Macy’s Confession – Part Two of Three

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Part Two –

Miles held her right hand as he opened the front door, walking out onto the front porch and leading her out as well.  And as she passed through the front door onto that porch, her shoulders shrunk up as her chin lowered and her posture slumped a little.  Her heart was beating very fast and as she took small steps down off the porch, her entire body was trembling.  She was terrified, but at the same time, she was excited.  And every one of her senses were alert, sending a flood of messages to her little mind – overwhelming her.

The smell of the nighttime air was cool and crisp.  But it wasn’t cold outside.  And she could certainly smell the baby powder he had coated her center with.  Somewhere nearby, someone was burning wood, the faint trace of its smell in the air as he led her over to his car.

Her eyes tossed left and right, her chin remaining lowered as she tried not to move her head.  Who was nearby?  Who could see her?  And as she kept a lookout for others, she noticed the waddle of her steps and how her feet remained a bit further apart than they usually did.  Oh yes, he had put her in a thick diaper.

Her ears could hear the distinct noises of a crinkling thunderstorm, growing louder and louder with each waddled stride she took.  It was a deafening sound, louder than the crickets all around.  She could hear sounds off in the distance, traffic on the highway – a few streets away.  She heard the dogs in the backyard of the house across the street.  But no matter what the actual distance was for each noise, it all sounded like it was right next to her.

And speaking of traffic … particularly flash traffic … being a creature of touch, her sense of that same thing was certainly at high alarm – sending a stream of messages to her brain from every nerve ending in her body.  The cool night air was a welcomed sensation on her forehead as she felt like she was burning up from the inside.  The satin on her skin left the trace feel of a smoothened touch.  And the confusing remains of arousal … well, that was all it took to jumble any lingering feelings of being settled.

All of this was new.  She had no idea what to expect.  And not knowing excited her a little.  Perhaps even a little more than just a little.

Miles took his time getting the front passenger’s seat ready, only adding a bit more anxiety to Macy’s fragile state of mind.  She stood there by the side of his car – chin lowered, eyes glancing all around, nursing on her pacifier and tingling all over.  It felt like he was deliberately taking his time in getting things ready for her to sit.  And there was a level of truth to that.  His car was a convertible Mustang, his other baby – as she called it.  It was cherry red, the color of car that got pulled over more than any other – adding just a little bit more worry about what this mysterious trip would entail.  She could feel her heart pounding so heavily that blood started racing all throughout her body, making her a bit dizzy.

Ooooo!  What was taking him so long?

At long last, he stepped aside, allowing her to take the shotgun seat and shutting the door just as some neighbors walked past.  They were a pleasant older couple who were out for their nighttime stroll.  Miles waved to them in his usually friendly manner.  Macy lowered her chin a bit more, the dizziness in her head worsening.  Then he got in the car and lowered the two front windows, starting the engine and pulling out of the driveway.

And though they were now moving, it appeared he was still in no hurry at all.  Driving oh-so-slowly through the residential area, he was tempting Macy to lose her mind completely.  Normally, when she felt such angst, she would begin to fidget – a most adorable reaction to watch.  Thankfully, there was engine noise as she did indeed begin to fidget and crinkle and shift as they slowly drove past several other couples who were out for a walk.

What was this?  Late-Nite stroll night?  People were everywhere.  What was going on?

One couple was Rick and Martha, a newly married duo who were now expecting their first child in a few months.  They had visited Miles’ house several times, Macy having become a gabbing acquaintance to Martha.

They passed by the Hendersons, a mid-50s husband and wife who had just sent their last child off to college.  Now they would be able to devote their full attention to the four dogs they owned.

Getting out onto the main road, Miles picked up a little speed at last – Macy sighing a bit of relief behind her pacifier.  But she wasn’t totally relaxed yet as now there were streetlights on either side of the road.  It was no longer so dark inside the car.  And the good fortune of driving a bit faster came to a screeching halt as traffic did the same.  And now at a stand-still, Macy would endure more people walking by the car – some glancing over at her as they passed by.

This was the point when the mind games kicked into high gear.  Sometimes when someone looked over, Macy would already be looking at them – giving them a fine view of the gleaming white pacifier in her mouth.  Then they walked on, beginning to whisper to whomever they were with while glancing back in the direction of Macy.

And those whispers just killed Macy.  Not knowing what they were talking about and what they were saying was plenty of reason for her to fill the gaps of information with thoughts that convinced her people knew.  They just had to know, somehow.

To draw just a bit more attention to them, Miles put in a CD and the song: “Be My Baby” began to play.

Okay, now that was just corny!

When the music began playing, everyone would take a look at them as they walked by, all likely with the exact same question:
Why was there a cherry red convertible Mustang, with two late 20-somethings inside, playing a song from the 60s at 10:30 at night?

And for bonus points:
What was in the mouth of that girl who was sitting in the passenger seat?
What was up with her white satin top?
Why was her chin lowered?
What was going on?

The more these questions danced around inside her psyche, the faster her heart began to beat and the more erratic her breathing became – compensating for both by breathing steadily and evenly through her nose since she was pacified.  But no matter what she did to calm herself down, the anxiety she was feeling grew at a pace comparable to that of a galloping racehorse.

And she still didn’t know where they were headed!  But she knew what the path would be to get there … through the center of town.

