe said, stopping right next to the personal care section.  “You have two minutes to get the first six items and be back in a single-file line.  If any of you takes longer than that, I will personal warm all your asses in the parking lot until they look like tomatoes.”

All eight of them looked at Chloe in horror and, seeing how serious she was, sprinted into the personal care section – waddling as fast as the thick padding between their legs would allow them.  They knocked boxes of feminine products off the shelves, frantically searching for the specific brands and types they usually bought – then began helping each other to find the brands each wanted.  Yolanda grabbed eight boxes of stool softener and dropped one in each of their red baskets.  Pregnancy tests were snatched up.  Foot cream the same as well as personal lubricant.  And with three seconds to spare, they made it back into the single-file line – heaving for air with the pacifiers still in their mouths.

“Spit the pacis out and breath,” Chloe instructed, the girls doing so and gasping for air as they realized the crowd of guys around them had been taking pictures and videos of the whole ordeal on their phones.

Oh, how humiliating this had become, so quickly too.

“Thirty seconds and then we’re moving onto item #7,” Chloe said, Britney looking at the list – her eyes growing wide at what item #7 was.

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