As they drove through the center of town, following a slow-moving stream of traffic, Macy remembered that this was the week of that festival in early fall.  It started at the center square and spidered out through the city streets.  This was the whole reason traffic was crawling.

Wait a minute.  Was this their destination?  Were they going to go to the festival?  That wouldn’t be good.  It was packed with people!  And she was wearing a white satin two-piece outfit with noticeable puffiness in the bottoms.

While she fretted about this, the next song started playing … “Ice Ice Baby”.

Oh … my … blue …. Heaven, no. 

If there was any chance to avoid embarrassment that had existed up to that point, that chance was now gone.

As they crawled along, traffic getting worse – the further they got to the center of town, Macy began looking for places they could park.  She figured it would be beneficial if she found something to do with her idle mind.  Seeing a parking space opening up in front of them on the right, she immediately began looking around to see what she would have to deal with, should he decide to park there.  She actually found several places he could park, each with varying degrees of population nearby.  But he never parked anywhere, continuing to follow the slow-moving traffic through town.

Shifting in her seat and getting up onto her knees, she tried to nonchalantly pull her diaper wedgie out.  Thick diapers always gave her the sensation of a diaper wedgie, even if the diaper hadn’t actually wedged up towards her rosebud.  But from all her fidgeting and scooching around in her seat, the wedgie was indeed there.

Trying not to pout or get fussy as this would certainly draw attention to her, Macy was getting frustrated as she didn’t know where they were going.  And it seemed, wherever they actually were going, they weren’t going to get there any time soon.  Then they came to a screeching halt at a red light.

Oh, great!  That was just great!

Then “Cry Baby” began to play.

Oh, for goodness’s sake!

Then two ladies who were sitting outside a bistro began to take notice to the car and to Macy and to what was in Macy’s mouth.

And now, Macy wanted to die.

Facing forward, Macy lowered her chin enough to get her locks to dangle down and cover the sides of her face.  This would certainly give those ladies no clues to her identity.  And if they had no time to study her face, perhaps they would lose interest in her.  It also stood to reason that perhaps those ladies were just talking.  Maybe they weren’t talking about her.  But Macy wasn’t born yesterday, and she knew well the ability to keep a smile on one’s face while talking trash about someone nearby.  Also, she was used to other girls looking at her and eyeing her up.  She often did the same to them.  It was simple comparisons of style and upkeep.  But she didn’t want anyone taking a look at her present style.

Still, her locks kept her face hidden from the ladies.  The problem with this was: her locks also prevented her from being able to look at the ladies and satisfy her curiosity.  So, Macy would turn her head and glance over at them momentarily, then looking back front.  And every one of her glances confirmed the same thing:
Those smiling and laughing ladies were whispering to each other as they looked at her.

No further confirmation was needed.  And for as much as Macy wanted to battle back with them, she was not dressed for such an endeavor.  And perhaps all it would take was a simple text message from one of those ladies to her friends to make this situation blow up.  But she didn’t recognize them.  This, unfortunately, gave her a whole new list of thoughts to contemplate as they kept talking and looking at her and smiling and whispering.  UGH!

Maybe they knew Miles.  Maybe they knew the car.  Maybe they knew she was a BabyGirl.  They could only see her poofy white satin top, but she didn’t blame them for taking notice to her.  Any girl who dressed in such a skin-revealing, eye-catching manner, knowing she would be headed some place where there would be lots of people, was looking for attention.  Period.

End of discussion.  But not end of thought.

Her anxiety had built to a high degree at this point, Macy fidgeting and crinkling all over the place and just simply wanting to get out of there.  Maybe she would be willing to endure the embarrassment of getting out of the car and simply walking away.  But that was an incredibly stupid solution to this problem.  Even if she got away, she would be undeniably revealed.

Her face was beet red with self-imposed embarrassment and her eyes were beginning to well with tears as the red light finally changed and Miles pulled forward, then turning left.  “Born To Be My Baby” began to play, a welcomed tune to replace the previous one.

Now on the move, heading out of the center of town, Macy was finally able to process the humiliation she had just felt and was still feeling a little bit.   And with past experiences, the kinds of humiliations that were good were the ones that were intoxicating to relive after they were done.  When they were particularly humiliating, they were sometimes very gratifying in after-thought.  Thinking about how she was helpless but to be observed by the two ladies was now an arousing memory.  In fact, this whole car ride had been a reawakening of her arousal – the proof being in the wetness she now enjoyed between her legs.

And her Daddy was in the driver’s seat.

“Hmm,” she thought as she raised an eyebrow, Miles now driving out of the urban area and onto a country road.

The streetlights went away and it became dark in the car again.  Perhaps she could do a little something to him with her renewed arousal, right then and there.

But before she could even reach over to unfasten his belt, he turned off that country road – heading up the side of a hill.  It was a bumpy little road that took them into a wooded area.  Well, this certainly was unexpected, and it redirected her attentions.  Now she had no clue at all as to where they were headed, not even an educated guess.

And it was really dark now and kind of spooky, too.  But that darkness soon ended as they drove up onto a clearing with a breath-taking view of the town in the near distance from an elevated position.  He parked the car and put the convertible roof down as the song “Baby Grand” began to play.  And that was when she realized all the songs he had played contained the word “baby” in the title.

Oh, how sneaky of him.  They both climbed into the back seat, getting comfortable in each other’s arms but wasting no time before flirting and whispering the naughtiest of statements, fondling with a few wandering fingertips and then …….

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